How To Ramp Up Her Cyber Sex Life With Great Sex Toys

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giftThe wrapped package sitting on the dining room table grabbed my attention. White paper with sparkles and beautiful gold metallic bow, he knew I couldn’t resist.

I opened the tiny card that said “Good Vibrations” and read, “For my Princess.  Enjoy!”

A shiver ran through me as I picked up the box and shook it for a clue as to the contents.  Hmmm.

It took months before he coaxed me into an in person meeting

I was getting used to our infrequent sexcapades.  We both were clear that no relationship was best.  He was in a job transition and I was just out of a divorce.  We lived 500 miles apart and rarely saw one another in person. But, when we DID get together, it was titanic.

He is 20 years younger than I am.  When we met on line in the cyberchat room, age didn’t matter.  He got my attention because he didn’t throw smut at me.  In fact, he didn’t come on to me at all.  He just chatted and entertained me one lonely winter night last year.

It took several months before he coaxed me into an in person meeting.  Licking my wounds from my recent divorce I was super scared about falling for the wrong guy.  He was patient and persistent.

“You deserve to feel good.”  He said.

It sounded like a come on to me.  Men don’t speak like that.  All the men I had known didn’t care if I had an orgasm or not.  As long as I accommodated them and got them off, that was all they cared about.  My last guy was older than me and lost his sex drive right after we married. Ouch.

“You are a beautiful woman and you deserve to have what I can give you.”  He said.

I didn’t trust him.  “All men want one thing,” ran through my mind.

His cyber flirting was fun and addicting

But.  What if he was real?  What if bringing me pleasure was what he really wanted to do?  His cyber flirting was fun and addicting.  Soon the idea of meeting up in person became ok for me.  He won me over with his sense of humor and flirting.

By time we met up that first time, I couldn’t wait to feel his hands and mouth on me.  Little did I know how profoundly this generous and loving man would change my life.  “Together” now for a year, my orgasms are getting longer, stronger and more delicious every time.  I put together in quotes because we are not a conventional couple in any way.

Both committed to being single, we are single minded in keeping the boundaries clearly defined between us.  Having a sex partner like this flies in the face of all I thought I knew.  My Catholic upbringing stood smack in the way of orgasmic bliss.  It took months of play before I became a sexual diva.

So no, we don’t have romantic dinners, candlelight, long stemmed red roses or scented bubble baths.  We don’t date, text or email warm and fuzzy (and sappy) messages to one another.  We don’t exchange gifts or celebrate holidays.  We are not a dating couple in love.

What we are is sexually compatible partners.  When we are together, we are together 100%.  The “L” word appears from time to time.  I do love having sex with him and I let him know that all the time.  Occasionally I even say “I love you.”  The first time that slipped out, I quickly apologized explaining, “I don’t mean LOVE, love….”  It had just slipped out in the midst of a toe curling orgasm.

He said, “Shut up,” and kissed me.  For such a younger man, he knows exactly how to please me and what I need.

“For when I am not here…..”

Fast Forward:  Now I find a beautiful gift from my guy.  Hmmmmmm.

I fingered the gold bow before I slipped it off and put it aside.  My cat jumped at the bait and dragged the ribbon to the floor in a heap.  I broke the seal holding the wrap in place and opened the box.  Two toys were inside with a tiny note:  “For when I am not here…..”  I smiled with a little blush and felt the rush of heat hit me below the belt.

I laughed as I pulled the little Rabbit out of the box, the Wild Hare Sleeve.  Cute and purple and soft latex for pleasing tender parts.  Next I unwrapped the Purple Passion Bullet.  The Rabbit slid on the Bullet making a combination that I giggled at.  This little dynamo was considerably smaller and less powerful than my current vibe.

My cell phone buzzed.

“Did you get my present?”

I quickly texted back:

“Yes, you rascal you…..”

“I want you to have fun when I am not around.”

“Promise you will tell me how you like it…”

“Yes Sir!”

“That’s my girl.”

I had a mind blowing orgasm that night

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the little vibe looked a bit under-powered and purple.  The least I could do was try it.  I slid the bunny back into the box for later.  I would give it a fair trial.


That night, after dinner and my nightly dose of Jimmy Kimmel, I went to bed with my Sex Butter and my new toy.  Imagine how humble I felt when I contacted my man the next day with the report.

What this little vibe doesn’t have in straight out power, it more than makes up for in the overall feel.  I had never tried such a soft tool. Once coated with my Sex Butter, this little Rabbit felt just like my lover’s tongue.  The four speeds on the remote control made it easy to pick the vibe that was just right.

Stroking my lady bits with the ears of this vibe felt amazing.  I had a mind blowing orgasm that night.  Yes, I was thinking of my lover while I was using it so my imagination was a major player but the delicious feeling of the silicone jacket on the bullet made it happen for me.  I was so blown away I didn’t wait to let my guy know.

“Hey” I texted, “You up?”

“Umm, yeah, always for you, baby.”

“I tried my new toy tonight.”

“Oh yeah?  What do you think?”



“Yeah, wow.  Feels like your tongue is on me.”

“No fair, makes me hard to hear you say that.”

“Sorry, haha!”

“Maybe next time we can both play with it….”

“OK, I’ll hold you to it.”

“Oh, I hope so!”

“Naughty Girl.”

“You love it.”

“Nothing better than a good girl who is only bad for you, right?”

“You know it, baby.”

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