The Captain Surprises And Delights Her

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At last!!

At last!!


“May I help you?” I looked up from the computer keyboard to see a good looking man in front of me.  I was deeply engrossed in my project. “I hope you haven’t been waiting long.”

“Not at all.” He smiled easily and I couldn’t help but smile back feeling a bit of a flush as I met his eyes. “I’m actually looking for Angel.”

“That’s me.” I smiled back. “How can I help you?”

Captivated by his eyes, I didn’t protest

He reached for my hand, held it up to his lips and kissed it, never breaking eye contact with me.  Captivated by his eyes, I didn’t protest. “You don’t know who I am, do you?”

Scanning his face, I ran through my memory banks but he looked completely unfamiliar.  Medium height and build, dark hair, dimpled chin with piercing brown eyes.  No, I would have definitely remembered meeting this man.

Still holding my hand, his eyes sparkled with unmistaken intention.  “Need a clue?” He teased.  Feeling a bit awkward and glad that there were no other shoppers in the store, I apologized, “Sorry, I just don’t remember meeting you.”

“Well, that is understandable as we haven’t officially met yet.”

I pulled my hand from his. “Really. Hmmmm, maybe I do need a clue.”

He smiled broadly, “Would the Bitter End get your attention?”

“CaptainK?” I asked, a little stunned to be looking at the man who had been entertaining me in cyber chat for several months.

Truth be told, I was beyond thrilled

“Guilty!” He said, again making me melt with his eyes.  He looked at me with unabashed desire that ignited something in me.

“Why didn’t you let me know you were coming?” I managed to say.

“And miss this shocked delight and surprise on your face?”  He reached over to take my hand again.  The jewelry case between us provided the perfect buffer for this unexpected meeting.  Truth be told, I was beyond thrilled.  Did this man really come all the way across the country to meet me?

The last couple of months had been intoxicating.  The very first time we chatted on, he sent me a link to, The Bitter End in the British Virgin Islands.  “Here is where I would like to take you.”  My heart skipped a beat looking at the resort, imagining myself being there with a younger lover.

He was completely different from the other men on  He didn’t tell me how horny he was.  He didn’t brag about how hard he was or how big he was.  He didn’t complain about his current or ex-wife.  He seemed genuinely interested in me, what I was looking for.

Consenting adults exploring pleasure options

We spent the first couple of chat sessions getting to know each other.  We definitely flirted back and forth but he didn’t pressure me for sex.  It is part of the reason I love men in their 40s, there is not as much urgency and neediness.  Turns out we were both looking for the same thing.  Long term friends with benefits in cyberland.  Consenting adults exploring pleasure options and each other with no strings attached.

When the chat turned more intimate, I was more than ready.  Amazing how erotic intelligent chat about a variety of topics can be.  He was an absolute master at innuendo and his wit and candor were irresistible.

“Let’s pretend we are meeting up at the Bitter End.” The invitation came late one Saturday night.  We had moved our chat to Google Hangouts and the familiar chime announcing his message was always a welcome interruption to my task list.

“Ok,” I texted in return.

“Imagine you are down in the islands celebrating the release of your new book.”  Came the text reply.  One thing I loved about him was his constant cheerleading for my work and passion.  He sincerely cared about what was important to me. I felt heard and valued and that combination is like catnip to me.

“I am at the Bitter End as a pit stop,” he texted the rest of the scenario, “I am crewing for a buddy of mine who is moving a sailboat to the islands.”

We didn’t get too intimate, just intimate enough

I was smitten.  I love when a man creates a cyber experience and invites me in to explore.  Being a character in a cyber story makes it so much easier to release my inhibitions. The Captain was a master story creator and scene setter, a perfect match for me.

That first text exchange was perfect.  We didn’t get too intimate, just intimate enough.  He created sexual tension with ease and kept it taut as we chatted.  The truth is, I could have definitely taken it farther that first time, I was very attracted and physically turned on.  I believe he knew that, even though he was across the country.

When he told me it was late and that he had to go, I was secretly disappointed but also excited to see what would happen next.  So smart of him to keep me waiting for him to make a move toward more intimacy with me.  A true secret weapon.  I loved how he drew me close with teasing and yet kept that distance so that he could leave me wanting more.

“A penny for your thoughts,” his words interrupted my reverie as he ran his finger along my hairline and tucked my hair behind my ear.  His touch electrified me.  After thinking of all our text play, I felt myself melt in anticipation.  I swallowed past the catch in my throat.


I walked out from behind the counter straight into his arms

“That’s profound!” He teased, breaking the tension.

I laughed back.  He was so easy to be with, just like he was online.

“I know I have thrown you for a loop just showing up like this.” He moved to pull an envelope out of his pocket. “I know you have to finish your shift here.” We both glanced up at the three women who had just come into the shop.  “Here is where I am staying.  Let me know when you are off and I will send an Uber to pick you up.”

I walked out from behind the counter straight into his arms. He held me tight and it felt every bit like it did in cyber with him.  He gently released me kissing my hand one more time.  “It’s Malbec, isn’t it?  Your favorite wine, that is.”

“Indeed.” I grinned up at him. “I am off at 6. “Duly noted.”

Picking up his keys, he turned to go.  “I can’t wait,” he whispered.

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