How To Escalate A Text Conversation And Turn Her On

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Please tease me!

Please tease me!

I love seduction.  I can tell you that nothing feels hotter than slow steady escalation from a knowing man. Even if that man is over 7000 miles away, I can feel it and I love it.

How to warm up a new potential play mate

You would never start up a hot Ferrari 488GTB in fourth gear would you?  Of course not.  Women are exactly the same.  You have to start out with a cold engine and warm her up correctly.  You can’t accelerate if the engine is not started.

Here is a part of an email I recently received from a young cub who wants to know how to ignite passion in a new potential play mate.

Dear Angel,

The women I meet in the chat rooms always ask how old I am and then when I tell them, they tell me I am too young.  How can I get them to give me a chance?

Frustrated in Dublin

Women crave a man who knows how to warm her up 

Hi Frustrated,

I know what you mean. Some women over 50 find the idea of sex, even cyber sex or intimate chats with a much younger man uncomfortable.  They will shut you down fast.

Ladies need to feel safe and comfortable to be flirty with you in chat.  Even on a sex chat site, women will need to be warmed up before they will want to text with you.  In fact, women crave a man who knows how to warm her up properly.

Pay attention to what she is telling you

Are you one of those rare guys who really does get off when his woman is lost in orgasm?  It doesn’t matter how old you are.  I would ignore the question about your age and ask her something about herself.

A good place to start is:

Have you been on this site for long?

It’s a little awkward at first, don’t you think?

How did you find the site?

What are you looking for here?

Once you have a conversation going, pay attention to what she is telling you.  Women love chat.  She will reveal details about herself as she gets comfortable.

Ask questions about what she tells you.   If she says something about work, ask about that.  If she says anything about her ex, ask questions about that.  Follow her lead.  Get to know her.

Whatever you do, don’t say anything sexual at all.

I can’t tell you how important this is.  I guarantee you that the woman you are chatting with has been FLOODED with lewd and crude advances.  When you are into HER and not her body, you will stand out from the crowd in a big way!!!

Once she starts to trust that you are not a vagina vagabond out for a quick one time screw, she will open to you.

If she is interested in a one night stand, she will get sexual with you in the text.  Your desire to please her, boiling behind the scenes will have its chance.  But you MUST wait for her to be sexy flirty first.  Then you can play.

Slowly, ever so slowly, escalate

The main thing is, just like in real life dating, you have to find the switch to sexual tension and slowly, ever so slowly, escalate.  Your pace determines everything.  If you go too fast, you will put out the flame you’ve been building.

Like I said, there is nothing hotter than being led by a man who knows how to control the sexual tension.  I love it and so do the women I know.  It is intoxicating.

If you are not sure how to tell if there is sexual tension in a cyber chat, write to me and I will post more about it.  It is the secret sauce!  Once you know how to create and turn up the heat, women won’t care how old you are!

Learning to text to create sexual tension is easy when you are taught the right way.  I recommend David Wygant.  He is a master.  Check it out:




Finding a Cougar: Making a Cyber Sex Connection With A Willing Older Woman

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His Story

Written by Angel and Jake (my newest writer….love him!):

We had been talking on-line for what seemed to be ages, but in reality was on-and-off for about 6 months. Even though we both lived in the midwest with complicated lives, it was hard to think we’d ever meet in real time. We fantasized about it in our some of our sexiest chats, but our schedules never seemed to match up.

The texts got hotter and hotter

Cyber is Safer

Cyber is Safer

She was in her late 30s with a couple kids, and I was in my senior year of college. I was immediately drawn to her when I first saw her selfie. Even though she was 36, she had a body that 26 year old women would be jealous of.

Our chats were innocent at first, mostly late at night after she had put her kids to bed. Slowly, as we felt each other out, the texts got hotter and hotter. With her work responsibilities, as well as being a single mother, she had no time for dating. More importantly, she told me over and over how she wasn’t ready for a “real” relationship.

I kept reassuring her that we could be great sex buddies without falling for each other. Being a horny college student, I was happy to help her have fun and I didn’t want a relationship either.

Eventually we were exchanging messages everyday, and the desire to get my hands and my mouth on that body was at fever pitch. She had promised that if I was patient, it would happen. We always had great sex during our chats so I was ok to wait…well relatively ok.

Meet me at the half way point

When she finally messaged me to let me know her ex-husband was taking the kids for the weekend, and she had some free time, I told her to pack her suitcase and meet me at the half way point we had planned on. (Click Here: Pick Your Cougar)

We decided to meet at a restaurant around happy hour to ease a little of the pressure. What if she was disappointed in me?

The 60-minute drive to the restaurant seemed to take forever, the Friday afternoon traffic seeming to be even heavier than normal. My thoughts started running to who would get their first? How long would it take one of us to spot the other? How should I greet her? I don’t know if I have ever been more nervous in my life.  Would there be chemistry between us in real time?

A pencil skirt and a pair of high heels

With it being Friday evening, the restaurant had a bit of a wait and the line was spilling outside. While that could’ve put a damper on the evening it actually made it very easy to spot her.  Sitting by herself on a bench by the door, legs crossed at the ankle, she was gorgeous.

As soon as I spotted her, she looked up from her phone and our eyes met. I could feel my smile forming as soon as I saw hers do the same.

She slowly rose from the bench to greet me with beautiful big green eyes that weakened my knees. She stepped toward me and I moved in for a warm embrace. I could tell she had just come from her office job as she was dressed in a pencil skirt and a pair of high heels. It was a nice summer evening and the wind was blowing just hard enough to lightly rustle her short blonde bob.

There’s no hurry, baby

Despite my nervousness heading to the restaurant, she was so easy to be with that I settled down right away. Eventually we were seated at our booth, and as soon as we sat down I reached over and took her hand. I could tell she was a little nervous too and it felt good to reassure her.

I called the waiter over and ordered us a bottle of wine.

“There’s no hurry baby,” I said to her softly. “Let’s take it slow and just get to know each other.”

“Thanks,” she said taking a deep breath. I looked into her green eyes and saw a shy, vulnerable woman. Shocked, as I thought she would be smoking hot for me right away, I wanted to get to know this woman who appeared before me.

The waiter poured our wine and slowly we both relaxed as we got to know each other. Soon we were laughing and the flirty innuendos that were so natural in text began to pop into our conversation.

For Her Story click here:  I Never Intended To Be A Cougar

Click here for part 2…. The Heat Goes On

Hey Ladies, Try Dating Younger, click here: Younger is Fun

[Cougar Erotica] Naughty Chef and Sexy Flight Attendant Turn Up The Heat

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Guess what is for dessert?

In this fabulous collaboration, The Chef and His Angel take a Journey of Sensual Delights in a unique “HIS” and “HERS” format.

This is one of the Date Night Cyber Story Starters I wrote about.  This is excellent for cyber where you can send a copy of this story and ask a lady if she would like to play in this scene with you.

You might also be surprised at how well this can work to get you some more action between the sheets at home.  We women love romance novels and if you play your cards right, you can make us feel like you are creating a romance story just for us!!

By Angel and Chef John Pablo


Heaving a big sigh, Angel tossed her carry-on toward the bed and caught a look of herself in the mirror. “I guess it’s called The Windy City for a reason,” she thought running her fingers through her short blond hair.

She just wanted to see if he smelled as great as he looked.

The divorce had been ugly. Her much older ex had been a mean SOB and she felt beat up, inside and out. Attorneys had taken their toll and she was just getting her feet back on the ground. After a year on the road, or better in the air, as a flight attendant, she was tougher, stronger and happier than she had been in a very long time.

Tonight a dinner date with 4A. She noticed him right away. Tall with a head of wavy brown hair and intense hazel eyes, his smile was contagious. She giggled remembering checking his seatbelt. It didn’t really need checking, she just wanted to see if he smelled as great as he looked.

She knew he was watching her and it had been a long, long time since someone looked at her like that. Don’t get the wrong idea. Plenty of yo-yos had tried to pick her up. Lewd, crude and rude the lot of them. This man had a different energy. She figured him for a writer or musician. He made her shiver.

Turns out he was a high profile professional chef with beautiful hands and very sexy eyes. A little younger, alright a lot younger, she loved how he flirted with her. He made sure to touch her fingers when she served his wine. Leaving the plane he slipped her a note with his address and cell phone number.

Slipping off her pumps and unbuttoning her blouse on the way to turning on the shower, she smiled with a shiver. “Juan Pablo,” she whispered to herself.

“I love red,” he had whispered to her when she leaned over to check his, uh, seatbelt. What a great approach. She couldn’t stop wondering just exactly what he loved that was red. Wine? Dress? He couldn’t possibly know that she was wearing red lace lingerie under her uniform, or could he? Maybe he was psychic, she laughed again. It was exhilarating to feel this alive again.

She felt younger and sexier than she had in forever.

Standing under the steaming streams coming from the four shower heads, she could feel herself starting to respond to the very thought of him. The chemistry was electric. “I’d love to cook for you,” he had said. She couldn’t wait to see him again. Her red dress was on the chair and the bottle of Chilean Malbec was next to her purse.


When she leaned down in front of him to check his seatbelt, he swallowed hard sensing instant warmth below. “Everything ok, Miss Angel?” He asked noticing her name tag and crossing his legs.

“Yes sir,” she smiled back. “Would you like a blanket or pillow?”

“Only if you were wrapped in them,” he thought smiling back at her and meeting her eyes evenly. “No, I’m fine,” he said and opened the flight magazine. He only pretended to be reading as he wondered how long he could hold out, be polite and gentlemanly, and not letting his punk self make a stupid crack. She was older and he could tell she was nervous when he flirted with her.

wineShe had a casual ease about her and her cute blonde bob suggested a tomboy…possibly a midwesterner. He grabbed his note book and scribbled a quick note. More than anything he wanted her on the menu.  He smiled and took a deep breath as he felt himself stiffen in response to the idea. Watching her curves under the form fitting uniform shirt was just about doing him in.

The way she looks, the way she moves, her lips, that body; if only she knew that her age made him even more excited. It was all he could do to not press the assistance button every 5 minutes to summon her to his side. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and hold her. To feel her energy, her passion and run his hands over her curves and edges. Lucky he had an aisle seat as he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

“I want to take care of you, in every way.”

As excited as he was, he had learned a lot in his last relationship and he didn’t want to scare her away. His last lady had taught him and now he knew the power of anticipation. He loved teasing and pleasing a woman and knew she would be very happy. Lost in a daydream of a heavenly dessert, he dozed off with a smile on his face.

As he left the plane, he slipped the note into her hand, “I’d love to cook for you, you are so kind to so many people, you deserve to be treated like the princess you are and I want to take care of you, in every way. Are you busy tonight?”


She was surprised when she arrived at the address he had given her. She had been expecting a quiet dinner in his apartment and the limo was pulling up to one of the best restaurants in town.

Waiting at the hostess stand she surveyed the dining room but did not see him anywhere. When she checked in and gave the maître d’ her name he smiled and said “Please follow me Miss Angel.” He led her through the four-star dining room. Still no sight of him. Her heart was pounding and she was feeling a little nauseous. What was she doing? She smoothed the front of her wrap dress, adjusted her necklace and took a few deep trembling breaths.

Toward the end of the dining room, the maître d’ guided her down an elegantly furnished hallway with a doorway at the end marked private. He knocked once, opened the door and announced, “Chef, your guest has arrived.”

Entering the room she finally saw him, wearing an impeccably white, starched chef coat and looking very serious. He quickly stepped out from behind the mobile cooking suite, wiping his hands on a sparkling white towel. It was obvious he had been hard at work. Prepped and ready to go before her were the most amazing ingredients she had ever laid eyes on. The maître d’ closed the door behind them and her chef greeted her….”I hope you’re hungry Angel. I have a feast ahead you will not soon forget.”

She had never been with a younger man.

Angel met his smokey hazel eyes without a flinch. Acting more confident than she felt, her heart raced as his eyes drifted from her face, down her body and then back up again. The red silk knit wrap dress hugged her curves and it felt good to know he liked what he saw.

He looked impossibly young and she fought the conflict as best she could. She had never been with a younger man and even though it was hard to believe he thought she was hot, there was a part of her that loved that he did.

“I am so glad you came,” he said, kissing her hand. A sappy cliche that she found adorable, especially when he wise cracked next, “You’ll be glad you came later, too.” His eyes were twinkling and he was a bit of a rogue but she found him irresistible.


He reached out to her with a flute of champagne, took her hand and led her to a well appointed table complete with fresh flowers and a hand written menu with the header “Dinner with an Angel”….and then retreated quickly to the kitchen as his vision in red reviewed the menu.

Returning moments later with a plate of perfectly roasted East Coast Oysters, swimming in a warm, herb infused butter…warmed through and slightly crispy on the top. He set the dish in the center of the table and proceeded to top the first oyster with fresh osetra caviar before serving her….

He glanced up in her direction and saw sparkling green eyes watching him intently. God she was gorgeous. The smile wrinkles around her eyes and her still sexy dimples lit a fire in him. Ever since high school when he messed around with his mom’s best friend at that bridal shower for his sister. He loved an older woman.

He moved even more slowly in the portable kitchen he had arranged, knowing she was watching his every move. “Can I refresh your wine?” he asked in a low voice.


“Absolutely,” she said glad for the chance to be close to him. He smelled so good. Whatever that cologne was, it should be illegal. A strong steady warmth was spreading through her lower body. It had been years since she melted like that for a man.

He started to move away and she reached up and caught his arm. Hungry for him and not hungry for dinner, she pulled him down so she could whisper in his ear, “Do we have to eat right now?”


Now it is your turn.  You can add the next course in the comments below. You can share the story with a lover online to create a hot text date.  You could also share it with your partner in real time and go from there….

Tales of a Cyber Sex Virgin or How I Became an Accidental Cougar

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Baby, I love tasting you....

Baby, I love tasting you….


It was one year ago right now when I found myself single, in my sixties with a younger man devoted to my pleasure.

I never expected to be by myself, a happy single with a fantastic sex life.  And Cyber Sex?  Are you kidding???  This good little former Catholic girl? LOL

And, when I say devoted, I mean this younger lover is devoted.  Once he turned on the sexy dormant place in me that had forgotten how great sex can be, I was ignited for sure.  That is when I started writing erotica and when I started to attract the attention of literally hundreds of men.

It has been a wild ride this year and I want to thank you for your love and encouragement as I continue to meet fabulous writers and share the winning formula with you:

A Little Guy Lust + A Little Lady Lust = Delicious.

So to celebrate with you, here is the very first entry from this Accidental Cougar, enjoy!

What’s a little harmless cuddling between consenting cuddlers?


PS  The “unavailable man” in this story became a pure sex buddy to me and over the last year we meet every few weeks for mutual pleasure and lots of fun.  He is my muse.

