Hey Guys…..Is This Hot For You?

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Hey guys. I love sex as much (maybe more) than the average Jane but you have to back way up to flip the switch and get a girl horny enough to want to be with you.

Here is what I mean. This is the actual first time note a potential sex buddy sent to me. I know he thinks this is super hot….heck, maybe you do too:

It’s Thursday, my flight has arrived earlier and our evening begins with you meeting me in the lounge of the Marriott. You arrive wearing a short black backless dress, black stockings, black 3 inch heels, garter, thong…… we embrace as long lost lovers, we kiss on the cheeks, I take your hand and we move to the back of the lounge, order our drinks, we flirt, my hand finds your knee… I slide my hand up you leg, under your hemline…as my fingers near your pussy, my fingers feel the soft French silk panties you are wearing… I gently stroke the silk, enjoying the sheer touch and the sensation of you becoming aroused, becoming wet as your juices soak through the silk… I slide your panty aside and begin to tease and stroke you with my fingers…. as I massage your pussy , I slide one, then two fingers into you… my fingers probing for your g-spot… your pussy is so hot, so wet, I lean into you kiss your lips, we lock our tongues as our waiter stares at us…

What’s the problem you may be thinking….sex partners can have completely different arousal worlds in fact some studies say that 80% of couples are sexually incompatible. Isn’t that sad? Find out how to arouse your partner. Make it a goal. Not what YOU think she likes…no, find out what she wishes you knew…..

Click Here is the Angelized Version… and see what I mean.

It is a beautiful thing to hear a woman whisper a passionate yes, yes….

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