Erotic Poetry: Eyes Closed

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Yes Please....

Yes Please….

Eyes Closed

by Top Jock Eddie R. and Angel


Eyes closed

Soft darkness surrounds you

Quiet breath on your skin

Warm and cool excitement


“Keep them closed” I lean in and whisper

The moment is ours

Waiting for the next touch

Only sound wraps around you


Electric touch glides on your body

Cool fingers explore your warm skin

Eyes closed

You arch your back longing with desire


The fingers become a hand

slowly, slowly

Not a sound from your lover

Lips on your neck savoring your taste


A master never touching too hard, too soft.

Please, please

everything building in you

So little gives you so much


Imagination building the fantasy

Hands and fingers painting the picture

Mouth open and seeking

Eyes closed


Lips to lips

Tongue to tongue

Breathing in the smell and taste of each other

Arms entangling, hearts beat rapidly


The lovers echo on and on

Eyes open.

To see their thirst being quenched

Diving deep into each others eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Erotic Poetry: Eyes Closed

  1. Great poem. You should consider recording it and submitting it to Literotica. I know a lot of guys and girls over there would love to hear it.


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