My First Time – From Virgin To Virtuoso

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By Angel and Hudson (My newest writer….we love Hudson!)

My First Time

My heart about beat out of my chest….


The truth is, I never set out to lose my virginity to an older woman.

Fed up with women my age, I had just been dumped by another girl who couldn’t even tell me why she was breaking up with me.  Old school as it might be, I treat women well and was planning to save myself for marriage. I wanted to give that special woman everything including my virginity.  Making it worse, I see the jerks and losers with hot girls who won’t even give me the time of day.

In the meantime I had burning desires and no one to talk to

One hot summer night, I ventured on a sex chat site. I struggled to find women there to talk to because their guard was up against all the losers pestering them for quick sex. Why should they think I’m any different?

Out of frustration, I messaged a woman “I suppose you are going to ignore me too.” Little did I know how much I would regret that first text. She was patient with me and I found out she was a wonderful person.

Somehow she seemed more real than some of my past real time girlfriends and I felt terrible for the way I approached her. She was not to blame for the crap other women had pulled on me. She said she was 36 and married to a loving man, but her sex life was almost non-existent.

After a week or so we exchanged pictures

I confessed to her I was a virgin and she confessed she was actually 59. We each thought the other would be turned away by this news, but it brought us closer if anything.  We didn’t know if we would meet because neither liked the idea of cheating and I was still wanting to save myself for my future spouse.

One thing led to another and before long we were exchanging some hot fun texts.  I swear I got to the point that I got hard just hearing the text alert coming from my phone.  Soon we were meeting on Skype and my desire for her, to actually be with her physically, became overwhelming.  She had an amazing body for her age and I just want to taste her, feel her, massage her.

She  taught me a lot over the months.

 “Never forget how important it is to create that sexual tension,” she said.  “Once you have her riding the wave of her own desire for you, keep that tension going as long as possible. Make her wait.”

When she turned 60, we had been chatting for several months. She retired and was living in her winter house while her husband stayed at their other home.  “How about you fly down to help me celebrate my birthday.” She texted me one day out of the blue.  This time the bulge in my pants throbbed with instant desire.  My heart caught in my throat as I texted back to her, “Nothing I would enjoy more!

“Fabulous! When can you come (wink wink)” came the text reply

I tried to stay nonchalant, as if getting an invitation to spend a hot weekend with a sexy older woman was something that happened every day.  “When is good? I will book a flight.”  My fingers fumbled with the buttons on my phone as I tried to get Suri to pull up flight info.

The thought of being in her bed intoxicated me.  I reached down and held my firm self while I waited for the airline agent to come back to the phone.  I wondered what she would be like in person.  I was scared partly, what if she didn’t like me?  What if I disappointed her?

“Sir? Sir?” a female voice interrupted me

“I have a flight on Thursday at 9 am, will that work for you?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely!” I thought.

“Book it.” I said.

We agreed not to have any skype meetings until I got there.  Her idea to create even more anticipation than we already had.  She told me that women over 50 need a lot of time to feel totally aroused.  “If it gets too hard for you,” she told me one night, “take care of your own business before we chat. You never want to pressure a woman because you need to come.”  I loved how honest she was with me.

Somehow I made it through the rest of the week and next thing you know, I was headed toward West Palm.  My heart was pounding hard when the pilot announced our arrival. Knowing that she was so close was killing me.  Luckily, I had just my backpack and did not have to deal with luggage.  As soon as we were on the ground, I turned on my phone.

“Can’t wait, baby.” Was the text waiting for me “I’ll be in front in the black jaguar convertible.” 

Rushing past people, I hurried to the exit.  The minute I got outside, I saw her.  She looked beautiful in that car.  Big sunglasses and beautiful lipstick on full lips, a hat to protect her from the sun.  She got out of the car and walked around to meet me.   She had white capri’s and a shocking pink wife beater that accentuated her curves.  I could barely breathe.

She reached up around my neck and hugged me. “I am so glad you came.” She whispered in my ear.  Her perfume filled my nose and I melted in her arms.

“Move it along!  Move it along!”  The security guy said to us, blowing his whistle.  I thought I saw a twinkle in his eye.

She put her hand on my thigh and I covered it with mine.  We talked about something on the way to her place, but I couldn’t tell you what it was.  Once we got there, I had to lay down, my head in her lap as she drove into her garage so the neighbors wouldn’t see me.  As soon as the garage door was closed, she reached for me and I came the second she touched me.

“Don’t worry about it.” She said.  “We have all weekend.”

As soon as we were in the house, I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom.  She gave herself to me in every way. I didn’t feel very confident at first but once we started kissing, fondling and holding each other, she melted into me and let me stroke her and touch her.  Because I had come already in the car, I was able to concentrate on her and her pleasure.

She was willing and responsive to my touch.  Her orgasm was deep and I felt amazing knowing that it was me that was giving this to her.  Her hand was scratching the top of my head as her moans of pure pleasure filled the room.  “Yes, yes, please never stop.” She whispered hoarsely.

I was young and I stayed hard the whole time I pleasured her.  Once her orgasm was over, she gave me a blow job I will never forget.  She worked me over like she genuinely cared for me.  She told me she had never had a cock as thick as mine.  I could feel myself building up, Oh God.

Aching with need I let myself go.  She sucked and milked me as I held her hair back so I could see how beautiful she looked.  Everything I hoped for was happening.  She held me in her mouth until I got soft and then she crawled up and snuggled herself against my chest.

She was insatiable and a great coach

We spent most of the next 3 days exploring each other’s fantasies and ordering in food. By the last day, we had christened every room in her new house.  She was insatiable and a great coach. She gave me so much confidence in myself and was totally cool about me being inexperienced at first.

I definitely don’t regret giving my virginity to her and I can’t wait to meet with her again. We both know it will happen soon. You never know what life will throw at you. I never thought I would meet someone from a chat site, let alone with the rude way I introduced myself. I will forever be grateful that she didn’t judge me and gave me a chance.

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Cougar Erotica: Sexy Snowy Boston Fantasy

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hot cuddling 3

Read Part 1 Here: Sexy Snowy Spring Day In Boston

There was so much I wanted to know. Was he dating anyone? How old was he? Was I the oldest woman he has been with? But all the questions muddled together in a wave of desire when I felt his hands running up the side of my body. His fingers just barely stroking my jeans and long sleeve tee.

“Please don’t stop, I….”

My back arched itself pressing my body toward his. My body was responding to him as if it had a life of its own. “Please don’t stop, I….” my words smothered by his smouldering kisses. I tipped my head back and followed his lead. My tongue tangled with his, each of us reaching, probing, tasting.

“Roll over,” he said smoothing the fleece next to him. I responded instantly. He had complete control of the moment and I was bewitched by him. “That’s my girl,” he said in a low whisper. The next thing I felt was him straddling my thighs and his hands squeezing my shoulders. His body weight held me in place.

