Cougar Wishes, Longings and Desires

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I wish you were here right now...

I wish you were here right now…

I wish your tongue was on my lips.

I wish my belly was spooning your back.

I wish your hands were on my butt.

I wish my breasts were pressed against your back.

I wish your fingers were rolling my nipples.

I wish your hands were stroking my thighs.

I wish your mouth was kissing my belly.

I wish my hips could reach your mouth.

I wish your stubble was on my skin.

I wish my lips were on your dick.

I wish my hand was holding your balls.

I wish you were here right now.

Finding A Cougar Part 2: The Heat Goes On

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Exquisitely Written by Angel and Jake.  (See Part 1, Click Here)

Please, please don't stop

Please, please don’t stop

“Have you always been drawn to older?” She asked looking at me intently.  She had luminous eyes with an unmistakable sadness that made me want to wrap my arms around her.  For all the boldness of our sexting before this meeting, there was a sweetness about her doubt and caution.

We both knew she had asked me that before.  Patiently I answered the question again.  “Yes,” I grinned, “I enjoy the company of older women, always have.”

I reached over and held one of her hands. Even though I knew her husband had left her I noticed that she still wore her wedding ring. I couldn’t blame her though, she had told me how much she loved him and how hard it was to justify his cheating. As we talked I knew she was still vetting me, sensing my motives.  How I wish I could convince her I would never hurt her.

It took all my energy not to ravish her right there

With it being Friday night, the wait for our food took longer than normal, which was both a gift and a curse. Sure it gave us time to lighten the mood with some wine and getting to know each other, but on the other hand I was wishing I could just make love to her right there. It took all my energy not to ravish her right there, but I knew she deserved better than that. She had been waiting quite some time to be romanced and I wanted to make it special for her.

I met her gaze and lifted her hand to my lips.  “You can trust me.” I whispered. “Let’s just continue our text fantasy.  Let’s just slip that ring off your finger for a couple of hours.  Come be my girl.”

She smiled back at me and biting her lower lip said, “I do like you.” and broke into an impish grin.  “You are adorable and I feel so great when I am with you.”  Slowly she twisted the ring off her finger and dropped it into her purse.  She offered me her empty wine glass and I refilled it and ordered another bottle.

While the waiter was writing down the order, there was a jolt to my system and I quickly rushed back to earth. I felt one of Angel’s high heels brush up against my leg. Delighted that she had remembered how fond I was of a woman in high heels. I looked back at her and could feel the blood rush to my cheeks, as well as somewhere else.

There was a confident and sexy look on Angel’s face as she raised her wine glass to her lips, taking a long sip.  She laughed a little as I took a couple deep breaths. I could tell she was fully aware of what she was doing to me, and I knew it had to make her feel great after years of heartbreak and loneliness.

I knew we would be great together.  I had known since the beginning. It was so easy for her to trust me in the chat room and she was uninhibited in our cyber chats.  Even though it was a little frustrating that she was cautious when we first got here, I could tell she was warming up to me.

When she put the glass down I could see some of her lipstick still left on the glass. All I could think of was where that mouth might be in a couple of hours.  My heart sped up and my voice caught in my throat.  Oh Jesus, keep me calm.  I tried best I could to slow my breathing down.

She was giving me all the signs I needed to see

By the time dessert came we both were tipsy from the wine, and she was giving me all the signs I needed to see.  She was touching my arm, biting her lip, playing with her hair and flirting with naughty little innuendos.   The tipping point was when she scooped up some whipped cream with her freshly manicured fingernail from the piece of cake we were sharing and held it to my lips. I eagerly licked it off, looking at her as her eyes closed for a second in pleasure.

Thankfully our check came soon after that, and quickly we paid and got up to leave. I couldn’t help by follow closely behind her, watching her beautiful body move as she swayed in her heels.

Our hotel was within walking distance of the restaurant, which was fortunate for us since neither of us was in condition to drive.  She was happy and giggling as we walked arm in arm.  I pulled her into an alcove and planted baby kisses on her nose, forehead and then right behind her ear.  She tipped her head back and with eyes closed and lips parting, I finally got what I had wanted since the moment I walked up to her.

I barely touched her lips at first.  She was hungry for my touch and I knew it.  She pressed herself against me and willingly met my tongue with hers.  We both grabbed each other as if out lives depended on it.  The urgency of our need for each other demanded satisfaction.

It’s almost as if  the night knew something special was in the air, as it was a full moon with not a cloud in the sky. It was almost like we were high school kids the way we flirted on the way to our hotel.  “You are like a fountain of youth!” She laughed. “I haven’t felt like this since…..” She was reading my mind.  I put my finger against her lips.  “Shhhh…..” I said.

I stopped her and pulled her close to me and leaned down to kiss her. Our bodies pressed tight together as our lips locked. Our tongues felt like they were intertwined as we french kissed. The kiss seemingly lasted for hours but in reality was only 30 seconds or so. As we broke the kiss and I looked into her eyes and I could see her resistance had melted away. We started to walk a little more pace to our hotel, which we could see in the distance.

My heart was in my throat as I followed her

Only one last obstacle was left, and for once the process of checking in to our hotel seemed to go quicker than normal. We boarded the elevator and she nestled her head on my shoulder as I ran my hands through her beautiful hair. Finally we were to our floor and we looked at each other and smiled.

We held hands as we walked towards our room, our breathing getting deeper. I fumbled with the key card nervously but finally got it to work and there was a loud “CLICK” as the door opened. I held the door open for her as she sauntered into the room. Glancing back it me, she let her coat fall to the ground as she stepped inside.

My heart was in my throat as I followed her and let the door close behind us.  Finally I had her alone.  I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up gently.  I walked across the room kissing her at the same time.  Slow down, I pleaded with myself.  Slow down.  Forcing a deep breath into my lungs, I let her feet land on the floor.

I wanted to throw her on the bed and have her.  But I wanted to make sure that she was ready.  She grabbed my tie and pulled me toward the bed.  “What the hell,” she said.  “What the hell.”

I wasn’t about to argue.  She pulled me down on top of her and held me close.  She closed her eyes and opened her mouth.  I didn’t hesitate.  I wanted her.

I stroked her body through her skirt and blouse, feeling her curves under my hands.  I was rock hard with desire and aching for her yet I held back and teased her with kisses and strokes.

I held her for what felt like an hour

Moans and whimpers were all I heard as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse.  She did not resist.  She was wearing a red lace bra that hugged her breasts and begged to be unhooked.  I reached behind her and unsnapped the clasp. She slipped her blouse off her shoulders.  “Please, please….” she gasped.

I reached her nipple with mouth and she shivered violently in my grasp.  Shocked I realized she was having an orgasm just from my kisses, nibbles and squeezes.  I sucked and rolled her nipple between my teeth.  She writhed and squirmed in heavenly delight.

I turned her so I could press my leg in between her legs.  She opened her legs, best she could in her skirt and I leaned in.  I was aching but moved by her response to me.  She was panting and laughing and I think crying at the same time.  “Don’t move.” She commanded.  “Yes, yes, yes…..”

I held her for what felt like an hour.  Wave after wave crashed over her and she clung to me.  Breathing faster and faster I felt myself start to release.  We lay there holding each other panting, cumming, Fuck.  Exhausted we finally coasted in for a landing.  Fuck.

And I had her all to myself for the whole weekend.

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Cougar Erotica: Sexy Snowy Boston Fantasy

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hot cuddling 3

Read Part 1 Here: Sexy Snowy Spring Day In Boston

There was so much I wanted to know. Was he dating anyone? How old was he? Was I the oldest woman he has been with? But all the questions muddled together in a wave of desire when I felt his hands running up the side of my body. His fingers just barely stroking my jeans and long sleeve tee.

“Please don’t stop, I….”

My back arched itself pressing my body toward his. My body was responding to him as if it had a life of its own. “Please don’t stop, I….” my words smothered by his smouldering kisses. I tipped my head back and followed his lead. My tongue tangled with his, each of us reaching, probing, tasting.

“Roll over,” he said smoothing the fleece next to him. I responded instantly. He had complete control of the moment and I was bewitched by him. “That’s my girl,” he said in a low whisper. The next thing I felt was him straddling my thighs and his hands squeezing my shoulders. His body weight held me in place.

“I don’t suppose you would like a little massage now would you?” He teased. “Mmmmmm…” was all I could manage. He smoothed my tee shirt working his way down my back with soft strokes. Goosebumps hit me in waves. Feeling his hands on my body through the pima cotton of my shirt made me squirm with delight.

I inhaled deeply, if he only knew.

He returned to my upper back and put his thumbs at the base of my head. Slowly he kneaded the tight sore muscles across my back and shoulders. “Ouch!” I said involuntarily. “You ok?” He asked stopping in place. “Oh yeah,” I giggled, “Hurts so good.” “OK, let me work it out.” He said leaning his thumbs into the knot.

“Tough day?” He whispered as he worked his strong fingers up and down the muscles on either side of my spine. I inhaled deeply, if he only knew. Instead I purred, “Better now!” Thanks to the wine and his intuitive touch, my body was melting like butter on a hot steaming buttermilk biscuit.

As if reading my mind, he began to stroke my sides, fingers just skimming the sides of my breasts again. I couldn’t control the shivers that told him all he needed to know. He slid to the side and gently kneaded down the back of each thigh. My hips began to move and I moved my legs apart to get more comfortable.

He responded with nips and bites.

He started with my right leg and began squeezing just above my knee…both hands wrapped around my leg. Slowly he moved his hands up my thigh until his hands squeezed right at the crease of my bum, his fingers brushing tantalizingly close to my lady bits.

I couldn’t help the small moans and cries that were bubbling up out of me. He was making me feel better than I knew I could feel. I felt an orgasm coming. I was so hungry for release that my body began to buck under his touch.

Sensing my need, Steve rolled me over and pulled me close. He began to kiss me, my lips swollen with desire opened and pulled his tongue into my mouth. He responded with nips and bites. I squealed with delight. He laughed and kissed me harder. I couldn’t get enough.

I could barely breathe.

He ran his hand down the center of my body, between my breasts and slowly approached my legs. I lifted my hips to meet him. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted his hand on me. I reached to push his hand to my now damp panties. He said, “Not yet, not yet,” taking my hand and wrapping my arm around his neck.

He then slipped his hand under my shirt and crept up toward my belly. Soon I felt his hand on my naked breast, kneading my nipple with just the right pressure. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” I gasped. I could barely breathe.

Deep heaving pants took the place of my words and my orgasm took over. Shivering and convulsing, wave after delicious wave washed over me.

“Baby, Baby” I gasped as he held me tight, leg between my legs and holding my ladybits in a mesmerizing grip of pleasure.