PPSS  Ever wonder how to attract a great sex buddy yourself?  Click here for more info:  Talk to Angel

How To Ramp Up Her Cyber Sex Life With Great Sex Toys

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giftThe wrapped package sitting on the dining room table grabbed my attention. White paper with sparkles and beautiful gold metallic bow, he knew I couldn’t resist.

I opened the tiny card that said “Good Vibrations” and read, “For my Princess.  Enjoy!”

A shiver ran through me as I picked up the box and shook it for a clue as to the contents.  Hmmm.

It took months before he coaxed me into an in person meeting

I was getting used to our infrequent sexcapades.  We both were clear that no relationship was best.  He was in a job transition and I was just out of a divorce.  We lived 500 miles apart and rarely saw one another in person. But, when we DID get together, it was titanic.

He is 20 years younger than I am.  When we met on line in the cyberchat room, age didn’t matter.  He got my attention because he didn’t throw smut at me.  In fact, he didn’t come on to me at all.  He just chatted and entertained me one lonely winter night last year.

It took several months before he coaxed me into an in person meeting.  Licking my wounds from my recent divorce I was super scared about falling for the wrong guy.  He was patient and persistent.

“You deserve to feel good.”  He said.

It sounded like a come on to me.  Men don’t speak like that.  All the men I had known didn’t care if I had an orgasm or not.  As long as I accommodated them and got them off, that was all they cared about.  My last guy was older than me and lost his sex drive right after we married. Ouch.

“You are a beautiful woman and you deserve to have what I can give you.”  He said.

I didn’t trust him.  “All men want one thing,” ran through my mind.

His cyber flirting was fun and addicting

But.  What if he was real?  What if bringing me pleasure was what he really wanted to do?  His cyber flirting was fun and addicting.  Soon the idea of meeting up in person became ok for me.  He won me over with his sense of humor and flirting.

By time we met up that first time, I couldn’t wait to feel his hands and mouth on me.  Little did I know how profoundly this generous and loving man would change my life.  “Together” now for a year, my orgasms are getting longer, stronger and more delicious every time.  I put together in quotes because we are not a conventional couple in any way.

Both committed to being single, we are single minded in keeping the boundaries clearly defined between us.  Having a sex partner like this flies in the face of all I thought I knew.  My Catholic upbringing stood smack in the way of orgasmic bliss.  It took months of play before I became a sexual diva.

So no, we don’t have romantic dinners, candlelight, long stemmed red roses or scented bubble baths.  We don’t date, text or email warm and fuzzy (and sappy) messages to one another.  We don’t exchange gifts or celebrate holidays.  We are not a dating couple in love.

What we are is sexually compatible partners.  When we are together, we are together 100%.  The “L” word appears from time to time.  I do love having sex with him and I let him know that all the time.  Occasionally I even say “I love you.”  The first time that slipped out, I quickly apologized explaining, “I don’t mean LOVE, love….”  It had just slipped out in the midst of a toe curling orgasm.

He said, “Shut up,” and kissed me.  For such a younger man, he knows exactly how to please me and what I need.

“For when I am not here…..”

Fast Forward:  Now I find a beautiful gift from my guy.  Hmmmmmm.

I fingered the gold bow before I slipped it off and put it aside.  My cat jumped at the bait and dragged the ribbon to the floor in a heap.  I broke the seal holding the wrap in place and opened the box.  Two toys were inside with a tiny note:  “For when I am not here…..”  I smiled with a little blush and felt the rush of heat hit me below the belt.

I laughed as I pulled the little Rabbit out of the box, the Wild Hare Sleeve.  Cute and purple and soft latex for pleasing tender parts.  Next I unwrapped the Purple Passion Bullet.  The Rabbit slid on the Bullet making a combination that I giggled at.  This little dynamo was considerably smaller and less powerful than my current vibe.

My cell phone buzzed.

“Did you get my present?”

I quickly texted back:

“Yes, you rascal you…..”

“I want you to have fun when I am not around.”

“Promise you will tell me how you like it…”

“Yes Sir!”

“That’s my girl.”

I had a mind blowing orgasm that night

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the little vibe looked a bit under-powered and purple.  The least I could do was try it.  I slid the bunny back into the box for later.  I would give it a fair trial.


That night, after dinner and my nightly dose of Jimmy Kimmel, I went to bed with my Sex Butter and my new toy.  Imagine how humble I felt when I contacted my man the next day with the report.

What this little vibe doesn’t have in straight out power, it more than makes up for in the overall feel.  I had never tried such a soft tool. Once coated with my Sex Butter, this little Rabbit felt just like my lover’s tongue.  The four speeds on the remote control made it easy to pick the vibe that was just right.

Stroking my lady bits with the ears of this vibe felt amazing.  I had a mind blowing orgasm that night.  Yes, I was thinking of my lover while I was using it so my imagination was a major player but the delicious feeling of the silicone jacket on the bullet made it happen for me.  I was so blown away I didn’t wait to let my guy know.

“Hey” I texted, “You up?”

“Umm, yeah, always for you, baby.”

“I tried my new toy tonight.”

“Oh yeah?  What do you think?”



“Yeah, wow.  Feels like your tongue is on me.”

“No fair, makes me hard to hear you say that.”

“Sorry, haha!”

“Maybe next time we can both play with it….”

“OK, I’ll hold you to it.”

“Oh, I hope so!”

“Naughty Girl.”

“You love it.”

“Nothing better than a good girl who is only bad for you, right?”

“You know it, baby.”

Want to  see what all the buzz is about? Check it out right here (Click on image for details:)


bunny 2









From time to time I endorse third-party products or programs, and often there is some compensation or commission for that endorsement.  But please be assured that of hundreds of endorsement requests that I receive, I only pass along the small number that I truly believe are worth your consideration.  I value your time and trust and I give my honest opinions of everything that I recommend.     



Women Are Looking For Erotic Chat Online…Are You The One They Pick?

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Photo Of Sexy Blonde Woman With Long Hair Wearing Angel's Wings.

Let me show you how to get more sex…


Hey Handsome,

Look what came across my chat window today:

WillyBangHer:  Angel, I guarantee I will make you wet.

Angel:  No thank you but I hope you won’t mind me asking, does that line work for you?

Willy:  It works about 75% of the time.  Let me ask you a question: If we are riding in my car and I placed my warm, strong hand on your soft, smooth inner thigh, will it tickle or tease you?

Angel:  If we just met, I wouldn’t be in the car. Alas, men forget that a lady is a lady, even on the internet. Would you sit down at a coffee shop with a woman you never met before and say, “I guarantee I will make you wet?” I feel for y’all. I delete 99% the requests I get. LOL Good luck to you!

Willy:  I apologize. You are right and that is NOT who I am, the other 99%.  Can we start over? Please. I was completely out of line. Obviously, you are not who I typically meet here on AM. Please.

I feel bad for Old Willy BangHer.  He is obviously means well.  He is horny and wants to have sex.  He is trolling one of the erotic chat sites online. (I googled erotic chat rooms just now and came up with 810,000 sites)  There are a lot of playgrounds out there to pick from.

There is another reason I feel bad for Old Willy.

You guys have brutal competition out there. Look how many guys are waiting for my attention:

sean 2

How can you get an advantage over the competition?

You can get yourself some good training in the art of seduction.  Now, I am not as available as I was last year….too many men at my door.  But, for a limited time I can teach you everything you need to know to get great cyber sex dates for yourself.

If women are on erotic chat sites, they are looking for action.  Why are you striking out?

Here is what to do.  First, sign up for my free tips.  I tell you exactly how to get more sex in cyberland.  Click here:  Angel’s Tips For Men

Secondly, if you are tired of no action and being deleted by the beautiful women available online, I have something just for you.

How about a Date With An Angel?

Here is how it works:  You can book private time with me to work on your text seduction skills.

If you are like old Willy BangHer from above, you can stumble around online and try to say the right thing.

Are you in?  Imagine practicing your seduction skills with me personally?  I have opened my schedule for a very few private clients. That’s right.  I am working with a few lucky gentlemen who want to master seduction and get more sex in cyberland.

I would love to meet you….


Pick Your Pleasure

Hey Guys, When it comes to great sex, what do you wish we knew?

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erotica writerI wonder what my lover secretly wishes I would do….

Being a woman erotica writer, there is a limit as to how much I can imagine when it comes to writing about giving a man the kind of orgasm he will remember.

I am talking about a mind numbing, toe curling earthquake of an orgasm.  As a woman, I know what an orgasm like that feels like and as a writer, I enjoy crafting stories that let men know how fabulous it feels to climax like that with a cyber partner.

Some might give this survey an R rating.  I see it differently.  I want to know what feels great to you.  I am curious whether you prefer oral, vaginal or a hand job.  How do you want your dick to be treated?  What makes you crazy for more?  I have other questions for you and I hope you will take the time to tell me true what pleases you.

Thanks for your help. I will be writing my stories with the information I collect here.  Click Here to take this quick survey:  Pleasure a Man” Survey?

Thanks so much!

“When can I give you another massage?” Cub Texts Cougar

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[This is the third installment in a continued story between a cougar and a very savvy cub. He is getting to know her a little better each time and she adores him. If you want to catch up, here is Part 1: “I just prefer older women…” otherwise…enjoy and thanks for rating our stories.]

By Angel and Isaac

I stepped in closer and you slid your hand down pulling on the knot holding my robe closed.

robeMy robe fell open and your eyes moved slowly down my chest. You bit your lower lip when you saw me throbbing and stretching toward you. “Not yet,” you whispered reaching for the almond oil on the table with you, “Now get your ass up on this table.”

I obeyed your command and climbed up on the table face up. Already dripping with anticipation, I watched you walk to the head of the table. Your oily skin sparkled in the candlelight. Before I knew it, the lavender eye pillow covered my eyes and I couldn’t see a thing.

I had no idea where you were going to touch me next

Instantly I felt myself jerking up and down with electricity. I had no idea where you were . Moans of anticipation escaped from my throat. Suddenly I felt your breath against my cheek and then a quick brush of your lips against mine. I reached for more but you were gone.

My hips began moving in a slow figure 8 like they had a mind of their own. Not knowing where you were or what you would do next was driving me crazy. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt you climb on the table and straddle me, sitting on my thighs. I thought I would lose it when I felt you blowing a cool current of breath across my aching cock stretched near its limit.

I couldn’t help myself. I reached to grab myself to bring relief. You caught my hand and pushed it back over my head. I could feel your breasts brush against my chest. Fuck. I want you bad baby. You sat back and reached out with your tongue and gently licked and teased the tip. I arched my back to get closer but you controlled the pace and continued to lick and nibble.  I knew I wasn’t making it easy for you because it kept moving around with involuntary movement up and down.

You smiled listening to me moaning softly, and then you edged a little closer, pushing down with your tongue and against your lips. At last you took me in your mouth and wrapped your lips around me. “Fuck yeah, baby, fuck yeah.”  My eyes rolled back in my head savoring the feeling of your lips around me me….god.

Hungry for more I couldn’t resist pushing myself deeper into your mouth . “I love to fuck you with my mouth.” you said and slowly moved down on me…sliding deeper with each slow thrust. I wound my fingers in your hair as you sucked and played with me. All of a sudden I felt your hand around the base of my dick squeezing and twisting. It felt like you were swallowing me whole. I had been practicing and I knew I could wait. I reached down and taking your shoulders in my hands, pulled you up so I could kiss you again.

You stretched out on top of me

You stretched out on top of me, kissing me softly ….teasing me with your tongue and then backing away. “I want…..” I tried to say before you kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around you and held you tight. My cock pressed tight into your belly, I rolled you back and forth before I turned you over completely. You squeaked out a complaint when I stood up. “I’m not going anywhere, baby.”

I placed my hand on your belly, keeping you in position and walked down to the foot of the table. I pulled you by the legs down to the foot of the table, bent your knees and pushed them up toward your head. You are at the perfect height, and I laid my hardness on your wetness and moved back and forth slowly…teasing you as I rode the ridges of firm flesh looking into your eyes locked on me in pure pleasure. God I love looking at you like this.

Small animal cries filled the room as you let yourself go. I straightened your legs and slide them together, resting them against my chest and proceed to slowly slide all the way in. You are so wet and slippery and ready for me. In, out, in….out  and then all the way out and back in again.

It took every bit of my will power not to take you then and there, but I want to make sure that you were properly taken care of. I pull out again, and spread your legs and leaning over and put my mouth over your sweetness, sucking on it while my tongue played with it. Then I stand up and slide inside and back out. I switched between being inside you, and sucking on you. Your hips convulsed and your moaning told me another orgasm was building.

You moan each time I thrust against you.

I moved slowly and stood up again, “Here baby, turn like this.” I said as I pushed your legs together and rolled you onto your side, pressing your legs together tightly. I leaned my cock against you and slid ever so slowly deep inside you again. The position made you feel tighter and I gasped with excitement. Keeping the slow pace,  I moved in and out, going a bit faster each time. Your body moved in perfect rhythm with me. “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard….”

“I love when you talk dirty to me.” I rasped with my dry mouth

“Hang on a second,” you panted out loud and flipped to your tummy so I could take you from behind. You lifted your beautiful bum and spread your legs when you felt the warm oil I had ready for you drip down between your cheeks. Trembles hit you and moans escaped when my thumbs massaged closer and closer to the tender places waiting for me.

I slid inside you. I put my hands on your back and pressed down as I pushed inside you.  I played with differed speeds with a quick thrust at the very end, making your bum jiggle a bit.  You moaned each time I thrust against you. You slipped your hand between your legs stroking yourself in rhythm with my thrusts. Your moans got louder and the thrill and anticipation of hearing you cum again pushed me over the edge.

I surrendered to my desire and one hand on your lower back and my other in your hair I closed my eyes and exploded in a fevered rush. When I felt you start to convulse again and our orgasms rocked us together I leaned in over you and ran my hands up and down your back.

The echoes of our combined pleasure took awhile to come to an end.  “Hi.” I said to you as I turned you over and kissed you savoring our combined flavors. “I could get used to this.”  You said before I covered your mouth and kissed you again. I pulled away, kissed the tip of your nose and said, “I hope so.”

From Angel: It wasn’t always easy for me to talk dirty to my man.  It was worth learning how.  If you are a good girl and it feels weird to talk naughty, check this free video: How To Talk Naughty in Bed

[Cougar Tips] How To Give Your Cub A Cyber Blowie

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Knock Him Out!

Knock Him Out!

Are you a little shy when it comes to getting it on with your guy?

You might enjoy dabbling in a little cyber sexual play to practice your technique.  Technique?  How can you give a  blow job at a distance?  You can entertain your guys imagination and inspire him to take matters into his own hands.

The key to a great cyber blow job is simple.

Paint a vivid picture with your words. Text one part of the story at a time. You don’t need a scene for this story. He’s a guy, he will be ready for this cyber treat anytime!

