The #1 Thing Women Want In Their Man

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Guest Post By David Wygant

Hi Guys,


It is more than what you say to her…

I’m about to share something that’s absolutely going to blow your mind.

No matter how logical you might be, what I’m about to share with you is going to get you thinking like never before.

If you have this one quality, women will actually get wet when YOU walk into room.

If you want to be that primal cave man women are looking for — to pull them into the cave by their hair and give them the best sex of their life, you need to have it.

I’m going to share what a woman longs for in every man that approaches her.

I’m going to share how she’s able to tell whether you’re a real man or just another chump.

Do you want to know the secret?

Swagger. Body language. Women read your body language from the second they meet you.

The way you walk over to a woman, the way you tilt your head, the way your shoulders are rolled back, the way your chest is protruding out—these are all of the ways a woman reads you.

Her entire first impression of you is based on your body language—she wants to know whether you’re confident or not.

She wants to know whether or not you’re a real man.

Are you like most men and lead with a phrase?

I lead with my body.

I strut into that room, I scan it, I make eye contact with a beautiful woman and I don’t break it.

When you walk over to her, try imagining you’ve already given her the most incredible orgasm she’s ever had. And she told you that you f*cked her better than anyone in her entire life.

When you go in to kiss a woman, you are going to kiss her with authority. Make her feel your sexuality in the way you embrace her.

That’s how I do it and it works.

I have tapped into the reptilian sexual nature of who I am.

I’m a primal cave man and women are looking for that cave man to pull them into the cave by their hair and give them the best sex of their life.

It’s all body language my friend. And most men suck at it.

It’s about learning how to “Own The Room.”

When you know how to use your body to demonstrate confidence and authority, (SWAGGER), you can literally walk into a room full of people, and grab their attention!

It’s so powerful and it makes women wet and can get you laid pretty quickly… or get you a girlfriend, and even great business offers!


Make her need you.

Wouldn’t you like that kind of power?

Stop guessing and stop trying. Do what works.

Click here and I’ll show you how to swagger and “Own The Room.”

It works.

Your friend,
David Wygant

P.S. If you have this one quality, you will arouse women  when YOU walk into room.


David is one of the coaches I work with. I fully endorse his material and own several of his programs. I do receive a part of the purchase price as a thank you for spreading the word about his products.  Quite simply, they work. 

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