“I don’t suppose you would like a little massage now would you?” He teased. “Mmmmmm…” was all I could manage. He smoothed my tee shirt working his way down my back with soft strokes. Goosebumps hit me in waves. Feeling his hands on my body through the pima cotton of my shirt made me squirm with delight.

I inhaled deeply, if he only knew.

He returned to my upper back and put his thumbs at the base of my head. Slowly he kneaded the tight sore muscles across my back and shoulders. “Ouch!” I said involuntarily. “You ok?” He asked stopping in place. “Oh yeah,” I giggled, “Hurts so good.” “OK, let me work it out.” He said leaning his thumbs into the knot.

“Tough day?” He whispered as he worked his strong fingers up and down the muscles on either side of my spine. I inhaled deeply, if he only knew. Instead I purred, “Better now!” Thanks to the wine and his intuitive touch, my body was melting like butter on a hot steaming buttermilk biscuit.

As if reading my mind, he began to stroke my sides, fingers just skimming the sides of my breasts again. I couldn’t control the shivers that told him all he needed to know. He slid to the side and gently kneaded down the back of each thigh. My hips began to move and I moved my legs apart to get more comfortable.

He responded with nips and bites.

He started with my right leg and began squeezing just above my knee…both hands wrapped around my leg. Slowly he moved his hands up my thigh until his hands squeezed right at the crease of my bum, his fingers brushing tantalizingly close to my lady bits.

I couldn’t help the small moans and cries that were bubbling up out of me. He was making me feel better than I knew I could feel. I felt an orgasm coming. I was so hungry for release that my body began to buck under his touch.

Sensing my need, Steve rolled me over and pulled me close. He began to kiss me, my lips swollen with desire opened and pulled his tongue into my mouth. He responded with nips and bites. I squealed with delight. He laughed and kissed me harder. I couldn’t get enough.

I could barely breathe.

He ran his hand down the center of my body, between my breasts and slowly approached my legs. I lifted my hips to meet him. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted his hand on me. I reached to push his hand to my now damp panties. He said, “Not yet, not yet,” taking my hand and wrapping my arm around his neck.

He then slipped his hand under my shirt and crept up toward my belly. Soon I felt his hand on my naked breast, kneading my nipple with just the right pressure. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” I gasped. I could barely breathe.

Deep heaving pants took the place of my words and my orgasm took over. Shivering and convulsing, wave after delicious wave washed over me.

“Baby, Baby” I gasped as he held me tight, leg between my legs and holding my ladybits in a mesmerizing grip of pleasure.

“Take it in baby,” he whispered. “You deserve this.  Take it in.”

My breathing started to slow down and I melted into his arms.  A tear formed on my cheek as he stroked my hair and held me.  “Shhhh, shhhhh,” I heard.

“A real shame that snow storm cancelled my flight,” he laughed slowly, letting me sit up and reach for my wine.

“Yeah,” I grinned back…”Dirty rotten shame. And we have all night.”

To Be Continued – I know, I am such a tease, right?

OK…here is the next chapter:  Morning After Sex

Tales of a Cyber Sex Virgin or How I Became an Accidental Cougar

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Baby, I love tasting you....

Baby, I love tasting you….


It was one year ago right now when I found myself single, in my sixties with a younger man devoted to my pleasure.

I never expected to be by myself, a happy single with a fantastic sex life.  And Cyber Sex?  Are you kidding???  This good little former Catholic girl? LOL

And, when I say devoted, I mean this younger lover is devoted.  Once he turned on the sexy dormant place in me that had forgotten how great sex can be, I was ignited for sure.  That is when I started writing erotica and when I started to attract the attention of literally hundreds of men.

It has been a wild ride this year and I want to thank you for your love and encouragement as I continue to meet fabulous writers and share the winning formula with you:

A Little Guy Lust + A Little Lady Lust = Delicious.

So to celebrate with you, here is the very first entry from this Accidental Cougar, enjoy!

What’s a little harmless cuddling between consenting cuddlers?


PS  The “unavailable man” in this story became a pure sex buddy to me and over the last year we meet every few weeks for mutual pleasure and lots of fun.  He is my muse.

PPSS  Ever wonder how to attract a great sex buddy yourself?  Click here for more info:  Talk to Angel

Cougar Erotica: High School Fantasy Comes True

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Miss Callahan In My Dreams

Miss Callahan In My Dreams

By Angel and Justin K.

The invite for the high school reunion laid on the desk.  I was a nerdy geek back then and wasn’t so interested in going back to those lonely memories.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out even though I had zip zero interest in watching all the cool kids all grown up.

I only had one high school experience worth talking about and it has stuck with me for the last 20 years.  One stolen kiss.  One hot moment that I have never forgotten.  Miss Callahan.

She was the thirty something English teacher and all the boys drooled over her.  Long blonde hair and killer blue eyes, there was always a group of kids in her room after school.  She directed the high school plays and I know I wasn’t the only guy who fantasized about being alone with Miss Callahan.

That first kiss was stunning

“I wonder if she will be at the reunion,”  I found myself thinking more than once.

Standing in the kitchen with my steaming mug of coffee, I turned the envelope over and over in my hands and closed my eyes.  I had joined the crew so I could hang around the cool kids and Miss Callahan.  My task was to paint the backdrop for the school musical.  Somehow that night, everyone else was gone and in she walked.  Skinny white jeans and bright pink tee shirt covered with a painters smock.  Her hair piled on top of her head in a messy ponytail.  I love ponytails.

“Nice job!”  She said, startling me. “Didn’t mean to spook you,”  she laughed.

“Uh, that’s ok,” I said, struggling to sound cool in my lower register.  She was so beautiful and I was shocked into instant stiffness.  A painful ache registered all over my body.  I rearranged my painters apron to cover the evidence, laid my paint roller down and tried to act normal.

“We can finish that tomorrow,”  she said, “Let’s wrap up for tonight.”

Ha, if she only knew how much I would like to wrap HER up.  Fat chance.

I cleaned up the paint roller and put away the ladder.  She locked the classroom and then returned to the gym.  We walked out together.  It was awkwardly quiet.  I was throbbing and felt a wave of courage rise up and demand action.

“Miss Callahan?”

“Yes,” she answered turning to me and looking up into my eyes.

I reached down and traced my index finger along her hairline and down around her ear, tucking a loose strand of golden hair in place.  She did not resist.  Her lips parted slightly and she moved closer. That first kiss was stunning.  As a highschooler, I was completely clumsy and clueless but bless that woman’s heart,  she kissed me back and we spent a very short time tasting and tempting each other.  My tongue felt so good in her mouth, I wanted more and held her tight.

“You are adorable but this can’t happen again”

I was hungry for a relationship and would have given anything for her to be the one.  Reality hit quickly.  She pulled away, blushing furiously and apologizing.  “I am so sorry.  You are adorable but this can’t happen again.”  She put her hand on my shoulder and we hugged.  After that, I wanted to be together all the time, an agonizing urgent need.  She was true to her word though and nothing happened again.