“Take it in baby,” he whispered. “You deserve this.  Take it in.”

My breathing started to slow down and I melted into his arms.  A tear formed on my cheek as he stroked my hair and held me.  “Shhhh, shhhhh,” I heard.

“A real shame that snow storm cancelled my flight,” he laughed slowly, letting me sit up and reach for my wine.

“Yeah,” I grinned back…”Dirty rotten shame. And we have all night.”

To Be Continued – I know, I am such a tease, right?

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Cougar Erotica: Mile High Sexcapades

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Exquisitely written by Top Jock Eddie R. and Angel

Click Here to Read What Happened Before They Boarded the Plane

The plane had been in the air for 30 minutes or so.  “Time for the mile high club,” you had whispered in my ear.  “I’m all yours,” I whispered back.  You had crawled under the blanket and were hunkered down between my legs.  “Fuck.”  I said as you continued to tease me mercilessly.

I try to maintain some control.

I grip the arm rest and take my other hand and reach down and find the back of your neck and push your head down slightly. You push my hand back up gently to let me know you have full control of this.

I hear you whisper. “Let me do everything”. Sweeter words have never been said to a man. I let you take control and I settle into the back of my seat. I push the button to recline.

“She is incredible” I think to myself again. I can barely see your head move but you are moving my cock in and out the full length. Your hands are on my thighs massaging me rubbing me. I have given into you completely.

My mind wanders into thoughts I can not explain. Erotic and sensual, colour, sounds. I’m sure it hasn’t been long but it feels like it has been an hour. I’m not even sure if we took off yet. I actually don’t care. I whisper “Im going to lose it, slow down.” Another giggle.”No”.

You tease me into rock hardness.

You stop just long enough for me to catch my breath. I can feel your lips pulling each ball into your warm mouth. Your hand continues stroke me, barely skimming the skin as you tease me into rock hardness.

I whisper, “I want to take you here, under this blanket” a moan was all I could hear from you then followed by a breathy and incredibly sensuous “Soon, baby, soon.” The palm of your hand strokes my length, up and down. God I was close, so close.

I must have expressed it a little louder than I thought. You stopped all of the sudden. More moaning came from between my legs “I’m touching myself under here. I want you to imagine my hand between my legs slowly circling fingers dipping inside.”

“I’m thinking about your tongue licking me making me wet. Your mouth between my legs taking away my control.” Your words had the same grip on me as your mouth.

My jaw clenched, you kissed my thigh.  I could tell you were doing what you said you were doing. Your soft hair head drifted on to my leg as you rested your head there and I could feel the motion of your hand as you pleasured yourself. You kissed and licked my thigh.

Take me how you want….

After a long sweet and silent rest, you slid up on to the seat next to me. I heard your breathe the word “Now” in my ear staying under the blanket. You looked into my eyes and I could see I needed to finish what you started for both of us.

You turned your back to me and I could see your skirt was up high and your panties were still on. Your goddess like ass was towards me and I pulled the blankets up over both of us to make sure nothing was revealed.

You pushed your perfect ass against me wanting me to spoon you. I could feel you move your legs slightly apart inviting me into you.

“Take me how you want.” More perfect words. I was painfully hard but what magnificent pain. It was easy to enter you, so wet and ready for me. I pulled your hips to me, from afar it just looked like we were just snuggling but if you were within five feet it would have been obvious.

I didn’t care anymore. The urgency of my lust was not going to let me stop. I thrust in you hard I could feel you grip my leg. Your nails sunk into my skin you drew a quick deep breath. I loved it. I grabbed your hips on both sides and pushed in and out in a slow motion primitive dance.

Your body started to shudder.

Your mouth opened and little words came out I couldn’t understand but I could tell you just started to feel your release. You gripped me tighter. “That’s it baby, more please” was what I heard.

I did as you asked I wrapped my arm around your waist and held you tighter. My first thought was I was afraid to hurt you but I surrendered to your pleasure, the lust.. the overwhelming desire you gave me fueled me. I clenched my teeth. “goddamn it” I whispered in your ear.

“I want more..uhhh…more” Your body started to shudder. I could tell your orgasm was in full throttle.  You pressed yourself closer to me angling so I could reach deeper.

It triggered me too. I let go and exploded inside you and pushed into you in ecstacy. My hands moved up your body finding your breasts covered in perspiration still in your red lace bra.

My mouth found your ear and a bit it lightly trying not to hurt. We both shuddered further for another minute. You craned your head towards me and kissed me deep and long. I didn’t want to pull out. I kept slowly thrusting myself in you working our climax down.

We stayed like that for another couple of minutes and we finally “spruced” ourselves up. No one noticed eyes were closed asleep but what had just happened should have woke the plane.

You smiled and said to me “I hope I put your tray into an upright position.”

“So adorable,” I said as you snuggled under my arm and kissed the side of my neck. “And naughty….”

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Cougar Erotica – Seduction At The Beach House

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I love how I feel when I am with you!

I love how I feel when I am with you!

By Angel and Tyrstero

You sit alone on the dune at sunset with your knees tucked under your chin. A long baby blue cashmere sweater blankets your bare legs.

I stand and watch for a while as you try to warm your toes with your fingers as the evening wind rises, blowing your wild, free hair from your eyes. You take a deep breath of crisp sea air into your lungs. You look beautiful sitting there, fading light glimmering on freckled skin.

I approach and kneeling behind you, wrap my strong arms around your shoulders. You lean into me and I kiss your neck gently. “Feeling better?” I whisper as I nibble on your earlobe. I could feel the edginess brought on by the corporate ass kissing you endure every day melt away under my touch.

I Feel Myself Stiffen

I pour the last of the Cabernet into your glass as you recline back against me. “Yes,” you reply with a deep sigh. We sit in silence watching the sun disappear into the sea, the only sounds surrounding us are wind, waves and an occasional gull call. Even though I feel myself stiffen with the weight of your body against me, I shift position knowing that you need time to decompress.

I wrap my arms around you as you shiver in the chill of the evening. I hold you a bit tighter, kissing the top of your head. “Ready to go in?” I ask. Rising to my feet, I reach for your hand. Kissing your beautifully manicured fingers, I help you to your feet and gather the blanket, wine glasses and bottle. Walking down the sandy trail to our bungalow, you tuck your arm in mine and slide your hand in my jacket pocket.

I Know It Took You A Long Time To Believe Me

We reach the weathered staircase leading away from the beach. You are a few steps in front of me and I am mesmerized by the motion of your lovely bum as you climb the wooden steps to the door. My eyes drift down over the graceful bend of your sun-kissed legs. I know it took you a long time to believe me when I told you that being with you was hot for me. “You could have your choice of women your age,” you told me more than once.

Watching you climb the wooden steps I catch the hot pink curve of your swimsuit under your sweater. “No Baby,” you whisper again, “I may have younger women in my world, but you are the woman I want.” As you take the last steps into the house, I focus on the shapely arc of your inner thighs. Yes, you are all I want.

Tossing the blanket on the table, I turn to you and pull you close. Your tousled hair always turns me on and now, with a touch of wind burn on your cheeks, I am struck silent with appreciation.

“How about a massage?” I said softly, “Maybe I can stroke some of that corporate bullshit out of your system for the weekend.”

I Feel You Relax Into Me

“Yes, yes,” you smiled up at me, “That would be fabulous.” You reach up on tip toes with your adorable face lifted, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. I answer back with a gentle but passionate kiss. I feel you relax into me and tighten my hold around your waist. “You are in for a treat, Angel. You deserve to be ravished and satisfied to the tips of your toes.” A muffled giggle is your response. God how I love that giggle.

Once inside you call back to me, “I’m going to take a shower.”

I turn from lighting the fire and my eyes follow you into the bedroom. Watching you pull the sweater over your head, I can’t help but harden as an ache of desire runs through me.

“I am so sandy,” you say. “The water will feel good.” You turn toward the bathroom, but I stop you by the bed. “Do you need someone to scrub your back?” I ask running my hand along the curve of your torso.

You stop and turn to me with a mischievous smile. “Oh, I think I can manage,” you wink, “but you can open us a fresh bottle of that red I love.”

We Have All Night

I go outside on the deck grateful for the blast of chilly air. Breathing deeply with my eyes closed, I relax and remind myself that we have all night. A part of me wants to be in that shower with you. Slipping my soapy hands over your curves. Shit I want you. But I know that you love slow, plus, now so do I.

I return to our room, stoke the fire and open the wine. A knock at the door announce the arrival of the chocolate covered strawberries, your favorite formaggio italiano, Bitto, and the rosemary water crackers you get from the specialty bakery.

I hear the bathroom door open and when I turn I try to breathe normally as my eyes sweep up and down drinking in the ivory silk gown. Delicate black embroidery details the edges of the slit running from the floor to the top of your thigh. I swallow hard. “Wow.” I manage to stammer out.

You smile that 1000 watt smile that always melts me. Biting your lip you walk toward me. “You look beautiful, gorgeous Angel.” You look down. It still breaks my heart to see how hard it is for you to receive compliments. I take my finger and lift your chin. “Look at me.” I command with a smirk.

Repeat after me. “I am a beautiful, sexy and desirable woman.” Holding your chin so you can’t look away I wait. “I am a beautiful, sexy and desirable woman,” you smiled up at me.” “Good girl.” I say pulling you in for a kiss. Your skin is moist and supple under my touch, and I get to touch more. I can’t wait.

I Have Been Aching For This

“Do you want a glass of wine before your massage?” I wondered.

“Massage first, please,” you say flashing knowing eyes filled with flirty intention. Thank god, I thought. My desire is near redlining. “I’ll set up the table,” I say as I lead you to the chair by the fireplace.

I put on the new age music you love and smooth the silk sheets on the massage table. I pick you up and hold you tight before I lay you on the table. You hold my hand and then bring it to your warm lips. Kissing my fingers you say, “Thanks in advance, I have been aching for this. I am so glad you are here. I want you right now.” I reach down and kiss your forehead. “Oh don’t worry, baby, you’ll have me.” You take a breath and close your eyes…..

Stay Tuned For Part 2

So I googled “How To Give An Erotic Massage”……

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By Angel and Isaac

When I googled “How To Give An Erotic Massage.” little did I realize what pleasures were in store…for both of us.  At first I was thinking that it would just be PDF file or maybe a video.  I never imagined I could have an up close and personal lesson like this.  I was mesmerized.  He had started slow and spent a good half hour getting to this point. (See Part 1: I Prefer Older Women)

As I watched Rick, the erotic massage master, touch you my mouth ran dry and my heart pounded. 

I know you were struggling to maintain control by the way your hips were moving as you rearranged yourself to be more accessible to his probing strokes. Rockets of desire ran through me.  I couldn’t help stroke myself in rhythm with Rick stroking you.