Try sexting this story to him one number at a time and see if you can get that hunka hunka burnin’ love to whimper…

1. I want to give you a massage, I can’t wait to run my hands over your body.. If I were there, I would make you lay on your belly and straddle you.

2. I have your favorite massage oil and I can’t wait to rub your back. I lean over and my nipples just graze the smooth shiny skin between your shoulder blades. I feel them stiffen as they skim your back.

3. I feel you squirm under me, I know you want to turn over and kiss me, take me, but I won’t let you. It is my time, my turn to choose the time.

4. My hands start to stroke your sides and my fingers fingers slip under your hip bones. I feel you raise your hips as I stretch my fingers in so close to you but stopping just short.

5. Should I go on?

6. I slide off to one side and tell you to turn over now.

7. I crawl up until I can finally kiss you. I am on top and I am touching your lips so gently with mine. You reach hungry for a deeper kiss and I lean away…teasing you. I move backwards kissing your chin…down your neck, my breast brushing your chest as I move down.

8. My tongue circles each nipple licking, nipping at the skin on your chest.  I let one hand drift between your legs. I take the boys in my hands and massage them gently as while I kiss and lick my way down your belly. Your fingers wrap themselves in my hair and you pull me close.

9. I stop and look up at you and whisper, “I can’t wait to f**k you with my mouth.” (You might just get a whimper at this point.)

10. I keep kissing down your lower belly letting my cheek rest against your throbbing self and look up at you. “What do you want”, I whisper looking deeply into your eyes.

11. I wrap your penis (fill in your favorite street name if you wish) in my hand and slowly slip my lips around and over the rosey glistening tip. My tongue moves slowly under the ridge and around the tip in a figure 8.

12. Next I trace my lips with your stiff self and then slowly take you into my warm wet mouth. I love how it feels to stretch my lips and take you in. All the way in and then pulling away slowly until I reach your head again. Your hands stroke my back and shoulders and I shiver in delight.

13. Laying down next to you I run the outside of my teeth up and down the underside of your cock. I moan in my throat at how good it feels to lick and kiss you as I fondle the boys and tickle the soft skin of your smooth thighs.

14. I kiss and nip (carefully) down under the boys and kiss and suck my way toward the soft skin down under.

15. I slowly work my way back up, hand on the base of your shaft and start to suck and massage you. As I suck and glide I feel you straining to hold back your orgasm wishing you could make it last but needing release. I hear you panting and calling my name. I smile and suck harder.

16. I speed up my hand sliding up and down at the same time I am sucking and swirling the tip. At last I feel your body convulse and the orgasm hits you. I know to be so still while I hold you in my mouth. I feel you soften and whisper my name.

17. I crawl up to rest in your arms. You kiss me tenderly and I feel your hands stroking my back and hips. We snuggle together and breathe in the warm summer air. Sleep will come soon.

It will take a little practice but you will find cyber sexting is a real turn on when you relax and enjoy him. The good news is that you can’t mess up here. Even if it is your first time, he will be over the moon being pleasured like that and appreciare your efforts for sure.


Erotic Poetry: On Hands And Knees

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The door swings in the breeze,

And my welcome agrees,

Down on my hands and knees,

Not even wearing a  chemise

Submissive posture does tease,

Body waiting to please,

Sumptuous curves to squeeze,

Such arousal the eye sees,

On plump, pink lips I tweeze,

Shedding those dungarees,

Your rampant manhood frees,

Rough hands wanton hips seize,

Into wet heat does ease,

Ragged breathing does wheeze,

Hard, firm stroke guarantees,

That my lust you’ll soon appease,

As you answer my pleas.

By Anastasia. Visit her at SENSUAL DESIRES

Why Men Love Dirty Talk

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Special Guest Post by Felicity Keith

Your cock is so hard....mmmm

Your cock is so hard….mmmm

It should come as no surprise that guys dig dirty talk. But have you ever considered the reasons why this form of sexual play is just so dang arousing to him? Let’s take a dive into why dirty talk drives him wild.

1. It’s an arousing surprise

If you have a ladylike public persona but behind closed doors you let explicit phrases tumble from your mouth, the contradiction gives him a sexy charge of excitement. And even if you aren’t the pinnacle of propriety, seeing you transform into a naughty vixen gives him a titillating thrill. This heightens his senses and makes everything that much more arousing for him. (See Video Here)

2. He feels like a sex-god

When you let loose with a string of moans and screams mixed with a variety of sexy play-by-plays and dirty directives, you show him just how much you F#$*king love what he’s doing to you. Your unbridled enthusiasm tells him in no uncertain terms that he’s rocking your socks.

3. Your confidence attracts him

A woman who has the self-confidence to use dirty phrases to get what she wants in bed is downright seductive. Men are drawn to women who aren’t afraid to express themselves sexually. And generally, your use of dirty talk clues him in that you are far from uptight or inhibited. A good time is in store for you both!

4. It shows you are totally in the moment

Enthusiasm is such a huge turn-on for men. A quiet partner can be misunderstood as a bored or distracted partner, and that can put a big damper on the sexy mood. When you talk dirty, not only are YOU 100% present and in the moment, it shows him that you are. That level of engagement with what’s happening between you serves to validate that he’s pleasing you.

All of the reasons above activate different chemicals in his brain and are hitting some of the big triggers for his sex drive. Who knew that there was some science behind talking dirty? Of course, not every woman feels comfortable launching into dirty talk, and if that sounds like you, you are not alone. But don’t let your fears stop you from incorporating this fun technique into your sex life. In this video I teach you ways to get over any shyness you may feel and give you dirty phrases that you can fine-tune to suit your taste level.  Watch Video Here

[VIDEO] Sexy Sex Education – Learn The Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About The Female Orgasm

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I only wish he knew.....

I only wish he knew…..

According to reports, roughly 70% of women don’t reach an orgasm during intercourse.

Although that figure in itself is shocking, it also makes you wonder about how many women never orgasm at all (i.e., intercourse or not)!

A lot of flack fall on men on why women don’t experience an orgasm but truth be told, women have a lot to do about this as well whether they realize it or not.

6 Reasons Why Women DON’T Climax (Want Quick Tips?  Check this video)

There are many reasons why women don’t reach sexual climax. Some of them maybe men’s fault but a lot can be because of her too…

1. Foreplay? What foreplay?

Foreplay is extremely important. For women, making love begins in the mind and if you don’t ‘condition’ her mind for sex, then chances are she won’t be sexually reciprocating in bed too. Furthermore, women really do need more time than men to reach an orgasm; so foreplay is actually your way of extending your own sexual stamina.

2. She’s thinking too much!

Women are natural multi-taskers. Unfortunately, they’re so used to thinking and doing several things at the same time that they find it hard to simply be ‘in the moment’ during sex. If most men can be very ‘in the zone’ during sex, women seem to have various thoughts running through their heads all the time (e.g., home chores that need to be done, kids’ homework, dirty laundry, etc.).

3. She’s full of… insecurities.

Women have many body image issues. While you may adore her, her mind is probably worried about at least three different things as you undress her: Is the light revealing any cellulite? Are my ‘love handles’ protruding? Does he think my breasts are too small/big?

If body image anxiety is not in her head, then she may be thinking about things such as “I didn’t shower yet, I hope I smell good… especially down there.”, or “I didn’t pee. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.”

ALL these thoughts are making her focus on the wrong things! It’s taking attention away from sexual pleasure and into sexual insecurities. And when a woman is in this mode, it’s almost impossible to her focus on reaching her own climax!

4.  She really doesn’t know her own body.

There is a certain art form to making love to a woman’s body. It really does have a lot of mysterious curves, spots and turns. Sadly, many women don’t indulge in a lot of ‘self exploration’ when it comes to sex. As such, it’s hard to guide you on what makes her feel good or which techniques really turn her on. And really, if she doesn’t know her own body, how can you be expected to instinctively know what brings her pleasure, right?

The best thing is… it’s never too late to learn! Why don’t you BOTH explore her body? Don’t rush anything and try everything. See what turns her on best and use that knowledge to make her reach her orgasm. Make it your sexual quest! However, here are some clues to save you a few steps…

5.  YOU’re not paying attention!

True, men are not mind-readers. Unfortunately, many women are not great communicators in bed as well so we have a little problem here. Compounding this problem is of course that favorite female bedroom habit of ‘faking orgasms’. As a result, YOU think that what you’re doing is great when in reality you may not even be close!

To solve this particular problem, try to develop a certain ‘sexual code’ between you two. For instance, a slight squeeze on your arm means “You’re doing great! Pls. keep doing it!”; while nails on your skin or arm mean “enough of that!”. You will receive more squeezes, however, if you know some important facts. Click here to learn more…

6.  YOU’re changing ‘techniques’ too fast.

Men like to try different sexual positions and that’s great but sometimes you may be changing just a bit too fast. Women need to get accustomed to a certain ‘rhythm’ before sexual pleasure begins to climb. If you keep shifting positions, she will either (a) never find the position that brings her an orgasm, (b) lose the sexual pleasure she was experiencing in the previous position or (c) be so frustrated that even if you go back to the same position, she may not be that sexually aroused again.

So keep this in mind: when it comes to female orgasm it’s not just location, location, location… it’s also about repetition, repetition, repetition.

Hopefully this list of potential reasons why your partner is not reaching an orgasm paves the way for discussion between the two of you. Don’t focus on why she’s not reaching an orgasm. Instead, focus on what you guys are going to do, so that she does reach her climax. That’s a more positive approach and lot more fun too! Learn creative and easy ways to do it here…

Article printed by permission of: Gabrielle Moore

How To Text To Turn Her On – Use This Script*

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Keep her mind off her work and on you!

Keep her mind off her work and on you!


When you are away from your woman, even when you both are at work, why not spin her a story and text it to her—slowly—one hot juicy morsel after another?

*IMPORTANT TIP: Guys, only use this script once you have already had sex with your woman.

This is way too intimate for a first time encounter. But once you two are into play, there is something very hot about the wait between messages!

You can learn to be a master of erotic romancing and have some real fun! Good luck.

Tease her with timing!

Here is an example of just such a story written recently by a hot erotica writer I know. (Hot Tip:  Leave lots of time between each text. Make her crazy)

Hey Baby…….

Just thinking about you….

What sensitive spot of your luscious body craves some attention today?

(From Angel: I don’t know about you but if my man texted this to me in the middle of my work day, I couldn’t wait to get home and devour him.)

That spot that makes you tremble when my lips get close.

That makes you moan and giggle out loud when I tease you by getting close,

lingering by…

…and then retreating and repeating.

What spot makes you grab my head as I brush by your delicious morsel of flesh softly, slowly and accidentally?

Whose lips and tongue raise goose bumps on your inner thighs?

Who makes you pant with desire? (Click here if you love to be teased.)

Where is the epicenter of your anatomy which, when I finally envelop it with my mouth…

…sucking softly, rhythmically matching the upward thrust of your hips…

…makes your fingertips tingle, your eyelids flutter and a moan escape your lips.

What warm piece of you thrills as I suck you in my mouth, tasting you with my tongue?

Who loves it as blood rushes to your taut nipples, raises the hair in the small of your back and unleashes a torrent of honey?

That is the part of you I want to visit.

I can’t wait to get my hands on you.

(More Great Sex Tips, Check This Video)

Let’s Face It Guys, Women Love A Sexually Confident Man

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Yes...please don't stop whispering that to me....

Yes…please don’t stop whispering that to me….

Today a special post by my fave guy sex guru,
Alex Allman…enjoy:

Women fantasize about hot sex just as much
as men do… they talk about it, they dream about
it, and they are dying for a man who knows how

For a woman, the ultimate fantasy is to be in
the arms of a man who knows EXACTLY what he’s

A man who has the skill, the confidence, and
the ability to make her feel that great mix of
THRILLED… yet… safe at the same time…

But unfortunately, the vast majority of women
NEVER have the experience of being in bed with
the kind of man they dream of.  Not once.

And that’s a huge shame because…

The crazy thing is– most men WISH they could
BE that guy.  Most men want to sexually please the
woman in their life in every way possible, but
they just don’t really know how.

Here’s something else– guys don’t even realize
that ANYONE can LEARN these skills to completely blow
a woman’s mind in bed… make her wildest fantasies
into reality  (yes, I said anyone).

The most effective techniques that I’ve discovered
are actually incredibly SIMPLE… yet virtually no
men are doing them.

That’s why I created my downloadable eBook,
“Revolutionary Sex: How To Give A Woman The
Mind-Blowing Sexual Experience She’s Always
Dreamed Of”

So few men bother to actually put in the time
to learn this kind of thing– and those that do
usually go to the WRONG sources… and they
can’t understand why the “technique” they learned
in a magazine article isn’t doing the trick to
get their wife or girlfriend to have the kind
of explosive orgasms that they’ve heard about.

If you want to learn EVERYTHING you need–
from perfect control over your own erections to
a perfect understanding of exactly how to make
her experience more powerful sexual pleasure
than either of you ever thought was possible,
then go download and read my eBook.

   Check It Out Here

For Passion,

Alex Allman

P.S., Don’t worry about any “privacy issues”.  I
get it.  That’s why you can download and read the
eBook right on your computer.  And your credit
card statement will show a charge from “Clickbank”

Plus, you can try out “Revolutionary Sex” for 2
full months and still get a full refund if it doesn’t
deliver, and dramatically improve your relationship.

Read through it, and start TRYING OUT the ideas
and techniques and see for yourself the incredible
difference that can happen when you’ve actually got
the RIGHT information… information that very,
very few other men will ever have access to.

Make her incredibly happy every single day of her
life that she’s with YOU…

I NEVER send out BS, so if you have read this far,
I know that you are a lot like me… and so I know her
happiness means a LOT to you.  I frankly have no
idea why you haven’t tried it out yet.  Quit putting it
off and download your copy now

This article is ©2014 by Life Love Passion, Inc., and free under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License and you may freely copy, distribute, blog, or post it anywhere, so long as the work is attributed to “” and “Alex Allman”, and the text is unaltered.

“I just prefer older women…” Music to a Cougar’s Ears

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I wish you would.....

I wish you would…..

See part 1:“I just prefer older women.” Are there hotter words? 

By Angel and Burke P

After lunch we left the restaurant holding hands and touching shoulders both still weak with desire from the hanky panky under that white linen table cloth.

It is so exciting being with a younger man and my knees are weak.  I felt drunk without having had a sip of booze at lunch.  My heart pounded in my chest thinking about what would be happening next.

It took me awhile to believe that you were really turned on by me.  I mean I knew you got hard and sex happened but once I really got it…that you loved my body exactly as it is, my attraction and desire for you went through the roof.

I would have never played around in public when I was younger and now?  Now it is so sexy and risky and fucking delicious I can’t stop shivering.

My heart dropped to my knees when we met, little did I know how much fun was ahead.