“I wonder if faculty come to these reunions,”  I found myself thinking as a familiar ache stirred me below.  I tore open the envelope and scanned the letter.  The usual routine, dates, times, event schedule, fees but what was this?  A Facebook Page set up for the event?  I chuckled to myself as I opened my laptop and signed on to my account.

A quick search brought up the event. 450 invited and already 200 or so had sent in a response.  I scanned down the page seeing people I hadn’t seen for years.  Ha!  I dropped a few comments and razzed a couple of old buddies.

Then I spotted a face that stopped my breath.  It was her.  Miss Callahan, looking me right in the eye with a selfie that looked like no time had passed.  Silky blonde hair, dimpled chin and deep blue eyes.  I looked at the name.  Cassie Bronson.  My heart dropped.  She was married.  I clicked on her link and scrolled through the pictures and posts.

My eyes froze on the most recent post. “See you all at the reunion in August.”

I had to see her again.

My heart sped up and my breath rose in my throat.  My pants tightened as the memory of that kiss flooded my mind.  The reunion took on a whole new meaning.  I had to see her again.  I was a year out of my last relationship and available.

I looked back at the Facebook page, clicked that I would attend and added a message to the stream.  “Looking forward to seeing everyone, especially you, Anderson,” a jab at my old locker mate.  I made my flight and hotel arrangements that night.  Then I headed over to to find a little fun.

The morning of the flight I woke up after a restless sleep without the alarm.  All I could think of was seeing her, Cassie.  I had been fantasizing about this moment since I saw her on Facebook.  I went through the motions at the airport and got myself comfortable for the short flight.  I was in my hotel room before dark.

I changed into jeans and a white t-shirt, spritzed with cologne and walked down to the bar for a drink.  I saw her right away.  Sitting with her back to me in a red knit dress, legs crossed and feet in black patent leather pumps.  Immediately my body responded and my breath caught in my throat. God help me.

I took a deep breath and walked over.  “Can I buy you a drink?” I said.  She turned around and gave me a huge smile.  Had there been any fear that she wouldn’t remember me, it was gone in an instant.  I took her hand and kissed it.  “Miss Callahan, Cassie, how the hell are you?”

She blushed and put her hand on my arm.  “I am good.  It is great to see you again.  You look great.”

I wanted her and I didn’t care who knew

“You too,” I said looking her up and down. I pulled her to her feet and hugged her.  My blood rushed down and quickened me.  I didn’t bother to hide myself.  I wanted her and I didn’t care who knew.  She responded, leaning into me. The first kiss was stunning, as hot as highschool, we were both hungry for each other.

I kissed her lightly on the lips and then pressed in as she opened her mouth and relaxed.  We kissed as long as it was possible given that we were in public. My hands ran along her body and feeling her curves sent a lightning bolt running through me.

My thumb barely stroked the edge of her breast through the red silky material of her dress. Allowing me access was a gift to me, a sign that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.   A quick drink for each of us and I tossed a couple of bills on the bar, took her hand and led her toward the lobby.  “Where….?” she started to say until I leaned my index finger on her lips and said “Shhh”.

We stood together holding hands and waited for the elevator to open.  My heart was pounding with excitement.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands, my mouth all over her.  I licked my lips with a dry tongue and pulled her in for a kiss.  More passion this time, exploring each other with open mouth kisses, her body quivered as my fingers traced the plunging neckline of her dress.

My hand slid closer to her breasts as she massaging my chest through my shirt.  The elevator opened and we stepped in. I looked down and met her Caribbean blue eyes. Her hand skimmed down my belly and over my zipper.  She bit her lip when she discovered my hardness under her touch.  I took her hand and kissed it, never breaking eye contact with her.

I  tried to control my excitement, I mean this was Miss Callahan. I put her hand on my shoulder and began to dance with her to the beat of the jazzy elevator music.  “Classy,” she laughed. “Nothing but the best for you,” I laughed back.  Dancing together, we pressed into each other like hungry kids.  My leg between hers, her arms lifted around my neck, leaving her breasts against my chest.

The elevator chimed announcing our arrival on my floor.  I took her hand and led her down the hall to my suite.  I slid the key card through the slot and swung the door open.  Grasping wildly at each other,  buttons were located and unfastened exposing cotton and silk of briefs and panties.  She moaned as my fingers stroked her lady bits through the damp silk of her panties.  I am careful not to touch her skin.  Not yet.

She reached to stroke me, straining against the cotton of my boxers, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her arm around my neck, lifting her so I could carry her to the bed.  She nestled into the nook between my shoulder and neck trailing feathery kisses and sending chills up my spine.  She ran her red lacquered nails in small circles between my shoulder blades under my shirt.

I laid her on the bed and responded as she reached up toward me.  “I have always dreamed of this,” she whispered hoarsely.  “I never forgot you.”

My throat when dry and I was speechless.  SHE thought of ME?  The need I had been holding for so long began to drive me.  I wound my fingers through her hair and pulled so I could kiss her throat.  Moaning with desire, I could feel the vibration of her moans against my lips.

She shivered under my touch

Stroking down her side with one hand while I nibbled and kissed my way down the center point of her body.  She shivered under my touch.  “Yes,” she cried softly, “yes, yes, yes…….”  Soft whimpers took the place of the moans when I reached the top of her mound. She deftly lifted her hips to match my moves and maintain constant pressure on her favorite spot .

My mouth finally found her delicious folds.  Her legs were now relaxed and open, an invitation I had waited forever to enjoy.  “Yes, please….” she begged as I tasted and enjoyed her beautiful body.

She reached for me once again, fumbling with the fly on my boxers.  “No you don’t, baby.”  I whispered as I crawled up next to her to kiss her mouth again.  My hand trailed down her body once again until I reached her still throbbing lady bits.  “Are you trying to kill me.”  she panted.  I laughed softly kissing her into silence again.  Assured by her reactions that she was pleased I rested my hand on her lower belly, fingers just cradling her pubic bone.

I held her there like that for a long long time until her breath finally settled and I knew she was asleep.  Miss Callahan.  Asleep in MY arms.  Crying out MY name. A broad smile crossed my face as I wrapped my arms around her and buried my face in her hair.  God she smelled good.

Stay Tuned For Part 2

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Cougar Erotica – Seduction At The Beach House

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I love how I feel when I am with you!

I love how I feel when I am with you!

By Angel and Tyrstero

You sit alone on the dune at sunset with your knees tucked under your chin. A long baby blue cashmere sweater blankets your bare legs.

I stand and watch for a while as you try to warm your toes with your fingers as the evening wind rises, blowing your wild, free hair from your eyes. You take a deep breath of crisp sea air into your lungs. You look beautiful sitting there, fading light glimmering on freckled skin.