I moved my chair closer so I could watch what he was doing that was arousing you so deeply. I licked my lips a few times with a parched tongue. It was harder and harder to watch without having you in my hands and mouth.

I watched as his hands started at the back of your knee and slid up between your thighs, his pinky gently stroking your labia before he slid his hand all the way back down your leg until he reached your ankle. I knew you did not want him to leave your labia. I knew your clitoris was starting to swell and hunger. He switched to the other side after a few minutes, it’s almost more than you can bear. I watched you slide your hand under your body and I knew what you wanted to do.

As if on cue, Rick whispered to you, “Time to turn over, baby.”

Eyes glazed over in desire, you turned over, glanced up to me and mouthed. “Wow.”

I knew you were so turned on that you didn’t care about being naked and exposed anymore. Rick, ever sensitive to his clients needs, placed a lavender scented eye pillow in place and continued his massage.

He slid his hands under your shoulders, and slowly worked the knots and tension you had been holding on to. Then he poured a whisker thin stream of warm oil down your chest, between your breasts, and down over your tummy. The lavender eye pillow was a perfect blindfold and I couldn’t help but wonder what you were experiencing, not knowing when and where the next touch was coming from. My body quivered every time your body got hit with spasm of shivery delight. I swallowed hard. This is so hot.

Your beautiful full nipples were standing hard as you arched your back anticipating his touch, any touch. Finally his oily hands slide down over your breasts. A shock wave of pleasure hit you as you groaned, “Yes, yes…please.”

eroticmassage3As if moving in slow motion, he stroked your body, long smooth strokes starting at your shoulders and slowing as they moved over the outside of each breast, down over your tummy and back up over your breasts again. Your inhibition faded as your hunger intensified and the moans you have been suppressing begin to grow louder.

When he passed over your breasts again, he barely brushed over your straining nipple, just enough to tease. He then rested his hand on your tummy, and walked to your side, and slid his hands down your leg, spreading more oil on your leg. Down to your feet, and back up, over your hips, tummy and right breast, over your shoulder and down your arm. Then back up your arm, over your shoulder and down your chest, tummy, hips and leg.

His movements were slow and deliberate.

The more excited you grew, the slower he went….with torturous stroking so close but never touching clitoris or nipples. Over and again, the strokes in the form of a beautiful figure eight as he pleasured your skin as if it could come on its own. I looked up at his face and saw a look of pure joy. Pleasure, yes, that too, but he was lost in this massage and drawing you to a place I never imagined.

At the end of one rotation he stopped at your foot, and lifted your leg, placing your foot flat on the table, knee bent. He looked at me and beckoned me to the table. He nodded to me and I knew to mimic what I had seen him do. We slid our hands down your thighs in slow rhythmic strokes. Your breath got stuck in your throat the second you realized there were two sets of hands on you. Five quick inhales as you shivered under our touch and let your knees fall away away to our gaze and touch.

Your breathing quickened as you felt our hands sliding up from your ankles to your inner thighs Faster strokes this time, alternating hands with the lightest of touch. As I knew they would, your legs opened wider and your back arched. Rick made eye contact with me once again and indicated I should stroke you as he did. He lifted a finger and I knew I was to watch first. I ached to be touched and was relieved I could grab hold and stroke myself as he gently stroked up your thighs until his thumbs rested on your outer labia.

You bucked your hips pressing into his touch as he simply held you, not moving at all.

With your body moving in a delirious dance of arousal, the pressure he was using as he held you was all you needed. Fuck. I had no idea. He then lifted one hand and nodded that I was to place my hand in the same position. In a quick exchange, I was now holding you as you edged closer to the orgasm we all knew was coming.

Intuitively I pressed my thumbs down and inward toward each other on either side of your clitoris. You choked out a deep moan as I stroked the velvety labia before me. Rick had gone back to work massaging your legs. He lifted your foot to his shoulder and stroked down from your ankle to the top of your thigh.

Then he placed a thumb over your opening, and pressed but did not go inside. As I massaged your labia and clitoris, he simply held pressure there and placed his other hand on your left breast, over your heart and began breathing deeply as if to cue you to do the same.

A nod to me and I knew I was to do the same. I slowed my breath and let my hands simply rest on you. I wish I could tell you how beautiful you were, laying there coming and coming and coming. Your body convulsed and shivers of pure ecstasy rocked you again and again. You moaned, giggled, bit your lip all the signs I knew and loved. Signs that you were completely lost in the pleasure of the moment.

After what seemed nearly an hour, your breathing began to match ours and your shivers slowly subsided. Rick got a heated blanket from beside the massage table and he and I laid it on you as you turned to your side panting. He turned to me and hands in namaste, he nodded once again and left the room. I returned to the side of the massage table, leaned down and kissed you.

You jumped and the lavender eye pillow fell away. Your eyes were shining bright and the biggest shit eating grin I have ever seen lit up your face. “Fuck” you said. “Get your ass up on this table.:

To be continued….(maybe you would like to send me what YOU would like to have happen next. Email me at  I am always looking for fresh talent!)

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Erotic Poetry: On Hands And Knees

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The door swings in the breeze,

And my welcome agrees,

Down on my hands and knees,

Not even wearing a  chemise

Submissive posture does tease,

Body waiting to please,

Sumptuous curves to squeeze,

Such arousal the eye sees,

On plump, pink lips I tweeze,

Shedding those dungarees,

Your rampant manhood frees,

Rough hands wanton hips seize,

Into wet heat does ease,

Ragged breathing does wheeze,

Hard, firm stroke guarantees,

That my lust you’ll soon appease,

As you answer my pleas.

By Anastasia. Visit her at SENSUAL DESIRES

Erotic Fantasy: Halloween Party – Caught Peeking

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Vampire Couple Kiss

By Angel and Greg G.

I felt stupid going to a Halloween party at the last minute.   Why did I say yes?

Swinging by the costume shop I was disappointed by the picked over selection and ended up with a cheap Dracula costume, for God’s sake.  I didn’t even want to go to the party but the thought of going as something as lame as dracula made it all the worse.

When I got to the party I spotted another rather petite Dracula across the room.  From the back I saw the cape with the raised collar and  sexy short blonde bob.  My eyes swept the black caped figure and I could see the soft curves and hints of femininity.  A Lady Dracula?  Hmmm, I felt a wave hit me below the belt.

I followed her out into the garden.  She seemed to be on a mission.  She was hurrying and glancing over her shoulder.  I kept out of sight.  For some reason I didn’t want to be discovered. Hypnotized by the sway of her hips and the curve of her cheek when she turned to peek backward, I sped up to keep her in sight.

“Finally…” I hear a man’s low voice as she rushed into the arms of a figure in a long black hooded cape.

“Did anyone see you?”  I ducked behind the tree as they both turned to look in my direction.

“No.”  She said.  “I miss you so much….” the rest of her words muffled in a kiss.  He wrapped his arms around her and they both disappeared into his cape.  I took advantage and moved as close as I dared.  I heard quiet moans as my mind filled in the details of the motions I saw in the cloak.

Would he be kissing her neck?   Nibbling, licking, exploring her with his mouth?  Maybe his hand was on her hip sliding up so that the edge of his thumb grazed the curve of her breast.  I felt myself stiff and aching to be him.  A throaty giggle exploded from the cape followed by a quick Shhhhh…and then another round of moans.

Mesmerized, I moved even closer…..

The two figures lowered to the ground and the cape slipped giving a peek of  creamy flesh cradled in a red lace bra.  The ache between my legs doubled.  A hand pulled the cape around her body and I had to rely on my imagination again.

I reached into my pants and took out my dick.  It was throbbing with desire.  I stroked in time with the up and down I watched.  My mouth was dry as I imagined sucking those nipples so near and yet so far.  Were they pink, brown, rosey red?  I licked my lips as I thought about how hard and ready she was for his tongue and lips.

“Wait, I have an idea.”  I heard the man’s low growl. “I want to see you in the moonlight.”

“Shit!” I hurried behind the shrubs losing a bit of my hardness for the moment.  Little did I know what I was in for.

“Are you sure there is no one around?”  I heard her say.

“It’s ok baby, nobody is here but us.”

I ducked down as he stood up and spread his cloak on the ground.  He was naked and obviously very aroused. He held her hand and lowered her to the ground.  He had loosened the tie holding her blouse together and her dark nipples stood out in stark contrast to her pale skin.  My hand reached again for the throb between my legs as my hips twitched in a shiver of desire.

I licked my dry lips with a barely damp tongue as he pulled her blouse down to her waist.  He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, gently at first but then they started to nibble. lick..devour each other.  Her hand drifted down his pecs, circling his nipples with her bright red fingernails.

I started to stroke myself, unable to resist the urge screaming for satisfaction.  He left her lips now glistening in the moonlight and began kissing down the side of her face, one hand cupping a breast and the other tracing his finger along her hairline and behind her ear.  She was squirming and squealing quietly as he toyed with her.  “I want to hold your dick.”  I heard her say huskily as she reached down to fulfill her need.

Shit, I couldn’t believe my ears.  My own cock was about to explode.  “I want to…..”

He smiled at her as she cupped his boys in her hand.  “Fuck,”  she said.  “I love how tight you are.”  He reached up and pushed her dress up to her waist.  He slipped her dress down the rest of the way and pulled it off her ankles slowly as she laid bare, completely exposed.

He turned her over and knelt down grabbing her firm beautiful butt. My hands tensed as I squeezed and stroked my hardness. When he gave her butt a quick firm slap I made a groan I couldn’t contain.

They froze and looked around.  Laughing he turned her over again and began kissing her. Trailing his lips down her chest going back nipple to nipple several times before he slipped lower on her belly and approached her mound.  Her body was beautiful in the moonlight.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

As he began to kiss her inner thighs, I could see him use his thumbs and begin to stroke her swollen folds.  I licked my lips again and slowed down my stroking, wanting to stretch this out forever.  I couldn’t see but her labia must be hot and wet by now.  My breath was in my throat and I was doing everything in me to be silent.

I loosened my shorts and adjusted and grabbed my hard dick with my other hand enjoying slowly stroking it while I watched him explored the boundaries of her beautiful folds with his thumb.  I closed my eyes and lost myself in my mind’s eye view of what was going on just feet from me.

A peal of curious laughter made me snap to.  I opened my eyes to see the two lovers looking right at me.  Shamed, I ducked down and lost my enthusiasm instantly.  Fuck.

“No, no.” I heard the young woman call out.  “Don’t feel bad. Come over, join us.”  Like a hypnotized robot not sure what the fuck was going on, I made my way over to them.  He smiled at me as he laid next to her, one hand cupping a breast and one crooked and holding his head up, watching me.