“Hey.” You say, interrupting my thoughts and kissing the top of my head.  “Hey back.” I sigh tipping my head back to the feeling of your lips on the side of my neck.

I wasn’t paying any attention to where you were taking us.  We stopped at a little shop on Pacific Blvd and you pulled the door open for me to enter.

Seascape Spa and Healing Space welcomed us with a whiff of eucalyptus and peppermint oils. “I booked a couples massage for us,” you said in a low voice your hand on the small of my back sliding down to stroke my ass.

I looked up at you with a question in my eyes.  I only saw one masseur.  “This is Rick.” you say with a definitely naughty twinkle in your eye.

“Right this way.” Rick said with a couple of bathrobes and straw sandals in his arms.  He closed the door behind him so that we could get ready for our massage.  As soon as he was out of sight, you pulled me close and squeezed.

Mmmmmm.  I am in heaven.  I feel your hardness against me and a wave of warmth hits me down below.  “Who will….” my question was muffled by your lips tasting, nibbling and kissing me.  “Trust me.”  I hear you say.  Shivering with desire I let my body rest against you.


Next thing I feel is you picking me up and laying me on the massage table.  As if on cue,  Rick taps on the door, walks into our retreat and dims the lights.

He asks you to open my robe and help me turn over on my belly. I look up to your eyes a bit uneasy getting naked in front of a stranger but you nod that it is ok “I will be here the whole time.”

This is so exciting I am near breathless with anticipation.  “I’ll take care of you.” I hear a soft whisper near my ear.  An involuntary shiver hits me hard.  I let you help me out of my robe and let it slide off.

“Wow!” you say as you drink in my naked self.  “You look fantastic, your body is perfect and you are going to like this.”  Rick is going to teach me some things about your body so I can make you crazy with coming.”

My mouth was dry with anticipation

My mouth was dry with anticipation

Even though a part of me feels uncomfortable being naked in front of two men, I am so curious about what Rick has in mind that I start to feel at ease. “”I am going to sit over here and take notes.” You say with a sly smirk as Rick pours oil into his hands and rubs them together.

Once again, he leans forward and whispers to me, “Relax baby, this is going to be very good.”  I take a deep breath and sink into pleasure as I feel his hands on my back.  He moves to my shoulders, each long slow stroke lulling me into aching desire.

Knowing you are watching as this man strokes my body is mesmerizing.  Knowing that it is you that I wish were touching me and yet being so turned on by a stranger is super hot. Hearing you breathe hard and moan under your breath is driving me wild.

I could feel myself falling into a trance of pleasure as sexual energy pulsed through me.  Struggling to hold still, I look up at you and your mouth is open, your hand stroking your bare cock.  I moan and reach my hand out toward you.  “I’m doing just fine baby, let Rick do his magic.”

Suddenly aware of long lingering strokes reaching ever closer to my labia, I stretch opening my legs a bit so that a happy accident is more likely.  I dream about Rick’s hands, where they are going next.  “Have me” echoes through my mind.

… be continued…..

You might also enjoy this video:  The easy erotic trick that he wishes you knew


The Good Girl’s Video Guide To Talking Dirty

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I LOVE talking Dirty!

I LOVE talking Dirty!

OK, before we get going I have to warn you . . .

Today’s post gets a LITTLE bit dirty.

But it also gets REALLY fun . . .

Here’s a question I got from Monica recently . . .

Monica asks . . .

“Here’s my problem:

Sex between me and my boyfriend has gotten kind of boring.

I love him. I think he loves me, but it seems like when we’re making love it’s just
become kind of rote and disconnected.

I just want him to pay attention to me and make love to me the way he used to and I
don’t know what to do.”

Hi, Monica,

Thanks for your question, it’s one I get a LOT.

And I’m going to give you the same answer I give every woman . . .

If you want your man to be 100% focused on you . . .

Fantasizing about you during the day . . .

Counting down the minutes until he gets to see you again . . .

You don’t have to kill yourself at the gym.

You don’t have to buy a bunch of sexy lingerie (though there’s nothing wrong with doing
that if you want.)

Nope, if you want your guy to become sexually and emotionally addicted to you,all you have
to do is learn to TALK DIRTY and make love to his mind.

I’ve said this a lot, but a man’s number one erogenous zone isn’t in his pants, it’s in
his head . . .

Guys live in a state of perpetual sexual fantasy.

And every guy dreams of meeting a woman who really understands our sexual buttons and knows how to push them in a really powerful way.

So here’s what I recommend:

Drop whatever you’re doing and watch this eye opening video by Felicity Keith . . .

Felicity looks like your normal, average early 40′s soccer mom . . .But as you’ll learn in the video (when you hear her CRAZY story) she discovered the

“secret code” to men’s erotic minds . . .

In fact, Felicity says she can teach you how to get a man sexually OBSESSED and ADDICTED to you without even touching him . . .

This is a great resource especially if you’re nervous or feel self conscious talking dirty . . . or if you feel kind of dumb because you just don’t know what to say, you really need to check out Felicity’s stuff.

Click here:  How To Talk Dirty To A Man

VIDEO: How To Make Him Sexually Addicted To You

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bigstock_Young_Couple_Making_Out_651782Have you ever felt a man  pull away, lose interest or suddenly stop chasing or seducing
you and didn’t know why or what to do  . . .sucks, doesn’t it.

Is sex becoming boring or all about him?  Do you miss the orgasms you used to have when you first met?   The red hot chemistry that makes beginning sex so extraordinary is, unfortunately, temporary.  What’s a girl to do….

When I found  this video by Felicity Keith I couldn’t wait to share it.  When you find out how much men love this one naughty erotic secret, you will find he will be putty in your hands.

Felicity is just like you and me….she’s just a normal early-forties single soccer mom from Washington state . . .But in this amazing video she teaches you how to make a man sexually and emotionally obsessed with you . . . without even touching him.

You might be a little upset when you first hear Felicity’s story . . . but whenyou hear what she learned from it . . . and how it’s going to change your life forever, you’ll be grinning ear to ear.

The amazing thing is that the “trick” Felicity teaches you works without a guy
having any idea you’re using it . . . or why he’s suddenly so desperate to give YOU the
pleasure, attention and *connection* you crave . . .

To get a man to be focused on you and only you (so he can’t even *think* about other
women and so he craves and desires you constantly all you have to do is….hey, I am not going to spill the beans – I’ll let Felicity tell you her own story:

Go watch the video now . . . Naughty Erotic Secret Discovered By 42-Year-Old Soccer Mom

Naughty Texts Turn Me On…How About You?

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Meeting My Cougar in Miami

Meeting My Cougar in Miami


It’s Thursday, my flight is nearing Miami and our evening begins with you meeting me in the lounge of the Marriott. I licked my dry lips and grabbed a hit of my martini.

I had spent the last hour daydreaming about getting you aroused and excited to be with me.  I know you get turned on just thinking about our last time together and I sent a few texts to make sure you remember the details. (Check out: How To Talk Dirty)

I also know that you are at work and that you can sneak peeks at your cell but cannot answer me.  I love teasing you like this.  My heart speeds up and my gut twitches thinking about you reading my words.

I remember the last time, baby

It was hard to keep a straight face with the boss sitting across from me

You looked so fucking hot in that slinky black dress

Bare legs

Black patent leather 4 inch spike heels

I know the boss was jealous

I loved it

My fingers walk up your thigh

You reached for my hand and I knew

You were thinking….not here, not now

I looked right at you and I slide my hand up you leg,

Just under your hemline…

I am rock hard baby

Suddenly the voice of the airline attendant broke through my daydream.  We were landing and it would only be an hour til you were in my arms.  I know that you are on your way because when I turned my phone back on, here is what I read.

You are so naughty.

Pant – pant

Hurry Hurry Baby

I can’t wait to feel your fingers stroking my thighs again

Slowly so slowly reaching for the French silk panties you bought me.

I managed to flag a taxi and reopen my cell phone as fast as I can.  Marriott on the Bay, I tell the driver and then put one hand in my lap and one hand on the phone.  I am throbbing.

You are a wicked little vixen, I text back.

Haha…you love it

I am in the bar.  See you soon.

It seemed like an eternity but at last I arrive at the Marriott.  I send the luggage up to the room and head straight to the bar.  You did not see me coming so I lean in and kiss the back of your neck.  You jump and then lean back into me…relaxing…surrendering to my hands now stroking your back and shoulders.

“I can’t wait to taste you…all of you.” I whisper into your ear.

You turn around and pull me in for a kiss, paying not a bit of attention to the waiters and patrons in the bar.  It is like we are the only ones in the room.

“I missed you so much.”

“Me too baby, me too.”

I throw a twenty on the bar and pull you toward the elevator.  You squeeze my hand and stand up on tip toes to kiss the side of my neck….oh, stubble, you whisper as you open your mouth and taste me.

I am so hard by now I don’t know if we will make it to the room.  The little old couple in the elevator with us have a twinkle in their eye. Our raw passion is very apparent.  It is all I can do to keep my hands off you.

I slide my hand up your leg

On the elevator ride I finally noticed what you are wearing.  My eye wonders top to bottom… a short black backless dress, black stockings, black 3 inch peep toe pumps with bright red toe nails peeking out. Yeow.

The elevator door slid open and the older couple step out.  They were holding hands, maybe we inspired them.  As soon as the doors close we embrace as long lost lovers, we kiss sweetly then deeply, I take your hand and we move to the back  corner of the elevator car.

As we kiss, my hand finds your knee… I slide my hand up your leg, under your hemline…as my fingers climb your thighs,I can’t wait to run my finger along  the soft French silk thong I know you are wearing… I gently stroke the silk, enjoying the sheer touch and the sensation of you becoming aroused.

I slide my hand back down your beautiful body until I can lift your leg to my waist so I can more easily reach your swelling lady bits.  Without actually touching you, I know how wet you are getting anticipating my tongue.

I slide your thong aside and begin to tease and stroke you with my fingers. As I sense your excitement, I slide my hand down the soft skin of your inner thigh. I lick my dry lips wanting to taste you.  I reach across and stop the elevator between floor and gently lay you on the floor.

I move your skirt up and slowly, oh so slowly, pull your thong down so I can give you what you are aching for. I slide one, then two fingers into you… my fingers stroking and probing as I kiss and gently lick your lovely ladybits.  You are so hot, so wet, I am nearly crazed with the smells and tastes.

I love how uninhibited you are

Slowly I lick from bottom to top, swirling my tongue before I circle back and start again.  I know your lovely clitoris is calling for my attention but I purposely stay away from it spending time stroking your sweet folds and teasing you with pleasure.

I love how uninhibited you are. Laying on that elevator floor, legs wrapped around my neck, hips rising and falling as you moan and whimper.  God I love you this way.  I am in total control of your pleasure. Your legs open even more to allow me access.  My tongue darts here and there into and out of the folds and openings.

Writhing in ecstacy your orgasm accelerates and your body shivers in convulsive waves.  “Baby Baby” you cry.  “Yes, yes, yes.”  I slow my motions and you reach for my head pressing me into you.  I let you control the pressure. I want to see how long you fly.

When you finally relax, I lean into you kiss your mouth.  I pull back, pick up your thong and untangle myself from your legs.  I help you up and you smooth your dress and reach up to run your fingers through your short blonde hair. You bite your lip and look up at me.

“Damn.”  you say.  I put my finger on your lips.  “Shh.”  I whisper, I have lots of fun planned for us.  You lift your chin and cuddle into the nook between my shoulder and chin…I wrap my arms around you and push P for Penthouse.

To be continued: Stay tuned….

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Hey Guys…..Is This Hot For You?

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Hey guys. I love sex as much (maybe more) than the average Jane but you have to back way up to flip the switch and get a girl horny enough to want to be with you.

Here is what I mean. This is the actual first time note a potential sex buddy sent to me. I know he thinks this is super hot….heck, maybe you do too:

It’s Thursday, my flight has arrived earlier and our evening begins with you meeting me in the lounge of the Marriott. You arrive wearing a short black backless dress, black stockings, black 3 inch heels, garter, thong…… we embrace as long lost lovers, we kiss on the cheeks, I take your hand and we move to the back of the lounge, order our drinks, we flirt, my hand finds your knee… I slide my hand up you leg, under your hemline…as my fingers near your pussy, my fingers feel the soft French silk panties you are wearing… I gently stroke the silk, enjoying the sheer touch and the sensation of you becoming aroused, becoming wet as your juices soak through the silk… I slide your panty aside and begin to tease and stroke you with my fingers…. as I massage your pussy , I slide one, then two fingers into you… my fingers probing for your g-spot… your pussy is so hot, so wet, I lean into you kiss your lips, we lock our tongues as our waiter stares at us…

What’s the problem you may be thinking….sex partners can have completely different arousal worlds in fact some studies say that 80% of couples are sexually incompatible. Isn’t that sad? Find out how to arouse your partner. Make it a goal. Not what YOU think she likes…no, find out what she wishes you knew…..

Click Here is the Angelized Version… and see what I mean.

It is a beautiful thing to hear a woman whisper a passionate yes, yes….

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A Cougar Fantasy – Can He Be Too Young?

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Please, please don't stop

Please, please don’t stop

By Angel and Joey T.

Read Part 1: Click Here

The next morning as I walked absent-mindedly through my executive area, my assistant grinned as she gave me the morning mail. Before I could figure out what was up I spotted a vase of beautiful summer flowers. I opened the gift card and tried to keep it from Darcy’s view.

“Miss. Angel: Thanks you for welcoming me aboard, Clay”

Inappropriate? Yes. Do I care? No. I liked this kid and I secretly admired his boldness. “Oh, that new vendor is kissing up,” I laughed. “Sure he is.” Darcy chuckled. She knew me well…too well.

Clay was young, impossibly young, and irresistible. I couldn’t take my eyes off those flowers. They were bright and colorful, not a rose in sight. I loved them and I loved thinking about Clay too.

He is too young…What am I thinking?

It was late after a long day of meetings and reports and I was tired. I stretched out my legs and shucked off my heels. I poured a tall glass of red and went out to sit on the deck. At last nothing to do but daydream about Clay. I was so hungry for him I was wet and shivering. He’s too young, an insistent voice came up from inside. What the fuck, another just as insistent part of me spoke up. I laughed out loud. All i wanted was that beautiful man down on the floor rubbing my feet in his lap.

I have been so careful since Danny died. But this is different. My breath speeds up just thinking about him Could I? Should I? He’s too young. Oh well time to get back to work. Reviewing records with a glass of Pinot, my faithful companion.

Now that it was so quiet on my floor, I could hear hammering, drilling and laughter coming from production. I found myself moving toward the elevator instead of my office. I walked in when it opened and my finger hovered over the button but I couldn’t resist pressing it.