I approach and kneeling behind you, wrap my strong arms around your shoulders. You lean into me and I kiss your neck gently. “Feeling better?” I whisper as I nibble on your earlobe. I could feel the edginess brought on by the corporate ass kissing you endure every day melt away under my touch.

I Feel Myself Stiffen

I pour the last of the Cabernet into your glass as you recline back against me. “Yes,” you reply with a deep sigh. We sit in silence watching the sun disappear into the sea, the only sounds surrounding us are wind, waves and an occasional gull call. Even though I feel myself stiffen with the weight of your body against me, I shift position knowing that you need time to decompress.

I wrap my arms around you as you shiver in the chill of the evening. I hold you a bit tighter, kissing the top of your head. “Ready to go in?” I ask. Rising to my feet, I reach for your hand. Kissing your beautifully manicured fingers, I help you to your feet and gather the blanket, wine glasses and bottle. Walking down the sandy trail to our bungalow, you tuck your arm in mine and slide your hand in my jacket pocket.

I Know It Took You A Long Time To Believe Me

We reach the weathered staircase leading away from the beach. You are a few steps in front of me and I am mesmerized by the motion of your lovely bum as you climb the wooden steps to the door. My eyes drift down over the graceful bend of your sun-kissed legs. I know it took you a long time to believe me when I told you that being with you was hot for me. “You could have your choice of women your age,” you told me more than once.

Watching you climb the wooden steps I catch the hot pink curve of your swimsuit under your sweater. “No Baby,” you whisper again, “I may have younger women in my world, but you are the woman I want.” As you take the last steps into the house, I focus on the shapely arc of your inner thighs. Yes, you are all I want.

Tossing the blanket on the table, I turn to you and pull you close. Your tousled hair always turns me on and now, with a touch of wind burn on your cheeks, I am struck silent with appreciation.

“How about a massage?” I said softly, “Maybe I can stroke some of that corporate bullshit out of your system for the weekend.”

I Feel You Relax Into Me

“Yes, yes,” you smiled up at me, “That would be fabulous.” You reach up on tip toes with your adorable face lifted, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. I answer back with a gentle but passionate kiss. I feel you relax into me and tighten my hold around your waist. “You are in for a treat, Angel. You deserve to be ravished and satisfied to the tips of your toes.” A muffled giggle is your response. God how I love that giggle.

Once inside you call back to me, “I’m going to take a shower.”

I turn from lighting the fire and my eyes follow you into the bedroom. Watching you pull the sweater over your head, I can’t help but harden as an ache of desire runs through me.

“I am so sandy,” you say. “The water will feel good.” You turn toward the bathroom, but I stop you by the bed. “Do you need someone to scrub your back?” I ask running my hand along the curve of your torso.

You stop and turn to me with a mischievous smile. “Oh, I think I can manage,” you wink, “but you can open us a fresh bottle of that red I love.”

We Have All Night

I go outside on the deck grateful for the blast of chilly air. Breathing deeply with my eyes closed, I relax and remind myself that we have all night. A part of me wants to be in that shower with you. Slipping my soapy hands over your curves. Shit I want you. But I know that you love slow, plus, now so do I.

I return to our room, stoke the fire and open the wine. A knock at the door announce the arrival of the chocolate covered strawberries, your favorite formaggio italiano, Bitto, and the rosemary water crackers you get from the specialty bakery.

I hear the bathroom door open and when I turn I try to breathe normally as my eyes sweep up and down drinking in the ivory silk gown. Delicate black embroidery details the edges of the slit running from the floor to the top of your thigh. I swallow hard. “Wow.” I manage to stammer out.

You smile that 1000 watt smile that always melts me. Biting your lip you walk toward me. “You look beautiful, gorgeous Angel.” You look down. It still breaks my heart to see how hard it is for you to receive compliments. I take my finger and lift your chin. “Look at me.” I command with a smirk.

Repeat after me. “I am a beautiful, sexy and desirable woman.” Holding your chin so you can’t look away I wait. “I am a beautiful, sexy and desirable woman,” you smiled up at me.” “Good girl.” I say pulling you in for a kiss. Your skin is moist and supple under my touch, and I get to touch more. I can’t wait.

I Have Been Aching For This

“Do you want a glass of wine before your massage?” I wondered.

“Massage first, please,” you say flashing knowing eyes filled with flirty intention. Thank god, I thought. My desire is near redlining. “I’ll set up the table,” I say as I lead you to the chair by the fireplace.

I put on the new age music you love and smooth the silk sheets on the massage table. I pick you up and hold you tight before I lay you on the table. You hold my hand and then bring it to your warm lips. Kissing my fingers you say, “Thanks in advance, I have been aching for this. I am so glad you are here. I want you right now.” I reach down and kiss your forehead. “Oh don’t worry, baby, you’ll have me.” You take a breath and close your eyes…..

Stay Tuned For Part 2

Hey Guys, Here’s How To Warm Her Up For A Quickie

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I know how to make a quickie fun!

I know how to make a quickie fun!

As a woman, I can tell you that quickies are challenging.

For me, when my lover gives me the quickie signal and I know there is time for just a bit of sex, I know it won’t be enough for me. I am 100% okay with that, because he is very attentive when we have the time. (Here is what happens when we have more time—click here!)

If there are too many quickies, I owe it to myself and to him to tell him so.

I know that, but it is hard for me to speak up. I don’t want to hurt him, but I want to ask for more. What would you do if you were in my shoes? What would you say? Thanks for helping out, because I want sex to be great for both of us!

Speaking of which, I just had to share this piece of deliciousness that one of my writers sent to me. This is such a fantastic example of how quickly you can get your woman to say yes to more quickies. Here’s what to do:

If you plan ahead just a little bit (you can do it, I know you can!) you can text her something like this and she will be much more interested in getting her hands and mouth on you—quickly!

The key is to text this to her slowly. Make her wait between messages.

Hey You….

I was just day dreaming about the next time I see you….

I can see you now. Standing there, in front of me.

My hands around the back of your neck.

A small kiss hello. Followed by an admiring smile.

You open your mouth to say something, but I give you another quick kiss.

My hands slide forward, around your neck.

My thumbs follow the outline of your chin

As they start down your chest, my fingers catch on the neckline of your blouse.

I lean in and kiss you again. This time our heads stay together.

I release the hold of the first button.

My breath, hot against your cheek

The second button releases its hold.

Your hands on my arms.

The third button is undone.

The curve of your breast catches my eyes.

(Be sure to text the last couple just as you pull into the drive.)

You can thank me later.

Love, Angel


[Cougar Tips] How To Give Your Cub A Cyber Blowie

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Knock Him Out!

Knock Him Out!

Are you a little shy when it comes to getting it on with your guy?

You might enjoy dabbling in a little cyber sexual play to practice your technique.  Technique?  How can you give a  blow job at a distance?  You can entertain your guys imagination and inspire him to take matters into his own hands.

The key to a great cyber blow job is simple.

