“When can I give you another massage?” Cub Texts Cougar

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[This is the third installment in a continued story between a cougar and a very savvy cub. He is getting to know her a little better each time and she adores him. If you want to catch up, here is Part 1: “I just prefer older women…” otherwise…enjoy and thanks for rating our stories.]

By Angel and Isaac

I stepped in closer and you slid your hand down pulling on the knot holding my robe closed.

robeMy robe fell open and your eyes moved slowly down my chest. You bit your lower lip when you saw me throbbing and stretching toward you. “Not yet,” you whispered reaching for the almond oil on the table with you, “Now get your ass up on this table.”

I obeyed your command and climbed up on the table face up. Already dripping with anticipation, I watched you walk to the head of the table. Your oily skin sparkled in the candlelight. Before I knew it, the lavender eye pillow covered my eyes and I couldn’t see a thing.

I had no idea where you were going to touch me next

Instantly I felt myself jerking up and down with electricity. I had no idea where you were . Moans of anticipation escaped from my throat. Suddenly I felt your breath against my cheek and then a quick brush of your lips against mine. I reached for more but you were gone.

My hips began moving in a slow figure 8 like they had a mind of their own. Not knowing where you were or what you would do next was driving me crazy. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt you climb on the table and straddle me, sitting on my thighs. I thought I would lose it when I felt you blowing a cool current of breath across my aching cock stretched near its limit.

I couldn’t help myself. I reached to grab myself to bring relief. You caught my hand and pushed it back over my head. I could feel your breasts brush against my chest. Fuck. I want you bad baby. You sat back and reached out with your tongue and gently licked and teased the tip. I arched my back to get closer but you controlled the pace and continued to lick and nibble.  I knew I wasn’t making it easy for you because it kept moving around with involuntary movement up and down.

You smiled listening to me moaning softly, and then you edged a little closer, pushing down with your tongue and against your lips. At last you took me in your mouth and wrapped your lips around me. “Fuck yeah, baby, fuck yeah.”  My eyes rolled back in my head savoring the feeling of your lips around me me….god.

Hungry for more I couldn’t resist pushing myself deeper into your mouth . “I love to fuck you with my mouth.” you said and slowly moved down on me…sliding deeper with each slow thrust. I wound my fingers in your hair as you sucked and played with me. All of a sudden I felt your hand around the base of my dick squeezing and twisting. It felt like you were swallowing me whole. I had been practicing and I knew I could wait. I reached down and taking your shoulders in my hands, pulled you up so I could kiss you again.

You stretched out on top of me

You stretched out on top of me, kissing me softly ….teasing me with your tongue and then backing away. “I want…..” I tried to say before you kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around you and held you tight. My cock pressed tight into your belly, I rolled you back and forth before I turned you over completely. You squeaked out a complaint when I stood up. “I’m not going anywhere, baby.”

I placed my hand on your belly, keeping you in position and walked down to the foot of the table. I pulled you by the legs down to the foot of the table, bent your knees and pushed them up toward your head. You are at the perfect height, and I laid my hardness on your wetness and moved back and forth slowly…teasing you as I rode the ridges of firm flesh looking into your eyes locked on me in pure pleasure. God I love looking at you like this.

Small animal cries filled the room as you let yourself go. I straightened your legs and slide them together, resting them against my chest and proceed to slowly slide all the way in. You are so wet and slippery and ready for me. In, out, in….out  and then all the way out and back in again.

It took every bit of my will power not to take you then and there, but I want to make sure that you were properly taken care of. I pull out again, and spread your legs and leaning over and put my mouth over your sweetness, sucking on it while my tongue played with it. Then I stand up and slide inside and back out. I switched between being inside you, and sucking on you. Your hips convulsed and your moaning told me another orgasm was building.

You moan each time I thrust against you.

I moved slowly and stood up again, “Here baby, turn like this.” I said as I pushed your legs together and rolled you onto your side, pressing your legs together tightly. I leaned my cock against you and slid ever so slowly deep inside you again. The position made you feel tighter and I gasped with excitement. Keeping the slow pace,  I moved in and out, going a bit faster each time. Your body moved in perfect rhythm with me. “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard….”

“I love when you talk dirty to me.” I rasped with my dry mouth

“Hang on a second,” you panted out loud and flipped to your tummy so I could take you from behind. You lifted your beautiful bum and spread your legs when you felt the warm oil I had ready for you drip down between your cheeks. Trembles hit you and moans escaped when my thumbs massaged closer and closer to the tender places waiting for me.

I slid inside you. I put my hands on your back and pressed down as I pushed inside you.  I played with differed speeds with a quick thrust at the very end, making your bum jiggle a bit.  You moaned each time I thrust against you. You slipped your hand between your legs stroking yourself in rhythm with my thrusts. Your moans got louder and the thrill and anticipation of hearing you cum again pushed me over the edge.

I surrendered to my desire and one hand on your lower back and my other in your hair I closed my eyes and exploded in a fevered rush. When I felt you start to convulse again and our orgasms rocked us together I leaned in over you and ran my hands up and down your back.

The echoes of our combined pleasure took awhile to come to an end.  “Hi.” I said to you as I turned you over and kissed you savoring our combined flavors. “I could get used to this.”  You said before I covered your mouth and kissed you again. I pulled away, kissed the tip of your nose and said, “I hope so.”

From Angel: It wasn’t always easy for me to talk dirty to my man.  It was worth learning how.  If you are a good girl and it feels weird to talk naughty, check this free video: How To Talk Naughty in Bed

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