The #1 Thing Women Want In Their Man

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Guest Post By David Wygant

Hi Guys,


It is more than what you say to her…

I’m about to share something that’s absolutely going to blow your mind.

No matter how logical you might be, what I’m about to share with you is going to get you thinking like never before.

If you have this one quality, women will actually get wet when YOU walk into room.

If you want to be that primal cave man women are looking for — to pull them into the cave by their hair and give them the best sex of their life, you need to have it.

I’m going to share what a woman longs for in every man that approaches her.

I’m going to share how she’s able to tell whether you’re a real man or just another chump.

Do you want to know the secret?

Swagger. Body language. Women read your body language from the second they meet you.

The way you walk over to a woman, the way you tilt your head, the way your shoulders are rolled back, the way your chest is protruding out—these are all of the ways a woman reads you.

Her entire first impression of you is based on your body language—she wants to know whether you’re confident or not.

She wants to know whether or not you’re a real man.

Are you like most men and lead with a phrase?

I lead with my body.

I strut into that room, I scan it, I make eye contact with a beautiful woman and I don’t break it.

When you walk over to her, try imagining you’ve already given her the most incredible orgasm she’s ever had. And she told you that you f*cked her better than anyone in her entire life.

When you go in to kiss a woman, you are going to kiss her with authority. Make her feel your sexuality in the way you embrace her.

That’s how I do it and it works.

I have tapped into the reptilian sexual nature of who I am.

I’m a primal cave man and women are looking for that cave man to pull them into the cave by their hair and give them the best sex of their life.

It’s all body language my friend. And most men suck at it.

It’s about learning how to “Own The Room.”

When you know how to use your body to demonstrate confidence and authority, (SWAGGER), you can literally walk into a room full of people, and grab their attention!

It’s so powerful and it makes women wet and can get you laid pretty quickly… or get you a girlfriend, and even great business offers!


Make her need you.

Wouldn’t you like that kind of power?

Stop guessing and stop trying. Do what works.

Click here and I’ll show you how to swagger and “Own The Room.”

It works.

Your friend,
David Wygant

P.S. If you have this one quality, you will arouse women  when YOU walk into room.


David is one of the coaches I work with. I fully endorse his material and own several of his programs. I do receive a part of the purchase price as a thank you for spreading the word about his products.  Quite simply, they work. 

How To Escalate A Text Conversation And Turn Her On

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Please tease me!

Please tease me!

I love seduction.  I can tell you that nothing feels hotter than slow steady escalation from a knowing man. Even if that man is over 7000 miles away, I can feel it and I love it.

How to warm up a new potential play mate

You would never start up a hot Ferrari 488GTB in fourth gear would you?  Of course not.  Women are exactly the same.  You have to start out with a cold engine and warm her up correctly.  You can’t accelerate if the engine is not started.

Here is a part of an email I recently received from a young cub who wants to know how to ignite passion in a new potential play mate.

Dear Angel,

The women I meet in the chat rooms always ask how old I am and then when I tell them, they tell me I am too young.  How can I get them to give me a chance?

Frustrated in Dublin

Women crave a man who knows how to warm her up 

Hi Frustrated,

I know what you mean. Some women over 50 find the idea of sex, even cyber sex or intimate chats with a much younger man uncomfortable.  They will shut you down fast.

Ladies need to feel safe and comfortable to be flirty with you in chat.  Even on a sex chat site, women will need to be warmed up before they will want to text with you.  In fact, women crave a man who knows how to warm her up properly.

Pay attention to what she is telling you

Are you one of those rare guys who really does get off when his woman is lost in orgasm?  It doesn’t matter how old you are.  I would ignore the question about your age and ask her something about herself.

A good place to start is:

Have you been on this site for long?

It’s a little awkward at first, don’t you think?

How did you find the site?

What are you looking for here?

Once you have a conversation going, pay attention to what she is telling you.  Women love chat.  She will reveal details about herself as she gets comfortable.

Ask questions about what she tells you.   If she says something about work, ask about that.  If she says anything about her ex, ask questions about that.  Follow her lead.  Get to know her.

Whatever you do, don’t say anything sexual at all.

I can’t tell you how important this is.  I guarantee you that the woman you are chatting with has been FLOODED with lewd and crude advances.  When you are into HER and not her body, you will stand out from the crowd in a big way!!!

Once she starts to trust that you are not a vagina vagabond out for a quick one time screw, she will open to you.

If she is interested in a one night stand, she will get sexual with you in the text.  Your desire to please her, boiling behind the scenes will have its chance.  But you MUST wait for her to be sexy flirty first.  Then you can play.

Slowly, ever so slowly, escalate

The main thing is, just like in real life dating, you have to find the switch to sexual tension and slowly, ever so slowly, escalate.  Your pace determines everything.  If you go too fast, you will put out the flame you’ve been building.

Like I said, there is nothing hotter than being led by a man who knows how to control the sexual tension.  I love it and so do the women I know.  It is intoxicating.

If you are not sure how to tell if there is sexual tension in a cyber chat, write to me and I will post more about it.  It is the secret sauce!  Once you know how to create and turn up the heat, women won’t care how old you are!

Learning to text to create sexual tension is easy when you are taught the right way.  I recommend David Wygant.  He is a master.  Check it out:




STAY HARD LONGER: Don’t Watch This Video At Work!

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Wow Baby! You are still hard!!!

Wow Baby! You are still hard!!!

Imagine for a moment that you could last 2 or 3 times longer in bed.

Imagine how YOU would feel…

Imagine how your wife or girlfriend would feel…(Trust me, we would LOVE this….)

When you can finally “outlast” her in the bedroom and give her more pleasure every single night. (Yes, Yes, Yes…..)

Well, if you want to make this happen, I strongly recommend watching how shockingly easy it is to rock your lady’s world!  Check it out!

Watch the video at:  STAY HARD LONGER TONIGHT

As you will learn today, you can learn a simple method (100% natural) to achieve this goal.

Trust me, your wife, girlfriend or lover will LOVE you for this (and she will want to have more sex… more often with you)

Watch the video at:


By the way, make sure you don’t watch this video at work. You will enjoy it, trust me. LAST LONGER TONIGHT

Tales of a Cyber Sex Virgin or How I Became an Accidental Cougar

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Baby, I love tasting you....

Baby, I love tasting you….


It was one year ago right now when I found myself single, in my sixties with a younger man devoted to my pleasure.

I never expected to be by myself, a happy single with a fantastic sex life.  And Cyber Sex?  Are you kidding???  This good little former Catholic girl? LOL

And, when I say devoted, I mean this younger lover is devoted.  Once he turned on the sexy dormant place in me that had forgotten how great sex can be, I was ignited for sure.  That is when I started writing erotica and when I started to attract the attention of literally hundreds of men.

It has been a wild ride this year and I want to thank you for your love and encouragement as I continue to meet fabulous writers and share the winning formula with you:

A Little Guy Lust + A Little Lady Lust = Delicious.

So to celebrate with you, here is the very first entry from this Accidental Cougar, enjoy!