I gently began to kiss her ankles, working my way up her legs. I kissed her all the way up to her waist and began to work my way down her crack. Once I had my mouth on her I plunged my tongue in between her labia. She felt was hot, wet and oh so delicious. I worked my tongue slowly with firm strokes in between quick licks and nibbles.  She tasted so good and I got lost pleasuring her.

She moaned and convulsed as he pinched and tweaked her firm nipples with first his fingers and then his teeth while I sucked her and licked her front to back and back to front.  She opened her legs welcoming me I slowed down and let her release.  I stopped moving and left my mouth on her and held her there.  I could feel her body shivering with orgasm after orgasm.  I looked up and met his eyes.  Glazed over I saw his intense pleasure.  Holding himself and stroking I echoed his motions.

Shivering we all collapsed into a heap of goofy giggling.  “I’m Danny,”  I said unleashing another round of laughter.  “Nice to meet you, Danny.” She said.  He nodded in my direction.  I turned to pick up my clothes and after I slipped on my pants, I turned around.  They were gone.

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“I just prefer older women…” Music to a Cougar’s Ears

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I wish you would.....

I wish you would…..

See part 1:“I just prefer older women.” Are there hotter words? 

By Angel and Burke P

After lunch we left the restaurant holding hands and touching shoulders both still weak with desire from the hanky panky under that white linen table cloth.

It is so exciting being with a younger man and my knees are weak.  I felt drunk without having had a sip of booze at lunch.  My heart pounded in my chest thinking about what would be happening next.

It took me awhile to believe that you were really turned on by me.  I mean I knew you got hard and sex happened but once I really got it…that you loved my body exactly as it is, my attraction and desire for you went through the roof.

I would have never played around in public when I was younger and now?  Now it is so sexy and risky and fucking delicious I can’t stop shivering.

My heart dropped to my knees when we met, little did I know how much fun was ahead.

“Hey.” You say, interrupting my thoughts and kissing the top of my head.  “Hey back.” I sigh tipping my head back to the feeling of your lips on the side of my neck.

I wasn’t paying any attention to where you were taking us.  We stopped at a little shop on Pacific Blvd and you pulled the door open for me to enter.

Seascape Spa and Healing Space welcomed us with a whiff of eucalyptus and peppermint oils. “I booked a couples massage for us,” you said in a low voice your hand on the small of my back sliding down to stroke my ass.

I looked up at you with a question in my eyes.  I only saw one masseur.  “This is Rick.” you say with a definitely naughty twinkle in your eye.

“Right this way.” Rick said with a couple of bathrobes and straw sandals in his arms.  He closed the door behind him so that we could get ready for our massage.  As soon as he was out of sight, you pulled me close and squeezed.

Mmmmmm.  I am in heaven.  I feel your hardness against me and a wave of warmth hits me down below.  “Who will….” my question was muffled by your lips tasting, nibbling and kissing me.  “Trust me.”  I hear you say.  Shivering with desire I let my body rest against you.


Next thing I feel is you picking me up and laying me on the massage table.  As if on cue,  Rick taps on the door, walks into our retreat and dims the lights.

He asks you to open my robe and help me turn over on my belly. I look up to your eyes a bit uneasy getting naked in front of a stranger but you nod that it is ok “I will be here the whole time.”

This is so exciting I am near breathless with anticipation.  “I’ll take care of you.” I hear a soft whisper near my ear.  An involuntary shiver hits me hard.  I let you help me out of my robe and let it slide off.

“Wow!” you say as you drink in my naked self.  “You look fantastic, your body is perfect and you are going to like this.”  Rick is going to teach me some things about your body so I can make you crazy with coming.”

My mouth was dry with anticipation

My mouth was dry with anticipation

Even though a part of me feels uncomfortable being naked in front of two men, I am so curious about what Rick has in mind that I start to feel at ease. “”I am going to sit over here and take notes.” You say with a sly smirk as Rick pours oil into his hands and rubs them together.

Once again, he leans forward and whispers to me, “Relax baby, this is going to be very good.”  I take a deep breath and sink into pleasure as I feel his hands on my back.  He moves to my shoulders, each long slow stroke lulling me into aching desire.

Knowing you are watching as this man strokes my body is mesmerizing.  Knowing that it is you that I wish were touching me and yet being so turned on by a stranger is super hot. Hearing you breathe hard and moan under your breath is driving me wild.

I could feel myself falling into a trance of pleasure as sexual energy pulsed through me.  Struggling to hold still, I look up at you and your mouth is open, your hand stroking your bare cock.  I moan and reach my hand out toward you.  “I’m doing just fine baby, let Rick do his magic.”

Suddenly aware of long lingering strokes reaching ever closer to my labia, I stretch opening my legs a bit so that a happy accident is more likely.  I dream about Rick’s hands, where they are going next.  “Have me” echoes through my mind.

… be continued…..

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VIDEO: How To Make Him Sexually Addicted To You

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You might be a little upset when you first hear Felicity’s story . . . but whenyou hear what she learned from it . . . and how it’s going to change your life forever, you’ll be grinning ear to ear.

The amazing thing is that the “trick” Felicity teaches you works without a guy
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Naughty Texts Turn Me On…How About You?

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Meeting My Cougar in Miami

Meeting My Cougar in Miami


It’s Thursday, my flight is nearing Miami and our evening begins with you meeting me in the lounge of the Marriott. I licked my dry lips and grabbed a hit of my martini.

I had spent the last hour daydreaming about getting you aroused and excited to be with me.  I know you get turned on just thinking about our last time together and I sent a few texts to make sure you remember the details. (Check out: How To Talk Dirty)

I also know that you are at work and that you can sneak peeks at your cell but cannot answer me.  I love teasing you like this.  My heart speeds up and my gut twitches thinking about you reading my words.

I remember the last time, baby

It was hard to keep a straight face with the boss sitting across from me

You looked so fucking hot in that slinky black dress

Bare legs

Black patent leather 4 inch spike heels

I know the boss was jealous

I loved it

My fingers walk up your thigh

You reached for my hand and I knew

You were thinking….not here, not now

I looked right at you and I slide my hand up you leg,

Just under your hemline…

I am rock hard baby

Suddenly the voice of the airline attendant broke through my daydream.  We were landing and it would only be an hour til you were in my arms.  I know that you are on your way because when I turned my phone back on, here is what I read.

You are so naughty.

Pant – pant

Hurry Hurry Baby

I can’t wait to feel your fingers stroking my thighs again

Slowly so slowly reaching for the French silk panties you bought me.

I managed to flag a taxi and reopen my cell phone as fast as I can.  Marriott on the Bay, I tell the driver and then put one hand in my lap and one hand on the phone.  I am throbbing.

You are a wicked little vixen, I text back.

Haha…you love it

I am in the bar.  See you soon.

It seemed like an eternity but at last I arrive at the Marriott.  I send the luggage up to the room and head straight to the bar.  You did not see me coming so I lean in and kiss the back of your neck.  You jump and then lean back into me…relaxing…surrendering to my hands now stroking your back and shoulders.

“I can’t wait to taste you…all of you.” I whisper into your ear.

You turn around and pull me in for a kiss, paying not a bit of attention to the waiters and patrons in the bar.  It is like we are the only ones in the room.

“I missed you so much.”

“Me too baby, me too.”

I throw a twenty on the bar and pull you toward the elevator.  You squeeze my hand and stand up on tip toes to kiss the side of my neck….oh, stubble, you whisper as you open your mouth and taste me.

I am so hard by now I don’t know if we will make it to the room.  The little old couple in the elevator with us have a twinkle in their eye. Our raw passion is very apparent.  It is all I can do to keep my hands off you.

I slide my hand up your leg

On the elevator ride I finally noticed what you are wearing.  My eye wonders top to bottom… a short black backless dress, black stockings, black 3 inch peep toe pumps with bright red toe nails peeking out. Yeow.

The elevator door slid open and the older couple step out.  They were holding hands, maybe we inspired them.  As soon as the doors close we embrace as long lost lovers, we kiss sweetly then deeply, I take your hand and we move to the back  corner of the elevator car.

As we kiss, my hand finds your knee… I slide my hand up your leg, under your hemline…as my fingers climb your thighs,I can’t wait to run my finger along  the soft French silk thong I know you are wearing… I gently stroke the silk, enjoying the sheer touch and the sensation of you becoming aroused.

I slide my hand back down your beautiful body until I can lift your leg to my waist so I can more easily reach your swelling lady bits.  Without actually touching you, I know how wet you are getting anticipating my tongue.

I slide your thong aside and begin to tease and stroke you with my fingers. As I sense your excitement, I slide my hand down the soft skin of your inner thigh. I lick my dry lips wanting to taste you.  I reach across and stop the elevator between floor and gently lay you on the floor.

I move your skirt up and slowly, oh so slowly, pull your thong down so I can give you what you are aching for. I slide one, then two fingers into you… my fingers stroking and probing as I kiss and gently lick your lovely ladybits.  You are so hot, so wet, I am nearly crazed with the smells and tastes.

I love how uninhibited you are

Slowly I lick from bottom to top, swirling my tongue before I circle back and start again.  I know your lovely clitoris is calling for my attention but I purposely stay away from it spending time stroking your sweet folds and teasing you with pleasure.

I love how uninhibited you are. Laying on that elevator floor, legs wrapped around my neck, hips rising and falling as you moan and whimper.  God I love you this way.  I am in total control of your pleasure. Your legs open even more to allow me access.  My tongue darts here and there into and out of the folds and openings.

Writhing in ecstacy your orgasm accelerates and your body shivers in convulsive waves.  “Baby Baby” you cry.  “Yes, yes, yes.”  I slow my motions and you reach for my head pressing me into you.  I let you control the pressure. I want to see how long you fly.

When you finally relax, I lean into you kiss your mouth.  I pull back, pick up your thong and untangle myself from your legs.  I help you up and you smooth your dress and reach up to run your fingers through your short blonde hair. You bite your lip and look up at me.

“Damn.”  you say.  I put my finger on your lips.  “Shh.”  I whisper, I have lots of fun planned for us.  You lift your chin and cuddle into the nook between my shoulder and chin…I wrap my arms around you and push P for Penthouse.

To be continued: Stay tuned….

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A Cougar Fantasy – Can He Be Too Young?

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Please, please don't stop

Please, please don’t stop

By Angel and Joey T.

Read Part 1: Click Here

The next morning as I walked absent-mindedly through my executive area, my assistant grinned as she gave me the morning mail. Before I could figure out what was up I spotted a vase of beautiful summer flowers. I opened the gift card and tried to keep it from Darcy’s view.