I could barely breathe

They elevator door opened onto the lobby and there he was right in front of me shirt open and tan chest and belly in plain view. Are you kidding me. Ok. This isn’t fair. He was taller close up and when he looked down at me my breath caught in my throat. I stammered a “Uh – Hey there”. He laughed and whispered “Miss Angel, You look beautiful tonight.”

I cleared my throat and strangled out a “”What are you holding?” He grinned knowing the effect he was having on me. Clay laughed again and stated he had food for his crew. He asked if I wanted anything, there was plenty. Of course, I said no and thanked him matter of fact for the flowers.

He wouldn’t step out of the way, holding the elevator door open so I had to brush by him, feeling his hard chest against my breasts. As I walked away I didn’t hear the doors close and knew his eyes were on me. I was scared and excited at the same time. Wait a minute why do I care. I should write him up for sexual harassment. I hope I don’t fall on these heels.

As I squeezed by him Clay said, “Miss Angel if you work late tomorrow I would like to show you my work and even spring for a meal” I flushed and responded. “Sure, if I can.” Even from here I could see a most interesting bulge in those tight jeans.

A private celebration for two…

A few very busy and super stressful days of meetings with the investors passed passed with a great outcome. I was very proud of myself and my company. This new level of funding was going to take the pressure off everybody. I was ready to celebrate.

Just then a late afternoon delivery was buzzed into my office. It was another beautiful arrangement of teacup roses: yellow, white and red in a crystal cut vase. There was a note from Clay. I read the note with trembling hands.

Miss Angel: We have finished up the renovations in record time, under budget and very well done. I invite you to inspect my work this evening and have a picnic dinner for two. Clay.

I swallowed at Clay’s boldness but smiled in approval at the same time.  Somehow I knew that Danny would want me to move on. I was so attracted to this man, it was a hell of a week and I wanted to celebrate and the fact was that this hot young guy was attracted to me. Me.

It was already 7pm and time to inspect his work.  I smoothed out my skirt and undid one button of my ivory silk blouse. I couldn’t wait to run my fingers up and down that chest and belly… I went into the bathroom to freshen up and then took the elevator down to Production.

When I got off the elevator, Clay was waiting. He proudly walked me around the newly designed space. It was beautiful! As we walked room to room he came oh so close to me but never touched me. I ached for him to brush his hand on my arm or take my hand. I swear he knew how much I wanted him to touch me. He would lean so close and then pull back away.

My heart was in my throat and my mouth was so dry I hoped he didn’t ask me anything so I would have to talk. All I could think of was his hard muscular arm, bulging shoulder and flat stomach. He smelled rugged but delicious. He must have read my thoughts for he looked at me and grinned.

I am very good with my hands….

Again everything was beautiful from the moldings to the sconces to the the wall fabric to the hardwood floor. I even gasped at his work. Clay mentions he loved paying attention to details and loved working with his hands. a sweet little sexual innuendo I smiled at. He took me to the last room that was lit by candle with soft Island music playing softly. Clay had laid a picnic blanket, throw pillows and a basket on the floor. He helped me to the floor and then sat next to me stretching out his long legs.

Clay poured some Pinot in two stemmed glasses and set a plate with grapes, apple slices and variety of cheese, crackers and chocolates on top of the basket. We raised our glasses and toasted his work, his brown eyes gazing into mine. He had me.

My heart was pounding with desire. It had been so long since I had felt anything like this. He reached over and took my hand. “Darcy told me about Danny.” Clay whispered.

“Damn her.” I said though part of me was relieved. “Shhh” he said placing his finger on my lips. He traced my lips with his thumb. I couldn’t resist, tilted my head back and opened my mouth so he could touch me.

He leaned me back and gently put his lips on mine and lowered me onto one of the silk pillows. I opened my mouth and touched his lips with my tongue. He met me and we explored one another with our lips and tongues. Small moans and cries overcame me, I wanted more and something in me opened wide.

I moaned with desire as he placed his hand on my stomach, slowing moving it to my breast. He cupped my entire breast in one hand squeezing it with desire. I pulled him to my mouth softly biting his tongue and moaned with anticipation.

He rose up with his sweet Southern smile and slowly undid the oyster shell buttons on my blouse. I leaned my head back on the pillow breathing fast and closed my eyes as he popped the front snap on my bra, releasing my breasts into his hands.

Yes, yes, yes…please don’t stop….

He kissed down the side of my cheek to my neck and down my chest slowly, slowly until he finally got to my nipple hard with desire. I arched my back as he sucked my hungry nipple into his mouth biting and licking it, I had my first orgasm in many years.

I cried and laughed at the same time as wave after wave of orgasm rocked me. “Oh Clay” I try to speak. “Shhh,” he said “Shhhh, cruise with it.” I don’t know how long I was there cumming in his arms. He held me until the shivering passed. He pressed his lips into my hair and kissed me softly.


“What about you…” I managed to choke out.

“Shhh,” he said. He just held me pressing his leg in between mine as my body lunged against him in wave after wave of delight. Deeper and deeper the pleasure ran. “Yes, that’s it, baby, yes…” He coaxed and whispered to me as he stroked my back softly.

Sighing with passion I clung to him. “Thank you, thank you,” I cried softly.

“Shhh, shhhhh..” He crooned right next to my ear.

Just what are you going to do with that stubble?

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Passionate sensual attractive young couple in love, man caressesPart 1 Click Here

by Angel and Steven R. (We love our men….leave Steven a review!)

After our day battling the corporate mucky mucks and their lists, charts and initiatives, I couldn’t wait to hold you, taste you…..delight you.

I turn you to face me, your mouth beckons me and I slowly kiss your forehead, temples, eyes and finally meet your luscious lips.  And even though I am  like a hungry animal yearning to be satiated, I pull back and skim your lips with mine, then sweep over them with the stubble of my beard.  “I have been waiting all day for this baby.” I whisper in between kisses.

You gasp and your breathing starts to speed up.  I kiss you fully feeling your soft lips yielding to my gentle insistence.  At last I feel your tongue reach toward me and I thirstily meet you sucking you into my mouth. Tongues reaching, exploring, tasting, thrilling each other with passion.

I trace your hairline with my hand and sweep down the side of your cheek. I go farther slowly and barely touching you I stroke down your neck and then under the white shirt sweeping over your breast and the nipple hardening under my touch.   You arch your back and reach for more, breathing harder and biting my tongue and lips with abandon.  Your beautiful breasts beg to be suckled and I can not deny them.

I know you want to keep kissing me but you allow me to leave your lips and begin kissing down your neck and chest rubbing my stubble on the soft skin of your breasts.  You squeal and wrap your arms around my head.

I know you want me to kiss your nipples and suck and bite on them but I purposely circle my kisses around and lick right up to the edge and then away.  I love to tease you and I know by the panting that you are heading toward orgasm but not yet baby, not yet.

I place my tongue in your cleavage and begin licking, kissing and biting my way down your stomach as I reach down to stroke your inner thigh. You squeal with delight as you lift your hips, body begging for my touch.  (Free Video: How To Give a Toe Curling Orgasm To Your Woman)

My tongue finally reaches your sweetness and you gasp raising your hips and reaching to hold my head as I pleasure you with my tongue.  Your creamy thighs on my face feel amazing as I take you into my mouth slowly, deeply, fully. I feel your fingers in my hair fingernails scratching my scalp as you  contort and convulse in ecstasy .

I pull away and put my hand between your legs holding you gently heightening your orgasm.  The view I have is magnificent as I see your beautiful breasts rise and fall and you raise your head I can see the glassy eyed look of a woman in rapture.  Unable to wait a moment longer, finally I must have you.  I pick you up and you wrap your legs around me as I slowly slide you down on my shaft.

I have never felt so alive as I thrust into you and watch your body move with me. We fall on the bed wrapped in one another’s arms you on top sitting up in front of me, still dressed in my dress shirt, breasts just visible, sheer ecstasy on your face as I continue like a man possessed. You and I are the only beings in the world

As my passion builds, you tell me “cum inside me make me yours.” “Yes baby, yes baby,” I say as I finally unleash inside you. You collapse to my chest and I feel you shiver as I hold you tight and kiss your temple.   I hold you close watching the ceiling fan revolve above us, stroking your sweat dampened hair back behind your ear.

“Mmmmmm” you sigh.  “Mmmmmm” I echo treasuring the feeling of your body resting on mine.  My Angel.

Hot or Not?  Please leave a review in the comments below and let us know!

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Baby, I Love How You Taste….Part 2

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Love-lovers-23160062-732-947Click to Read Part 1

By Angel and Danny G. (We love our men….leave Danny a review!)

I ran my hands down your sides feeling the silk of your blouse as it hugged your small waist pulling it gently from the waist band of your slim black skirt.

“If you keep that up, we won’t get to the bath….” you said opening your sea green eyes and looking at me with a naughty grin.

“I just want to help you get ready,” I laughed back…”I am in no hurry.”

You turned around and slipped out of your blouse and skirt revealing your white lacy bra and thong. I couldn’t help but gasp. “ You are more beautiful every time,” I manage to stutter out. “You are sweet as honey,” you reply turning away from me to slip off your lingerie. “Could you hit the light?” you ask as you light the candles around the tub.

Your body in the dim candlelight is so damn hot, I feel like I am going to lose complete control. (Learn what a man loves in bed.)

“Climb in and relax, baby, I will go get the wine.” I growled in a low voice.

I pointedly allow my eyes to wander up and down your entire body knowing that you can sense me staring at you. My gaze lingers on your breasts that are wonderfully shaped with nipples hardening in the cool air outside the tub. When my eyes return to yours you smile and proceed to stroke your breasts with the sea sponge, squeezing a stream of warm suds down the center of your chest.

Your eyes linger on my crotch and I feel myself naked under your gaze. You watch me as my manhood twitches to life and I cannot believe it but you slowly lick your lips. I feel my insides shudder a little. I reluctantly turned away to get the wine. Slow is good, I toned to myself, Slow is good.

I walked back into bathroom and you were lying back with your eyes closed a small smile perking up the dimples I loved to kiss. I walked quietly toward you and knelt at the tub. I stroked your hair away from your forehead and leaned in to kiss you.

“Hurry in,” you whispered to me as you lifted your face to meet my lips.

I slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the tub behind you. Finally my legs are around you and I am rock hard and pressing into the small of your back. I can feel your breath quicken. The water is warm and the bubbles are silky and oily making my body slide against yours.

I place my hands on the back of your neck and begin massaging gently and moving downwards, I feel you melt a little as I massage the knots from your back and you lean closer into me. God I love your body next to mine.  Your ass is rubbing a little more against me and I can feel you breathing hard and fast.

I move my hands around you and cup your magnificent breasts in my hands. I feel them and finding your nipples pinch and roll  them as they grow erect under my attention. Your legs open a little further and I feel your body slide back and press into me fully.

I leave one hand caring for your breasts and nipples and slide the other one down your tummy. I love the feel of your flesh against mine. My hand drifts ever closer to your lady bits and I feel you lift your hips to meet me. I feel myself growing harder as I find your sweetness and start to massage and press with my fingers. Small animal moans and giggles escape and I feel you convulse as the sensations rack your body. The combination of warm water and my hands has you breathing harder and I slowly bring my hands up the sides of your waist and under your breasts.

You reach your arms up over your head and wrap them around my neck. I pinch your nipples and knead them as your legs swing wide open begging for attention. Your breath catching in your throat between little cries of desire, I can’t deny you. I return one hand between your legs and quench your thirst. I explore you and stroke you as you orgasm on and on and on.

“Yes, yes, yes,” you pant as I stop my movement altogether and just rest the weight of my hand on your lower belly with my fingers wrapped down and around your mound. I press in as you raise your hips to meet me. “I love how you cum.” I say with a wink and a smile.

“You are so good.” You manage to say as you relax against me, warm water from the tub flowing around both our bodies. I wrap my arms around you and hold you close still stiff with excitement against the small of your back. (Click Here: Does your woman crave your skills?)

“You’re next baby…just let me catch my breath.”

“I am not worried,” I said giving your shoulders a good squeeze. “Let me just hold you for awhile.”

This story is by Danny G.  Isn’t he fabulous?  If you love his story telling skills, leave him a comment and tell him so!  We LOVE men who write erotica!

Be a Man Who Knows How to Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms

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Guest Post by Alex Allman

Yes please.

Yes please.

Believing that you are a fabulous lover and that what you are doing FEELS GREAT to your partner is absolutely MAGICAL. (How to make her ask you for sex….)

Of course this is not a 100% thing, and there are things you can do that simply feel irritating to your lover (this will be different for different humans), but if you are doing something your lover might enjoy… and you have a strong belief that it’s driving them up the wall with pleasure… it will.

This is also true of whether or not something is a turn-on for your partner. Your clear and obvious belief that it’s hot (and the fact that it’s super-hot for you), and your lack of insecurity or doubt will almost always be a turn-on for your partner.

On the other hand, when you are tentative or doubtful, it will almost never work well.

For example, if you are trying an oral sex technique and you’re tentative or worried about your partner’s enjoyment, instead of, “Ummm… oooohhhh…”, you’re more likely to hear, “what’s wrong?”

Or worse, if there is something that really turns you on that you want to share with your partner, but you have deep doubts or fears about it… That attitude can kill what otherwise might have been great shared fun if you believed he/she would have enjoyed it.

Sex really is a case where “magical thinking” can work.

If you really believe that licking your girlfriends earlobe can give her an orgasm, and it turns you on to do it… there’s an excellent chance that you’ll give her her first ear-gasm (and either way, she’s probably going to love it!).

Yes, of course, some things work better than others, but all things being equal, there are few things that are better for great sex than your “magical thinking” belief that you’re great in bed.

(Check out my new “Revolutionary Sex” program if you want ideas on things that work better than others and how to dramatically improve your “beliefs” if they are negative).

Now let’s take this one level deeper…

Believing your way to great sex also has a “Sexual Polarity” spin to it. You can express both masculine (giving/penetrating) and feminine (receiving,surrendering) with this idea.

When a woman strongly believes that her man is great in bed, and deeply trusts that what he is doing is going to launch her into outer space and galaxies of pleasure… it does!

Her belief also reinforces his belief, and his belief reinforces her belief.

The belief in his masculine ability to give her pleasure becomes surrender itself and brings forth even more of his masculine energy.

(And, of course, there’s no reason that this can’t go in both directions when the male partner is receiving and in his feminine sexual polarity… the sexual terms in this case do not refer to whether you were born with a cock or a pussy).

Learning how to invent belief with the power of your mind is the trick, and it works (much) better if you are both playing the same game. A woman’s lack of belief in her man makes it much harder for him to create and maintain his belief, and vice versa.

But when you get it right, it really is magical how much more powerful your orgasms can become, how much faster you can become aroused, and how much more fun you can have making love together.

