Angel’s Erotic Fantasy Game

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Text is Catnip To a Cougar

What if there was a way to have anonymous, safe and exciting sexual entertainment, literally at your fingertips. Angel’s Fantasyland is exactly that.

Welcome to my world, where Fantasy rules supreme.  There is nothing like a piece of luscious erotica to dampen your lady’s panties.  Writing great erotica will pay off in many ways.  When you satisfy your woman the way no one has before, she will be all over you.

Satisfy your woman the way no one has before and she will be all over you.

I am here to usher you into a world of pleasure and fun and I can’t wait to start.  Here’s what to do.  Send me a story either imaginary or real and describe a romantic scene to me.  It should be between 350 and 500 words or so.

I will review and give you a free tip on how to make your writing even hotter for your lady.

I love sex and fantasy has made it possible for me to have as many delicious sexual experiences as I want.  You are about to learn how to help your lady’s body find its way to orgasm too.  If I can do it, she can do it too!

You may even be invited to be part of my fantasy game as one of my leading men here at Fantasyland….. ThisCat’

You can email me at

Good Luck!


PS. I can’t wait to read your story.  I will let you know if it is hot hot hot or not not not.  I rate the story from 1 for chilled like an iced martini glass to 10 for sizzling as a summer afternoon in Tucson.  Then I will show you how to hit the sizzle zone if you miss the mark.
PPSS  If you are a lady erotica writer…you are MOST welcome!  I will evaluate your erotic fantasy and let you know how you might sharpen your storytelling skills as well!