A Bit of Cougar Erotica and A Word on Sex Buddies

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I Love Having A Sex Buddy

Cub:  “Are you busy?”

Cougar:  “No, just watching a movie.  What’s up?”

Cub:  “Just wondered if you want to come over and pick me up, we could mess around a little…”

Cougar:  “K, I’ll be there in an hour.”

Something melts in me as a silly smitten smile spreads itself over my face.

 Yay.  I started a shower and poured a glass of wine.  Things had heated back up again after cooling down a bit over summer. Once again there was some sweet messing around going on in the backseat of a certain Cougar’s car.

Amazing the leverage one can get in the back seat of a car.  I love dating a younger man.  Especially a younger man with an imagination.  He makes me feel like I am 17 again.  We are no strings attached, physical only sex buddies.  He’s in his 40s, I’m in my 60s.

Tonight was absolutely perfect.  

We drove to a dark parking lot at an area park and climbed into the back seat.  He sat in the passenger rear seat and I snuggled in in front of him with my legs in the drivers side rear seat.

He held me close and I inhaled his scent.  My breath sped up and my body began to respond to his touch. He ran his hands down my sides and over the outside of my sweats, down my outer thighs.  He knows me well and I trust my pleasure in his hands.  Mmmmmm.

I shivered and a little moan escaped my lips.  He slowly swept up my inner thigh lifting his hand as he approached the edge of pleasure and then wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. Breathing faster and thirsty for this squeeze I pressed my body into his.

“I love this, oh god….” my voice faded into giggles.  “I love making you feel like this.”  He said and started to kiss me again.  We hadn’t kissed like this in a very long time.

 Sweet playful kisses, nips and nibbles.  

Meanwhile his hand has found its way up my inner thigh again and this time my legs swing open easily as he strokes me through the soft pima cotton fabric.  The electricity of his touch made me squeal with delight as he pressed just right to trigger wave after wave of pure orgasm.

“Are you ok?”  He’s kidding, right?

Panting and shivering I managed to choke out, “Oh my yes…yes….please, baby.”

He covered my mouth with his and our tongues probed and danced as his hand pressed down between my legs. One more big shiver and I collapsed into his arms.

After I caught my breath I reached down and felt him through his shorts. He was hard in my hands and helped me open his zipper.  I love the feel of hardness  in my hands.  It is exciting for me to have someone to play with.

I know he wants my mouth on him.

 I also know that making him wait makes it better. I pulled up his shirt and laid my head on his belly. He wrapped my hair in his fingers.  “Oh Angel.” He moaned as I blew over his most tender spot.  I licked him long and slow and then I stopped and looked at him, batting my girlie green eyes and letting him know how very much I love messing around with him.

I moved back up and we kissed again.  Enjoying each other, feasting, nibbling, laughing and then I returned to his lap and cupped his boys in my hand.  He is hairless and the velvety texture of the skin against my fingers is delicious.

My hands ache to touch a man.  When I have the chance I take my time with long slow strokes.  My hands tingle with pleasure.

Why do I love this friends with benefits relationship?

1. We have great sex.  It is not making love but it is a sweet love-making that is in many ways best sex I’ve ever had.  Maybe I will call it making kindness.  It is an amazing gift to spend a long time pleasuring someone.  We are on the same wave length sexually and have little else in common.

2.  He’s a Ladies First kind of guy.  While there have been a couple of quickies in our history, when we get together to play, we play.  Sometimes for a few hours. He always makes sure that I am done and done in.  I love that about him.  By time I am in my orgasmic echoes, I can’t wait to kiss, taste and play with him.

3.  I’m a lady who loves pleasing her man.   He is very verbal when I go down on him and I love that. It turns me on when he tells me how hot I make him feel. I love his hands in my hair.  I am uninhibited and free flowing with him and the echoes of our time together feed my writing for days on end.

4.  I love the detachment I am learning.   I love how I feel when I am with him and I love how I feel when I leave him.  I feel like I step into a time machine.  I feel all of 17 years old again. Messing around in the back seat of the car is as much fun as it was once upon a time…no, more fun.  Cuddling, kissing and fondling….  Heck, most of the sex I have with him is fully clothed.  Hey don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it for a few decades.

5.  I don’t live with him.  His life, habits, diet and sleep patterns are his own.  I have my home, my life, my friends and my work that I nurture and enjoy.   I don’t need to disclose my private life, credit score or other personal information.  I also don’t need to run a credit check, meet his family, introduce him to my kids or plan any holidays together.

6.   I choose my life with only me to care about.  My career, my finances, my pet and my home are all my business.  I am in charge of myself.  I also am in charge of my own mood and well being.  There is no checking in, getting permission or being micro-managed.  I get to be Queen of my world.

7.  I am newly divorced and not interested in a long term commitment with anyone right now.  Having a much younger sex buddy is great for my ego.  Orgasms make me feel grounded and calm.  My friend with benefits is not my only resource.  He inspires my solo sex life with the fantasies I write.

8.  I am orgasmic without being in love.  I have learned that orgasm can be separate from romance and emotional connection.  I am doing it.  There is a connection.  We definitely enjoy each other.  It is a lusty erotic ha cha cha but that is where it ends.  Orgasm is more accessible because he is familiar and I trust him.  My sex life is not dependent on him.  Nor is his on me.  When we are together, we are all in.  When we are apart we are apart.  A practice in presence.

9.  I live the calm, grounded life of a well sexed woman.  When a woman is getting enough sex (only she can know) there is an unmistakable impact on her life.   Sex does a body good.  Want to read all of the benefits of orgasm?  Check out this post:  10 Surprising Health Benefits of Orgasm

10.  It is a little bit naughty.  Being raised a good little Catholic girl and spending years wrapped up in religious opinions about sex, I am living out a life I never believed was even possible.  I am redefining my own sex life.  I am having mind blowing orgasms on my time, when I want and with who I want.  I practice safe and cyber solo sex.  I love orgasm and I love how I feel when I have a steady diet.

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