“Miss. Angel: Thanks you for welcoming me aboard, Clay”

Inappropriate? Yes. Do I care? No. I liked this kid and I secretly admired his boldness. “Oh, that new vendor is kissing up,” I laughed. “Sure he is.” Darcy chuckled. She knew me well…too well.

Clay was young, impossibly young, and irresistible. I couldn’t take my eyes off those flowers. They were bright and colorful, not a rose in sight. I loved them and I loved thinking about Clay too.

He is too young…What am I thinking?

It was late after a long day of meetings and reports and I was tired. I stretched out my legs and shucked off my heels. I poured a tall glass of red and went out to sit on the deck. At last nothing to do but daydream about Clay. I was so hungry for him I was wet and shivering. He’s too young, an insistent voice came up from inside. What the fuck, another just as insistent part of me spoke up. I laughed out loud. All i wanted was that beautiful man down on the floor rubbing my feet in his lap.

I have been so careful since Danny died. But this is different. My breath speeds up just thinking about him Could I? Should I? He’s too young. Oh well time to get back to work. Reviewing records with a glass of Pinot, my faithful companion.

Now that it was so quiet on my floor, I could hear hammering, drilling and laughter coming from production. I found myself moving toward the elevator instead of my office. I walked in when it opened and my finger hovered over the button but I couldn’t resist pressing it.

I could barely breathe

They elevator door opened onto the lobby and there he was right in front of me shirt open and tan chest and belly in plain view. Are you kidding me. Ok. This isn’t fair. He was taller close up and when he looked down at me my breath caught in my throat. I stammered a “Uh – Hey there”. He laughed and whispered “Miss Angel, You look beautiful tonight.”

I cleared my throat and strangled out a “”What are you holding?” He grinned knowing the effect he was having on me. Clay laughed again and stated he had food for his crew. He asked if I wanted anything, there was plenty. Of course, I said no and thanked him matter of fact for the flowers.

He wouldn’t step out of the way, holding the elevator door open so I had to brush by him, feeling his hard chest against my breasts. As I walked away I didn’t hear the doors close and knew his eyes were on me. I was scared and excited at the same time. Wait a minute why do I care. I should write him up for sexual harassment. I hope I don’t fall on these heels.

As I squeezed by him Clay said, “Miss Angel if you work late tomorrow I would like to show you my work and even spring for a meal” I flushed and responded. “Sure, if I can.” Even from here I could see a most interesting bulge in those tight jeans.

A private celebration for two…

A few very busy and super stressful days of meetings with the investors passed passed with a great outcome. I was very proud of myself and my company. This new level of funding was going to take the pressure off everybody. I was ready to celebrate.

Just then a late afternoon delivery was buzzed into my office. It was another beautiful arrangement of teacup roses: yellow, white and red in a crystal cut vase. There was a note from Clay. I read the note with trembling hands.

Miss Angel: We have finished up the renovations in record time, under budget and very well done. I invite you to inspect my work this evening and have a picnic dinner for two. Clay.

I swallowed at Clay’s boldness but smiled in approval at the same time.  Somehow I knew that Danny would want me to move on. I was so attracted to this man, it was a hell of a week and I wanted to celebrate and the fact was that this hot young guy was attracted to me. Me.

It was already 7pm and time to inspect his work.  I smoothed out my skirt and undid one button of my ivory silk blouse. I couldn’t wait to run my fingers up and down that chest and belly… I went into the bathroom to freshen up and then took the elevator down to Production.

When I got off the elevator, Clay was waiting. He proudly walked me around the newly designed space. It was beautiful! As we walked room to room he came oh so close to me but never touched me. I ached for him to brush his hand on my arm or take my hand. I swear he knew how much I wanted him to touch me. He would lean so close and then pull back away.

My heart was in my throat and my mouth was so dry I hoped he didn’t ask me anything so I would have to talk. All I could think of was his hard muscular arm, bulging shoulder and flat stomach. He smelled rugged but delicious. He must have read my thoughts for he looked at me and grinned.

I am very good with my hands….

Again everything was beautiful from the moldings to the sconces to the the wall fabric to the hardwood floor. I even gasped at his work. Clay mentions he loved paying attention to details and loved working with his hands. a sweet little sexual innuendo I smiled at. He took me to the last room that was lit by candle with soft Island music playing softly. Clay had laid a picnic blanket, throw pillows and a basket on the floor. He helped me to the floor and then sat next to me stretching out his long legs.

Clay poured some Pinot in two stemmed glasses and set a plate with grapes, apple slices and variety of cheese, crackers and chocolates on top of the basket. We raised our glasses and toasted his work, his brown eyes gazing into mine. He had me.

My heart was pounding with desire. It had been so long since I had felt anything like this. He reached over and took my hand. “Darcy told me about Danny.” Clay whispered.

“Damn her.” I said though part of me was relieved. “Shhh” he said placing his finger on my lips. He traced my lips with his thumb. I couldn’t resist, tilted my head back and opened my mouth so he could touch me.

He leaned me back and gently put his lips on mine and lowered me onto one of the silk pillows. I opened my mouth and touched his lips with my tongue. He met me and we explored one another with our lips and tongues. Small moans and cries overcame me, I wanted more and something in me opened wide.

I moaned with desire as he placed his hand on my stomach, slowing moving it to my breast. He cupped my entire breast in one hand squeezing it with desire. I pulled him to my mouth softly biting his tongue and moaned with anticipation.

He rose up with his sweet Southern smile and slowly undid the oyster shell buttons on my blouse. I leaned my head back on the pillow breathing fast and closed my eyes as he popped the front snap on my bra, releasing my breasts into his hands.

Yes, yes, yes…please don’t stop….

He kissed down the side of my cheek to my neck and down my chest slowly, slowly until he finally got to my nipple hard with desire. I arched my back as he sucked my hungry nipple into his mouth biting and licking it, I had my first orgasm in many years.

I cried and laughed at the same time as wave after wave of orgasm rocked me. “Oh Clay” I try to speak. “Shhh,” he said “Shhhh, cruise with it.” I don’t know how long I was there cumming in his arms. He held me until the shivering passed. He pressed his lips into my hair and kissed me softly.


“What about you…” I managed to choke out.

“Shhh,” he said. He just held me pressing his leg in between mine as my body lunged against him in wave after wave of delight. Deeper and deeper the pleasure ran. “Yes, that’s it, baby, yes…” He coaxed and whispered to me as he stroked my back softly.

Sighing with passion I clung to him. “Thank you, thank you,” I cried softly.

“Shhh, shhhhh..” He crooned right next to my ear.

“I just prefer older women.” Are there hotter words?

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I can't wait to taste you...

I can’t wait to taste you…


By Angel and Leo

I can’t get it out of my head, the way you always know what turns me on.

Little did I know that one thing you told me would completely change my approach when it comes to asking for sex.

“I’m psychic!” You teased last time we were together eyes flashing at me with the promise of secrets kept.

You can fucking read my mind and when we are together, you blow me away.

Before we met, I went through the motions of life, never really knowing what I was missing. I have known my share of women and I enjoy sex just as much as the next guy but the truth is sex was pretty routine and I wouldn’t exactly call it fun. I secretly craved a sexually confident older woman.

Driven to find such a woman I drifted from partner to partner. I never gave up believing I could find an older woman who would accept me instead of trying to change me and would enjoy having sex with me. I want to feel so comfortable talking about sex with a woman that we hold nothing back from one another. I want it to be fun, funny and exciting…not just orgasmic. Been there done tons enough of that.

I wanted a woman who would tell me or show me what she needs to make sex fun for her. I want to find the true freedom that comes from being in tune with, knowing and trusting your partner. I want to stroke and pleasure a woman like no man before me. I want her climaxing while I hold her in my arms and press into her exact right pleasure points….

The sound of horn behind me,wakes me from my thoughts and I proceed through the green light, waving an apology to the driver behind me. I heaved a big sigh and gave my stiff self a squeeze as I accelerated.

Then you appear in my life…out of the blue. Life can turn on a dime and it did that weekend when I was doing time at the trade show. Even though you were dressed in company provided khaki pants and a black polo shirt with your company logo on it,I was doing the latest floor cleaning gizmo demos and you were the cable TV sales rep, I still couldn’t take my eyes off you. (For more great sex tips, check this free video)

Now, standing outside of the cafe, I watch you walking up, every bit of 5 foot 2 inches of spitfire in a black leather pencil skirt, a white wife beater with, do my eyes deceive me, red bra straps peeking out for fun. The smile on your face lets me know that you know just how exciting tonight is going to be. As you approach I notice you are wearing the thin, black, lace, collar I sent you. Holding back a grin, I reach for your hand. “You look great, baby.” I say in a low voice as I pull you close to me and kiss the tip of your nose.

You lean your head back, eyes closed, mouth open. I have never had a woman respond to me like this. “Oh baby.” I say again feeling stupid for having such a small vocabulary at the moment. Cherry red lips that I want to taste, your soft pink tongue waiting for my touch. The desires is almost too great to resist, a public display of affection is going to happen here and the thought of it sends a shock wave of electricity up my spine.

My mouth dry and the awkwardness of our current surroundings finally sinking in, I turn you away and arm over your shoulders, guide us into the little Tandoori place across the street. While we’re waiting to order, the heat is rising as our non-verbal conversation sizzles as we play the eyegasm game.

You changed our sexual future when you told me this. I clearly remember you saying. ‘You’re going to have a helluva easier time getting into my panties if you get into my mind first.” I almost choked on my Corona trying to pretend that all women talk to me like this.

Then you told me about eyegasms. Once you explained how hot it was for you to have eye contact while we are thinking sexy thoughts about one another when we are out socially, I never waste an opportunity to play with you that way. You were 100% right. There is something to this eyegasm thing.

It seemed like forever until we are finally seated in our booth. Our wine is chilling in the bucket and the waiter is standing directly behind me asking you about your entree when I scribble the following message on the cocktail napkin. “I can make you convulse in 3 minutes.” You are adorable trying to stay focused on ordering your steak. Gotta love a meat eating girl. I love teasing you like this.

The waiter finally leaves and I put my hand under the table and lift your leg, into my lap. I slip off the 4” stiletto and massage your foot. I know that when I press my thumbs into the center of the sole of your foot and gently stroke outward, first left and right and then up and down, you always get aroused.

Knowing what to expect and enjoying the fact that you are so turned on, I now meet your gaze as you squirm a little bit in your seat with a gasp and a shiver. I hold your calf firmly with one hand and continue to knead the bottom of your foot stroking in a figure 8 with my thumb.

I know exactly when you start to climax. We have an agreement that eyegasms are just that. Feasts of the eyes in the heart of passion and pleasure. Your breath picks up and you bite your lower lip. Every time. Then you stretch your leg toward me so your foot rests on my, by now, rock hard self and let yourself go.