What’s a little harmless cuddling between consenting cuddlers?


PS  The “unavailable man” in this story became a pure sex buddy to me and over the last year we meet every few weeks for mutual pleasure and lots of fun.  He is my muse.

PPSS  Ever wonder how to attract a great sex buddy yourself?  Click here for more info:  Talk to Angel

Women Are Looking For Erotic Chat Online…Are You The One They Pick?

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Photo Of Sexy Blonde Woman With Long Hair Wearing Angel's Wings.

Let me show you how to get more sex…


Hey Handsome,

Look what came across my chat window today:

WillyBangHer:  Angel, I guarantee I will make you wet.

Angel:  No thank you but I hope you won’t mind me asking, does that line work for you?

Willy:  It works about 75% of the time.  Let me ask you a question: If we are riding in my car and I placed my warm, strong hand on your soft, smooth inner thigh, will it tickle or tease you?

Angel:  If we just met, I wouldn’t be in the car. Alas, men forget that a lady is a lady, even on the internet. Would you sit down at a coffee shop with a woman you never met before and say, “I guarantee I will make you wet?” I feel for y’all. I delete 99% the requests I get. LOL Good luck to you!

Willy:  I apologize. You are right and that is NOT who I am, the other 99%.  Can we start over? Please. I was completely out of line. Obviously, you are not who I typically meet here on AM. Please.

I feel bad for Old Willy BangHer.  He is obviously means well.  He is horny and wants to have sex.  He is trolling one of the erotic chat sites online. (I googled erotic chat rooms just now and came up with 810,000 sites)  There are a lot of playgrounds out there to pick from.

There is another reason I feel bad for Old Willy.

You guys have brutal competition out there. Look how many guys are waiting for my attention:

sean 2

How can you get an advantage over the competition?

You can get yourself some good training in the art of seduction.  Now, I am not as available as I was last year….too many men at my door.  But, for a limited time I can teach you everything you need to know to get great cyber sex dates for yourself.

If women are on erotic chat sites, they are looking for action.  Why are you striking out?

Here is what to do.  First, sign up for my free tips.  I tell you exactly how to get more sex in cyberland.  Click here:  Angel’s Tips For Men

Secondly, if you are tired of no action and being deleted by the beautiful women available online, I have something just for you.

How about a Date With An Angel?

Here is how it works:  You can book private time with me to work on your text seduction skills.

If you are like old Willy BangHer from above, you can stumble around online and try to say the right thing.

Are you in?  Imagine practicing your seduction skills with me personally?  I have opened my schedule for a very few private clients. That’s right.  I am working with a few lucky gentlemen who want to master seduction and get more sex in cyberland.

I would love to meet you….


Pick Your Pleasure

Hey Guys, When it comes to great sex, what do you wish we knew?

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erotica writerI wonder what my lover secretly wishes I would do….

Being a woman erotica writer, there is a limit as to how much I can imagine when it comes to writing about giving a man the kind of orgasm he will remember.

I am talking about a mind numbing, toe curling earthquake of an orgasm.  As a woman, I know what an orgasm like that feels like and as a writer, I enjoy crafting stories that let men know how fabulous it feels to climax like that with a cyber partner.

Some might give this survey an R rating.  I see it differently.  I want to know what feels great to you.  I am curious whether you prefer oral, vaginal or a hand job.  How do you want your dick to be treated?  What makes you crazy for more?  I have other questions for you and I hope you will take the time to tell me true what pleases you.

Thanks for your help. I will be writing my stories with the information I collect here.  Click Here to take this quick survey:  Pleasure a Man” Survey?

Thanks so much!

Hey Guys, Here’s How To Warm Her Up For A Quickie

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I know how to make a quickie fun!

I know how to make a quickie fun!

As a woman, I can tell you that quickies are challenging.

For me, when my lover gives me the quickie signal and I know there is time for just a bit of sex, I know it won’t be enough for me. I am 100% okay with that, because he is very attentive when we have the time. (Here is what happens when we have more time—click here!)

If there are too many quickies, I owe it to myself and to him to tell him so.

I know that, but it is hard for me to speak up. I don’t want to hurt him, but I want to ask for more. What would you do if you were in my shoes? What would you say? Thanks for helping out, because I want sex to be great for both of us!

Speaking of which, I just had to share this piece of deliciousness that one of my writers sent to me. This is such a fantastic example of how quickly you can get your woman to say yes to more quickies. Here’s what to do:

If you plan ahead just a little bit (you can do it, I know you can!) you can text her something like this and she will be much more interested in getting her hands and mouth on you—quickly!

The key is to text this to her slowly. Make her wait between messages.

Hey You….

I was just day dreaming about the next time I see you….

I can see you now. Standing there, in front of me.

My hands around the back of your neck.

A small kiss hello. Followed by an admiring smile.

You open your mouth to say something, but I give you another quick kiss.

My hands slide forward, around your neck.

My thumbs follow the outline of your chin

As they start down your chest, my fingers catch on the neckline of your blouse.

I lean in and kiss you again. This time our heads stay together.

I release the hold of the first button.

My breath, hot against your cheek

The second button releases its hold.

Your hands on my arms.

The third button is undone.

The curve of your breast catches my eyes.

(Be sure to text the last couple just as you pull into the drive.)

You can thank me later.

Love, Angel


[Cougar Tips] How To Give Your Cub A Cyber Blowie

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Knock Him Out!

Knock Him Out!

Are you a little shy when it comes to getting it on with your guy?

You might enjoy dabbling in a little cyber sexual play to practice your technique.  Technique?  How can you give a  blow job at a distance?  You can entertain your guys imagination and inspire him to take matters into his own hands.

The key to a great cyber blow job is simple.

Paint a vivid picture with your words. Text one part of the story at a time. You don’t need a scene for this story. He’s a guy, he will be ready for this cyber treat anytime!

Try sexting this story to him one number at a time and see if you can get that hunka hunka burnin’ love to whimper…

1. I want to give you a massage, I can’t wait to run my hands over your body.. If I were there, I would make you lay on your belly and straddle you.

2. I have your favorite massage oil and I can’t wait to rub your back. I lean over and my nipples just graze the smooth shiny skin between your shoulder blades. I feel them stiffen as they skim your back.

3. I feel you squirm under me, I know you want to turn over and kiss me, take me, but I won’t let you. It is my time, my turn to choose the time.

4. My hands start to stroke your sides and my fingers fingers slip under your hip bones. I feel you raise your hips as I stretch my fingers in so close to you but stopping just short.

5. Should I go on?

6. I slide off to one side and tell you to turn over now.

7. I crawl up until I can finally kiss you. I am on top and I am touching your lips so gently with mine. You reach hungry for a deeper kiss and I lean away…teasing you. I move backwards kissing your chin…down your neck, my breast brushing your chest as I move down.

8. My tongue circles each nipple licking, nipping at the skin on your chest.  I let one hand drift between your legs. I take the boys in my hands and massage them gently as while I kiss and lick my way down your belly. Your fingers wrap themselves in my hair and you pull me close.

