How To Melt An Angel

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Text is Catnip To a Cougar

Text is Catnip To a Cougar

Do you crave an older, experienced and beautiful woman?

Are you frustrated trying to connect with Cougars online or in person?

When you learn the secrets of texts that melt a woman, you will stand out from the crowd.  How many women hit the delete key with you?  🙁

You can change your luck, you just need to accept that you suck at texting and that you can turn it around.  Once you know the exact words to write texts and emails that are melty…you will get noticed. We love when you lead us with texts that open us up for more fun.

Do you want her on the edge of her seat waiting for your next message?

Do you want her to get warm below and thinking only of you?

Text Seduction Works….Nothing Melts A Woman Faster

Angel will show you personally how to curl a lady’s toes with text messaging…..

Cougar Dating Tips Just a text away....

Cougar Dating Tips Just a text away….


Most men don’t know why women reject them.

If more women say no to you than yes, talk to Angel.

As a Cougar, I get hundreds of invitations from eager Cubs and I delete 99% of them

Learn how to approach a Cougar and get her to choose you over all the competition.

Are you a 1%er?  Email me at

Text you soon!



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