“I just prefer older women.” Are there hotter words?

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I can't wait to taste you...

I can’t wait to taste you…


By Angel and Leo

I can’t get it out of my head, the way you always know what turns me on.

Little did I know that one thing you told me would completely change my approach when it comes to asking for sex.

“I’m psychic!” You teased last time we were together eyes flashing at me with the promise of secrets kept.

You can fucking read my mind and when we are together, you blow me away.

Before we met, I went through the motions of life, never really knowing what I was missing. I have known my share of women and I enjoy sex just as much as the next guy but the truth is sex was pretty routine and I wouldn’t exactly call it fun. I secretly craved a sexually confident older woman.

Driven to find such a woman I drifted from partner to partner. I never gave up believing I could find an older woman who would accept me instead of trying to change me and would enjoy having sex with me. I want to feel so comfortable talking about sex with a woman that we hold nothing back from one another. I want it to be fun, funny and exciting…not just orgasmic. Been there done tons enough of that.

I wanted a woman who would tell me or show me what she needs to make sex fun for her. I want to find the true freedom that comes from being in tune with, knowing and trusting your partner. I want to stroke and pleasure a woman like no man before me. I want her climaxing while I hold her in my arms and press into her exact right pleasure points….

The sound of horn behind me,wakes me from my thoughts and I proceed through the green light, waving an apology to the driver behind me. I heaved a big sigh and gave my stiff self a squeeze as I accelerated.

Then you appear in my life…out of the blue. Life can turn on a dime and it did that weekend when I was doing time at the trade show. Even though you were dressed in company provided khaki pants and a black polo shirt with your company logo on it,I was doing the latest floor cleaning gizmo demos and you were the cable TV sales rep, I still couldn’t take my eyes off you. (For more great sex tips, check this free video)

Now, standing outside of the cafe, I watch you walking up, every bit of 5 foot 2 inches of spitfire in a black leather pencil skirt, a white wife beater with, do my eyes deceive me, red bra straps peeking out for fun. The smile on your face lets me know that you know just how exciting tonight is going to be. As you approach I notice you are wearing the thin, black, lace, collar I sent you. Holding back a grin, I reach for your hand. “You look great, baby.” I say in a low voice as I pull you close to me and kiss the tip of your nose.

You lean your head back, eyes closed, mouth open. I have never had a woman respond to me like this. “Oh baby.” I say again feeling stupid for having such a small vocabulary at the moment. Cherry red lips that I want to taste, your soft pink tongue waiting for my touch. The desires is almost too great to resist, a public display of affection is going to happen here and the thought of it sends a shock wave of electricity up my spine.

My mouth dry and the awkwardness of our current surroundings finally sinking in, I turn you away and arm over your shoulders, guide us into the little Tandoori place across the street. While we’re waiting to order, the heat is rising as our non-verbal conversation sizzles as we play the eyegasm game.

You changed our sexual future when you told me this. I clearly remember you saying. ‘You’re going to have a helluva easier time getting into my panties if you get into my mind first.” I almost choked on my Corona trying to pretend that all women talk to me like this.

Then you told me about eyegasms. Once you explained how hot it was for you to have eye contact while we are thinking sexy thoughts about one another when we are out socially, I never waste an opportunity to play with you that way. You were 100% right. There is something to this eyegasm thing.

It seemed like forever until we are finally seated in our booth. Our wine is chilling in the bucket and the waiter is standing directly behind me asking you about your entree when I scribble the following message on the cocktail napkin. “I can make you convulse in 3 minutes.” You are adorable trying to stay focused on ordering your steak. Gotta love a meat eating girl. I love teasing you like this.

The waiter finally leaves and I put my hand under the table and lift your leg, into my lap. I slip off the 4” stiletto and massage your foot. I know that when I press my thumbs into the center of the sole of your foot and gently stroke outward, first left and right and then up and down, you always get aroused.

Knowing what to expect and enjoying the fact that you are so turned on, I now meet your gaze as you squirm a little bit in your seat with a gasp and a shiver. I hold your calf firmly with one hand and continue to knead the bottom of your foot stroking in a figure 8 with my thumb.

I know exactly when you start to climax. We have an agreement that eyegasms are just that. Feasts of the eyes in the heart of passion and pleasure. Your breath picks up and you bite your lower lip. Every time. Then you stretch your leg toward me so your foot rests on my, by now, rock hard self and let yourself go.

You are a master of the Inner O, that Inner Orgasm that echoes outward in powerful and silent waves. I love being with you and watching you ride the wave in a public place. Your face is beautiful when you cum, eyes closed, lips barely parted and breathing hard, you slip into a pleasure orbit of your own. Once you start to shiver in for a landing, you open your eyes and stretch. Can’t wait to get my mouth on you in the car later, you whisper. “”Oh baby” I say with the two word vocabulary you reduce me to. You are a rock star.

“Your salads.” The waiter announced to which you lose it in a fit of giggles. I laugh too and then so does the waiter, though I am sure he is thoroughly confused. If he only knew.

Damn I’m glad you walked into my life, girl.

Part 2: He wanted to watch….

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