9. I stop and look up at you and whisper, “I can’t wait to f**k you with my mouth.” (You might just get a whimper at this point.)

10. I keep kissing down your lower belly letting my cheek rest against your throbbing self and look up at you. “What do you want”, I whisper looking deeply into your eyes.

11. I wrap your penis (fill in your favorite street name if you wish) in my hand and slowly slip my lips around and over the rosey glistening tip. My tongue moves slowly under the ridge and around the tip in a figure 8.

12. Next I trace my lips with your stiff self and then slowly take you into my warm wet mouth. I love how it feels to stretch my lips and take you in. All the way in and then pulling away slowly until I reach your head again. Your hands stroke my back and shoulders and I shiver in delight.

13. Laying down next to you I run the outside of my teeth up and down the underside of your cock. I moan in my throat at how good it feels to lick and kiss you as I fondle the boys and tickle the soft skin of your smooth thighs.

14. I kiss and nip (carefully) down under the boys and kiss and suck my way toward the soft skin down under.

15. I slowly work my way back up, hand on the base of your shaft and start to suck and massage you. As I suck and glide I feel you straining to hold back your orgasm wishing you could make it last but needing release. I hear you panting and calling my name. I smile and suck harder.

16. I speed up my hand sliding up and down at the same time I am sucking and swirling the tip. At last I feel your body convulse and the orgasm hits you. I know to be so still while I hold you in my mouth. I feel you soften and whisper my name.

17. I crawl up to rest in your arms. You kiss me tenderly and I feel your hands stroking my back and hips. We snuggle together and breathe in the warm summer air. Sleep will come soon.

It will take a little practice but you will find cyber sexting is a real turn on when you relax and enjoy him. The good news is that you can’t mess up here. Even if it is your first time, he will be over the moon being pleasured like that and appreciare your efforts for sure.


So I googled “How To Give An Erotic Massage”……

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By Angel and Isaac

When I googled “How To Give An Erotic Massage.” little did I realize what pleasures were in store…for both of us.  At first I was thinking that it would just be PDF file or maybe a video.  I never imagined I could have an up close and personal lesson like this.  I was mesmerized.  He had started slow and spent a good half hour getting to this point. (See Part 1: I Prefer Older Women)

As I watched Rick, the erotic massage master, touch you my mouth ran dry and my heart pounded. 

I know you were struggling to maintain control by the way your hips were moving as you rearranged yourself to be more accessible to his probing strokes. Rockets of desire ran through me.  I couldn’t help stroke myself in rhythm with Rick stroking you.

I moved my chair closer so I could watch what he was doing that was arousing you so deeply. I licked my lips a few times with a parched tongue. It was harder and harder to watch without having you in my hands and mouth.

I watched as his hands started at the back of your knee and slid up between your thighs, his pinky gently stroking your labia before he slid his hand all the way back down your leg until he reached your ankle. I knew you did not want him to leave your labia. I knew your clitoris was starting to swell and hunger. He switched to the other side after a few minutes, it’s almost more than you can bear. I watched you slide your hand under your body and I knew what you wanted to do.

As if on cue, Rick whispered to you, “Time to turn over, baby.”

Eyes glazed over in desire, you turned over, glanced up to me and mouthed. “Wow.”

I knew you were so turned on that you didn’t care about being naked and exposed anymore. Rick, ever sensitive to his clients needs, placed a lavender scented eye pillow in place and continued his massage.

He slid his hands under your shoulders, and slowly worked the knots and tension you had been holding on to. Then he poured a whisker thin stream of warm oil down your chest, between your breasts, and down over your tummy. The lavender eye pillow was a perfect blindfold and I couldn’t help but wonder what you were experiencing, not knowing when and where the next touch was coming from. My body quivered every time your body got hit with spasm of shivery delight. I swallowed hard. This is so hot.

Your beautiful full nipples were standing hard as you arched your back anticipating his touch, any touch. Finally his oily hands slide down over your breasts. A shock wave of pleasure hit you as you groaned, “Yes, yes…please.”

eroticmassage3As if moving in slow motion, he stroked your body, long smooth strokes starting at your shoulders and slowing as they moved over the outside of each breast, down over your tummy and back up over your breasts again. Your inhibition faded as your hunger intensified and the moans you have been suppressing begin to grow louder.

When he passed over your breasts again, he barely brushed over your straining nipple, just enough to tease. He then rested his hand on your tummy, and walked to your side, and slid his hands down your leg, spreading more oil on your leg. Down to your feet, and back up, over your hips, tummy and right breast, over your shoulder and down your arm. Then back up your arm, over your shoulder and down your chest, tummy, hips and leg.

His movements were slow and deliberate.

The more excited you grew, the slower he went….with torturous stroking so close but never touching clitoris or nipples. Over and again, the strokes in the form of a beautiful figure eight as he pleasured your skin as if it could come on its own. I looked up at his face and saw a look of pure joy. Pleasure, yes, that too, but he was lost in this massage and drawing you to a place I never imagined.

At the end of one rotation he stopped at your foot, and lifted your leg, placing your foot flat on the table, knee bent. He looked at me and beckoned me to the table. He nodded to me and I knew to mimic what I had seen him do. We slid our hands down your thighs in slow rhythmic strokes. Your breath got stuck in your throat the second you realized there were two sets of hands on you. Five quick inhales as you shivered under our touch and let your knees fall away away to our gaze and touch.

Your breathing quickened as you felt our hands sliding up from your ankles to your inner thighs Faster strokes this time, alternating hands with the lightest of touch. As I knew they would, your legs opened wider and your back arched. Rick made eye contact with me once again and indicated I should stroke you as he did. He lifted a finger and I knew I was to watch first. I ached to be touched and was relieved I could grab hold and stroke myself as he gently stroked up your thighs until his thumbs rested on your outer labia.

You bucked your hips pressing into his touch as he simply held you, not moving at all.

With your body moving in a delirious dance of arousal, the pressure he was using as he held you was all you needed. Fuck. I had no idea. He then lifted one hand and nodded that I was to place my hand in the same position. In a quick exchange, I was now holding you as you edged closer to the orgasm we all knew was coming.

Intuitively I pressed my thumbs down and inward toward each other on either side of your clitoris. You choked out a deep moan as I stroked the velvety labia before me. Rick had gone back to work massaging your legs. He lifted your foot to his shoulder and stroked down from your ankle to the top of your thigh.

Then he placed a thumb over your opening, and pressed but did not go inside. As I massaged your labia and clitoris, he simply held pressure there and placed his other hand on your left breast, over your heart and began breathing deeply as if to cue you to do the same.

A nod to me and I knew I was to do the same. I slowed my breath and let my hands simply rest on you. I wish I could tell you how beautiful you were, laying there coming and coming and coming. Your body convulsed and shivers of pure ecstasy rocked you again and again. You moaned, giggled, bit your lip all the signs I knew and loved. Signs that you were completely lost in the pleasure of the moment.