Paint a vivid picture with your words. Text one part of the story at a time. You don’t need a scene for this story. He’s a guy, he will be ready for this cyber treat anytime!

Try sexting this story to him one number at a time and see if you can get that hunka hunka burnin’ love to whimper…

1. I want to give you a massage, I can’t wait to run my hands over your body.. If I were there, I would make you lay on your belly and straddle you.

2. I have your favorite massage oil and I can’t wait to rub your back. I lean over and my nipples just graze the smooth shiny skin between your shoulder blades. I feel them stiffen as they skim your back.

3. I feel you squirm under me, I know you want to turn over and kiss me, take me, but I won’t let you. It is my time, my turn to choose the time.

4. My hands start to stroke your sides and my fingers fingers slip under your hip bones. I feel you raise your hips as I stretch my fingers in so close to you but stopping just short.

5. Should I go on?

6. I slide off to one side and tell you to turn over now.

7. I crawl up until I can finally kiss you. I am on top and I am touching your lips so gently with mine. You reach hungry for a deeper kiss and I lean away…teasing you. I move backwards kissing your chin…down your neck, my breast brushing your chest as I move down.

8. My tongue circles each nipple licking, nipping at the skin on your chest.  I let one hand drift between your legs. I take the boys in my hands and massage them gently as while I kiss and lick my way down your belly. Your fingers wrap themselves in my hair and you pull me close.

9. I stop and look up at you and whisper, “I can’t wait to f**k you with my mouth.” (You might just get a whimper at this point.)

10. I keep kissing down your lower belly letting my cheek rest against your throbbing self and look up at you. “What do you want”, I whisper looking deeply into your eyes.

11. I wrap your penis (fill in your favorite street name if you wish) in my hand and slowly slip my lips around and over the rosey glistening tip. My tongue moves slowly under the ridge and around the tip in a figure 8.

12. Next I trace my lips with your stiff self and then slowly take you into my warm wet mouth. I love how it feels to stretch my lips and take you in. All the way in and then pulling away slowly until I reach your head again. Your hands stroke my back and shoulders and I shiver in delight.

13. Laying down next to you I run the outside of my teeth up and down the underside of your cock. I moan in my throat at how good it feels to lick and kiss you as I fondle the boys and tickle the soft skin of your smooth thighs.

14. I kiss and nip (carefully) down under the boys and kiss and suck my way toward the soft skin down under.

15. I slowly work my way back up, hand on the base of your shaft and start to suck and massage you. As I suck and glide I feel you straining to hold back your orgasm wishing you could make it last but needing release. I hear you panting and calling my name. I smile and suck harder.

16. I speed up my hand sliding up and down at the same time I am sucking and swirling the tip. At last I feel your body convulse and the orgasm hits you. I know to be so still while I hold you in my mouth. I feel you soften and whisper my name.

17. I crawl up to rest in your arms. You kiss me tenderly and I feel your hands stroking my back and hips. We snuggle together and breathe in the warm summer air. Sleep will come soon.

It will take a little practice but you will find cyber sexting is a real turn on when you relax and enjoy him. The good news is that you can’t mess up here. Even if it is your first time, he will be over the moon being pleasured like that and appreciare your efforts for sure.


A Bit of Cougar Erotica and A Word on Sex Buddies

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I Love Having A Sex Buddy

Cub:  “Are you busy?”

Cougar:  “No, just watching a movie.  What’s up?”

Cub:  “Just wondered if you want to come over and pick me up, we could mess around a little…”

Cougar:  “K, I’ll be there in an hour.”

Something melts in me as a silly smitten smile spreads itself over my face.

 Yay.  I started a shower and poured a glass of wine.  Things had heated back up again after cooling down a bit over summer. Once again there was some sweet messing around going on in the backseat of a certain Cougar’s car.

Amazing the leverage one can get in the back seat of a car.  I love dating a younger man.  Especially a younger man with an imagination.  He makes me feel like I am 17 again.  We are no strings attached, physical only sex buddies.  He’s in his 40s, I’m in my 60s.

Tonight was absolutely perfect.  

We drove to a dark parking lot at an area park and climbed into the back seat.  He sat in the passenger rear seat and I snuggled in in front of him with my legs in the drivers side rear seat.

He held me close and I inhaled his scent.  My breath sped up and my body began to respond to his touch. He ran his hands down my sides and over the outside of my sweats, down my outer thighs.  He knows me well and I trust my pleasure in his hands.  Mmmmmm.

I shivered and a little moan escaped my lips.  He slowly swept up my inner thigh lifting his hand as he approached the edge of pleasure and then wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. Breathing faster and thirsty for this squeeze I pressed my body into his.

“I love this, oh god….” my voice faded into giggles.  “I love making you feel like this.”  He said and started to kiss me again.  We hadn’t kissed like this in a very long time.

 Sweet playful kisses, nips and nibbles.  

Meanwhile his hand has found its way up my inner thigh again and this time my legs swing open easily as he strokes me through the soft pima cotton fabric.  The electricity of his touch made me squeal with delight as he pressed just right to trigger wave after wave of pure orgasm.

“Are you ok?”  He’s kidding, right?

Panting and shivering I managed to choke out, “Oh my yes…yes….please, baby.”

He covered my mouth with his and our tongues probed and danced as his hand pressed down between my legs. One more big shiver and I collapsed into his arms.

After I caught my breath I reached down and felt him through his shorts. He was hard in my hands and helped me open his zipper.  I love the feel of hardness  in my hands.  It is exciting for me to have someone to play with.

I know he wants my mouth on him.

 I also know that making him wait makes it better. I pulled up his shirt and laid my head on his belly. He wrapped my hair in his fingers.  “Oh Angel.” He moaned as I blew over his most tender spot.  I licked him long and slow and then I stopped and looked at him, batting my girlie green eyes and letting him know how very much I love messing around with him.

I moved back up and we kissed again.  Enjoying each other, feasting, nibbling, laughing and then I returned to his lap and cupped his boys in my hand.  He is hairless and the velvety texture of the skin against my fingers is delicious.

My hands ache to touch a man.  When I have the chance I take my time with long slow strokes.  My hands tingle with pleasure.

Why do I love this friends with benefits relationship?

1. We have great sex.  It is not making love but it is a sweet love-making that is in many ways best sex I’ve ever had.  Maybe I will call it making kindness.  It is an amazing gift to spend a long time pleasuring someone.  We are on the same wave length sexually and have little else in common.

2.  He’s a Ladies First kind of guy.  While there have been a couple of quickies in our history, when we get together to play, we play.  Sometimes for a few hours. He always makes sure that I am done and done in.  I love that about him.  By time I am in my orgasmic echoes, I can’t wait to kiss, taste and play with him.

3.  I’m a lady who loves pleasing her man.   He is very verbal when I go down on him and I love that. It turns me on when he tells me how hot I make him feel. I love his hands in my hair.  I am uninhibited and free flowing with him and the echoes of our time together feed my writing for days on end.