You are a master of the Inner O, that Inner Orgasm that echoes outward in powerful and silent waves. I love being with you and watching you ride the wave in a public place. Your face is beautiful when you cum, eyes closed, lips barely parted and breathing hard, you slip into a pleasure orbit of your own. Once you start to shiver in for a landing, you open your eyes and stretch. Can’t wait to get my mouth on you in the car later, you whisper. “”Oh baby” I say with the two word vocabulary you reduce me to. You are a rock star.

“Your salads.” The waiter announced to which you lose it in a fit of giggles. I laugh too and then so does the waiter, though I am sure he is thoroughly confused. If he only knew.

Damn I’m glad you walked into my life, girl.

Part 2: He wanted to watch….

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I forgot I could feel like this….

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Just what the doctor ordered....

Just what the doctor ordered….

Another magical tale by Angel and Eddie R

We needed this trip….badly. Between selling the house and work I could feel the tension in the both of us. The snapping and snarking was more frequent and I hated us this way.

Cruising the highway to the B&B, I decompressed and found myself day dreaming about the first time we stayed at the old Victorian home. My hand moved from the gear shift in the Mercedes rental to your thigh. Your hand moved onto mine. You smiled and closed your eyes. The sun was on your face and hair. I squeezed your hand. You squeezed back.

By the time we hit the driveway the rain was starting. Light but steady, cooling but not cold. I pulled to a stop and leaned over and watched you. I brushed your hair around your ear and kissed your neck. “We’re here sweetheart,” I whispered before I kissed your beautiful mouth.

You stretched like a cat and turned to hug me.

“Mmmmm…Yay!” You smile back. God. I hadn’t seen this cute you for way too long. I love you like this. I pull you close and bury my face in your hair. “I’ll grab the luggage.” I said. “I’ll meet you in the parlor.”

The warm and inviting B&B is exactly the same as I remembered from the dated furniture in the front room to the squeak in the floorboard as I stepped up to the check in desk. The innkeepers wife pulled you into a giant embrace and said in her heavy italian accent, “I have your room all ready for you. The wine is cooling and there are some snacks ready for you.”

Even though we are enjoying the company of the homeowners we are both eager to get to our room and we are flirting as we talk. Eyegasms you call them…those soulful gazes that I can’t tear my eyes from that tell me exactly how much you want me to please you. You swear that you can cum just looking at me looking at you. Something about this place makes me realize what I, we, have been missing for awhile. Desire, passion, eyegasms.

I can see you glancing over at me.

You know what my look is all about. You look back and instantly we lock eyes. You can feel me even from over here on the other side of the room. My mouth suddenly runs totally dry and my breath is in my throat.

You are visibly moved by my look and the feelings I am projecting toward you. A beautiful flush comes over your face as you keep your eye contact. Knowing that you are cumming over there, watching your chest rise and fall quickly and you biting your lower lip, I am about ready to carry you off right in front of them.

“I think they could feel it” I say to you, as the old italian couple finally left the room. “Feel what?” you answer coyly. I smile at your answer and pull you close. “I miss this part of us.” I whisper. “Me too.” You sigh back.

I fall back on the bed glad to be here and glad to be free from the me back home. “Baby, I’m going to take a shower,” you say. Laying there on the bed, I follow you into the shower in my mind. Soft water on your beautiful naked skin. Lather from the soap on my hands I slowly stroke your body before I turn you toward me and your soft lips….even though I sorely want you in my hands, arms and mouth, I’m going to let you have your time alone. I want you relaxed and I am in no hurry. Now it’s my turn to bite my lip.

Returning to the room, still wet from the shower, your skin sparkles in the candlelight.

The thick white towel wrapped around you starts to slip off. You move toward me and put your hands on my shoulders. The candle light is dancing on your skin. I lean forward and kiss your shoulder, the drops of water taste like honey. I run my tongue on your skin and taste the sweet water. My lips move to your neck never leaving your skin.

I can feel you breathe in deeply as my hands move to your hips. The towel slips away as I move my hands on to your warm behind. I grasp firmly as I kiss behind your ear and you bury your head in my nook. I love that.

Our mouths meet and I feel you let yourself relax under my touch. I pick you up and carry you to the bed. I lay you on your back. “God you are beautiful” I gasp as I see your breasts in the candle light. They are natural and perfect to me. I stretch out next to you and I cup one and kiss the nipple. I can feel it get hard quickly as my tongue swirls and tastes.

“I want your skin.” you manage to squeak out. “I want you naked.”

The last year is gone and the passion stored up is coming out all at once. You slide your hands to my belt and make short work of it. Across the room it goes. The pants and underwear both at the same time. My very apparent excitement shows and you giggle and gasp at the same time.

That delicious and naughty smile that I adore comes across your face and you take your fingers and gently run them the length of my excitement. Again and again. You finally grasp it with your hand and stroke it slowly but not letting me get to close.

My eyes close and my jaw clinches. I can hear the fire crackling and the rain on the roof as I try to control myself focusing on the moment. “Oh baby…I have missed this so much.” I whisper to you. I pull you to me and kiss you, tasting and nibbling on your lips and tongue. You respond like magic to my kisses. You arch your back and your hips rise up to meet my hand. I cant help it any longer and I slide my hand up your thigh reaching for your sweetness. Your legs swing open and a shiver of anticipation hits you.

It is so worth waiting for this moment.

When you are ready, you always let me know. Finally I push my full length into you. Its easy as you are slippery and eager for me to be inside. You moan loudly as the entire length my desire fills you.

I hold your hips and push you up and down on me. “I need you, baby, I need you.” I gasp as the passion-the desire hits me all at once. You sit back a bit and your hands push on my chest. “Oh my god” I say loudly.

“I want you so bad, I need you so bad.” You pant….it comes out mostly in breath not so much in words.

You look into my eyes. And start to move your hips on me back and forth. Grinding me. Taking me. I….can…… barely….. hold…..on. I push down your hips harder. I lean forward and kiss your breast licking and nibbling. We move faster in perfect rhythm. I reach around and massage your gorgeous moving ass, my fingers exploring the most private parts of you as you ride me.

I can tell you are close. moaning, panting, scratching at me. Like an animal. I’m close too. The light on you is glorious and your breasts move up and down. I cant hold it anymore. At last orgasm overtakes you. Powerful and gripping. Your hands pound on my chest and grip my muscles as the waves hit you. I love watching you cum.

 “Now baby, now. I love how hard you are.”

That is my trigger and I push you down hard on me and go off like an explosion. It tingles through my spine, an orgasm like none before. I can’t stop thrusting as I feel you cum again this time staring into my eyes. “I love you.” you whisper. “I love you so much.”

You fall on me completely spent. Your weight on me feels spectacular. Warm and soft, I embrace you and hold you tight. Our bodies now relaxed and I stroke your hair as you fall asleep on my chest. “I love you too, baby.” I say back softly. I start to let my mind drift.

This is how it was.  This is what I want.  All I can think about is how much I loved you then and how much I want that now. Holding you close and feeling your breathing start to slow and fall into rhythm, I know what I need to do next.  “I love you, Baby,” I whisper as I squeeze my arms around you a little tighter.  Spooning you we both find easy sleep.

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Erotic Poetry: Eyes Closed

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Yes Please....

Yes Please….

Eyes Closed

by Top Jock Eddie R. and Angel


Eyes closed

Soft darkness surrounds you

Quiet breath on your skin

Warm and cool excitement


“Keep them closed” I lean in and whisper

The moment is ours

Waiting for the next touch

Only sound wraps around you


Electric touch glides on your body

Cool fingers explore your warm skin

Eyes closed

You arch your back longing with desire


The fingers become a hand

slowly, slowly

Not a sound from your lover

Lips on your neck savoring your taste


A master never touching too hard, too soft.

Please, please

everything building in you

So little gives you so much


Imagination building the fantasy

Hands and fingers painting the picture

Mouth open and seeking

Eyes closed


Lips to lips

Tongue to tongue

Breathing in the smell and taste of each other

Arms entangling, hearts beat rapidly


The lovers echo on and on

Eyes open.

To see their thirst being quenched

Diving deep into each others eyes.

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Announcing New TOP JOCK…Congrats, Eddie!

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What makes a Hot Top Jock?

Top Jocks are the men who can bring a woman to levels of pleasure that she only dreamed of in real life, crafting fantasies that quench a deep thirst to be teased and pleased.

Top Jocks are experts at the fine art of captivating the minds and bodies of women lonely and craving attention from men.  I am thrilled to introduce you to Eddie R.

Eddie R. is Angel’s first Top Jock. Known for his descriptive genius, Eddie can take a woman to the heights of ecstasy with fun and exotic stories.  What makes him a Top Jock is his passion for pleasuring a woman and his class and style and his popularity among my readers.

Congratulations Eddie, we love you!

A Word From Eddie:

Everything comes into play in good erotica.  The sounds, the smells, the way the light plays on the skin, the way the breeze runs through her hair…all these things are erotic, sensual and romantic. The moment is what makes these things work together. Most men miss this and just look for the sex.  (I told you that you would love Eddie)

I’ve been writing since I was a kid and prefer romantic poetry but the erotic stories are very fun to write too. I love teasing with words and painting a picture in the mind of the reader. The brain for women is the largest sex organ after all.

I am a west coast boy, raised as an only child by my mom. My dad was a musician on the road constantly, a lost and hungry soul who eventually succumbed to lung cancer. I always thought he was too young.

I suppose because of being raised by a woman alone, I have a soft spot in my heart for women in trouble. If there is a beautiful woman broken and on the mend, like a White Knight I would swoop to her aid and get hurt and used by women who had also been hurt and used.

Rethinking life as a White Knight, I have been single for awhile and began writing erotica to learn what makes women tick.  I found that writing deep romantic and sexually charged stories in exotic settings not only excited lady readers, it also turned me on…nice fringe benefit.

I am lucky enough to be well traveled, highly educated and successful in business endeavors.  I love to include my many experiences in my erotica.  I hope you enjoy. Check out this hot little number: I forgot I could feel like this…

I met Eddie at Ashley Madison.

“Girl, You Gotta Get Laid!”

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Yes, Yes, Yes!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

I laughed as my assistant gave me her advice for the weekend.

Working too hard, not playing enough and I was spent.  My friend with benefits had been out of town for a few weeks and I was being a royal bitch.  I could hear myself at work and I was appalled.

As much as I used to hate hearing that kind of talk years ago, I get it now.  Sometimes you DO have to get laid.

When you get great sex, you get straightened out right quick…as they say in the south.  I swear orgasm is a fountain of youth.  I feel like a new woman every time and a friend with benefits is exactly right for me at this time.