For Passion,


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This article is ©2014 by Life Love Passion Inc and free under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License and you may freely copy, distribute, blog, or post it anywhere, so long as the work is attributed to “” and “Alex Allman”, and the text is unaltered.

“Girl, You Gotta Get Laid!”

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Yes, Yes, Yes!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

I laughed as my assistant gave me her advice for the weekend.

Working too hard, not playing enough and I was spent.  My friend with benefits had been out of town for a few weeks and I was being a royal bitch.  I could hear myself at work and I was appalled.

As much as I used to hate hearing that kind of talk years ago, I get it now.  Sometimes you DO have to get laid.

When you get great sex, you get straightened out right quick…as they say in the south.  I swear orgasm is a fountain of youth.  I feel like a new woman every time and a friend with benefits is exactly right for me at this time.

We are great sex partners and can pleasure each other like nobody’s business.  Then we go live our lives til next time.  No strings.  No drama.  No one sharing my space.  And great, sex. (See What Men Secretly Want)

So last night we met in San Clemente for dinner.  We ate out on the pier and touched each other under the table cloth.  I love to turn on in public trying to act as if nothing is happening when everything is happening.

After dinner we walked back to the ocean front hotel and snuggled on the couch watching the world cup highlights. He let his arm rest on my leg so that his hand was resting on my thigh, my turn on simmering close to the edge.

“Remember our first night together?”

I shivered and gasped feeling his breath right next to my ear.

“Remember how I stroked and cuddled you?”

“Remember how I touched you here” and laid his fingertips against the crotch of my silk pajama bottoms. I was sitting right next to him on the couch, Indian style with a leg laying on his lap. I shivered and a small sound escaped my lips.

Moving his fingers so slowly…so deliciously over the now moistening silk I shivered at his touch, my legs falling open ready for more.  It had been a long time this time.  Longer than ever before and I was so hungry to feel like this.

eroticmassage3Fantasy is great and I love it but there is nothing like skin to skin or skin to silk to unlock the full force and flow of my turn on.  He pulled my leg closer to his chest and used his other hand to massage the bottom of my foot.  I held on to his arm and ran my teeth over his bicep. In response to my squirm he flexed into my grip.

On and on gentle stroking, probing so soft and slow.  Fuck, kill me now. Breathing hard and stretching toward his hand I whimpered like a kitten.  Yes, please, please yes….

Breathless and powerless to reciprocate no matter how much I wanted to, my head fell back as he slipped his fingers under the waistband and moved slowly down my belly.  My legs swung open willingly and widely as my body quivered in anticipation.

Once he was touching me I was wet and so ready for him.  “Just like the first time” he whispered.  “Oh baby…..”

He turned toward me and began to kiss my hair and then my cheek.  I wanted to kiss him so badly…I love how he tastes and how he teases with his teeth and tongue.  My head tipped back and I opened my lips and there he is matching me breath for breath.

He plays me like an instrument and holds me at peaks of pleasure. “ Wait” I say, “let me catch my breath.

His hand on my lower belly made the turn on echo on and on.

Finally, I collapsed against his back arms wrapped around him.  “Baby baby you know what I need,” I whispered panting.

He wrapped his arms around me. Holding me tight and kissing the side of my head, I felt my body slowly relax and finish off with shivers of pure pleasure.

“Mmmmm, yummy…you are so fun. I love sharing my turn on with you” I whispered against his chest.

“So are you, darlin’, so are you,” he said glancing at the black bag hanging on the door….

“You ain’t seen nothing yet….” He thought to himself letting her recover in his arms…..

You will find this is a great story starter for a fantasy date. This provides your lady with a gentle turn on and hopefully the desire to be in this story herself…..

Want more story ideas for your lady? Write and let me know:



Time to Break it Off With A Sex Buddy? Take The Quiz

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Ready to Move On

Ready to Move On

I am on vacation.

It has been way too long and being away from everyone and every thing is exactly what I need. A last minute cruise deal flew into my email and I jumped at it.

I have a good news bad news sort of scenario going on.  My current friend with benefits arrangement is coming to an end.  I adore him but after a few months of benefits, we are definitely losing the spark.

The reality is, any sex buddy, F**k Buddy, Friends with Benefits deal has a shelf life and going past the expiration date causes nothing but drama. 

We haven’t talked about it but I know he feels it too.  So good news? Because of my cybersex FWBs (Friends with Benefits) I am not going to be lacking for the attention of my writers or the orgasms that I have gotten used to.

The bad news?  The physical touch and kissing, especially the kissing, I will definitely miss that.  I will miss having a man to stroke and touch. But, I won’t settle for mediocre sex.  I have done plenty of that in my life and no more.

It is 6 am and I am on the top pool deck alone.  The sun is just coming up and a couple of sea gulls who are following the ship are my only company.  Having time to write and think, a cup of hot Kona coffee served by a hotter Peruvian pool boy, keyboard on my lap and a story to tell.

It feels delicious to be away from everyone.

I am working with talented erotic story tellers Jon, Jim, Eddie and of course Tyler. Tyler is mesmerizing. I love his writing.  That is it you know…something very hot happens when a man and woman collaborate on a piece of erotica.  Very fun to write.

My friend remains my friend even though the benefits are no longer on the table. Like I said, he’s adorable. More good news?  I know what I want. When the next real time man comes along, I want him panting after me.

There is nothing like the feeling that comes over me when a man wants me.  I lived without that feeling for a very long time.  I love it.  When a man feels chemistry for you, and you let yourself be open to it…holy crap.  Even in cybersex.

This delicious sensation…the connection between you and him, grows strongest right before you actually have sex for the first time, cyber or real time. When that initial attraction fades, the smoke clears and you can see exactly where you are.  Consider these five factors before you decide to move on.

On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being false and 10 being gut level true for you right now, rank these statements:

1.  The sex is not as sizzling hot as it was.

2.  Besides great sex, we have nothing in common.

3.  He doesn’t text as often.

4.  You feel like you are missing something.

5.  You want sex more often than he does.

If your answers are in the 7 – 10 range, it is time to reclaim your buddy status and let the sex fade away.  Keep your wits about you and there are no regrets here.  When a sex buddy has been part of your life, there was a damn good reason for it.

Chances are you needed a real jump start and a romp was the only way to kick your ass into gear.  That was true for me.  The surge of life that came with my FWB fling tossed me into a new galaxy of orgasmic bliss.

A new job, a divorce settlement and starting my erotica blog…all coming during my time with him. Now, because of the erotica, I am very satisfied and if there were any clinginess or regret at losing his adorable company in bed, a buddy is just a click away on my computer.

Again, not to be boringly repetitive but…if you are a single girl out of necessity or choice, you deserve great sex. Orgasm flips a switch inside inspiring action, confidence and productivity. All I have to do is remind myself of this and make the choice to let life continue to unfold. Deep breath and sigh.

Yes I will miss him…or rather the fun that we had but I don’t regret a thing.  I look forward to my new real time partner and I wonder where he will come into my orbit.  I don’t care when, in fact I want to go on record with that.  Meanwhile, my orgasms are my responsibility and I am down for the challenge…LOL!  Cyber is safer on many levels…when done the right way.

“Miss?” The young man’s voice brought me out of my writing.

He had a fresh cup of coffee for me and a croissant with butter and raspberry jam.  It was what I had yesterday morning and he remembered.

“I thought you would enjoy a breakfast snack,” he said with a sexy smile.

This boy was hot, he knew it and he knew I knew it.

This was going to be a fun cruise.

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I Love Sexy Day Dreams – Love in the Tub

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Smoothing the fragrant oil on my skin, I shivered as goose bumps ran up my spine.  

Chilling shivers of excitement caught my breath as I thought about seeing him again.  As soon as he let me know when the tour stop was booked, I asked for that flight.

Luckily, I have seniority so it was on the books last Tuesday.  Time seemed to crawl this week.  I couldn’t keep my mind on my work.  I day dreamed about him and how great it was going to be to feel his hands and his mouth on my body again.

Knowing he has his choice of the world’s most beautiful women and wants to have sex with me makes me super confident.  He is just young enough to push my comfort zone and he knows exactly how to open me up.

The sexy texts leading up to the trip are fabulous. He is a real tease and can turn me on in way less than 140 characters.  I had to limit him…no sexting at work.  Luckily, his time zone is so far away, he catches me after 6.

Tomorrow I hop a flight to Honolulu to pick up the flight crew and then on to Bali .  As usual, he booked the whole first class sextion, I mean section and requested me as his personal flight attendant.  My friends know and they want details in exchange for covering for me.

My heart is about beating out of my chest thinking about what was ahead for me.

He loves my body.

He touches me with finger and tongue tips and teases me with tiny nips and kisses.  Cyber is mind bending and we share lots of intimate moments but there is nothing like skin.  Skin.  Skin sweeping against skin.

I will be drunk with desire.

Aching for him.

I run a jasmine scented bath and slip into the swirling water.  Sinking down til my chin hits the water I close my eyes and will myself into quiet.  It is only a few more hours.  I don’t want to flip out even though every nerve ending in my body is standing at attention.

Breathing deeply and imagining him at the other end of the bath tub, I felt the switch get flipped and waves of sensation hit me below the belt. Yes, yes, yes.  He picks up my foot, my imaginary lover, and begins to slowly massage it.

Strong and gentle hands he presses his thumbs into the sole of my foot and I whimper in response.  “I haven’t…” I stutter.  “Shhhh…” he whispers and puts my big toe into his mouth.

Short panting breaths and a small moan escapes my lips.

I laid my head back and placed my other foot between his legs, resting on him, feeling how hard he was, stroking him with my foot.  I loved hearing the sound he made when I touched him like this.  We are so good together.

Yes Please....

Yes Please….

He sucks and licks and bites my toes…one at a time he teased.  Orgasm comes and gratefully I relax into the waves of pleasure.  Just as if he was actually here, my body is flooded with joy and excitement.  Yes. Yes.  Yes.

“Yes,” he says softly, “Yes baby, go with it.” He squeezed my foot and I squealed with absolute delight.  More please.

He sat up and crawled forward covering my face with kisses.  I wrapped my thirsty arms around him and pulled him close.  We laid there in the hot steamy bath holding each other while my orgasm wound down.

Breathing deeply, I looked around and smiled to myself.  At home alone, in my bathroom with an open suitcase on the floor.  It won’t be long now.  Thank you baby.

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What is the sexiest punctuation mark?

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The ellipsis….

I always did love the ellipsis. So many sentences not ready to be finished….

Now the lovely ellipsis has found its way into my bedroom, here is how it all started….

I started researching erotica and cyber sex several months ago and it has been an eye popping experience.

A simple google chat for erotic text opened the world of sexual entertainment available for free. About 23,200,000 results in .38 seconds. It was such a search that brought me to Ashley Madison and to the four hot story tellers in my life at the moment.

Soap Operas are famous for the frequent romps in bed between characters.  Enrique Iglesias sings of one night stands and hot steamy sex in high energy dance songs.

But let’s be honest, Soap Operas, movies and popular books like the Twilight series as well as Fifty Shades of grey have only accomplished one thing.

Thousands of sexually hungry, wishfully thinking and ultimately unsatisfied women. Married or single, be honest…do you have regular orgasmic and thrilling sex?

You are out there reading, watching and singing along to all of the passive sexual entertainment that you can. Being a modern woman, you have a variety of sex toys that do their best to find the big O.

But truth? How long has it been since you have had a screaming orgasm?

I lived with a man with no sex drive…for nearly 10 years. I kept the pipes lubricated with erotica and toys but I didn’t know what I was missing.

Being in a private chat room with a man whose sole intention is to create a fantasy just for me has taken my orgasms into a whole new dimension. I feel so safe when I am alone.   I have discovered that when I am by myself, my body finally relaxes deeply enough for orgasm to have its way with me and does it ever. (Click here to see a real orgasm-this is not porn)

So how does the ellipsis come in to play?

In the chat room while your story teller is typing, all you see is a small picture and the ellipsis.

I watch that ellipsis with heart beating fast and bated breath waiting for the next ellipsis to disappear into text. It is mad fun to be teased with that blasted ellipsis.

Right now I have a story teller from Australia who tells a wicked tale. He is smart and a smart ass and he makes me laugh and shiver while he spins erotic fantasies just for me.  (Click here to see:  Cyber Sex Sample)

The mind is a very naughty place when inspired and the sex I am having at sixty something is the best of my life. As my Australian friend says, cyber sex is the safest sex. Safe from STDs of course, but more important for me, safe from the complication of a relationship.

Me? I am just divorced. 73 days today. The last thing I want is to be in a couple. How about you? Why aren’t you getting enough pleasure when it comes to sex?

Answer me this…do you need a man to have great sex? Could Solo Sex Orgasms with erotic text partners fill in until you are really ready to make it permanent with a real time guy?

What do you think?

I demand a recount!

I demand a recount!

So The State of the Sex Buddy Union?

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Still smoking hot. 

We are in until it isn’t fun anymore and honestly, I am a much happier human being now that I am single and have a sex life again.  Not just some average sex life, no.  I have a sex life that would make a woman half my age green with envy.

My anxiety level is down, I am more confident and my creativity is going through the roof.  I got a new job and my writing is flowing, so to speak.  I have no play book for walking out this friends with benefits arrangement so it has its challenges.  But so does life as a couple.

At this date, it is working for both of us. I continue to remind myself that the climaxes are all in me, in my body.  It is not him that does it.  It is me in response to him.  Erotica frees me to experience the pleasure without him.  That makes it work for me.

And when we are finally together it is so fucking hot and we play for as long as we want.  He is skilled and patient and tells me I deserve to feel like this and that it is his delight to be the person who is waking this up in me.

Now that I am sexual again (after being married to a man without a sex drive for many years) I have a healthy sexual appetite and with an out of town lover, a girls gonna do what a girls gonna do.  A relationship is not what I want.  I don’t have the bandwidth to sustain a handshake at the moment.

And, ironically, I do my best fucking writing when he’s been gone a long time, go figure.

Last night I wanted to see him.  I was stamping my inner foot and whining big time that I can’t see him whenever I want.  Even though I know it is hotter for both of us on this infrequent friends with benefits roller coaster ride.  So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I wrote myself right into super solo sex and climaxed my little heart out.  Here is what I wrote:

But I Want You Now

Email to Him. He is in Europe on assignment and out of cell range.

I miss you so much.  I have to be honest.  I do.  But I know in the deepest place in me that not seeing you is best.

We are not a couple.

I accept that.  Deep breath.  But I still miss you.

I crave you. I want your hands on me.  I start to wiggle and squirm just thinking about you.  I hate when I can’t have you.

But then the desire for you swims from inside and I am reminded that all the sexual turn on is in ME.  It feels amazing to think about you and your kisses. I miss the kisses the most.

Then I write and my body spasms with mini orgasmic waves that fuel the words.  I love to write like this thinking of your mouth and where it goes, your tongue and where it swirls and begs entry.