4.  I love the detachment I am learning.   I love how I feel when I am with him and I love how I feel when I leave him.  I feel like I step into a time machine.  I feel all of 17 years old again. Messing around in the back seat of the car is as much fun as it was once upon a time…no, more fun.  Cuddling, kissing and fondling….  Heck, most of the sex I have with him is fully clothed.  Hey don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it for a few decades.

5.  I don’t live with him.  His life, habits, diet and sleep patterns are his own.  I have my home, my life, my friends and my work that I nurture and enjoy.   I don’t need to disclose my private life, credit score or other personal information.  I also don’t need to run a credit check, meet his family, introduce him to my kids or plan any holidays together.

6.   I choose my life with only me to care about.  My career, my finances, my pet and my home are all my business.  I am in charge of myself.  I also am in charge of my own mood and well being.  There is no checking in, getting permission or being micro-managed.  I get to be Queen of my world.

7.  I am newly divorced and not interested in a long term commitment with anyone right now.  Having a much younger sex buddy is great for my ego.  Orgasms make me feel grounded and calm.  My friend with benefits is not my only resource.  He inspires my solo sex life with the fantasies I write.

8.  I am orgasmic without being in love.  I have learned that orgasm can be separate from romance and emotional connection.  I am doing it.  There is a connection.  We definitely enjoy each other.  It is a lusty erotic ha cha cha but that is where it ends.  Orgasm is more accessible because he is familiar and I trust him.  My sex life is not dependent on him.  Nor is his on me.  When we are together, we are all in.  When we are apart we are apart.  A practice in presence.

9.  I live the calm, grounded life of a well sexed woman.  When a woman is getting enough sex (only she can know) there is an unmistakable impact on her life.   Sex does a body good.  Want to read all of the benefits of orgasm?  Check out this post:  10 Surprising Health Benefits of Orgasm

10.  It is a little bit naughty.  Being raised a good little Catholic girl and spending years wrapped up in religious opinions about sex, I am living out a life I never believed was even possible.  I am redefining my own sex life.  I am having mind blowing orgasms on my time, when I want and with who I want.  I practice safe and cyber solo sex.  I love orgasm and I love how I feel when I have a steady diet.

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So I googled “How To Give An Erotic Massage”……

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By Angel and Isaac

When I googled “How To Give An Erotic Massage.” little did I realize what pleasures were in store…for both of us.  At first I was thinking that it would just be PDF file or maybe a video.  I never imagined I could have an up close and personal lesson like this.  I was mesmerized.  He had started slow and spent a good half hour getting to this point. (See Part 1: I Prefer Older Women)

As I watched Rick, the erotic massage master, touch you my mouth ran dry and my heart pounded. 

I know you were struggling to maintain control by the way your hips were moving as you rearranged yourself to be more accessible to his probing strokes. Rockets of desire ran through me.  I couldn’t help stroke myself in rhythm with Rick stroking you.

I moved my chair closer so I could watch what he was doing that was arousing you so deeply. I licked my lips a few times with a parched tongue. It was harder and harder to watch without having you in my hands and mouth.

I watched as his hands started at the back of your knee and slid up between your thighs, his pinky gently stroking your labia before he slid his hand all the way back down your leg until he reached your ankle. I knew you did not want him to leave your labia. I knew your clitoris was starting to swell and hunger. He switched to the other side after a few minutes, it’s almost more than you can bear. I watched you slide your hand under your body and I knew what you wanted to do.

As if on cue, Rick whispered to you, “Time to turn over, baby.”

Eyes glazed over in desire, you turned over, glanced up to me and mouthed. “Wow.”

I knew you were so turned on that you didn’t care about being naked and exposed anymore. Rick, ever sensitive to his clients needs, placed a lavender scented eye pillow in place and continued his massage.

He slid his hands under your shoulders, and slowly worked the knots and tension you had been holding on to. Then he poured a whisker thin stream of warm oil down your chest, between your breasts, and down over your tummy. The lavender eye pillow was a perfect blindfold and I couldn’t help but wonder what you were experiencing, not knowing when and where the next touch was coming from. My body quivered every time your body got hit with spasm of shivery delight. I swallowed hard. This is so hot.

Your beautiful full nipples were standing hard as you arched your back anticipating his touch, any touch. Finally his oily hands slide down over your breasts. A shock wave of pleasure hit you as you groaned, “Yes, yes…please.”

eroticmassage3As if moving in slow motion, he stroked your body, long smooth strokes starting at your shoulders and slowing as they moved over the outside of each breast, down over your tummy and back up over your breasts again. Your inhibition faded as your hunger intensified and the moans you have been suppressing begin to grow louder.

When he passed over your breasts again, he barely brushed over your straining nipple, just enough to tease. He then rested his hand on your tummy, and walked to your side, and slid his hands down your leg, spreading more oil on your leg. Down to your feet, and back up, over your hips, tummy and right breast, over your shoulder and down your arm. Then back up your arm, over your shoulder and down your chest, tummy, hips and leg.

His movements were slow and deliberate.

The more excited you grew, the slower he went….with torturous stroking so close but never touching clitoris or nipples. Over and again, the strokes in the form of a beautiful figure eight as he pleasured your skin as if it could come on its own. I looked up at his face and saw a look of pure joy. Pleasure, yes, that too, but he was lost in this massage and drawing you to a place I never imagined.

At the end of one rotation he stopped at your foot, and lifted your leg, placing your foot flat on the table, knee bent. He looked at me and beckoned me to the table. He nodded to me and I knew to mimic what I had seen him do. We slid our hands down your thighs in slow rhythmic strokes. Your breath got stuck in your throat the second you realized there were two sets of hands on you. Five quick inhales as you shivered under our touch and let your knees fall away away to our gaze and touch.

Your breathing quickened as you felt our hands sliding up from your ankles to your inner thighs Faster strokes this time, alternating hands with the lightest of touch. As I knew they would, your legs opened wider and your back arched. Rick made eye contact with me once again and indicated I should stroke you as he did. He lifted a finger and I knew I was to watch first. I ached to be touched and was relieved I could grab hold and stroke myself as he gently stroked up your thighs until his thumbs rested on your outer labia.

You bucked your hips pressing into his touch as he simply held you, not moving at all.

With your body moving in a delirious dance of arousal, the pressure he was using as he held you was all you needed. Fuck. I had no idea. He then lifted one hand and nodded that I was to place my hand in the same position. In a quick exchange, I was now holding you as you edged closer to the orgasm we all knew was coming.

Intuitively I pressed my thumbs down and inward toward each other on either side of your clitoris. You choked out a deep moan as I stroked the velvety labia before me. Rick had gone back to work massaging your legs. He lifted your foot to his shoulder and stroked down from your ankle to the top of your thigh.

