Cougar Erotica: Mile High Sexcapades

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Exquisitely written by Top Jock Eddie R. and Angel

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The plane had been in the air for 30 minutes or so.  “Time for the mile high club,” you had whispered in my ear.  “I’m all yours,” I whispered back.  You had crawled under the blanket and were hunkered down between my legs.  “Fuck.”  I said as you continued to tease me mercilessly.

I try to maintain some control.

I grip the arm rest and take my other hand and reach down and find the back of your neck and push your head down slightly. You push my hand back up gently to let me know you have full control of this.

I hear you whisper. “Let me do everything”. Sweeter words have never been said to a man. I let you take control and I settle into the back of my seat. I push the button to recline.

“She is incredible” I think to myself again. I can barely see your head move but you are moving my cock in and out the full length. Your hands are on my thighs massaging me rubbing me. I have given into you completely.

My mind wanders into thoughts I can not explain. Erotic and sensual, colour, sounds. I’m sure it hasn’t been long but it feels like it has been an hour. I’m not even sure if we took off yet. I actually don’t care. I whisper “Im going to lose it, slow down.” Another giggle.”No”.

You tease me into rock hardness.

You stop just long enough for me to catch my breath. I can feel your lips pulling each ball into your warm mouth. Your hand continues stroke me, barely skimming the skin as you tease me into rock hardness.

I whisper, “I want to take you here, under this blanket” a moan was all I could hear from you then followed by a breathy and incredibly sensuous “Soon, baby, soon.” The palm of your hand strokes my length, up and down. God I was close, so close.

I must have expressed it a little louder than I thought. You stopped all of the sudden. More moaning came from between my legs “I’m touching myself under here. I want you to imagine my hand between my legs slowly circling fingers dipping inside.”

“I’m thinking about your tongue licking me making me wet. Your mouth between my legs taking away my control.” Your words had the same grip on me as your mouth.

My jaw clenched, you kissed my thigh.  I could tell you were doing what you said you were doing. Your soft hair head drifted on to my leg as you rested your head there and I could feel the motion of your hand as you pleasured yourself. You kissed and licked my thigh.

Take me how you want….

After a long sweet and silent rest, you slid up on to the seat next to me. I heard your breathe the word “Now” in my ear staying under the blanket. You looked into my eyes and I could see I needed to finish what you started for both of us.

You turned your back to me and I could see your skirt was up high and your panties were still on. Your goddess like ass was towards me and I pulled the blankets up over both of us to make sure nothing was revealed.

You pushed your perfect ass against me wanting me to spoon you. I could feel you move your legs slightly apart inviting me into you.

“Take me how you want.” More perfect words. I was painfully hard but what magnificent pain. It was easy to enter you, so wet and ready for me. I pulled your hips to me, from afar it just looked like we were just snuggling but if you were within five feet it would have been obvious.

I didn’t care anymore. The urgency of my lust was not going to let me stop. I thrust in you hard I could feel you grip my leg. Your nails sunk into my skin you drew a quick deep breath. I loved it. I grabbed your hips on both sides and pushed in and out in a slow motion primitive dance.

Your body started to shudder.

Your mouth opened and little words came out I couldn’t understand but I could tell you just started to feel your release. You gripped me tighter. “That’s it baby, more please” was what I heard.

I did as you asked I wrapped my arm around your waist and held you tighter. My first thought was I was afraid to hurt you but I surrendered to your pleasure, the lust.. the overwhelming desire you gave me fueled me. I clenched my teeth. “goddamn it” I whispered in your ear.

“I want more..uhhh…more” Your body started to shudder. I could tell your orgasm was in full throttle.  You pressed yourself closer to me angling so I could reach deeper.

It triggered me too. I let go and exploded inside you and pushed into you in ecstacy. My hands moved up your body finding your breasts covered in perspiration still in your red lace bra.

My mouth found your ear and a bit it lightly trying not to hurt. We both shuddered further for another minute. You craned your head towards me and kissed me deep and long. I didn’t want to pull out. I kept slowly thrusting myself in you working our climax down.

We stayed like that for another couple of minutes and we finally “spruced” ourselves up. No one noticed eyes were closed asleep but what had just happened should have woke the plane.

You smiled and said to me “I hope I put your tray into an upright position.”

“So adorable,” I said as you snuggled under my arm and kissed the side of my neck. “And naughty….”

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4 thoughts on “Cougar Erotica: Mile High Sexcapades

    • Hi Mark,

      Just like these stories…great sex comes with collaboration. I always suggest a guy ask his lady this question….

      Do you ever wish that sex was more fun?

      Her answer will tell you what you need to know.

      If she says no, you follow up with why not? Then listen.

      If she says yes…Great!!! Ask her what would make it more fun for her. Then listen.

      Now here is how I have fun going down on a man. Blow jobs are like dessert for me.

      Once an eager and skilled lover teases and pleases me til I am trembling with thrill, I can’t wait to get my mouth on him….if you catch my drift.

      Hope that helps and thanks for writing!



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