Cougar Erotica – Seduction At The Beach House

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I love how I feel when I am with you!

I love how I feel when I am with you!

By Angel and Tyrstero

You sit alone on the dune at sunset with your knees tucked under your chin. A long baby blue cashmere sweater blankets your bare legs.

I stand and watch for a while as you try to warm your toes with your fingers as the evening wind rises, blowing your wild, free hair from your eyes. You take a deep breath of crisp sea air into your lungs. You look beautiful sitting there, fading light glimmering on freckled skin.

I approach and kneeling behind you, wrap my strong arms around your shoulders. You lean into me and I kiss your neck gently. “Feeling better?” I whisper as I nibble on your earlobe. I could feel the edginess brought on by the corporate ass kissing you endure every day melt away under my touch.

I Feel Myself Stiffen

I pour the last of the Cabernet into your glass as you recline back against me. “Yes,” you reply with a deep sigh. We sit in silence watching the sun disappear into the sea, the only sounds surrounding us are wind, waves and an occasional gull call. Even though I feel myself stiffen with the weight of your body against me, I shift position knowing that you need time to decompress.

I wrap my arms around you as you shiver in the chill of the evening. I hold you a bit tighter, kissing the top of your head. “Ready to go in?” I ask. Rising to my feet, I reach for your hand. Kissing your beautifully manicured fingers, I help you to your feet and gather the blanket, wine glasses and bottle. Walking down the sandy trail to our bungalow, you tuck your arm in mine and slide your hand in my jacket pocket.

I Know It Took You A Long Time To Believe Me

We reach the weathered staircase leading away from the beach. You are a few steps in front of me and I am mesmerized by the motion of your lovely bum as you climb the wooden steps to the door. My eyes drift down over the graceful bend of your sun-kissed legs. I know it took you a long time to believe me when I told you that being with you was hot for me. “You could have your choice of women your age,” you told me more than once.

Watching you climb the wooden steps I catch the hot pink curve of your swimsuit under your sweater. “No Baby,” you whisper again, “I may have younger women in my world, but you are the woman I want.” As you take the last steps into the house, I focus on the shapely arc of your inner thighs. Yes, you are all I want.

Tossing the blanket on the table, I turn to you and pull you close. Your tousled hair always turns me on and now, with a touch of wind burn on your cheeks, I am struck silent with appreciation.

“How about a massage?” I said softly, “Maybe I can stroke some of that corporate bullshit out of your system for the weekend.”

I Feel You Relax Into Me

“Yes, yes,” you smiled up at me, “That would be fabulous.” You reach up on tip toes with your adorable face lifted, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. I answer back with a gentle but passionate kiss. I feel you relax into me and tighten my hold around your waist. “You are in for a treat, Angel. You deserve to be ravished and satisfied to the tips of your toes.” A muffled giggle is your response. God how I love that giggle.

Once inside you call back to me, “I’m going to take a shower.”

I turn from lighting the fire and my eyes follow you into the bedroom. Watching you pull the sweater over your head, I can’t help but harden as an ache of desire runs through me.

“I am so sandy,” you say. “The water will feel good.” You turn toward the bathroom, but I stop you by the bed. “Do you need someone to scrub your back?” I ask running my hand along the curve of your torso.

You stop and turn to me with a mischievous smile. “Oh, I think I can manage,” you wink, “but you can open us a fresh bottle of that red I love.”

We Have All Night

I go outside on the deck grateful for the blast of chilly air. Breathing deeply with my eyes closed, I relax and remind myself that we have all night. A part of me wants to be in that shower with you. Slipping my soapy hands over your curves. Shit I want you. But I know that you love slow, plus, now so do I.

I return to our room, stoke the fire and open the wine. A knock at the door announce the arrival of the chocolate covered strawberries, your favorite formaggio italiano, Bitto, and the rosemary water crackers you get from the specialty bakery.

I hear the bathroom door open and when I turn I try to breathe normally as my eyes sweep up and down drinking in the ivory silk gown. Delicate black embroidery details the edges of the slit running from the floor to the top of your thigh. I swallow hard. “Wow.” I manage to stammer out.

You smile that 1000 watt smile that always melts me. Biting your lip you walk toward me. “You look beautiful, gorgeous Angel.” You look down. It still breaks my heart to see how hard it is for you to receive compliments. I take my finger and lift your chin. “Look at me.” I command with a smirk.

Repeat after me. “I am a beautiful, sexy and desirable woman.” Holding your chin so you can’t look away I wait. “I am a beautiful, sexy and desirable woman,” you smiled up at me.” “Good girl.” I say pulling you in for a kiss. Your skin is moist and supple under my touch, and I get to touch more. I can’t wait.

I Have Been Aching For This

“Do you want a glass of wine before your massage?” I wondered.

“Massage first, please,” you say flashing knowing eyes filled with flirty intention. Thank god, I thought. My desire is near redlining. “I’ll set up the table,” I say as I lead you to the chair by the fireplace.

I put on the new age music you love and smooth the silk sheets on the massage table. I pick you up and hold you tight before I lay you on the table. You hold my hand and then bring it to your warm lips. Kissing my fingers you say, “Thanks in advance, I have been aching for this. I am so glad you are here. I want you right now.” I reach down and kiss your forehead. “Oh don’t worry, baby, you’ll have me.” You take a breath and close your eyes…..

Stay Tuned For Part 2

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