Then he placed a thumb over your opening, and pressed but did not go inside. As I massaged your labia and clitoris, he simply held pressure there and placed his other hand on your left breast, over your heart and began breathing deeply as if to cue you to do the same.

A nod to me and I knew I was to do the same. I slowed my breath and let my hands simply rest on you. I wish I could tell you how beautiful you were, laying there coming and coming and coming. Your body convulsed and shivers of pure ecstasy rocked you again and again. You moaned, giggled, bit your lip all the signs I knew and loved. Signs that you were completely lost in the pleasure of the moment.

After what seemed nearly an hour, your breathing began to match ours and your shivers slowly subsided. Rick got a heated blanket from beside the massage table and he and I laid it on you as you turned to your side panting. He turned to me and hands in namaste, he nodded once again and left the room. I returned to the side of the massage table, leaned down and kissed you.

You jumped and the lavender eye pillow fell away. Your eyes were shining bright and the biggest shit eating grin I have ever seen lit up your face. “Fuck” you said. “Get your ass up on this table.:

To be continued….(maybe you would like to send me what YOU would like to have happen next. Email me at  I am always looking for fresh talent!)

For Your Viewing Pleasure:  Free Video Explains 5 Myths of Female Orgasm (Even she doesn’t know what pleasure she is capable of….)


A Cougar Fantasy – Can He Be Too Young?

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Please, please don't stop

Please, please don’t stop

By Angel and Joey T.

Read Part 1: Click Here

The next morning as I walked absent-mindedly through my executive area, my assistant grinned as she gave me the morning mail. Before I could figure out what was up I spotted a vase of beautiful summer flowers. I opened the gift card and tried to keep it from Darcy’s view.

“Miss. Angel: Thanks you for welcoming me aboard, Clay”

Inappropriate? Yes. Do I care? No. I liked this kid and I secretly admired his boldness. “Oh, that new vendor is kissing up,” I laughed. “Sure he is.” Darcy chuckled. She knew me well…too well.

Clay was young, impossibly young, and irresistible. I couldn’t take my eyes off those flowers. They were bright and colorful, not a rose in sight. I loved them and I loved thinking about Clay too.

He is too young…What am I thinking?

It was late after a long day of meetings and reports and I was tired. I stretched out my legs and shucked off my heels. I poured a tall glass of red and went out to sit on the deck. At last nothing to do but daydream about Clay. I was so hungry for him I was wet and shivering. He’s too young, an insistent voice came up from inside. What the fuck, another just as insistent part of me spoke up. I laughed out loud. All i wanted was that beautiful man down on the floor rubbing my feet in his lap.

I have been so careful since Danny died. But this is different. My breath speeds up just thinking about him Could I? Should I? He’s too young. Oh well time to get back to work. Reviewing records with a glass of Pinot, my faithful companion.

Now that it was so quiet on my floor, I could hear hammering, drilling and laughter coming from production. I found myself moving toward the elevator instead of my office. I walked in when it opened and my finger hovered over the button but I couldn’t resist pressing it.

I could barely breathe

They elevator door opened onto the lobby and there he was right in front of me shirt open and tan chest and belly in plain view. Are you kidding me. Ok. This isn’t fair. He was taller close up and when he looked down at me my breath caught in my throat. I stammered a “Uh – Hey there”. He laughed and whispered “Miss Angel, You look beautiful tonight.”

I cleared my throat and strangled out a “”What are you holding?” He grinned knowing the effect he was having on me. Clay laughed again and stated he had food for his crew. He asked if I wanted anything, there was plenty. Of course, I said no and thanked him matter of fact for the flowers.

He wouldn’t step out of the way, holding the elevator door open so I had to brush by him, feeling his hard chest against my breasts. As I walked away I didn’t hear the doors close and knew his eyes were on me. I was scared and excited at the same time. Wait a minute why do I care. I should write him up for sexual harassment. I hope I don’t fall on these heels.

As I squeezed by him Clay said, “Miss Angel if you work late tomorrow I would like to show you my work and even spring for a meal” I flushed and responded. “Sure, if I can.” Even from here I could see a most interesting bulge in those tight jeans.

A private celebration for two…

A few very busy and super stressful days of meetings with the investors passed passed with a great outcome. I was very proud of myself and my company. This new level of funding was going to take the pressure off everybody. I was ready to celebrate.

Just then a late afternoon delivery was buzzed into my office. It was another beautiful arrangement of teacup roses: yellow, white and red in a crystal cut vase. There was a note from Clay. I read the note with trembling hands.

Miss Angel: We have finished up the renovations in record time, under budget and very well done. I invite you to inspect my work this evening and have a picnic dinner for two. Clay.

I swallowed at Clay’s boldness but smiled in approval at the same time.  Somehow I knew that Danny would want me to move on. I was so attracted to this man, it was a hell of a week and I wanted to celebrate and the fact was that this hot young guy was attracted to me. Me.

It was already 7pm and time to inspect his work.  I smoothed out my skirt and undid one button of my ivory silk blouse. I couldn’t wait to run my fingers up and down that chest and belly… I went into the bathroom to freshen up and then took the elevator down to Production.

When I got off the elevator, Clay was waiting. He proudly walked me around the newly designed space. It was beautiful! As we walked room to room he came oh so close to me but never touched me. I ached for him to brush his hand on my arm or take my hand. I swear he knew how much I wanted him to touch me. He would lean so close and then pull back away.

My heart was in my throat and my mouth was so dry I hoped he didn’t ask me anything so I would have to talk. All I could think of was his hard muscular arm, bulging shoulder and flat stomach. He smelled rugged but delicious. He must have read my thoughts for he looked at me and grinned.

I am very good with my hands….

Again everything was beautiful from the moldings to the sconces to the the wall fabric to the hardwood floor. I even gasped at his work. Clay mentions he loved paying attention to details and loved working with his hands. a sweet little sexual innuendo I smiled at. He took me to the last room that was lit by candle with soft Island music playing softly. Clay had laid a picnic blanket, throw pillows and a basket on the floor. He helped me to the floor and then sat next to me stretching out his long legs.

Clay poured some Pinot in two stemmed glasses and set a plate with grapes, apple slices and variety of cheese, crackers and chocolates on top of the basket. We raised our glasses and toasted his work, his brown eyes gazing into mine. He had me.

My heart was pounding with desire. It had been so long since I had felt anything like this. He reached over and took my hand. “Darcy told me about Danny.” Clay whispered.

“Damn her.” I said though part of me was relieved. “Shhh” he said placing his finger on my lips. He traced my lips with his thumb. I couldn’t resist, tilted my head back and opened my mouth so he could touch me.

He leaned me back and gently put his lips on mine and lowered me onto one of the silk pillows. I opened my mouth and touched his lips with my tongue. He met me and we explored one another with our lips and tongues. Small moans and cries overcame me, I wanted more and something in me opened wide.

