Cougar Erotica: High School Fantasy Comes True

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Miss Callahan In My Dreams

Miss Callahan In My Dreams

By Angel and Justin K.

The invite for the high school reunion laid on the desk.  I was a nerdy geek back then and wasn’t so interested in going back to those lonely memories.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out even though I had zip zero interest in watching all the cool kids all grown up.

I only had one high school experience worth talking about and it has stuck with me for the last 20 years.  One stolen kiss.  One hot moment that I have never forgotten.  Miss Callahan.

She was the thirty something English teacher and all the boys drooled over her.  Long blonde hair and killer blue eyes, there was always a group of kids in her room after school.  She directed the high school plays and I know I wasn’t the only guy who fantasized about being alone with Miss Callahan.

That first kiss was stunning

“I wonder if she will be at the reunion,”  I found myself thinking more than once.

Standing in the kitchen with my steaming mug of coffee, I turned the envelope over and over in my hands and closed my eyes.  I had joined the crew so I could hang around the cool kids and Miss Callahan.  My task was to paint the backdrop for the school musical.  Somehow that night, everyone else was gone and in she walked.  Skinny white jeans and bright pink tee shirt covered with a painters smock.  Her hair piled on top of her head in a messy ponytail.  I love ponytails.

“Nice job!”  She said, startling me. “Didn’t mean to spook you,”  she laughed.

“Uh, that’s ok,” I said, struggling to sound cool in my lower register.  She was so beautiful and I was shocked into instant stiffness.  A painful ache registered all over my body.  I rearranged my painters apron to cover the evidence, laid my paint roller down and tried to act normal.

“We can finish that tomorrow,”  she said, “Let’s wrap up for tonight.”

Ha, if she only knew how much I would like to wrap HER up.  Fat chance.

I cleaned up the paint roller and put away the ladder.  She locked the classroom and then returned to the gym.  We walked out together.  It was awkwardly quiet.  I was throbbing and felt a wave of courage rise up and demand action.

“Miss Callahan?”

“Yes,” she answered turning to me and looking up into my eyes.

I reached down and traced my index finger along her hairline and down around her ear, tucking a loose strand of golden hair in place.  She did not resist.  Her lips parted slightly and she moved closer. That first kiss was stunning.  As a highschooler, I was completely clumsy and clueless but bless that woman’s heart,  she kissed me back and we spent a very short time tasting and tempting each other.  My tongue felt so good in her mouth, I wanted more and held her tight.

“You are adorable but this can’t happen again”

I was hungry for a relationship and would have given anything for her to be the one.  Reality hit quickly.  She pulled away, blushing furiously and apologizing.  “I am so sorry.  You are adorable but this can’t happen again.”  She put her hand on my shoulder and we hugged.  After that, I wanted to be together all the time, an agonizing urgent need.  She was true to her word though and nothing happened again.

“I wonder if faculty come to these reunions,”  I found myself thinking as a familiar ache stirred me below.  I tore open the envelope and scanned the letter.  The usual routine, dates, times, event schedule, fees but what was this?  A Facebook Page set up for the event?  I chuckled to myself as I opened my laptop and signed on to my account.

A quick search brought up the event. 450 invited and already 200 or so had sent in a response.  I scanned down the page seeing people I hadn’t seen for years.  Ha!  I dropped a few comments and razzed a couple of old buddies.

Then I spotted a face that stopped my breath.  It was her.  Miss Callahan, looking me right in the eye with a selfie that looked like no time had passed.  Silky blonde hair, dimpled chin and deep blue eyes.  I looked at the name.  Cassie Bronson.  My heart dropped.  She was married.  I clicked on her link and scrolled through the pictures and posts.

My eyes froze on the most recent post. “See you all at the reunion in August.”

I had to see her again.

My heart sped up and my breath rose in my throat.  My pants tightened as the memory of that kiss flooded my mind.  The reunion took on a whole new meaning.  I had to see her again.  I was a year out of my last relationship and available.

I looked back at the Facebook page, clicked that I would attend and added a message to the stream.  “Looking forward to seeing everyone, especially you, Anderson,” a jab at my old locker mate.  I made my flight and hotel arrangements that night.  Then I headed over to to find a little fun.

The morning of the flight I woke up after a restless sleep without the alarm.  All I could think of was seeing her, Cassie.  I had been fantasizing about this moment since I saw her on Facebook.  I went through the motions at the airport and got myself comfortable for the short flight.  I was in my hotel room before dark.