We are great sex partners and can pleasure each other like nobody’s business.  Then we go live our lives til next time.  No strings.  No drama.  No one sharing my space.  And great, sex. (See What Men Secretly Want)

So last night we met in San Clemente for dinner.  We ate out on the pier and touched each other under the table cloth.  I love to turn on in public trying to act as if nothing is happening when everything is happening.

After dinner we walked back to the ocean front hotel and snuggled on the couch watching the world cup highlights. He let his arm rest on my leg so that his hand was resting on my thigh, my turn on simmering close to the edge.

“Remember our first night together?”

I shivered and gasped feeling his breath right next to my ear.

“Remember how I stroked and cuddled you?”

“Remember how I touched you here” and laid his fingertips against the crotch of my silk pajama bottoms. I was sitting right next to him on the couch, Indian style with a leg laying on his lap. I shivered and a small sound escaped my lips.

Moving his fingers so slowly…so deliciously over the now moistening silk I shivered at his touch, my legs falling open ready for more.  It had been a long time this time.  Longer than ever before and I was so hungry to feel like this.

eroticmassage3Fantasy is great and I love it but there is nothing like skin to skin or skin to silk to unlock the full force and flow of my turn on.  He pulled my leg closer to his chest and used his other hand to massage the bottom of my foot.  I held on to his arm and ran my teeth over his bicep. In response to my squirm he flexed into my grip.

On and on gentle stroking, probing so soft and slow.  Fuck, kill me now. Breathing hard and stretching toward his hand I whimpered like a kitten.  Yes, please, please yes….

Breathless and powerless to reciprocate no matter how much I wanted to, my head fell back as he slipped his fingers under the waistband and moved slowly down my belly.  My legs swung open willingly and widely as my body quivered in anticipation.

Once he was touching me I was wet and so ready for him.  “Just like the first time” he whispered.  “Oh baby…..”

He turned toward me and began to kiss my hair and then my cheek.  I wanted to kiss him so badly…I love how he tastes and how he teases with his teeth and tongue.  My head tipped back and I opened my lips and there he is matching me breath for breath.

He plays me like an instrument and holds me at peaks of pleasure. “ Wait” I say, “let me catch my breath.

His hand on my lower belly made the turn on echo on and on.

Finally, I collapsed against his back arms wrapped around him.  “Baby baby you know what I need,” I whispered panting.

He wrapped his arms around me. Holding me tight and kissing the side of my head, I felt my body slowly relax and finish off with shivers of pure pleasure.

“Mmmmm, yummy…you are so fun. I love sharing my turn on with you” I whispered against his chest.

“So are you, darlin’, so are you,” he said glancing at the black bag hanging on the door….

“You ain’t seen nothing yet….” He thought to himself letting her recover in his arms…..

You will find this is a great story starter for a fantasy date. This provides your lady with a gentle turn on and hopefully the desire to be in this story herself…..

Want more story ideas for your lady? Write and let me know:



Naughty, Nice and Not in Kansas Anymore

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Rear view of woman walking towards pilot and stewardesses agains

The text alert chimed in my purse.

“Pack your bags”

I hadn’t heard from him for 23 days….but who’s counting.

His job has him on the road most of the time and I’m running a company of my own so our arrangement works out just right for both of us.

“What are you thinking, I can’t just pick up and go.” I texted back.

He is my guilty pleasure and I drop everything when he is in town. He is the most skilled lover I have had and I can’t wait to be nibbled, fondled and cuddled right into heaven. And while a part of me HATES not having him available to me, another part is super turned on by the long time between hot sexy dates. But pack my bags?

“I have to be in Paris on Tuesday and I want you with me.”

My mind snapped into hyperdrive…how can I make this happen. My assistant Darcy has been cheering me on for months. I never thought that I would be happy in a NSA (No Strings Attached) purely sexual relationship. But I am and I love it.

“You naughty man…how you tempt me….” I typed quickly.

I switched screens on my iPad and pulled up my calendar.

“Oh….I plan on lots of naughtiness…..”

A shiver ran up my back and I felt myself melt between my legs. I couldn’t wait to be with him for more than a day at a time. Would we get tired of sex? I don’t think so. We make out for hours at a time. I cum just thinking about him.

“When?” I fire back.


“Like in tomorrow Tuesday?”

“Yep. I said, pack your bags…”

“Holy shit….I’m in.”I text quickly and then fly off the couch, grab my laptop and start canceling meetings and rearranging my schedule.

A rush of passion surges through me as I accept the risk I am taking.

My heart pounds thinking about being with him, tasting him, kissing him, touching him, taking him in every way.

It’s just sex and that will never work, the experts say. Nothing of value can be built from a no strings attached sexual relationship, the wise ones of the world preach in loveless marriages and sexless lives.

I am having sex. I am having the best sex of my life and if my sex buddy wants to take me to France to play out the fantasy, I am all in.

My heart is in my throat as I pack a few things in a small bag. I always travel light and I don’t think I will be wearing a lot of clothes.

Skinny jeans and a couple of tees, gold strappy sandals and a pair of white sneakers and a super sheer and beautiful summer sundress that falls off one shoulder. My bikini, the exotic massage oil he had brought from Thailand and my passport.

I called a cab and was on my way.  All I could think about was him and every time I did, my lower belly tightened up and warm moistness gathered below. I kept imagining him holding me, stroking me, kissing and nibbling on my shoulder, my neck and I can’t wait.

I can’t help but wonder if he gets hard thinking of me the way I get wet thinking of him. I am trembling thinking of the naughtiness that awaits…..

PS We had to take different flights so we couldn’t be together til we got to Paris.  We had some great chat sex though…check it out:  Rendevous: Sexting at 40,000 ft



I never saw myself as a Cougar, until….

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Hammer And Tape Measure Sticking Out Of PocketWalking through production I realized that I hadn’t seen him before.

Using a power saw he was not aware that I was standing there and I spent a few minutes soaking it in.

Tight tee shirt and baggy jeans with his baseball cap turned backward, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. His biceps made the sleeves of his shirt stretch and the shine of sweat on his arms made me catch my breath.

I turned and left before he noticed me and went into the floor manager’s office.

“Who’s that guy working on the remodel?” I said with faked indifference.

“That’s Clay. He is going to be here for a few weeks demolishing the old offices and roughing in the new. He is a fine looking man.” Darcy said with a wink. The girls at the office were always trying to get me to go out and try to meet someone.

“Never date a guy at work…always makes for drama and besides he has to be 20 years younger than me!” I laughed. I couldn’t deny the shot of electricity that I felt when I watched him working. I hadn’t felt a spark like that since Danny had died. I wasn’t sure I ever would.

“Send Clay in to see me before the end of the day.” I emailed to Darcy. Not sure why or what in the world I would say, I felt my heart beat faster. I wanted to meet him and I am the owner of the company after all.

“You wanted to see me, Ma’am?” He said in a soft Southern accent.

“Yes, Clay. I couldn’t help but notice you and wanted to welcome you to the office.” I said trying to ignore my body’s insistence that I be with this man.

“I knew the building’s owner wanted to get started on the remodel but I wasn’t expecting it so soon.” I said.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am, most of my work will be at night when everyone has left. I won’t be disturbing your work day.” He answered meeting my gaze. I knew he knew. His brown eyes were magnetic and I couldn’t look away.

“I’m sure you won’t. Thanks for working around us. I work late sometimes but don’t worry about that, I’ll stay out of your way.” I smiled.

“I hope not.” He whispered.

My heart skipped a beat.

“Is that all, Ma’am.” he drawled.

“No, there is one more thing. You don’t have to call me Ma’am. My name is Angel.”

“Well, Miss Angel,” I am pleased to meet you. He reached out and shook my hand, keeping it just a moment longer than necessary.

“Me too,” I replied, taking my hand back and reaching for my purse. “I have a meeting to get to so I will let you go. Nice to have you on board.”

He turned to walk away and I found myself watching him, thinking about how he would look wearing a tee shirt and nothing else. What was wrong with me. He is way too young. But those shoulders, that small waist and the butt barely visible in the baggy jeans.

It’s a lightning strike alright.

To read part 2 Click Here:  A Cougar Fantasy – Can He Be TOO Young?

Please Don’t Stop……

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God you are good.....

God you are good…..

Because he is on the road most of the year, I only see him in person every few weeks.

When he first suggested Cyber Sex for the between times, I wasn’t convinced.  Needless to say, he changed my mind.

Here is what happened last night…when we were thousands of miles apart.

Phone Chimes:  Incoming Text….

Me:  Hey baby…

He:  Hey you….

Me: I am so hungry for you.  I hate not being able to have you when I want…whenever I want you.

He:  I want you to miss me.

Me:  Why…

He: Tell me what you want.

Me: I want to kiss you.  I want to be kissed by you.  I love your mouth. I love how you bite me and nibble on me and I love how turned on I am when I am with you.  The second I finally see you, I melt.

If I were there right now, what would you want me to do.

I want you to come up from behind and kiss the back of my neck.   I want you to snuggle in from behind and breathe on my skin.  I want to feel you taste me and I want to feel your hands on my shoulders as my head drops  back in pure shivery pleasure.

What next?

Please kiss down the length of my spine….I want you so much my body swings in rhythm to the music. I ache to climax.

What do you want?

My thighs…please….my thighs. My breath catches in my throat….. I want you please…

Tell me.


I want to hear it…tell me what you want

I want you to kiss me and touch me … you know what I want.

Tell me….

You wicked man…I want you to lick me, kiss me here bringing your hand up my thigh.

Like this?

My breath is so fast please yes please more.  You are so good. Waves of pleasure roll over and through me. Climax like a body dance of ecstasy yes…yes…. yes….please don’t stop….. Yummy….thank you baby….

You don’t need to thank me, darlin.  It is my pleasure…let me just hold you, I know you are not done yet.

Shivering, panting cumming and cumming…I want to taste you. I slip my hands under your t shirt and find your pecs so hard under my hands. I kiss and taste and lick my way down your chest and belly…swirling, kissing, tasting…I love how you taste. Mmmmm…..

You are throbbing and your hand is in my hair, fingers wrapped and holding tight, you direct me to exactly where you need me to be.  I open my warm mouth and take you in…tongue wrapping you in waves of excitement. I run my teeth lightly down the length of you and use my lips to caress and stroke your stiffness.

My hands coast up the sides of your thighs and closer to your cock, pulsating with desire. My moist lips around and down my tongue savoring the ridges and skin folds.  I hear you moan with delight and that turns me on so much.

Angel you say, Angel, Angel…Oh my god Angel. Suck me hard you say suck me hard.

I slide up and down and suck with desire.  I love how you taste… how your feel.  Baby sweet baby…cum for me.  I taste it, that flavor that tells me you are almost there.  You move slowly, firmly and meet my rhythm.

