White Lines – an erotic flash fiction

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Guest Post by: Lord Strahd

The whites lines pass us by on the left side so fast it’s almost one solid line. The rain beating down on the windshield furiously enough that the wipers can’t keep up.

A single lane highway stretched out before us as we knife through the darkness, headlights cutting through dully as the rain cascades down and makes visibility difficult.

One hand on the wheel of my red mustang while the other is entwined with my lover’s next to me. Her fingers caressing mine constantly. Her perfume intoxicates my nostrils in the cramped space as my mind wanders to memories of her smiling face, reminding me how lucky I am to have such a woman in my life.

The radio is blaring “She Sell’s Sanctuary” by The Cult as the pulsating rhythms have my foot tapping. Not a car in sight for miles on the highway, I can feel her staring at me while I drive. I glance over at her thinking I have got to do something special for her. The way she looks at me makes my blood burn with lust for her.

The radio changes songs as the sweet melody of Journey’s “Faithfully” sings out of the speakers. I pull over to the side of the road, get out of the car leaving the door open, walk around the back and open her door. I take her hand as she looks at me with wonderment. “What are you doing?” she asks. “You’ll see….” I reply.

She follows me to the front of the car, her hand in mine; doors open so the song can fill the night air. I stop in front of the headlights, wrap my arms around her waist and start to slow dance with her as the rain soaks us completely.

Our mouths meet and we kiss slowly, passionately as we move in time with the rhythm. Her hips sway beneath my hands, rain runs in rivulets down our face. My hair is soaked and pasted down the length of my face as she pushed the strands behind my ears. Her fingers slowly stroke the outline of my face as our tongues dance together.

My hands trace her arms, caressing gently the backs of them as my mouth travels to her neck. Looking down, I can see her white blouse plaster against her heaving breasts. Her nipples hard, protruding her bra and blouse heightens my desire for her.

My teeth bite lightly into her neck, “ungh” she moans as my tongue kisses her skin. I can feel the heat from her mixed with the coolness of the rain. Her skin so sweet on my lips, I nibble up her neck to just behind the ear and bite again. “Oh” she squirms in my hands, her head to the side inviting more kisses.

I raise my left hand to the side of her face as she leans into it, my kisses become deeper on her neck as my right hand slides behind her head and grabs the hair and the back of her neck and tightens hard. “Uh” she utters. I pull her head back and kiss the front of her neck then around to the other side. Her breathing is getting heavy, her nipples hard as rocks as the rain mattes our clothes like a second skin to us.

Her hands caress my sides and I can feel her nails dig in my ribs a little bit through my shirt. She wants to do more to me but she is at my mercy with her head captured by my hand. I kiss down the middle of her chest to inside of her breasts as she coos in anticipation. Still slowly rotating to the song, I kiss her nipples through her wet shirt. She moans with pleasure and arches her back trying to reach her nipple to my mouth.

I spin her around so I am behind her, my hand still in her hair, controlling her. Her head pulled back I kiss the back of her neck, nibbling gently and then harder. “Oh baby” she utters. By now there isn’t a dry inch anywhere on our bodies. My right hand moves down her side to her hips where I can feel the outline of her lacy thong beneath the drenched purple skirt.

The feeling excites me even more. I squeeze her hips over and over again as I kiss her neck, biting, licking and sucking her favorite spot. I move my hand up gently to her breast and cup it; softly squeezing while whispering in her ear “I love you.” Feeling her chest heave as I caress her breast, feeling the hard nipple between my fingers, her hands move to my thighs, squeezing and searching for my hardness that she can feel pressed against her tight ass…

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