I moaned with desire as he placed his hand on my stomach, slowing moving it to my breast. He cupped my entire breast in one hand squeezing it with desire. I pulled him to my mouth softly biting his tongue and moaned with anticipation.

He rose up with his sweet Southern smile and slowly undid the oyster shell buttons on my blouse. I leaned my head back on the pillow breathing fast and closed my eyes as he popped the front snap on my bra, releasing my breasts into his hands.

Yes, yes, yes…please don’t stop….

He kissed down the side of my cheek to my neck and down my chest slowly, slowly until he finally got to my nipple hard with desire. I arched my back as he sucked my hungry nipple into his mouth biting and licking it, I had my first orgasm in many years.

I cried and laughed at the same time as wave after wave of orgasm rocked me. “Oh Clay” I try to speak. “Shhh,” he said “Shhhh, cruise with it.” I don’t know how long I was there cumming in his arms. He held me until the shivering passed. He pressed his lips into my hair and kissed me softly.


“What about you…” I managed to choke out.

“Shhh,” he said. He just held me pressing his leg in between mine as my body lunged against him in wave after wave of delight. Deeper and deeper the pleasure ran. “Yes, that’s it, baby, yes…” He coaxed and whispered to me as he stroked my back softly.

Sighing with passion I clung to him. “Thank you, thank you,” I cried softly.

“Shhh, shhhhh..” He crooned right next to my ear.

I never saw myself as a Cougar, until….

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Hammer And Tape Measure Sticking Out Of PocketWalking through production I realized that I hadn’t seen him before.

Using a power saw he was not aware that I was standing there and I spent a few minutes soaking it in.

Tight tee shirt and baggy jeans with his baseball cap turned backward, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. His biceps made the sleeves of his shirt stretch and the shine of sweat on his arms made me catch my breath.

I turned and left before he noticed me and went into the floor manager’s office.

“Who’s that guy working on the remodel?” I said with faked indifference.

“That’s Clay. He is going to be here for a few weeks demolishing the old offices and roughing in the new. He is a fine looking man.” Darcy said with a wink. The girls at the office were always trying to get me to go out and try to meet someone.

“Never date a guy at work…always makes for drama and besides he has to be 20 years younger than me!” I laughed. I couldn’t deny the shot of electricity that I felt when I watched him working. I hadn’t felt a spark like that since Danny had died. I wasn’t sure I ever would.

“Send Clay in to see me before the end of the day.” I emailed to Darcy. Not sure why or what in the world I would say, I felt my heart beat faster. I wanted to meet him and I am the owner of the company after all.

“You wanted to see me, Ma’am?” He said in a soft Southern accent.

“Yes, Clay. I couldn’t help but notice you and wanted to welcome you to the office.” I said trying to ignore my body’s insistence that I be with this man.

“I knew the building’s owner wanted to get started on the remodel but I wasn’t expecting it so soon.” I said.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am, most of my work will be at night when everyone has left. I won’t be disturbing your work day.” He answered meeting my gaze. I knew he knew. His brown eyes were magnetic and I couldn’t look away.

“I’m sure you won’t. Thanks for working around us. I work late sometimes but don’t worry about that, I’ll stay out of your way.” I smiled.

“I hope not.” He whispered.

My heart skipped a beat.

“Is that all, Ma’am.” he drawled.

“No, there is one more thing. You don’t have to call me Ma’am. My name is Angel.”

“Well, Miss Angel,” I am pleased to meet you. He reached out and shook my hand, keeping it just a moment longer than necessary.

“Me too,” I replied, taking my hand back and reaching for my purse. “I have a meeting to get to so I will let you go. Nice to have you on board.”

He turned to walk away and I found myself watching him, thinking about how he would look wearing a tee shirt and nothing else. What was wrong with me. He is way too young. But those shoulders, that small waist and the butt barely visible in the baggy jeans.

It’s a lightning strike alright.

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Have you ever had a sex buddy?

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Passionate sensual attractive young couple in love, man caressesIs there a difference between a lover and a sex buddy?

I am watching Days of our Lives and Rafe and Jordan are having sex.  Soft sexy music plays while they slowly take each other’s clothes off and kiss softly without a lot of tongue.

 Luxuriating in each others arms they are freely and openly making out.  And we sappy females love it.

Why should TV characters have better sex than we do?  I know it is fiction.  But is it fair that we can never achieve the sexual freedom and release that our characters do?  It doesn’t matter if it is TV, movies or books like 50 Shades of Grey, don’t you secretly wish you had sex like they did?

There is a man in my life, a much younger man, who is hot for me.  Me.  He is not a forever kind of guy.  He’s a bit of a gypsy.  But for right now…He is Mr. Right.  The chemistry is so potent that he can be miles away and I can still feel him touching me.

Thirty years ago I would be thinking…I want to marry this man.

Today, at 61, I am just enjoying him.  Enjoying how I feel because of his attention.  Enjoying him touching my body.  Enjoying how he calls my name while we are making out.  You see, like Rafe and Jordan and the rest of the love making couples we see on daily TV, it is hot hot hot to make out.

I am not ready to have sex with a man yet.  I am still licking my wounds from a failed former relationship and I don’t want to be in love right now.

But in a crazy twist of delicious fate, along comes Mr. Why Not.  Young and attractive with broad shoulders,  sapphire blue eyes and coal black hair… oozing sexual energy.

Over the years, I depended on solo sex to satisfy myself and learned how I like to climax.  With the right audio or video to tease and great toys, finding orgasm is not hard for me.  In fact, multiple orgasms are the rule.  While much of my life has been a challenge, being sexual has actually flourished.


There is nothing like the feeling you get when the right man wants to be with you.

It began with hugs that made me melt into him.  I couldn’t help myself.  I felt safe in his arms.  We are doing a lot of making out…I am in no hurry and he is eager to please.  You can have a hell of a lot of fun with your clothes on.  You should try it.

I find myself picking things to wear for how they will feel when he is running his hands down my body.  We don’t have that much time together which makes things even sweeter.  The anticipation of next time makes my heart race.

So which is he…a lover or a sex buddy?

More importantly…does it really matter?  Well, here’s the thing.

I am having better sex and definitely more fun when I am having sex (in the makeout stage, I had a delicious and long lasting orgasm just from kissing and being massaged and stroked with my clothes on).

Do I want to be naked with this man?

Yes.  But I am consciously choosing to steer my newly awakened sexual self Flirty and Playful Texts are Irresistibleinto my writing and I belong to an adult chat site where I practice super safe sex with flirty and very skilled cyber lovers in text conversations.  Quite entertaining and as turned on as I am, very fulfilling.

I love feeling like this.  I don’t want to fall in love with Mr. Why Not.  He is not promising anything.  We barely know each other.  The sex is fantastic and I am having lots of fun.  Sounds like a sex buddy to me.  Once upon a time, my belief system would have never allowed me to be this uninhibited and open with a man.

What do you think?  Have you had a sex buddy?  How did it work out for you?

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