So I googled “How To Give An Erotic Massage”……

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By Angel and Isaac

When I googled “How To Give An Erotic Massage.” little did I realize what pleasures were in store…for both of us.  At first I was thinking that it would just be PDF file or maybe a video.  I never imagined I could have an up close and personal lesson like this.  I was mesmerized.  He had started slow and spent a good half hour getting to this point. (See Part 1: I Prefer Older Women)

As I watched Rick, the erotic massage master, touch you my mouth ran dry and my heart pounded. 

I know you were struggling to maintain control by the way your hips were moving as you rearranged yourself to be more accessible to his probing strokes. Rockets of desire ran through me.  I couldn’t help stroke myself in rhythm with Rick stroking you.

I moved my chair closer so I could watch what he was doing that was arousing you so deeply. I licked my lips a few times with a parched tongue. It was harder and harder to watch without having you in my hands and mouth.

I watched as his hands started at the back of your knee and slid up between your thighs, his pinky gently stroking your labia before he slid his hand all the way back down your leg until he reached your ankle. I knew you did not want him to leave your labia. I knew your clitoris was starting to swell and hunger. He switched to the other side after a few minutes, it’s almost more than you can bear. I watched you slide your hand under your body and I knew what you wanted to do.

As if on cue, Rick whispered to you, “Time to turn over, baby.”

Eyes glazed over in desire, you turned over, glanced up to me and mouthed. “Wow.”

I knew you were so turned on that you didn’t care about being naked and exposed anymore. Rick, ever sensitive to his clients needs, placed a lavender scented eye pillow in place and continued his massage.

He slid his hands under your shoulders, and slowly worked the knots and tension you had been holding on to. Then he poured a whisker thin stream of warm oil down your chest, between your breasts, and down over your tummy. The lavender eye pillow was a perfect blindfold and I couldn’t help but wonder what you were experiencing, not knowing when and where the next touch was coming from. My body quivered every time your body got hit with spasm of shivery delight. I swallowed hard. This is so hot.

Your beautiful full nipples were standing hard as you arched your back anticipating his touch, any touch. Finally his oily hands slide down over your breasts. A shock wave of pleasure hit you as you groaned, “Yes, yes…please.”

eroticmassage3As if moving in slow motion, he stroked your body, long smooth strokes starting at your shoulders and slowing as they moved over the outside of each breast, down over your tummy and back up over your breasts again. Your inhibition faded as your hunger intensified and the moans you have been suppressing begin to grow louder.

When he passed over your breasts again, he barely brushed over your straining nipple, just enough to tease. He then rested his hand on your tummy, and walked to your side, and slid his hands down your leg, spreading more oil on your leg. Down to your feet, and back up, over your hips, tummy and right breast, over your shoulder and down your arm. Then back up your arm, over your shoulder and down your chest, tummy, hips and leg.

His movements were slow and deliberate.

The more excited you grew, the slower he went….with torturous stroking so close but never touching clitoris or nipples. Over and again, the strokes in the form of a beautiful figure eight as he pleasured your skin as if it could come on its own. I looked up at his face and saw a look of pure joy. Pleasure, yes, that too, but he was lost in this massage and drawing you to a place I never imagined.

At the end of one rotation he stopped at your foot, and lifted your leg, placing your foot flat on the table, knee bent. He looked at me and beckoned me to the table. He nodded to me and I knew to mimic what I had seen him do. We slid our hands down your thighs in slow rhythmic strokes. Your breath got stuck in your throat the second you realized there were two sets of hands on you. Five quick inhales as you shivered under our touch and let your knees fall away away to our gaze and touch.

Your breathing quickened as you felt our hands sliding up from your ankles to your inner thighs Faster strokes this time, alternating hands with the lightest of touch. As I knew they would, your legs opened wider and your back arched. Rick made eye contact with me once again and indicated I should stroke you as he did. He lifted a finger and I knew I was to watch first. I ached to be touched and was relieved I could grab hold and stroke myself as he gently stroked up your thighs until his thumbs rested on your outer labia.

You bucked your hips pressing into his touch as he simply held you, not moving at all.

With your body moving in a delirious dance of arousal, the pressure he was using as he held you was all you needed. Fuck. I had no idea. He then lifted one hand and nodded that I was to place my hand in the same position. In a quick exchange, I was now holding you as you edged closer to the orgasm we all knew was coming.

Intuitively I pressed my thumbs down and inward toward each other on either side of your clitoris. You choked out a deep moan as I stroked the velvety labia before me. Rick had gone back to work massaging your legs. He lifted your foot to his shoulder and stroked down from your ankle to the top of your thigh.

Then he placed a thumb over your opening, and pressed but did not go inside. As I massaged your labia and clitoris, he simply held pressure there and placed his other hand on your left breast, over your heart and began breathing deeply as if to cue you to do the same.

A nod to me and I knew I was to do the same. I slowed my breath and let my hands simply rest on you. I wish I could tell you how beautiful you were, laying there coming and coming and coming. Your body convulsed and shivers of pure ecstasy rocked you again and again. You moaned, giggled, bit your lip all the signs I knew and loved. Signs that you were completely lost in the pleasure of the moment.

After what seemed nearly an hour, your breathing began to match ours and your shivers slowly subsided. Rick got a heated blanket from beside the massage table and he and I laid it on you as you turned to your side panting. He turned to me and hands in namaste, he nodded once again and left the room. I returned to the side of the massage table, leaned down and kissed you.

You jumped and the lavender eye pillow fell away. Your eyes were shining bright and the biggest shit eating grin I have ever seen lit up your face. “Fuck” you said. “Get your ass up on this table.:

To be continued….(maybe you would like to send me what YOU would like to have happen next. Email me at  I am always looking for fresh talent!)

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