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Hi, I'm Angel

Hi, I’m Angel

From Angel:  

“51% of the women in the US are single.

99.9% of said single women, one way or another, are missing out on outstanding sex because they are waiting on some man….past, present or future…to deliver it to them on a silver platter.

While erotica and romance novels promise that is the case, for those of us in the real world, there are precious few options for safely and easily finding orgasmic release on a regular basis.

That is what drives me to help women achieve high heavenly sexual experiences without the complications of in person relationships.  Why should we unattached lovelies be deprived of the tsunami of delight that orgasms bring.

My idea is to bring men and women together for old fashioned Harlequin romance style erotica.”

Bad boys broke her heart…again and again

Angel Snow was raised in a rough and rowdy Catholic family near Chicago, Illinois.

A violent alcoholic father and a sick narcissistic mother left her vulnerable and very good at attracting bad boys who broke her heart…again and again.

At 60 she broke free and wiggled out of the grasp of one more in the string of bad actors who seem right at first but ended up cheating on her.

Going through her third divorce she knew she could not afford to fall in love.  Her latest ex-husband lost his sex drive years before with no desire to keep hers alive.

Though she kept her sexual hunger at bay with her sexy novels and sex toys, she wasn’t aware of what she had been missing.

Soon after separating, Angel met a man, years younger, who made her feel like she hadn’t for years.  His touch was potent and mesmerized her.

Just his interest in her…the outrageous flirting and playful texting sent her over the moon. Waves of delicious sexual energy flowed around and through her and she felt years younger and desirable.

Angel had a problem.

What could she do to get the sex she was hungering for without giving her heart away to another man?

How can she keep from falling for the wrong guy again?

Google to the rescue.

If texting the young guy made her feel like that…maybe there was more of that out there somewhere.  Here is how Angel tells it:

“I wanted more than anything to get in the car and go to this man’s house.  Twenty years ago I would have.  I needed to find something to keep myself from having sex to early in my relationships.

Surfing the web, I found a classy hookup site, made up my profile and signed up for cyber sex/erotic text.

What I found was instant satisfaction. Text sex with a well mannered and playful mystery man is the hotter than anyone can imagine.  Being safe and in my own home alone lets me relax completely and really let go.

My orgasms are long and strong…. full body, mind and soul satisfying parties.  Allowing myself this delicious pleasure does keep me from driving over to my if-only guy’s house.

A little guy lust +  a little lady lust = delicious!

I don’t know when I will be ready for in person sex but in the meantime, I want to create a place where cyber lovers can meet and be together.”

Angel Snow is the founder of Angel’s Fantasyland where creative male erotica writers come together with Angel and her staff to produce lady friendly erotica for the pure pleasure of the reader.  As Angel likes to say, a little guy lust +  some lady lust = delicious!

Angel spends her time auditioning great men to portray new characters to add to her erotic fantasies, traveling, cooking, wine tasting, golfing and painting.



4 thoughts on “About Angel

  1. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for stopping by! Thanks also for taking the time to leave a note….

    I hope you will come back….

  2. Hi Angel
    I saw your interview and enjoyed it very much. this is something that I wrote to a woman and would like to hear your opinion if you thought it was in good taste or did I go too far. Thank you John

    I’m going to address my erotic and sensual side I will try not be crude or vulgar but I wanted you to have some insight on how I envision how our sexual relationship could be and give you something to think about. I would have a tender loving approach towards our lovemaking starting with a tender caress and soft probing kisses that will slowly advance to an exploration of every inch of your body from your head to your toes and back. as I have my lips and tongue taste and explore every inch of your body starting from your neck and pausing at the more sensitive parts of your body with special attention to the erogenous realms in these parts so you will feel the warmth stemming from your loins as my fingers will be exploring you bringing to you a wetness i’ll continue with my lips and tongue until you quiver and squirm with delight and then slow down for you to enjoy the moment only to start again until you are fully sated only then will we become joined as one and feel the joy of being united as one we would then let our passions run free. Afterwards we can shower together and nestle in each others arms for the rest of the night unless you decide to crave for more. I want you to experience the rapture that making love can be with the one you love. Your satisfaction is very important to me I would like for our lovemaking to be where the thought of it would make you start to feel the warmth and become moist with anticipation.

    • Hi John,

      The easiest way to know how this letter worked is in her response. Did you get the reaction you were hoping for? If not, then I would ask her to explain why. Every woman has her own turn on signals and if you care for her pleasure, work on finding her turn on and write your story to that…fine tune your writing to her turn on and she will be delighted!



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