I bite my lip and my breath is in my throat.  Where are you tonight?  I know next time will be worth every second of waiting.  But I hate the waiting.  Shivers run up and down my back I am so turned on right now.

It’s easy for me to pretend you are here.  Watching me write.  Sitting in the chair across the porch smoking your cigarette smiling and nodding, hand in your lap caressing yourself.  That is even hotter.

I want to come over to you but you say, no, keep writing.  I keep looking up at you and want to touch you myself. I am so hungry for the taste of you.  I don’t want to wait.

It won’t be long you say, you are so beautiful when you cum.  I just want to watch you.

I stammer an ok not at all sure of myself.  I close my eyes, lean back on the pillows and raise my arms over my head.  yes, you say, yes Angel…that’s it let it happen.

My hand drifts between my legs and I cup my pussy like you do.  I need so little touch and the waves hit.  Yes, yes…please come to me I plead. I want you here I want to feel your skin on me. I want to kiss you.

Not yet, soon Angel.

My head falls back again and my legs widen.  Breathing faster, my hips lift and press against my hand. I bring my other hand to cup my breast and pinch and roll my nipple just like you do.

Oh baby, that is hot, you say as you unzip your shorts and take your stiff self out and start to stroke and touch yourself.  You are right, I say, this is very very hot.

My hips are circling in the same rhythm your hand is riding, sliding and pulling…small groans escape your throat and I moan too I love to watch you when you are turned on.

Please won’t you come over here now.  Its long enough….come on baby….

No you whisper no no.  I want you to finish go for it. Imagine my cock outlining the outside of you.  Gently circling never entering.  Wet slippery round and round.

I want you I tremble and cry.  Please I want you.

You lean over me and your mouth takes the place of your cock.  Yes I want you…you whisper…. I want to taste you kiss you. Open your legs more, let me in.

You tease me you wicked man.  I want your sweet ass in my hands.  Where the fuck are you?

Don’t you dare come a minute too soon.

I am thriving while I wait.

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3 Quick Cyber Sex Tips For Men

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Guys, you are going to have to give us girls a break here.

If you have been the kind of fabulous partner that I know you are and your woman has just shivered in for a landing, the last thing she wants to hear is a request.

A request for her to do anything. After climax, my body has echoes…like velvet aftershocks that can make the orgasm last for a long time.

In real life, women fall asleep in the arms of their lovers especially if you have done a great job of satisfying her. But, if she is still conscious enough to get her cyber self on with yours, here are some texting tips on how to help her pleasure you with perfection.

Trust me, her willing participation will turn up the heat for you.

You just want to make it real easy for her.

1.  Ask her things that she only needs to say yes or no to.

I am telling you that after my man has finished ravishing my willing self, I am done in.  Sometimes even squeaking out a yes or a no is a real challenge.

2. Describe what you are doing to pleasure yourself and ask her if it is ok if you go on.

Like this, “Baby, Is it ok if I slip my hand into my shorts?”  Now that makes me shiver just thinking about it…then I can text back one letter…. k.

3. Repeat step 2.

With each “k” you will know she is there with you, keeping you company while you ride the wave of your own solo sex.

Of course you have to be good at one handed typing with this one…. If you don’t have a great time playing with your happy woman this way, let me know.

I think she will be all over you….in cyberland, of course.

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Uh, you can thank me later….

I never saw myself as a Cougar, until….

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Hammer And Tape Measure Sticking Out Of PocketWalking through production I realized that I hadn’t seen him before.

Using a power saw he was not aware that I was standing there and I spent a few minutes soaking it in.

Tight tee shirt and baggy jeans with his baseball cap turned backward, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. His biceps made the sleeves of his shirt stretch and the shine of sweat on his arms made me catch my breath.

I turned and left before he noticed me and went into the floor manager’s office.

“Who’s that guy working on the remodel?” I said with faked indifference.

“That’s Clay. He is going to be here for a few weeks demolishing the old offices and roughing in the new. He is a fine looking man.” Darcy said with a wink. The girls at the office were always trying to get me to go out and try to meet someone.

“Never date a guy at work…always makes for drama and besides he has to be 20 years younger than me!” I laughed. I couldn’t deny the shot of electricity that I felt when I watched him working. I hadn’t felt a spark like that since Danny had died. I wasn’t sure I ever would.

“Send Clay in to see me before the end of the day.” I emailed to Darcy. Not sure why or what in the world I would say, I felt my heart beat faster. I wanted to meet him and I am the owner of the company after all.

“You wanted to see me, Ma’am?” He said in a soft Southern accent.

“Yes, Clay. I couldn’t help but notice you and wanted to welcome you to the office.” I said trying to ignore my body’s insistence that I be with this man.

“I knew the building’s owner wanted to get started on the remodel but I wasn’t expecting it so soon.” I said.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am, most of my work will be at night when everyone has left. I won’t be disturbing your work day.” He answered meeting my gaze. I knew he knew. His brown eyes were magnetic and I couldn’t look away.

“I’m sure you won’t. Thanks for working around us. I work late sometimes but don’t worry about that, I’ll stay out of your way.” I smiled.

“I hope not.” He whispered.

My heart skipped a beat.

“Is that all, Ma’am.” he drawled.

“No, there is one more thing. You don’t have to call me Ma’am. My name is Angel.”

“Well, Miss Angel,” I am pleased to meet you. He reached out and shook my hand, keeping it just a moment longer than necessary.

“Me too,” I replied, taking my hand back and reaching for my purse. “I have a meeting to get to so I will let you go. Nice to have you on board.”

He turned to walk away and I found myself watching him, thinking about how he would look wearing a tee shirt and nothing else. What was wrong with me. He is way too young. But those shoulders, that small waist and the butt barely visible in the baggy jeans.

It’s a lightning strike alright.

To read part 2 Click Here:  A Cougar Fantasy – Can He Be TOO Young?

Are You Somebody’s Sex Buddy?

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No Strings Attached?Do you have a sex buddy that lights you up and turns you on just thinking about him? Do you get to see him as often as you like?

I do and no, I don’t get to see him as often as I like. Staying present and true to the mutually agreed upon limits of this arrangement has been annoying. I want him when I want him and love waiting and anticipating the next time all at the same time.

The longer we are apart, the hotter it is. I hate that and I love that.

Because of my cyber play, (Thank you I have virtual sex with role-playing partners and the fantasies we create are deeply satisfying physically. Because I don’t know my cyber partner’s true identity, his role in my fantasy is just that…a role.

I am not attaching to the real person behind the role. It is very like writing a screen play in a private fantasy with a partner who has agreed to play a part. These stories are designed to bring me the orgasms that I have been thirsty for my whole life, and my partners are available when I want to play.

At 61, I realize that solo sex needs to be a regular part of my sexual activity plan, my body finds its way to ridiculous heights of climax especially when I am alone. It is so much easier to cum when I am fully relaxed and present with myself.

When with in person lovers, I am not that uninhibited…yet. Maybe I will get there.

So…I accept completely that my sex buddy keeps his distance. I accept the timing and intensity of this NSA (No Strings Attached) arrangement. I also accept that it is up to me to decide what I want when it comes to a sex buddy and be clear with the ground rules right from the beginning.

Do I still cheer lead for NSA (No Strings Attached) connections? You bet. The pleasure of a brand new climax with a high chemistry partner is worth it. I like things a certain way and because actual intercourse is not involved, I feel a safe distance from my partners. Why not go all the way? More on that later.

While I am a one partner girl IRT (In Real Time), old habits of monogamy run deep, that may change. I do have multiple cyber sex partners and because the distance is far greater (no voice, no pictures, no phone calls, no cams) the sexy cyber chat brings me to climax whoever is playing the role of my partner.

On one recent cyber fantasy date, my partner and I were in the jacuzzi on a cruise ship. He was fabulous with his side of the story and he timed the texts wickedly well. There is something super hot when you are reading a sexy story…directed right at you…waiting anxiously for each new text window to pop up.

Grab a sex toy, if you want and there you go. I let my partner know when I start to climax and he stays right with me giving me a private blow by blow, so to speak, description until I tell him I am shivering to the finish. Longest one so far…45 minutes. Wave upon delicious wave.

I love cyber sex because I missed years of orgasm living with uninterested men and not knowing I had a choice. Now I love the aliveness of having an active sex life. I am more creative, more confident and more determined. I also am behaving like a grownup when it comes to my IRT sex buddy.

Without my cyber fantasies, I would probably be stalking the poor guy, horny as hell, mistakenly thinking that it was HIM who made me feel that way. Now as an adult I see that it is ME and MY BODY that gets to climax whether there is a HE in the room or not.

Although, truth be told, there is nothing like his touch and I look forward to our next IRT sexcapade!

Want to play? Click Here

Please Don’t Stop……

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God you are good.....

God you are good…..

Because he is on the road most of the year, I only see him in person every few weeks.

When he first suggested Cyber Sex for the between times, I wasn’t convinced.  Needless to say, he changed my mind.

Here is what happened last night…when we were thousands of miles apart.

Phone Chimes:  Incoming Text….

Me:  Hey baby…

He:  Hey you….

Me: I am so hungry for you.  I hate not being able to have you when I want…whenever I want you.

He:  I want you to miss me.

Me:  Why…

He: Tell me what you want.

Me: I want to kiss you.  I want to be kissed by you.  I love your mouth. I love how you bite me and nibble on me and I love how turned on I am when I am with you.  The second I finally see you, I melt.

If I were there right now, what would you want me to do.

I want you to come up from behind and kiss the back of my neck.   I want you to snuggle in from behind and breathe on my skin.  I want to feel you taste me and I want to feel your hands on my shoulders as my head drops  back in pure shivery pleasure.

What next?

Please kiss down the length of my spine….I want you so much my body swings in rhythm to the music. I ache to climax.

What do you want?

My thighs…please….my thighs. My breath catches in my throat….. I want you please…

Tell me.


I want to hear it…tell me what you want

I want you to kiss me and touch me … you know what I want.

Tell me….

You wicked man…I want you to lick me, kiss me here bringing your hand up my thigh.

Like this?

My breath is so fast please yes please more.  You are so good. Waves of pleasure roll over and through me. Climax like a body dance of ecstasy yes…yes…. yes….please don’t stop….. Yummy….thank you baby….

You don’t need to thank me, darlin.  It is my pleasure…let me just hold you, I know you are not done yet.

Shivering, panting cumming and cumming…I want to taste you. I slip my hands under your t shirt and find your pecs so hard under my hands. I kiss and taste and lick my way down your chest and belly…swirling, kissing, tasting…I love how you taste. Mmmmm…..

You are throbbing and your hand is in my hair, fingers wrapped and holding tight, you direct me to exactly where you need me to be.  I open my warm mouth and take you in…tongue wrapping you in waves of excitement. I run my teeth lightly down the length of you and use my lips to caress and stroke your stiffness.

My hands coast up the sides of your thighs and closer to your cock, pulsating with desire. My moist lips around and down my tongue savoring the ridges and skin folds.  I hear you moan with delight and that turns me on so much.

Angel you say, Angel, Angel…Oh my god Angel. Suck me hard you say suck me hard.

I slide up and down and suck with desire.  I love how you taste… how your feel.  Baby sweet baby…cum for me.  I taste it, that flavor that tells me you are almost there.  You move slowly, firmly and meet my rhythm.

Then I feel you release sweet release as I hold you and ride along.

Me:  You are so fun.

He:  You too.  Can I just hold you for awhile?

Me:  K.  Sexual energy still flowing, mmmmm.

He:  Really?

Me:  Yep.  Look what you do to me….

VIDEO: Watch an orgasm with no physical touch….Hot! Hot! Hot!

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This is exactly what has been happening to me.  I am alone, except for my cyber sex buddy du jour, but I know what she is feeling.   I love watching as the woman in pink “moves” the energy along.

In my fantasies, my imagination moves the energy through me and I cum from head to toe.  Longest one so far is almost an hour.  This is definitely NOT the kind of sex my mom explained to me in “The Talk” years ago.

Gentlemen, your cyber story telling bring this to the ladies you entertain, if you know what she likes and you can read her pace….this is the pure pleasure your texting brings her.

Hooray for solo sex and hooray for fabulous men who play along!

Sex Buddy Report Card

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So….is it possible?

Can you have a purely sexual relationship and not long for more?  In the search for ultimate pleasure, do conventional relationship rules apply?  Here’s what is going on with me.

Portrait Elegant Young WomanI am having the best sex of my life.  A 36 year old cyber buddy asked me if it is true that women in their 60s have a higher sex drive than women decades younger.  As I told him, I can only speak for myself but yes, I am having the best sex of my life.  So all in all, I would have to give my sexual satisfaction an A+.

Since adding cyber sex to the mix, I have orgasms that last for forty five minutes.  I never expected this.   My ex had no sexual appetite and I had adjusted myself accordingly.  I am a one man woman…a serial monogamist and cheating never crossed my mind.  I had solo sex all the way along with erotica and a great vibrator.

Little did I know how much my life would change once reawakened and sexually active again.

After I left my husband, very young men began to appear on the scene.  Once I got a taste of what it is like to have a man turned on by the thought of me, my self confidence went through the roof.

Now I get why Madonna, Cher, Jennifer Lopez and now Heidi Klum love younger guys so much.  It is like a fountain of youth.  I feel younger than ever and life is changing.

I began writing again after a long hiatus.  I found myself a great new job.  I am leaving my current job with my head held high and a great relationship with my boss.

I think that the fountain of inner energy that is available because of my sex life is more tangible to me because I went without it for such a long time.

So that is why I give my sex life an amazing A+.  Do you hear a but coming?  Well, there is one.  I have a sex buddy who knows how to touch me and coax deep soul satisfying orgasm out of me.  Yummy.

The problem is, he travels.  I only see him about every other month.


If I moon over him and obsess about the when, where and how of our next encounter, it sucks.  All I can think of is how much I want to be with him again.  To feel his mouth on me.  Nipping, licking and kissing me… making me quake inside.  Of course I long to feel him touching and stroking me.  Duh.

That’s where cyber sex comes in.  I have two or three men that spend time with me and are eager to please.  The attraction is mutual and I enjoy learning what it takes to bring them the satisfaction they are bringing me.

What is happening for me is deep and crazy good orgasm without emotional attachment.  My body is now responsive to the quietest of touch and can be sent into waves of pleasure that last 30 to 45 minutes.  I am not kidding.

Here is what I think is going on.

It is hard for me to let my guard down when I am with a man.

But when I am alone, my body can fully relax and when that happens, orgasm happens all by itself.  Cyber buddies who text along…narrating the blow by blow, so to speak bring peak experiences again and again.

I am going to start seeing other men in the real world too.  Yes, I am a serial monogamist or so I thought.  Now, I am going to say yes when asked out and see what unfolds.