After what seemed nearly an hour, your breathing began to match ours and your shivers slowly subsided. Rick got a heated blanket from beside the massage table and he and I laid it on you as you turned to your side panting. He turned to me and hands in namaste, he nodded once again and left the room. I returned to the side of the massage table, leaned down and kissed you.

You jumped and the lavender eye pillow fell away. Your eyes were shining bright and the biggest shit eating grin I have ever seen lit up your face. “Fuck” you said. “Get your ass up on this table.:

To be continued….(maybe you would like to send me what YOU would like to have happen next. Email me at  I am always looking for fresh talent!)

For Your Viewing Pleasure:  Free Video Explains 5 Myths of Female Orgasm (Even she doesn’t know what pleasure she is capable of….)


Why Men Love Dirty Talk

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Special Guest Post by Felicity Keith

Your cock is so hard....mmmm

Your cock is so hard….mmmm

It should come as no surprise that guys dig dirty talk. But have you ever considered the reasons why this form of sexual play is just so dang arousing to him? Let’s take a dive into why dirty talk drives him wild.

1. It’s an arousing surprise

If you have a ladylike public persona but behind closed doors you let explicit phrases tumble from your mouth, the contradiction gives him a sexy charge of excitement. And even if you aren’t the pinnacle of propriety, seeing you transform into a naughty vixen gives him a titillating thrill. This heightens his senses and makes everything that much more arousing for him. (See Video Here)

2. He feels like a sex-god

When you let loose with a string of moans and screams mixed with a variety of sexy play-by-plays and dirty directives, you show him just how much you F#$*king love what he’s doing to you. Your unbridled enthusiasm tells him in no uncertain terms that he’s rocking your socks.

3. Your confidence attracts him

A woman who has the self-confidence to use dirty phrases to get what she wants in bed is downright seductive. Men are drawn to women who aren’t afraid to express themselves sexually. And generally, your use of dirty talk clues him in that you are far from uptight or inhibited. A good time is in store for you both!

4. It shows you are totally in the moment

Enthusiasm is such a huge turn-on for men. A quiet partner can be misunderstood as a bored or distracted partner, and that can put a big damper on the sexy mood. When you talk dirty, not only are YOU 100% present and in the moment, it shows him that you are. That level of engagement with what’s happening between you serves to validate that he’s pleasing you.

All of the reasons above activate different chemicals in his brain and are hitting some of the big triggers for his sex drive. Who knew that there was some science behind talking dirty? Of course, not every woman feels comfortable launching into dirty talk, and if that sounds like you, you are not alone. But don’t let your fears stop you from incorporating this fun technique into your sex life. In this video I teach you ways to get over any shyness you may feel and give you dirty phrases that you can fine-tune to suit your taste level.  Watch Video Here

[VIDEO] Sexy Sex Education – Learn The Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About The Female Orgasm

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I only wish he knew.....

I only wish he knew…..

According to reports, roughly 70% of women don’t reach an orgasm during intercourse.

Although that figure in itself is shocking, it also makes you wonder about how many women never orgasm at all (i.e., intercourse or not)!

A lot of flack fall on men on why women don’t experience an orgasm but truth be told, women have a lot to do about this as well whether they realize it or not.

6 Reasons Why Women DON’T Climax (Want Quick Tips?  Check this video)

There are many reasons why women don’t reach sexual climax. Some of them maybe men’s fault but a lot can be because of her too…

1. Foreplay? What foreplay?

Foreplay is extremely important. For women, making love begins in the mind and if you don’t ‘condition’ her mind for sex, then chances are she won’t be sexually reciprocating in bed too. Furthermore, women really do need more time than men to reach an orgasm; so foreplay is actually your way of extending your own sexual stamina.

2. She’s thinking too much!

Women are natural multi-taskers. Unfortunately, they’re so used to thinking and doing several things at the same time that they find it hard to simply be ‘in the moment’ during sex. If most men can be very ‘in the zone’ during sex, women seem to have various thoughts running through their heads all the time (e.g., home chores that need to be done, kids’ homework, dirty laundry, etc.).

3. She’s full of… insecurities.

Women have many body image issues. While you may adore her, her mind is probably worried about at least three different things as you undress her: Is the light revealing any cellulite? Are my ‘love handles’ protruding? Does he think my breasts are too small/big?

If body image anxiety is not in her head, then she may be thinking about things such as “I didn’t shower yet, I hope I smell good… especially down there.”, or “I didn’t pee. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.”

ALL these thoughts are making her focus on the wrong things! It’s taking attention away from sexual pleasure and into sexual insecurities. And when a woman is in this mode, it’s almost impossible to her focus on reaching her own climax!

4.  She really doesn’t know her own body.

There is a certain art form to making love to a woman’s body. It really does have a lot of mysterious curves, spots and turns. Sadly, many women don’t indulge in a lot of ‘self exploration’ when it comes to sex. As such, it’s hard to guide you on what makes her feel good or which techniques really turn her on. And really, if she doesn’t know her own body, how can you be expected to instinctively know what brings her pleasure, right?

The best thing is… it’s never too late to learn! Why don’t you BOTH explore her body? Don’t rush anything and try everything. See what turns her on best and use that knowledge to make her reach her orgasm. Make it your sexual quest! However, here are some clues to save you a few steps…

5.  YOU’re not paying attention!

True, men are not mind-readers. Unfortunately, many women are not great communicators in bed as well so we have a little problem here. Compounding this problem is of course that favorite female bedroom habit of ‘faking orgasms’. As a result, YOU think that what you’re doing is great when in reality you may not even be close!

To solve this particular problem, try to develop a certain ‘sexual code’ between you two. For instance, a slight squeeze on your arm means “You’re doing great! Pls. keep doing it!”; while nails on your skin or arm mean “enough of that!”. You will receive more squeezes, however, if you know some important facts. Click here to learn more…

6.  YOU’re changing ‘techniques’ too fast.

Men like to try different sexual positions and that’s great but sometimes you may be changing just a bit too fast. Women need to get accustomed to a certain ‘rhythm’ before sexual pleasure begins to climb. If you keep shifting positions, she will either (a) never find the position that brings her an orgasm, (b) lose the sexual pleasure she was experiencing in the previous position or (c) be so frustrated that even if you go back to the same position, she may not be that sexually aroused again.

So keep this in mind: when it comes to female orgasm it’s not just location, location, location… it’s also about repetition, repetition, repetition.

Hopefully this list of potential reasons why your partner is not reaching an orgasm paves the way for discussion between the two of you. Don’t focus on why she’s not reaching an orgasm. Instead, focus on what you guys are going to do, so that she does reach her climax. That’s a more positive approach and lot more fun too! Learn creative and easy ways to do it here…

Article printed by permission of: Gabrielle Moore

How To Text To Turn Her On – Use This Script*

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Keep her mind off her work and on you!

Keep her mind off her work and on you!


When you are away from your woman, even when you both are at work, why not spin her a story and text it to her—slowly—one hot juicy morsel after another?

*IMPORTANT TIP: Guys, only use this script once you have already had sex with your woman.