I changed into jeans and a white t-shirt, spritzed with cologne and walked down to the bar for a drink.  I saw her right away.  Sitting with her back to me in a red knit dress, legs crossed and feet in black patent leather pumps.  Immediately my body responded and my breath caught in my throat. God help me.

I took a deep breath and walked over.  “Can I buy you a drink?” I said.  She turned around and gave me a huge smile.  Had there been any fear that she wouldn’t remember me, it was gone in an instant.  I took her hand and kissed it.  “Miss Callahan, Cassie, how the hell are you?”

She blushed and put her hand on my arm.  “I am good.  It is great to see you again.  You look great.”

I wanted her and I didn’t care who knew

“You too,” I said looking her up and down. I pulled her to her feet and hugged her.  My blood rushed down and quickened me.  I didn’t bother to hide myself.  I wanted her and I didn’t care who knew.  She responded, leaning into me. The first kiss was stunning, as hot as highschool, we were both hungry for each other.

I kissed her lightly on the lips and then pressed in as she opened her mouth and relaxed.  We kissed as long as it was possible given that we were in public. My hands ran along her body and feeling her curves sent a lightning bolt running through me.

My thumb barely stroked the edge of her breast through the red silky material of her dress. Allowing me access was a gift to me, a sign that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.   A quick drink for each of us and I tossed a couple of bills on the bar, took her hand and led her toward the lobby.  “Where….?” she started to say until I leaned my index finger on her lips and said “Shhh”.

We stood together holding hands and waited for the elevator to open.  My heart was pounding with excitement.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands, my mouth all over her.  I licked my lips with a dry tongue and pulled her in for a kiss.  More passion this time, exploring each other with open mouth kisses, her body quivered as my fingers traced the plunging neckline of her dress.

My hand slid closer to her breasts as she massaging my chest through my shirt.  The elevator opened and we stepped in. I looked down and met her Caribbean blue eyes. Her hand skimmed down my belly and over my zipper.  She bit her lip when she discovered my hardness under her touch.  I took her hand and kissed it, never breaking eye contact with her.

I  tried to control my excitement, I mean this was Miss Callahan. I put her hand on my shoulder and began to dance with her to the beat of the jazzy elevator music.  “Classy,” she laughed. “Nothing but the best for you,” I laughed back.  Dancing together, we pressed into each other like hungry kids.  My leg between hers, her arms lifted around my neck, leaving her breasts against my chest.

The elevator chimed announcing our arrival on my floor.  I took her hand and led her down the hall to my suite.  I slid the key card through the slot and swung the door open.  Grasping wildly at each other,  buttons were located and unfastened exposing cotton and silk of briefs and panties.  She moaned as my fingers stroked her lady bits through the damp silk of her panties.  I am careful not to touch her skin.  Not yet.

She reached to stroke me, straining against the cotton of my boxers, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her arm around my neck, lifting her so I could carry her to the bed.  She nestled into the nook between my shoulder and neck trailing feathery kisses and sending chills up my spine.  She ran her red lacquered nails in small circles between my shoulder blades under my shirt.

I laid her on the bed and responded as she reached up toward me.  “I have always dreamed of this,” she whispered hoarsely.  “I never forgot you.”

My throat when dry and I was speechless.  SHE thought of ME?  The need I had been holding for so long began to drive me.  I wound my fingers through her hair and pulled so I could kiss her throat.  Moaning with desire, I could feel the vibration of her moans against my lips.

She shivered under my touch

Stroking down her side with one hand while I nibbled and kissed my way down the center point of her body.  She shivered under my touch.  “Yes,” she cried softly, “yes, yes, yes…….”  Soft whimpers took the place of the moans when I reached the top of her mound. She deftly lifted her hips to match my moves and maintain constant pressure on her favorite spot .

My mouth finally found her delicious folds.  Her legs were now relaxed and open, an invitation I had waited forever to enjoy.  “Yes, please….” she begged as I tasted and enjoyed her beautiful body.

She reached for me once again, fumbling with the fly on my boxers.  “No you don’t, baby.”  I whispered as I crawled up next to her to kiss her mouth again.  My hand trailed down her body once again until I reached her still throbbing lady bits.  “Are you trying to kill me.”  she panted.  I laughed softly kissing her into silence again.  Assured by her reactions that she was pleased I rested my hand on her lower belly, fingers just cradling her pubic bone.

I held her there like that for a long long time until her breath finally settled and I knew she was asleep.  Miss Callahan.  Asleep in MY arms.  Crying out MY name. A broad smile crossed my face as I wrapped my arms around her and buried my face in her hair.  God she smelled good.

Stay Tuned For Part 2

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