Then I feel you release sweet release as I hold you and ride along.

Me:  You are so fun.

He:  You too.  Can I just hold you for awhile?

Me:  K.  Sexual energy still flowing, mmmmm.

He:  Really?

Me:  Yep.  Look what you do to me….

VIDEO: Watch an orgasm with no physical touch….Hot! Hot! Hot!

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This is exactly what has been happening to me.  I am alone, except for my cyber sex buddy du jour, but I know what she is feeling.   I love watching as the woman in pink “moves” the energy along.

In my fantasies, my imagination moves the energy through me and I cum from head to toe.  Longest one so far is almost an hour.  This is definitely NOT the kind of sex my mom explained to me in “The Talk” years ago.

Gentlemen, your cyber story telling bring this to the ladies you entertain, if you know what she likes and you can read her pace….this is the pure pleasure your texting brings her.

Hooray for solo sex and hooray for fabulous men who play along!

Sex Buddy Report Card

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So….is it possible?

Can you have a purely sexual relationship and not long for more?  In the search for ultimate pleasure, do conventional relationship rules apply?  Here’s what is going on with me.

Portrait Elegant Young WomanI am having the best sex of my life.  A 36 year old cyber buddy asked me if it is true that women in their 60s have a higher sex drive than women decades younger.  As I told him, I can only speak for myself but yes, I am having the best sex of my life.  So all in all, I would have to give my sexual satisfaction an A+.

Since adding cyber sex to the mix, I have orgasms that last for forty five minutes.  I never expected this.   My ex had no sexual appetite and I had adjusted myself accordingly.  I am a one man woman…a serial monogamist and cheating never crossed my mind.  I had solo sex all the way along with erotica and a great vibrator.

Little did I know how much my life would change once reawakened and sexually active again.

After I left my husband, very young men began to appear on the scene.  Once I got a taste of what it is like to have a man turned on by the thought of me, my self confidence went through the roof.

Now I get why Madonna, Cher, Jennifer Lopez and now Heidi Klum love younger guys so much.  It is like a fountain of youth.  I feel younger than ever and life is changing.

I began writing again after a long hiatus.  I found myself a great new job.  I am leaving my current job with my head held high and a great relationship with my boss.

I think that the fountain of inner energy that is available because of my sex life is more tangible to me because I went without it for such a long time.

So that is why I give my sex life an amazing A+.  Do you hear a but coming?  Well, there is one.  I have a sex buddy who knows how to touch me and coax deep soul satisfying orgasm out of me.  Yummy.

The problem is, he travels.  I only see him about every other month.


If I moon over him and obsess about the when, where and how of our next encounter, it sucks.  All I can think of is how much I want to be with him again.  To feel his mouth on me.  Nipping, licking and kissing me… making me quake inside.  Of course I long to feel him touching and stroking me.  Duh.

That’s where cyber sex comes in.  I have two or three men that spend time with me and are eager to please.  The attraction is mutual and I enjoy learning what it takes to bring them the satisfaction they are bringing me.

What is happening for me is deep and crazy good orgasm without emotional attachment.  My body is now responsive to the quietest of touch and can be sent into waves of pleasure that last 30 to 45 minutes.  I am not kidding.

Here is what I think is going on.

It is hard for me to let my guard down when I am with a man.

But when I am alone, my body can fully relax and when that happens, orgasm happens all by itself.  Cyber buddies who text along…narrating the blow by blow, so to speak bring peak experiences again and again.

I am going to start seeing other men in the real world too.  Yes, I am a serial monogamist or so I thought.  Now, I am going to say yes when asked out and see what unfolds.

The beauty of solo sex with a cyber buddy is that it builds a sustained sexual energy which makes me more self confident and sure of myself when I am with real time men.

Because I am not sexually starving, I am much better at keeping my head screwed on straight when chemistry strikes.

Ultimately, all sex is solo sex.  Full and ecstatic orgasms are essentially self centered.  All awareness falls away as the body vibrates to a deep inner rhythm that pulsates pleasure upon pleasure.

Even with the love of your life, if you get to that peak place of pleasure, it doesn’t matter if he is there or not.  Having a fantasy partner will never be as hot as skin on skin, mouth on delicious mouth sex play.

But, a talented text partner, the right vibrator and a safe place to play make for a great evenings entertainment.  Solo sex is the safest sex out there and technology brings unlimited possibilities right to your phone or laptop.  What are you waiting for?

Dear Fantasy Lover….

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Yes please.

Yes please.

I still tremble at the thought of the orgasms from last time.  Like echoes, tender aftershocks of pleasure are right here…now.

I want to be kissed like that again. I want you to nibble on my lips and explore me with your tongue. As a matter of fact, I want you to explore more of me with your tongue. I want to feel kissed up and down my spine.

I want to feel your tongue on the bottom of my foot. I want to feel my toe in your mouth and I promise I will cum when you suck and nibble on me.

I want to tease and please you. I want you naked. I want to taste you in every way. I love exploring your body with my tongue. I love your stubble. I love when you tremble and moan under my spell.

I want to feel your strong arms around me and your hands on my skin. I want to lay down next to you and feel your body wind itself around me. I want your legs around me. I want to press my body against yours and lose myself in how good it feels.

I know how fucking fun it will be next time we are together. We have no obligation to each other, no promises, no broken promises.

I am having the best sex of my life and most of it is without you. I have fantastic cyber sex texting with men and pretending they are you. I think of being with you while in the tub and you are there, looking into my eyes, massaging my foot resting between your legs.

Even writing about it makes my body respond as if you are here touching me right now and that is super exciting.

The more I get, the more I want. I can’t wait til next time. I tremble at the thought of our next fantasy date.

Shivering in anticipation,

Wanna go somewhere and makeout?

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Hugging me tightly and nuzzling the back of my neck, I found it hard to catch my breath.

Yes please, I whispered.

Laughing, he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the car. Wanna drive I said, sure he said. I love how he slides his hand along my thigh and not having to concentrate on my driving. Where are we going? I asked. I know a park near by where we can park. He grinned.

Trembling with Anticipation

Trembling with Anticipation

Something inside me is doing cartwheels. When I was 17 and parked to makeout, I was so terrified my dad would find out and shoot the poor boy before beating me black and blue with his belt, I could barely get my mouth open.

I was woefully inexperienced when I married the first time and had no idea that orgasm was such a multi-faceted experience. Now, when this much younger man touches me a certain way, my body rides waves of sexual pleasure all of it orgasmic.  Each time more exciting than the last.

He genuinely enjoys my pleasure and inexplicably, I am at ease and uninhibited when I am with him.

What I love is that he is able to bring all of this bliss to me while fully clothed in the back seat of a late model mustang convertible.

Kissing is delicious and playful. Exploring each other, nipping at lips and kissing eyelids. Hands running up and down my body, occasionally a finger winds its way around my body barely inside the waistband of my jeans.

He holds me tight while one hand goes up my back underneath my sweater. His hand on my skin is breathtaking. I love being so turned on. It has been such a long time since anyone has touched me like this and I am loving it.

Sighing with delight I arch my back and lift my arms and chin. He swoops in and kisses my throat circling back to my ear. Sucking my earlobe into his warm mouth I can’t help but squeal with delight. A cute quiet little squeal, but a squeal just the same.

My legs open easily as he moves his hand higher up my leg and teases with ever lighter touches. Reading my mind he begins to stroke between my legs with just the right pressure. With absolutely no resistance I allow myself to stay right with the pleasure with abandon.

He cheers me on, tells me how beautiful I am when I respond to him like that. He is very good and his touch sends me into orgasm after orgasm. All this with my clothes on. In the car. This is pure pleasure. Two consenting cuddlers, right?

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Have you ever had a sex buddy?

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Passionate sensual attractive young couple in love, man caressesIs there a difference between a lover and a sex buddy?

I am watching Days of our Lives and Rafe and Jordan are having sex.  Soft sexy music plays while they slowly take each other’s clothes off and kiss softly without a lot of tongue.

 Luxuriating in each others arms they are freely and openly making out.  And we sappy females love it.

Why should TV characters have better sex than we do?  I know it is fiction.  But is it fair that we can never achieve the sexual freedom and release that our characters do?  It doesn’t matter if it is TV, movies or books like 50 Shades of Grey, don’t you secretly wish you had sex like they did?

There is a man in my life, a much younger man, who is hot for me.  Me.  He is not a forever kind of guy.  He’s a bit of a gypsy.  But for right now…He is Mr. Right.  The chemistry is so potent that he can be miles away and I can still feel him touching me.

Thirty years ago I would be thinking…I want to marry this man.

Today, at 61, I am just enjoying him.  Enjoying how I feel because of his attention.  Enjoying him touching my body.  Enjoying how he calls my name while we are making out.  You see, like Rafe and Jordan and the rest of the love making couples we see on daily TV, it is hot hot hot to make out.

I am not ready to have sex with a man yet.  I am still licking my wounds from a failed former relationship and I don’t want to be in love right now.

But in a crazy twist of delicious fate, along comes Mr. Why Not.  Young and attractive with broad shoulders,  sapphire blue eyes and coal black hair… oozing sexual energy.

Over the years, I depended on solo sex to satisfy myself and learned how I like to climax.  With the right audio or video to tease and great toys, finding orgasm is not hard for me.  In fact, multiple orgasms are the rule.  While much of my life has been a challenge, being sexual has actually flourished.


There is nothing like the feeling you get when the right man wants to be with you.

It began with hugs that made me melt into him.  I couldn’t help myself.  I felt safe in his arms.  We are doing a lot of making out…I am in no hurry and he is eager to please.  You can have a hell of a lot of fun with your clothes on.  You should try it.

I find myself picking things to wear for how they will feel when he is running his hands down my body.  We don’t have that much time together which makes things even sweeter.  The anticipation of next time makes my heart race.

So which is he…a lover or a sex buddy?

More importantly…does it really matter?  Well, here’s the thing.

I am having better sex and definitely more fun when I am having sex (in the makeout stage, I had a delicious and long lasting orgasm just from kissing and being massaged and stroked with my clothes on).

Do I want to be naked with this man?

Yes.  But I am consciously choosing to steer my newly awakened sexual self Flirty and Playful Texts are Irresistibleinto my writing and I belong to an adult chat site where I practice super safe sex with flirty and very skilled cyber lovers in text conversations.  Quite entertaining and as turned on as I am, very fulfilling.

I love feeling like this.  I don’t want to fall in love with Mr. Why Not.  He is not promising anything.  We barely know each other.  The sex is fantastic and I am having lots of fun.  Sounds like a sex buddy to me.  Once upon a time, my belief system would have never allowed me to be this uninhibited and open with a man.

What do you think?  Have you had a sex buddy?  How did it work out for you?

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