This is way too intimate for a first time encounter. But once you two are into play, there is something very hot about the wait between messages!

You can learn to be a master of erotic romancing and have some real fun! Good luck.

Tease her with timing!

Here is an example of just such a story written recently by a hot erotica writer I know. (Hot Tip:  Leave lots of time between each text. Make her crazy)

Hey Baby…….

Just thinking about you….

What sensitive spot of your luscious body craves some attention today?

(From Angel: I don’t know about you but if my man texted this to me in the middle of my work day, I couldn’t wait to get home and devour him.)

That spot that makes you tremble when my lips get close.

That makes you moan and giggle out loud when I tease you by getting close,

lingering by…

…and then retreating and repeating.

What spot makes you grab my head as I brush by your delicious morsel of flesh softly, slowly and accidentally?

Whose lips and tongue raise goose bumps on your inner thighs?

Who makes you pant with desire? (Click here if you love to be teased.)

Where is the epicenter of your anatomy which, when I finally envelop it with my mouth…

…sucking softly, rhythmically matching the upward thrust of your hips…

…makes your fingertips tingle, your eyelids flutter and a moan escape your lips.

What warm piece of you thrills as I suck you in my mouth, tasting you with my tongue?

Who loves it as blood rushes to your taut nipples, raises the hair in the small of your back and unleashes a torrent of honey?

That is the part of you I want to visit.

I can’t wait to get my hands on you.

(More Great Sex Tips, Check This Video)

Let’s Face It Guys, Women Love A Sexually Confident Man

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Yes...please don't stop whispering that to me....

Yes…please don’t stop whispering that to me….

Today a special post by my fave guy sex guru,
Alex Allman…enjoy:

Women fantasize about hot sex just as much
as men do… they talk about it, they dream about
it, and they are dying for a man who knows how

For a woman, the ultimate fantasy is to be in
the arms of a man who knows EXACTLY what he’s

A man who has the skill, the confidence, and
the ability to make her feel that great mix of
THRILLED… yet… safe at the same time…

But unfortunately, the vast majority of women
NEVER have the experience of being in bed with
the kind of man they dream of.  Not once.

And that’s a huge shame because…

The crazy thing is– most men WISH they could
BE that guy.  Most men want to sexually please the
woman in their life in every way possible, but
they just don’t really know how.

Here’s something else– guys don’t even realize
that ANYONE can LEARN these skills to completely blow
a woman’s mind in bed… make her wildest fantasies
into reality  (yes, I said anyone).

The most effective techniques that I’ve discovered
are actually incredibly SIMPLE… yet virtually no
men are doing them.

That’s why I created my downloadable eBook,
“Revolutionary Sex: How To Give A Woman The
Mind-Blowing Sexual Experience She’s Always
Dreamed Of”

So few men bother to actually put in the time
to learn this kind of thing– and those that do
usually go to the WRONG sources… and they
can’t understand why the “technique” they learned
in a magazine article isn’t doing the trick to
get their wife or girlfriend to have the kind
of explosive orgasms that they’ve heard about.

If you want to learn EVERYTHING you need–
from perfect control over your own erections to
a perfect understanding of exactly how to make
her experience more powerful sexual pleasure
than either of you ever thought was possible,
then go download and read my eBook.

   Check It Out Here

For Passion,

Alex Allman

P.S., Don’t worry about any “privacy issues”.  I
get it.  That’s why you can download and read the
eBook right on your computer.  And your credit
card statement will show a charge from “Clickbank”

Plus, you can try out “Revolutionary Sex” for 2
full months and still get a full refund if it doesn’t
deliver, and dramatically improve your relationship.

Read through it, and start TRYING OUT the ideas
and techniques and see for yourself the incredible
difference that can happen when you’ve actually got
the RIGHT information… information that very,
very few other men will ever have access to.

Make her incredibly happy every single day of her
life that she’s with YOU…

I NEVER send out BS, so if you have read this far,
I know that you are a lot like me… and so I know her
happiness means a LOT to you.  I frankly have no
idea why you haven’t tried it out yet.  Quit putting it
off and download your copy now

This article is ©2014 by Life Love Passion, Inc., and free under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License and you may freely copy, distribute, blog, or post it anywhere, so long as the work is attributed to “” and “Alex Allman”, and the text is unaltered.

The Good Girl’s Video Guide To Talking Dirty

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I LOVE talking Dirty!

I LOVE talking Dirty!

OK, before we get going I have to warn you . . .

Today’s post gets a LITTLE bit dirty.

But it also gets REALLY fun . . .

Here’s a question I got from Monica recently . . .

Monica asks . . .

“Here’s my problem:

Sex between me and my boyfriend has gotten kind of boring.

I love him. I think he loves me, but it seems like when we’re making love it’s just
become kind of rote and disconnected.

I just want him to pay attention to me and make love to me the way he used to and I
don’t know what to do.”

Hi, Monica,

Thanks for your question, it’s one I get a LOT.

And I’m going to give you the same answer I give every woman . . .

If you want your man to be 100% focused on you . . .

Fantasizing about you during the day . . .

Counting down the minutes until he gets to see you again . . .

You don’t have to kill yourself at the gym.

You don’t have to buy a bunch of sexy lingerie (though there’s nothing wrong with doing
that if you want.)

Nope, if you want your guy to become sexually and emotionally addicted to you,all you have
to do is learn to TALK DIRTY and make love to his mind.

I’ve said this a lot, but a man’s number one erogenous zone isn’t in his pants, it’s in
his head . . .

Guys live in a state of perpetual sexual fantasy.

And every guy dreams of meeting a woman who really understands our sexual buttons and knows how to push them in a really powerful way.

So here’s what I recommend:

Drop whatever you’re doing and watch this eye opening video by Felicity Keith . . .

Felicity looks like your normal, average early 40′s soccer mom . . .But as you’ll learn in the video (when you hear her CRAZY story) she discovered the

“secret code” to men’s erotic minds . . .

In fact, Felicity says she can teach you how to get a man sexually OBSESSED and ADDICTED to you without even touching him . . .

This is a great resource especially if you’re nervous or feel self conscious talking dirty . . . or if you feel kind of dumb because you just don’t know what to say, you really need to check out Felicity’s stuff.

Click here:  How To Talk Dirty To A Man

Naughty Texts Turn Me On…How About You?

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Meeting My Cougar in Miami

Meeting My Cougar in Miami


It’s Thursday, my flight is nearing Miami and our evening begins with you meeting me in the lounge of the Marriott. I licked my dry lips and grabbed a hit of my martini.

I had spent the last hour daydreaming about getting you aroused and excited to be with me.  I know you get turned on just thinking about our last time together and I sent a few texts to make sure you remember the details. (Check out: How To Talk Dirty)

I also know that you are at work and that you can sneak peeks at your cell but cannot answer me.  I love teasing you like this.  My heart speeds up and my gut twitches thinking about you reading my words.