The beauty of solo sex with a cyber buddy is that it builds a sustained sexual energy which makes me more self confident and sure of myself when I am with real time men.

Because I am not sexually starving, I am much better at keeping my head screwed on straight when chemistry strikes.

Ultimately, all sex is solo sex.  Full and ecstatic orgasms are essentially self centered.  All awareness falls away as the body vibrates to a deep inner rhythm that pulsates pleasure upon pleasure.

Even with the love of your life, if you get to that peak place of pleasure, it doesn’t matter if he is there or not.  Having a fantasy partner will never be as hot as skin on skin, mouth on delicious mouth sex play.

But, a talented text partner, the right vibrator and a safe place to play make for a great evenings entertainment.  Solo sex is the safest sex out there and technology brings unlimited possibilities right to your phone or laptop.  What are you waiting for?

I love that you get hard when you think of me, however….

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Make me say yes....

Make me say yes….


Dear Fantasy Lover,


I like you. You’re fun.

You write in a smart ass sexy style that I find uber appealing. I look forward to your messages, they make me tingle and the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  My heart beat goes up when the mail box flashes with a new message from you.

That being said, there’s something you need to know.

I know you want me to have your cock. In my hands, in my mouth, between my breasts and other creative places in the geography that is us.

I appreciate that and believe me, there is nothing I appreciate more than a beautiful cock.

Did you hear a but coming? (Ok, get your mind out of the gutter, I spelled it with one t. Haha) Even though the texting is hot and even though there is cosmic and deliciously anonymous chemistry going on between us, you must never, ever put your cock anywhere near your cyber partner’s body without her ok.

On line just like in real life, your hands and mouth drive me wild and it is easy and comfortable to imagine you and I making out and enjoying each other as strangers.  I really need to know a man before I want to entertain him with my talents.

Women like me who have had a bit of a painful past when it comes to sex partners need a little coaching and patience to let go and let pleasure have its way.  It takes a special man to slow down to his lady’s pace, but worth it.

You wake up something fabulous in me and I am super turned on by what you say and how you say it.

I love how you write and I can’t wait for more. I have but one condition, let me pick the time and story line the next time your cockalicious self comes out to play.  Tease me and taste me and I promise you, we’ll rock it.

Shiver, shiver,


PS  Also, I never ever ride a cock that I haven’t tasted first….


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Yes, please

Yes, yes, yes….more of this please.

Dear Fantasy Lover,


Last time you took me to a place I had never been before.

Just thinking about you and chills run up my back and into the nape of my neck making my hair tingle. I don’t know how and why but I love what you do with my body.

You told me you would. You told me I wouldn’t regret it.

I don’t know how you knew but you were right. All I know is that I love the feeling of your hands on me. I crave it. I can’t wait til next time. I love how you nibble on me, not quite painful nips that send shock waves through me.

When I start to breathe hard and fast I know you know and you always slow down and lighten your touch at just the moment I need and want more. That tease blows me away. I love how gentle you are… sometimes I cum when you are just holding me.

I have never been with someone who puts me, my body and my pure pleasure first. Where did you come from, you rascal you, teasing and pleasing me and touching me with pleasure. I wish I could explain to you how good it feels when you do certain things.

I love when you kiss my shoulders and up into the nape of my neck. I tremble when you run your hands through my hair and grip it at the most delicious moments. I know you know I am happy when I arch my back and move toward you.

Exquisitely wicked, you always kiss everywhere but where I want you and my body always finds the magic when you finally do. I love how you sense my natural wanting as I slowly but willingly open my legs and relax.

Wasn’t it cool that time we were in the tub together, me lying up against your back and your arm around me, across my chest. I love that I am so comfortable with you that I could lay back on you and cum and cum just laying in your arms.

I hope it isn’t too long before we can be together again.

With a Shiver….

PS. I love how you taste right before you cum.

Dear Fantasy Lover….

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Yes please.

Yes please.

I still tremble at the thought of the orgasms from last time.  Like echoes, tender aftershocks of pleasure are right here…now.

I want to be kissed like that again. I want you to nibble on my lips and explore me with your tongue. As a matter of fact, I want you to explore more of me with your tongue. I want to feel kissed up and down my spine.

I want to feel your tongue on the bottom of my foot. I want to feel my toe in your mouth and I promise I will cum when you suck and nibble on me.

I want to tease and please you. I want you naked. I want to taste you in every way. I love exploring your body with my tongue. I love your stubble. I love when you tremble and moan under my spell.

I want to feel your strong arms around me and your hands on my skin. I want to lay down next to you and feel your body wind itself around me. I want your legs around me. I want to press my body against yours and lose myself in how good it feels.

I know how fucking fun it will be next time we are together. We have no obligation to each other, no promises, no broken promises.

I am having the best sex of my life and most of it is without you. I have fantastic cyber sex texting with men and pretending they are you. I think of being with you while in the tub and you are there, looking into my eyes, massaging my foot resting between your legs.

Even writing about it makes my body respond as if you are here touching me right now and that is super exciting.

The more I get, the more I want. I can’t wait til next time. I tremble at the thought of our next fantasy date.

Shivering in anticipation,

Wanna go somewhere and makeout?

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Hugging me tightly and nuzzling the back of my neck, I found it hard to catch my breath.

Yes please, I whispered.

Laughing, he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the car. Wanna drive I said, sure he said. I love how he slides his hand along my thigh and not having to concentrate on my driving. Where are we going? I asked. I know a park near by where we can park. He grinned.

Trembling with Anticipation

Trembling with Anticipation

Something inside me is doing cartwheels. When I was 17 and parked to makeout, I was so terrified my dad would find out and shoot the poor boy before beating me black and blue with his belt, I could barely get my mouth open.

I was woefully inexperienced when I married the first time and had no idea that orgasm was such a multi-faceted experience. Now, when this much younger man touches me a certain way, my body rides waves of sexual pleasure all of it orgasmic.  Each time more exciting than the last.

He genuinely enjoys my pleasure and inexplicably, I am at ease and uninhibited when I am with him.

What I love is that he is able to bring all of this bliss to me while fully clothed in the back seat of a late model mustang convertible.

Kissing is delicious and playful. Exploring each other, nipping at lips and kissing eyelids. Hands running up and down my body, occasionally a finger winds its way around my body barely inside the waistband of my jeans.

He holds me tight while one hand goes up my back underneath my sweater. His hand on my skin is breathtaking. I love being so turned on. It has been such a long time since anyone has touched me like this and I am loving it.

Sighing with delight I arch my back and lift my arms and chin. He swoops in and kisses my throat circling back to my ear. Sucking my earlobe into his warm mouth I can’t help but squeal with delight. A cute quiet little squeal, but a squeal just the same.

My legs open easily as he moves his hand higher up my leg and teases with ever lighter touches. Reading my mind he begins to stroke between my legs with just the right pressure. With absolutely no resistance I allow myself to stay right with the pleasure with abandon.

He cheers me on, tells me how beautiful I am when I respond to him like that. He is very good and his touch sends me into orgasm after orgasm. All this with my clothes on. In the car. This is pure pleasure. Two consenting cuddlers, right?

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Hey Guys…5 Cyber Sex Tips To Make Your Lady Sizzle

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Do you know which words will tingle your lady inside out with delight? If the ladies you text with run from you even though you think you are being hot and sexy, read on:Inside your text partner is a sex kitten ready to play...

Here is the first message I got from someone on an erotic text site recently:

You stare out over the balcony viewing the ocean as the sound of waves crashing on the shore fill the silence in the hotel room. Your lover approaches you from behind and unties the bow wrapped around your neck as you gown drops effortlessly to the floor revealing your nakedness. You turn around facing your lover and grab his erect penis and lead him to the bed.

It starts out good but who is this about anyway? Guys, if you want to heat things up with a woman, playful texting is the perfect vehicle. It is foreplay at its best, especially when you know the right words.

Here’s the thing, would you seriously unzip and show off on the first date? I don’t know about all women, but this woman is totally turned off by this attempt at text seduction.

There are literally thousands of lonely and sexually interested women searching for good text sex out there. If you aren’t connecting to willing sext buddies, here’s how to start:

Here are five quick tips that will heat up your texts and get you a sext buddy of your own.

1. Follow her lead when it comes to timing. If she texts you right back, do your best to do the same. If she waits…you wait.  Get clear on her expectations when it comes to how often you like to text.  If she wants you to text more often…let her know how often you text and tell her that fewer is hotter.

2. Let her know that you are all about her pleasure. Be direct about it and tell her that you intend to find out what she likes and do a lot of it.  Most women have never had a man put them first.  Your sex buddy will open up as you show her that you care how good she feels.

3. Tease to please. Ask her where she likes to be touched when with a man for the first time. Then use that information to tease her.  Ask her if there are any words that turn her off and then promise never to use them.

4. Ask her questions along the way. Give her the opportunity to say yes to you. Give her the chance to anticipate what is coming later. Try, “When I get home would you mind if I…..?” You can make her melt with the right words.

5. Flirt with her and be fun. Playful is way sexier than porn. If you want to turn a woman on and have her hot for you, come play in her world and be a little naughty.

Once you have playful word play with a woman for a while, you will know if you have chemistry or not. You don’t need to be perfect and these tricks will not work for all women.

But if you want to have great cyber sex, I can promise you that once you take the time to build a playful rapport with your sext buddy, it will be well worth it.

Heck, she might even grasp your tight and throbbing wand and lead you right to heaven.

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Have you ever had a sex buddy?

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Passionate sensual attractive young couple in love, man caressesIs there a difference between a lover and a sex buddy?

I am watching Days of our Lives and Rafe and Jordan are having sex.  Soft sexy music plays while they slowly take each other’s clothes off and kiss softly without a lot of tongue.

 Luxuriating in each others arms they are freely and openly making out.  And we sappy females love it.

Why should TV characters have better sex than we do?  I know it is fiction.  But is it fair that we can never achieve the sexual freedom and release that our characters do?  It doesn’t matter if it is TV, movies or books like 50 Shades of Grey, don’t you secretly wish you had sex like they did?

There is a man in my life, a much younger man, who is hot for me.  Me.  He is not a forever kind of guy.  He’s a bit of a gypsy.  But for right now…He is Mr. Right.  The chemistry is so potent that he can be miles away and I can still feel him touching me.

Thirty years ago I would be thinking…I want to marry this man.

Today, at 61, I am just enjoying him.  Enjoying how I feel because of his attention.  Enjoying him touching my body.  Enjoying how he calls my name while we are making out.  You see, like Rafe and Jordan and the rest of the love making couples we see on daily TV, it is hot hot hot to make out.

I am not ready to have sex with a man yet.  I am still licking my wounds from a failed former relationship and I don’t want to be in love right now.

But in a crazy twist of delicious fate, along comes Mr. Why Not.  Young and attractive with broad shoulders,  sapphire blue eyes and coal black hair… oozing sexual energy.

Over the years, I depended on solo sex to satisfy myself and learned how I like to climax.  With the right audio or video to tease and great toys, finding orgasm is not hard for me.  In fact, multiple orgasms are the rule.  While much of my life has been a challenge, being sexual has actually flourished.


There is nothing like the feeling you get when the right man wants to be with you.

It began with hugs that made me melt into him.  I couldn’t help myself.  I felt safe in his arms.  We are doing a lot of making out…I am in no hurry and he is eager to please.  You can have a hell of a lot of fun with your clothes on.  You should try it.

I find myself picking things to wear for how they will feel when he is running his hands down my body.  We don’t have that much time together which makes things even sweeter.  The anticipation of next time makes my heart race.

So which is he…a lover or a sex buddy?

More importantly…does it really matter?  Well, here’s the thing.

I am having better sex and definitely more fun when I am having sex (in the makeout stage, I had a delicious and long lasting orgasm just from kissing and being massaged and stroked with my clothes on).

Do I want to be naked with this man?

Yes.  But I am consciously choosing to steer my newly awakened sexual self Flirty and Playful Texts are Irresistibleinto my writing and I belong to an adult chat site where I practice super safe sex with flirty and very skilled cyber lovers in text conversations.  Quite entertaining and as turned on as I am, very fulfilling.

I love feeling like this.  I don’t want to fall in love with Mr. Why Not.  He is not promising anything.  We barely know each other.  The sex is fantastic and I am having lots of fun.  Sounds like a sex buddy to me.  Once upon a time, my belief system would have never allowed me to be this uninhibited and open with a man.

What do you think?  Have you had a sex buddy?  How did it work out for you?

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“What’s a little harmless cuddling amongst consenting cuddlers?”

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Text: What is a little harmless cuddling between two consenting cuddlers.

ImageIt was those adorable words that started it all.

Something inside of me melted when I read it. A piece of resistance to letting myself be loved again fell away as I let myself want that cuddle so adorably offered.

Last night, just a few days after that little invitation I had the first of what I know is not the last one hour orgasm…like a physical echoing that held my body in ecstasy while I went about my business. It just didn’t want to stop.

I hadn’t touched myself, spoken to anyone or watched any porn…even the always fabulous erotica created by women for women. No, all this happened from a text conversation.

I found a website that offers hookups to people looking for virtual sexual partners but in a very classy way. No in your face sexuality at all. Discreet and inviting. Women are free and men purchase credits to connect with women members.

It is red hot texting with a lover. The crazy anticipatory turn-on knowing your person is with you in real time and all about your pleasure is ridiculous. Holy Crap.

I was contacted by men nearly immediately on the site and the very first one brought me this gift of an hour long orgasmic paradise. He was not the only one involved though…here is why I was on the site in the first place.

I am killer attracted to a man who is not available to me right now. I can barely resist him and while I know he is interested and seems to care about me beyond how good we could be physically, I am just not in a position to be having sex with someone right now. In person sex, that is.

So, here’s what happened. FunInOhio was texting me on line in a private chat room. He was detailing what he wanted to be doing to me, had a degree of fun and creativity and it was mildly hot. Mildly because he had me naked immediately and was acting as if I was already aroused and ready for that.

He, like many men sexters I meet, skipped right over the all important Setting The Stage Step and was out of sync with my desire.

But, when I imagined it was my unavailable guy who was typing what he wanted to do to me…. , the cuddler mentioned above, I melted in a way that let me orgasm in waves and waves. I was completely alone in the experience physically but his energy was all around and over me. I felt safe and relaxed like never before and I just coasted into a matchless body state.

There is something about being alone that let me relax in a profoundly deeper way than I do with a partner.

There was family in the next room. I just sat there on the couch and my body went to a place of crazy delicious and over the top feel good. FunInOhio didn’t want anything in return. He seemed genuinely wowed by my experience.

And my unavailable guy? I don’t think he realizes what his texts are doing to and for me. I can’t wait to explore this option. Maybe one day we will add that dimension but until I am ready to be with someone physically again, I plan on having some some great sexual fun and enjoy the anonymity of the internet in a way that works for me.