Erotic Fantasy: Halloween Party – Caught Peeking

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Vampire Couple Kiss

By Angel and Greg G.

I felt stupid going to a Halloween party at the last minute.   Why did I say yes?

Swinging by the costume shop I was disappointed by the picked over selection and ended up with a cheap Dracula costume, for God’s sake.  I didn’t even want to go to the party but the thought of going as something as lame as dracula made it all the worse.

When I got to the party I spotted another rather petite Dracula across the room.  From the back I saw the cape with the raised collar and  sexy short blonde bob.  My eyes swept the black caped figure and I could see the soft curves and hints of femininity.  A Lady Dracula?  Hmmm, I felt a wave hit me below the belt.

I followed her out into the garden.  She seemed to be on a mission.  She was hurrying and glancing over her shoulder.  I kept out of sight.  For some reason I didn’t want to be discovered. Hypnotized by the sway of her hips and the curve of her cheek when she turned to peek backward, I sped up to keep her in sight.

“Finally…” I hear a man’s low voice as she rushed into the arms of a figure in a long black hooded cape.

“Did anyone see you?”  I ducked behind the tree as they both turned to look in my direction.

“No.”  She said.  “I miss you so much….” the rest of her words muffled in a kiss.  He wrapped his arms around her and they both disappeared into his cape.  I took advantage and moved as close as I dared.  I heard quiet moans as my mind filled in the details of the motions I saw in the cloak.

Would he be kissing her neck?   Nibbling, licking, exploring her with his mouth?  Maybe his hand was on her hip sliding up so that the edge of his thumb grazed the curve of her breast.  I felt myself stiff and aching to be him.  A throaty giggle exploded from the cape followed by a quick Shhhhh…and then another round of moans.

Mesmerized, I moved even closer…..

The two figures lowered to the ground and the cape slipped giving a peek of  creamy flesh cradled in a red lace bra.  The ache between my legs doubled.  A hand pulled the cape around her body and I had to rely on my imagination again.

I reached into my pants and took out my dick.  It was throbbing with desire.  I stroked in time with the up and down I watched.  My mouth was dry as I imagined sucking those nipples so near and yet so far.  Were they pink, brown, rosey red?  I licked my lips as I thought about how hard and ready she was for his tongue and lips.

“Wait, I have an idea.”  I heard the man’s low growl. “I want to see you in the moonlight.”

“Shit!” I hurried behind the shrubs losing a bit of my hardness for the moment.  Little did I know what I was in for.

“Are you sure there is no one around?”  I heard her say.

“It’s ok baby, nobody is here but us.”

I ducked down as he stood up and spread his cloak on the ground.  He was naked and obviously very aroused. He held her hand and lowered her to the ground.  He had loosened the tie holding her blouse together and her dark nipples stood out in stark contrast to her pale skin.  My hand reached again for the throb between my legs as my hips twitched in a shiver of desire.

I licked my dry lips with a barely damp tongue as he pulled her blouse down to her waist.  He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, gently at first but then they started to nibble. lick..devour each other.  Her hand drifted down his pecs, circling his nipples with her bright red fingernails.

I started to stroke myself, unable to resist the urge screaming for satisfaction.  He left her lips now glistening in the moonlight and began kissing down the side of her face, one hand cupping a breast and the other tracing his finger along her hairline and behind her ear.  She was squirming and squealing quietly as he toyed with her.  “I want to hold your dick.”  I heard her say huskily as she reached down to fulfill her need.

Shit, I couldn’t believe my ears.  My own cock was about to explode.  “I want to…..”

He smiled at her as she cupped his boys in her hand.  “Fuck,”  she said.  “I love how tight you are.”  He reached up and pushed her dress up to her waist.  He slipped her dress down the rest of the way and pulled it off her ankles slowly as she laid bare, completely exposed.

He turned her over and knelt down grabbing her firm beautiful butt. My hands tensed as I squeezed and stroked my hardness. When he gave her butt a quick firm slap I made a groan I couldn’t contain.

They froze and looked around.  Laughing he turned her over again and began kissing her. Trailing his lips down her chest going back nipple to nipple several times before he slipped lower on her belly and approached her mound.  Her body was beautiful in the moonlight.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

As he began to kiss her inner thighs, I could see him use his thumbs and begin to stroke her swollen folds.  I licked my lips again and slowed down my stroking, wanting to stretch this out forever.  I couldn’t see but her labia must be hot and wet by now.  My breath was in my throat and I was doing everything in me to be silent.

I loosened my shorts and adjusted and grabbed my hard dick with my other hand enjoying slowly stroking it while I watched him explored the boundaries of her beautiful folds with his thumb.  I closed my eyes and lost myself in my mind’s eye view of what was going on just feet from me.

A peal of curious laughter made me snap to.  I opened my eyes to see the two lovers looking right at me.  Shamed, I ducked down and lost my enthusiasm instantly.  Fuck.

“No, no.” I heard the young woman call out.  “Don’t feel bad. Come over, join us.”  Like a hypnotized robot not sure what the fuck was going on, I made my way over to them.  He smiled at me as he laid next to her, one hand cupping a breast and one crooked and holding his head up, watching me.

I gently began to kiss her ankles, working my way up her legs. I kissed her all the way up to her waist and began to work my way down her crack. Once I had my mouth on her I plunged my tongue in between her labia. She felt was hot, wet and oh so delicious. I worked my tongue slowly with firm strokes in between quick licks and nibbles.  She tasted so good and I got lost pleasuring her.

She moaned and convulsed as he pinched and tweaked her firm nipples with first his fingers and then his teeth while I sucked her and licked her front to back and back to front.  She opened her legs welcoming me I slowed down and let her release.  I stopped moving and left my mouth on her and held her there.  I could feel her body shivering with orgasm after orgasm.  I looked up and met his eyes.  Glazed over I saw his intense pleasure.  Holding himself and stroking I echoed his motions.

Shivering we all collapsed into a heap of goofy giggling.  “I’m Danny,”  I said unleashing another round of laughter.  “Nice to meet you, Danny.” She said.  He nodded in my direction.  I turned to pick up my clothes and after I slipped on my pants, I turned around.  They were gone.

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