I remember the last time, baby

It was hard to keep a straight face with the boss sitting across from me

You looked so fucking hot in that slinky black dress

Bare legs

Black patent leather 4 inch spike heels

I know the boss was jealous

I loved it

My fingers walk up your thigh

You reached for my hand and I knew

You were thinking….not here, not now

I looked right at you and I slide my hand up you leg,

Just under your hemline…

I am rock hard baby

Suddenly the voice of the airline attendant broke through my daydream.  We were landing and it would only be an hour til you were in my arms.  I know that you are on your way because when I turned my phone back on, here is what I read.

You are so naughty.

Pant – pant

Hurry Hurry Baby

I can’t wait to feel your fingers stroking my thighs again

Slowly so slowly reaching for the French silk panties you bought me.

I managed to flag a taxi and reopen my cell phone as fast as I can.  Marriott on the Bay, I tell the driver and then put one hand in my lap and one hand on the phone.  I am throbbing.

You are a wicked little vixen, I text back.

Haha…you love it

I am in the bar.  See you soon.

It seemed like an eternity but at last I arrive at the Marriott.  I send the luggage up to the room and head straight to the bar.  You did not see me coming so I lean in and kiss the back of your neck.  You jump and then lean back into me…relaxing…surrendering to my hands now stroking your back and shoulders.

“I can’t wait to taste you…all of you.” I whisper into your ear.

You turn around and pull me in for a kiss, paying not a bit of attention to the waiters and patrons in the bar.  It is like we are the only ones in the room.

“I missed you so much.”

“Me too baby, me too.”

I throw a twenty on the bar and pull you toward the elevator.  You squeeze my hand and stand up on tip toes to kiss the side of my neck….oh, stubble, you whisper as you open your mouth and taste me.

I am so hard by now I don’t know if we will make it to the room.  The little old couple in the elevator with us have a twinkle in their eye. Our raw passion is very apparent.  It is all I can do to keep my hands off you.

I slide my hand up your leg

On the elevator ride I finally noticed what you are wearing.  My eye wonders top to bottom… a short black backless dress, black stockings, black 3 inch peep toe pumps with bright red toe nails peeking out. Yeow.

The elevator door slid open and the older couple step out.  They were holding hands, maybe we inspired them.  As soon as the doors close we embrace as long lost lovers, we kiss sweetly then deeply, I take your hand and we move to the back  corner of the elevator car.

As we kiss, my hand finds your knee… I slide my hand up your leg, under your hemline…as my fingers climb your thighs,I can’t wait to run my finger along  the soft French silk thong I know you are wearing… I gently stroke the silk, enjoying the sheer touch and the sensation of you becoming aroused.

I slide my hand back down your beautiful body until I can lift your leg to my waist so I can more easily reach your swelling lady bits.  Without actually touching you, I know how wet you are getting anticipating my tongue.

I slide your thong aside and begin to tease and stroke you with my fingers. As I sense your excitement, I slide my hand down the soft skin of your inner thigh. I lick my dry lips wanting to taste you.  I reach across and stop the elevator between floor and gently lay you on the floor.

I move your skirt up and slowly, oh so slowly, pull your thong down so I can give you what you are aching for. I slide one, then two fingers into you… my fingers stroking and probing as I kiss and gently lick your lovely ladybits.  You are so hot, so wet, I am nearly crazed with the smells and tastes.

I love how uninhibited you are

Slowly I lick from bottom to top, swirling my tongue before I circle back and start again.  I know your lovely clitoris is calling for my attention but I purposely stay away from it spending time stroking your sweet folds and teasing you with pleasure.

I love how uninhibited you are. Laying on that elevator floor, legs wrapped around my neck, hips rising and falling as you moan and whimper.  God I love you this way.  I am in total control of your pleasure. Your legs open even more to allow me access.  My tongue darts here and there into and out of the folds and openings.

Writhing in ecstacy your orgasm accelerates and your body shivers in convulsive waves.  “Baby Baby” you cry.  “Yes, yes, yes.”  I slow my motions and you reach for my head pressing me into you.  I let you control the pressure. I want to see how long you fly.

When you finally relax, I lean into you kiss your mouth.  I pull back, pick up your thong and untangle myself from your legs.  I help you up and you smooth your dress and reach up to run your fingers through your short blonde hair. You bite your lip and look up at me.

“Damn.”  you say.  I put my finger on your lips.  “Shh.”  I whisper, I have lots of fun planned for us.  You lift your chin and cuddle into the nook between my shoulder and chin…I wrap my arms around you and push P for Penthouse.

To be continued: Stay tuned….

Click Here for Free Video:  Revolutionary Sex – A complete course on having a brilliant sex life, erotic trust, and deep, intense sexual chemistry with a woman that goes way beyond orgasm, and deals with issues around your own body, her body, and how create passion together.


Hey Guys…..Is This Hot For You?

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Hey guys. I love sex as much (maybe more) than the average Jane but you have to back way up to flip the switch and get a girl horny enough to want to be with you.

Here is what I mean. This is the actual first time note a potential sex buddy sent to me. I know he thinks this is super hot….heck, maybe you do too:

It’s Thursday, my flight has arrived earlier and our evening begins with you meeting me in the lounge of the Marriott. You arrive wearing a short black backless dress, black stockings, black 3 inch heels, garter, thong…… we embrace as long lost lovers, we kiss on the cheeks, I take your hand and we move to the back of the lounge, order our drinks, we flirt, my hand finds your knee… I slide my hand up you leg, under your hemline…as my fingers near your pussy, my fingers feel the soft French silk panties you are wearing… I gently stroke the silk, enjoying the sheer touch and the sensation of you becoming aroused, becoming wet as your juices soak through the silk… I slide your panty aside and begin to tease and stroke you with my fingers…. as I massage your pussy , I slide one, then two fingers into you… my fingers probing for your g-spot… your pussy is so hot, so wet, I lean into you kiss your lips, we lock our tongues as our waiter stares at us…

What’s the problem you may be thinking….sex partners can have completely different arousal worlds in fact some studies say that 80% of couples are sexually incompatible. Isn’t that sad? Find out how to arouse your partner. Make it a goal. Not what YOU think she likes…no, find out what she wishes you knew…..

Click Here is the Angelized Version… and see what I mean.

It is a beautiful thing to hear a woman whisper a passionate yes, yes….

Dream of an older woman? Show her how experienced you are, check out this free video: Revolutionary Sex.

How To Make Sure You Give Her An Orgasm: 3 Secrets From The Master

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God you are good.....

God you are good…..

Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be… It’s EASY to give a woman an orgasm.  Thanks for this guest post by Alex Allman.

There’s a LOT more to being a great lover than just that… but the simple fact remains, most guys still struggle with giving women powerful orgasms, many guys aren’t sure if their woman is even having orgasms.

When I was younger and single I was simply amazed by how many women I dated had never had an orgasm before me (the accepted number is 1 in 7). I was especially amazed because these women were sexually experienced (some had been married previously). And even more amazed because…


I’m not bragging here… I don’t have a huge cock, I didn’t bang them for hours like an olympic stallion, and I didn’t do some advanced tantric energy technique that I discovered in an ancient cave painting in India.

