Just what are you going to do with that stubble?

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by Angel and Steven R. (We love our men….leave Steven a review!)

After our day battling the corporate mucky mucks and their lists, charts and initiatives, I couldn’t wait to hold you, taste you…..delight you.

I turn you to face me, your mouth beckons me and I slowly kiss your forehead, temples, eyes and finally meet your luscious lips.  And even though I am  like a hungry animal yearning to be satiated, I pull back and skim your lips with mine, then sweep over them with the stubble of my beard.  “I have been waiting all day for this baby.” I whisper in between kisses.

You gasp and your breathing starts to speed up.  I kiss you fully feeling your soft lips yielding to my gentle insistence.  At last I feel your tongue reach toward me and I thirstily meet you sucking you into my mouth. Tongues reaching, exploring, tasting, thrilling each other with passion.

I trace your hairline with my hand and sweep down the side of your cheek. I go farther slowly and barely touching you I stroke down your neck and then under the white shirt sweeping over your breast and the nipple hardening under my touch.   You arch your back and reach for more, breathing harder and biting my tongue and lips with abandon.  Your beautiful breasts beg to be suckled and I can not deny them.

I know you want to keep kissing me but you allow me to leave your lips and begin kissing down your neck and chest rubbing my stubble on the soft skin of your breasts.  You squeal and wrap your arms around my head.

I know you want me to kiss your nipples and suck and bite on them but I purposely circle my kisses around and lick right up to the edge and then away.  I love to tease you and I know by the panting that you are heading toward orgasm but not yet baby, not yet.

I place my tongue in your cleavage and begin licking, kissing and biting my way down your stomach as I reach down to stroke your inner thigh. You squeal with delight as you lift your hips, body begging for my touch.  (Free Video: How To Give a Toe Curling Orgasm To Your Woman)

My tongue finally reaches your sweetness and you gasp raising your hips and reaching to hold my head as I pleasure you with my tongue.  Your creamy thighs on my face feel amazing as I take you into my mouth slowly, deeply, fully. I feel your fingers in my hair fingernails scratching my scalp as you  contort and convulse in ecstasy .

I pull away and put my hand between your legs holding you gently heightening your orgasm.  The view I have is magnificent as I see your beautiful breasts rise and fall and you raise your head I can see the glassy eyed look of a woman in rapture.  Unable to wait a moment longer, finally I must have you.  I pick you up and you wrap your legs around me as I slowly slide you down on my shaft.

I have never felt so alive as I thrust into you and watch your body move with me. We fall on the bed wrapped in one another’s arms you on top sitting up in front of me, still dressed in my dress shirt, breasts just visible, sheer ecstasy on your face as I continue like a man possessed. You and I are the only beings in the world

As my passion builds, you tell me “cum inside me make me yours.” “Yes baby, yes baby,” I say as I finally unleash inside you. You collapse to my chest and I feel you shiver as I hold you tight and kiss your temple.   I hold you close watching the ceiling fan revolve above us, stroking your sweat dampened hair back behind your ear.

“Mmmmmm” you sigh.  “Mmmmmm” I echo treasuring the feeling of your body resting on mine.  My Angel.

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2 thoughts on “Just what are you going to do with that stubble?

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Petra. I so love stubble! What else do you love from your lover?



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