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Breathing faster...wanting you

Breathing faster…wanting you


By Angel and Mr. Black

Mr. Black is a very savvy Cub.  He and I flirted back and forth for several emails before he began to sext me.

He told me how beautiful I was and how much he wanted me but he restrained himself until I was ready.

One night we were texting about massages on a cold winter night, in front of the fire.  He is always amazing at setting an imaginary scene with me in it.  Here is one of the stories he sent to me.  Delicious.


Mmm. so u like foot massages.
I’m good at those.

what else would u like me to massage??

I have a specialty

It involves warm coconut oil
smeared all over a willing body
then massaged in slowly
rubbed over every inch of skin
everyone needs a sensual touch
would u like me to touch u
i can see myself there with u

my hands running over your legs
down with the tips of my fingers
along your inner thighs.
edging closer to your ladyness

i might stop u from breathing
holding u so tightly as to feel your
heart pound through your chest

a pass of my tongue along your neck
a hand in your hair
pulling your head backwards
exposing your throat to my mouth

your chest to my lips
your nipple to my teeth
my hand on the small of your back
lifting you to my hunger for your flesh

with open mouth i take your breast
my hand slides down to your ass
then down your leg
my mouth on yours

my tongue entwined with yours
heat rising from our bodies
as we roll on top of the bed
hands grasping at your body
pulling you against me

I reach to touch your breast
as I run my fingers across your belly
putting my lips to your neck
stop for a second

brush your hair from your face
look into your eyes
as i begin to move down your body
your hands find my hair.

please please please you whisper

yes baby i’m here.

I work my way down your body
with my tongue tasting you,
nipping at you on the way to
labia quivering for me.

I love you like this
aching for me, legs waiting, open
hips gyrate and lift toward my mouth
i hear you panting hard my hand
on the center of your chest feeling
your heart pound in anticipation

at last my mouth finds you
gasps and small cries
breathing fast and furious
yes Angel

I hold you just right
just how you love it
slow soft licks and kisses and
then pressing into you

your fingers wrapped in my hair
scratching and then you stop
as i suck slow and strong
you fall back and your body
takes over wave after wave

i feel you cum
taste you
free you

I crawl back up and wrap my arms
around you as you tremble still
holding you as your breathing ever
so slowly settles down as
you get lost in the orgasmic echoes

I envy and enjoy your orgasms with you
at the same time.

i would like a shower with u tonight
I’ll whisper your name
just before i cum

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