Three Simple Things You NEED TO Know

There are only 3 simple things that you need to know to give ANY woman an orgasm, and there is no reason that you can’t do all 3 very quickly and easily. I’ll explain all 3 of them in this article..

First of all…

You are with 1 of 3 types of women:

1) A “sexual bungee-jumper” who understands her own body and how to reach orgasm and can surrender to it any time, any where. All you have to do is show up. She knows how to shift her hips THERE, slow you down or speed you up a little like THAT, close her eyes and… BAM!

Instant orgasm.  (Angel Says Oh MY Yes!)

Women like this can curl one leg under their ass while sitting in a crowded room, rock back and forth a bit on their heel, and have a nice little orgasm in the middle of a lecture hall, movie theater, or restaurant.

She makes you feel like a CHAMPION because the sex is always so great… but also might make you a little insecure because you know that she’s going to be able to have great sex with plenty of other guys too.

2) A woman who struggles to orgasm… who can climax with some men, but not with others, or who can climax with a vibrator, but not with a man, or who just takes a long time to warm up, and a long, long time to “get there”.

A woman like this can make you feel like a hero or a zero, because if you can’t do the trick, she’s likely to get very frustrated with you. If she’s not planning on seeing you again, she’s going to fake it for sure because talking to you about it, in her experience, is NOT going to help.

3) A woman who has never had an orgasm and is worried that maybe she just can’t.

A woman like this tends to blame herself. She feels broken and unworthy of your love, and she most often will fake it so that she doesn’t have to deal with the conversation.

Now, of course, it’s not like 3 switches on a machine, there is a ton of gray between each of these types and extremes of each.

Here’s a question from a reader who’s with the 3rd type >>>

Hi Alex. I love your news letters and all of your articles …oh and your book. The ways you have helped me to understand my self both authentically and deeply go beyond words. I cannot thank you enough Alex :-).

I’m in a relationship with a noticeably younger woman who was a virgin. I’d like some advice from you for her climaxing. At this point we have had sex about 25 – 30 times all of which she says she gets close but cannot quite go over the edge. Some things to note is that she is allergic to latex, a vibrator doesn’t seem to peek her interest(we tried one briefly), we have tried multiple positions and another thing is she comes from a family that puts a lot of shame on sexuality and she says she has never had an orgasm or tried for one through masturbation.

I personally think most of it is psychological. I told her we should get drunk and have sex one time to see how that goes since being intoxicated tends to remove a persons filter. I have not fully read your book but have gone over most of it. I feel like your book helps those who understand their sexuality or at least have a little bit of an idea. […] I guess for now I am looking for more general advice on virgins, anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you Alex

Thanks for writing in my friend.

This has very little to do with the fact that your woman is a virgin and a lot more to do with the fact that you haven’t “fully read the book.”

*head smack* …WHY are you writing to me before you fully read the book?!

Giving your girl an orgasm is EASY.

It may take some practice, but so did driving when you first started, and you can do that while checking your email, listening to the radio, and talking to your friend in the other seat. In other words: Driving is easy, right?

(Quick note: If she is allergic to latex, go ahead and get some polyurethane condoms. Trojan and Avanti both make them, and I actually much prefer them for sensation.)

**IMPORTANT: The NUMBER ONE (#1, numero uno, the big secret) that you must get is that you two have to stop TRYING to give her an orgasm, and just focus on having prolonged, enjoyable, playful, hot, sweet, entirely pleasurable sex.  (From Angel: Preach it brother!!)

Forget the orgasm. Orgasm takes care of itself when you are taking care of having fun, having connection, and having pleasure.

Here’s the reason why:

Men can’t get an erection if they feel pressured. Women can’t have an orgasm if they feel pressured.

Put a gun to a man’s head and tell him he’s got 5 minutes to get hard or you’ll blow his brains out and you’ve got a dead man. It simply can’t be done.

You want her to come, she wants to come, she feels like she’s not quite enough until she comes, she feels like she’s always a little bit of a disappointment to you until she comes… in other words: There’s pressure on her to come.

Here’s another example: Have you ever gone out to an expensive nightclub, paid a big wad of cash to get in (maybe more than you were comfortable spending), and then the drinks inside are seriously breaking the bank, and you start feeling like you have to have a LOT of fun to make it worth the money you just paid, and you end up having a dull night because of the pressure you put on yourself to have fun?

I have. The best nights are the ones with no expectations, just easy enjoyment.

Okay, I think you get the idea. You must change the FOCUS of your love making.

Now, with that out of the way, here are THE 3 ESSENTIALS TO GIVE ANY WOMAN AN ORGASM:

1) Arousal

No turn on, no orgasm. You can rub your penis all day long, but if you’re not aroused and you’re just rubbing the limp thing, you are not going to come, right?

Arousal happens in the brain. You see a pretty girl, you think about sex, you smell a girl’s perfume… something triggers sexual THOUGHTS, and you get turned on.

Same for her.

If she’s not turned on, you’re wasting your time.

And here’s the thing, just because you strip off your clothing and start kissing her doesn’t mean you are turning her on (though that certainly might work!). You’ve got to take the time and effort to actually make sure you’ve got her turned on FIRST.

2) Stimulation

Now it’s time to apply some simple stimulation to an erogenous part of her body to increase her arousal and begin to trigger the neural networks that lead towards orgasm.

The clitoris is the easy button here, but a woman can orgasm from stimulation to her g-spot, her anterior fornix, her labia, her nipples, her neck, her toes, or just about any other part of her body, and in fact, you can even just stimulate her brain and give her an orgasm with just your words (ask any credible hypnotist).

3) Surrender

Once she’s aroused and you are applying the right stimulation, she’s got to be willing to let go and release into it.

This is a huge deal for most women (though about 15% of women are those “sexual bungee jumpers” and have zero issue with surrendering any time, any place).

Surrender requires that she feels safe and invited to let go, and that means trusting herself enough, trusting you enough, trusting the environment enough, or all three.

Now if you get good enough at creating the space and the erotic trust for a woman to surrender then you can give her “permission” to have an orgasm pretty much any place, any time, and with ease.


There is no step 4. These the only things required to make any woman have an orgasm.

Now in the case of this email, you said that your girlfriend comes from an environment of sexual shame, and no doubt, that is creating some difficulty for her to surrender. She doesn’t yet trust herself to go to this place.

When you suggest alcohol, you are onto to the correct idea, but because YOU suggested it it has created more pressure (she knows she’s not completely pleasing you until she manages to have an orgasm), AND you are suggesting to her that it’s her fault, inside her head, and that she’s got to get to surrender herself (more pressure).

And I’ll tell you, that’s not impossible. It might work, and some day she may ultimately have her first orgasm through her own journey into self trust (with or without alcohol or a little weed).

But the EASY button here is to show her how by creating so much erotic trust in you that she can just surrender it all to you without needing to do all of that pesky self-work.

So look,  I know that some guys just “get” this and can simply apply the 3 steps and go give women orgasms on command.

