Women Are Looking For Erotic Chat Online…Are You The One They Pick?

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Let me show you how to get more sex…


Hey Handsome,

Look what came across my chat window today:

WillyBangHer:  Angel, I guarantee I will make you wet.

Angel:  No thank you but I hope you won’t mind me asking, does that line work for you?

Willy:  It works about 75% of the time.  Let me ask you a question: If we are riding in my car and I placed my warm, strong hand on your soft, smooth inner thigh, will it tickle or tease you?

Angel:  If we just met, I wouldn’t be in the car. Alas, men forget that a lady is a lady, even on the internet. Would you sit down at a coffee shop with a woman you never met before and say, “I guarantee I will make you wet?” I feel for y’all. I delete 99% the requests I get. LOL Good luck to you!

Willy:  I apologize. You are right and that is NOT who I am, the other 99%.  Can we start over? Please. I was completely out of line. Obviously, you are not who I typically meet here on AM. Please.

I feel bad for Old Willy BangHer.  He is obviously means well.  He is horny and wants to have sex.  He is trolling one of the erotic chat sites online. (I googled erotic chat rooms just now and came up with 810,000 sites)  There are a lot of playgrounds out there to pick from.

There is another reason I feel bad for Old Willy.

You guys have brutal competition out there. Look how many guys are waiting for my attention:

sean 2

How can you get an advantage over the competition?

You can get yourself some good training in the art of seduction.  Now, I am not as available as I was last year….too many men at my door.  But, for a limited time I can teach you everything you need to know to get great cyber sex dates for yourself.

If women are on erotic chat sites, they are looking for action.  Why are you striking out?

Here is what to do.  First, sign up for my free tips.  I tell you exactly how to get more sex in cyberland.  Click here:  Angel’s Tips For Men

Secondly, if you are tired of no action and being deleted by the beautiful women available online, I have something just for you.

How about a Date With An Angel?

Here is how it works:  You can book private time with me to work on your text seduction skills.

If you are like old Willy BangHer from above, you can stumble around online and try to say the right thing.

Are you in?  Imagine practicing your seduction skills with me personally?  I have opened my schedule for a very few private clients. That’s right.  I am working with a few lucky gentlemen who want to master seduction and get more sex in cyberland.

I would love to meet you….


Pick Your Pleasure

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