But I also know that MOST guys will have some serious questions or doubts about one of these steps, and I can already tell you that I’ll have a jammed in-box tomorrow morning with…

– How do get her “AROUSED”?

– What do I do to “STIMULATE” her?

– What are the steps to create “erotic trust” and get her to “SURRENDER” into orgasm? (For some men this might even be, “what the heck are you even talking about with this ‘surrender’ thing?”

I assure you, none of them are hard if you know what you’re doing.

If you already have Revolutionary Sex, then you probably already have everything you need right there. I go deep into EROTIC TRUST in that book.

But if you’re looking for direct, no-nonsense explanations, exercises, and examples of each of these 3 steps… if you are just looking for the simple “how to” on giving orgasms, quickly and easily, every time, then do yourself a GIGANTIC FAVOR and just go download your copy of:

“ORGASMS! Screaming, Sheet-Shredding, Multiple Orgasms!”

A little dramatic, I know, but it’s pretty much self explanatory as to what you get when you get the product.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s clear. Just like her orgasms should be.

After you go through it the first time, you’ll wonder why you were making things so hard for yourself.

For Passion,

Alex Allman

PS, Recommended in this article:

Revolutionary Sex – A complete course on having a brilliant sex life, erotic trust, and deep, intense sexual chemistry with a woman that goes way beyond orgasm, and deals with issues around your own body, her body, and how create passion together.

This article is ©2014 by Life Love Passion, Inc., and free under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License and you may freely copy, distribute, blog, or post it anywhere, so long as the work is attributed to “” and “Alex Allman”, and the text is unaltered.

These newsletters are for entertainment purposes only, and nothing herein is offered to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease; physical, psychological, or emotional.

From time to time I endorse third-party products or programs, and often there is some compensation or commission for that endorsement. But please be assured that of hundreds of endorsement requests that I receive, I only pass along the small number that I truly believe are worth your consideration. I value your time and trust and I give my honest opinions of everything that I recommend.

“How do you get your boyfriend to feel up your breast and nipples?”

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I wish you would…..

Hi Angel,

I am going out with a new guy and he goes from kissing me to reaching for my crotch before I am ready. I know that when a man is sweet to my breasts and spends time there teasing and pleasing me, I get turned on enough to let him touch me down there. How do I tell him? I don’t want to hurt his feelings. My last boyfriend got pissed when I tried to tell him what to do. What did I do wrong?

Frustrated in Fresno

Hi Frustrated,

I hear you!!! One of the reasons I love teaching erotic story telling to men is to clue them in on what it takes to have a woman open her legs….on her own. There is no more powerful moment in love-making than a woman who swings her legs open out of hunger and desire. When men can do this for their lady, great sex is sure to follow! (More Orgasm Tips for Men: Click Here)

Don’t try to talk about it while making out. You know you have a problem here but at this point, he doesn’t. Go ahead and kiss and make out. When he moves toward your crotch, take his hand and stretch your arm down so his hand is near your knee. Hold his fingers lovingly. You are in charge here. If things go too fast for you and you are not turned on enough, tell him you have to go to the bathroom and interrupt the game.

Here are 3 sure fire tips for telling your guy what you need to feel super turned on….without making him feel clueless or insecure about his sex skills. (You know how they don’t like to read directions. LOL)

Tip #1: The OREO Method (How to Sugar Coat it): Go out for coffee or a glass of wine. Tell him it turns you on to flirt in public and ask for him to pick the place. The Oreo method is a way of sugar coating a request. You start off with something sweet and complimentary, you ask for the thing you want and then you finish with something sweet.

For example: “I love being with you, you are so sweet to me. Do you mind if I ask you something personal? “(Guys usually say yes so, go ahead) “Is it awkward for you to have a woman make suggestions about what’s on the sex menu when you are in a couple?” (Take note of his answer) Then if you can ask, “On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being awkward and 10 being comfortable, where do you stand with a lady telling you her preferences.” (Note Answer) Then you say, “Thanks so much for letting me know that. I like how open you are that way.” Take his hand and kiss it. Look up at him and let him feel connected to you.

He will probably have something to say at this point. Let him ask a question or comment. When you come across as wanting to know HIS viewpoint or perspective on the issue of sexual communication, it will tend to disarm him. Remember most everyone feels awkward talking about pleasure with a new partner.

Now what do you do with the information?

Tip #2 – The Hotness Scale (Make It Stupid Easy)

If he is pretty comfy talking about what you like, 8-10, that is great. With this guy you can be fairly direct. One approach that works is to compare your sexcapades to a road trip with or without GPS. Without GPS, you might get there and you might have fun along the way but it is bound to be frustrating as hell. WIth GPS, you plug in your destination and listen for cues.

Tell your guy that you want to play and have fun with sex. Tell him that keeping it fun for both of you is your biggest turn on. Then tell him all he needs to do is to check in with you to find out how turned on you are while you are messing around….that’s it. Just like heat in a Thai dinner entree, you are either hot or not and telling him simply, clearly and with the utmost respect will work like a charm.

Now let’s say he checks in and you say: “I am cruising at a 3.5 baby.”

Now there are times that 3.5 is terrific. For example, let’s say you two are at a restaurant and he is holding your hand under the table, massaging your palm with his hand on your thigh. Being turned on is delicious. It is what I call the O-Zone. Pre-orgasmic and completely irresistible. But….

If you guys are in the back of the car making out like kids and he thinks you are at a 12 and you are cruising at 3.5, it means a whole different thing. Once again, tell him again that you love having sex with him and that all you want is to make sure he knows what will keep you in the O-Zone. The easier you can make it for your guy to read where you are sexually, the better. No more faking it. If he is missing the mark, so to speak, let’s help him find it.

Sometimes the GPS says “Make a legal u turn at the next intersection.” Use that metaphor to tell your man, hey, go back up to those nipples for awhile.
Have fun with this man, he wants to please you and will adore your feedback.

Tip #3 – The SALT Method (Make Him Thirsty For More)

If he feels awkward talking about sex, score 4-7,  you have a little work cut out for you. A guy who feels more awkward than comfortable may be threatened by your confidence. You know that your breasts and nipples are being ignored and that is not good. You also know that he has some other very nice traits and sexually, there is chemistry. With this man, I suggest the SALT method. This is the sure fire cure and will also work with the OREO guys.

Tell your guy before you start making out…somewhere after the first few kisses (and if you whisper in his ear, he will follow you anywhere.) Say, “I have an idea that will make tonight really, really good.” Wait for his breath to settle down a little and then whisper: “I think you will really like it.” Wait now while he pleads with you to tell him. In fact, kiss him a bit and make him wait.

Then, take a deep breath and say, “Baby, I want to feel your hands on my breasts and your mouth on my nipples….it makes me tremble to think about it.”

If that doesn’t work, he is not the one.

If he is scores 3 and under he is very uninformed and may be pretty intimidated by a sexually confident woman. I would send him over to read up on Revolutionary Sex by Alex Allman. Alex is the master of helping men learn how to please women properly. I highly recommend him

I hope this helps, Frustrated. Be sure to write back and let me know!