I don’t want size to matter but it does…what do I do?

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Guest Post by Alex Allman

Dear Alex,  My husband Mark is an amazing lover but I can’t keep from thinking about my ex who had a huge penis.  I feel guilty because I love Mark so much, but I miss feeling filled up like that.

How could this be?!Sexy muscular naked man and female hands unbuckle his jeans

Thinking fast I said to Jennifer, “What if I could give you guys some sex positions and techniques that you could use that would make it FEEL bigger inside of you.”

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed, suddenly filled with hope, “that might be exactly what we need!”

So I shot a video for her with specific ideas and techniques around exactly that idea:  Making her husband’s penis FEEL bigger inside of her.

She called back a few days later gushing with gratitude.  The sex positions worked, she said, and now Mark felt positively HUGE inside of her… even BIGGER than her ex-lover… so big in fact that she could hardly handle it and had to beg for mercy after he kept using the techniques over and over.

I hung up the phone feeling like a million bucks!  The great Alex Allman comes to the rescue again and saves another marriage!

…Unfortunately, I was celebrating too soon, but more on that in a minute…

After getting the great reviews from Jennifer on the new techniques and sex positions, I figured I should create a program for my customers who suffered from the same problems, or who simply had a below average sized penis and wanted to learn how to make it feel BIG.

The first thing I did was to launch 2 giant surveys to my readers, one for the men and one for the women, to see if anyone was really interested.  The results further surprised me!  So I ended up calling and conducting personal interviews with dozens and dozens of the thousands of men and women who responded.

In the end I had a set of research, data, and information about penis size that nobody else in the world knew about, and the beginnings of some very important work.

One of the first things that surprised me was that NEARLY ALL of the men said that they wished they had a bigger penis… even if they were already way above average!

In fact, and this really shocked me, MORE THAN HALF of my male readers said that they had purchased some kind of penis enlargement program.  Many of them said that they purchased the program EVEN THOUGH THEY KNEW IT WAS PROBABLY BOGUS.  It’s just that it was “worth a try” because they were so desperate to be bigger.

And again, many of these men were already average or above average.

I got a mountain-sized pile of email in the following weeks from men begging me to release my new program with the techniques and positions for making it FEEL bigger (plus new techniques I was developing to make it LOOK bigger too)…

Along the way I also learned some crazy things about the penis enlargement business and the community that has grown around it.  You might already know that it’s impossible to get any significant growth from any of these pills, pumps, or stretching exercises… but you probably don’t know how DANGEROUS many of them are, and how there is a growing epidemic of men showing up to Emergency Rooms with horrific and sudden injuries to their penises from “jelqing” and other stretching techniques!

A big part of why men are so desperate to be bigger is because of pornography.  Even if a man “knows” in his mind that he is average (most men have read the truth about this, that the average length of an erect penis is 5.88 inches), his experience still says otherwise:

A man who watches a lot of porn might have seen a few thousand penises… and no matter what the “average” is supposed to be, from his perspective, after seeing thousands, he’s got the smallest penis that he has personally ever seen!

It’s hard for men to get past this psychologically.

Of course more and more women watch porn too, and so of course this skews their perspective as well.

Needless to say, I knew that I was creating something important, and I set to work on my new “Unleash The Beast” program to give men secrets, techniques, and more… so that they could look and feel huge in the bedroom, regardless of what size they were born with.

But the most important thing that I uncovered was how much this psychological problem of men feeling small (even if they aren’t), was a much more problematic issue than the physical part.

And, in fact, I got a call a few weeks later from Jennifer.  Things were bad again with Mark and she needed my help.

I was crushed.

Yes, it was true that during sex now his penis felt much bigger… HUGE even… but now she realized that she was simply becoming less and less attracted to him.


Because of his psychological insecurities around having a smaller-than-average penis.

It turned out that what she noticed most of all between Mark and her ex-lover who had a big penis, was that her ex-lover had the CONFIDENCE and swagger of a guy who was big, and it was that confidence that made him more passionate in bed.

Mark was constantly TRYING SO HARD TO COMPENSATE for his lack of size (that’s why he had studied tantra for years, and that’s why now he was now OVER-USING the techniques I had shown them until it HURT her)… when they had sex, instead of being focused on his passionate desire for his wife, all of his focus was on the technique… all of his focus was on over-compensating for his psychological insecurities around his small penis.

A LOT of counseling and coaching followed to help Mark get past his feelings of inadequacy, so that he could show up for Jennifer in a way that was more masculine and sexually attractive…

And, of course, all of this meant a lot more work had to go into “Unleash The Beast” before I could release it to my impatient customers.

I’m hoping to share more about my research with you in the next couple of days.

I’ve only talked about the men’s side of the issue so far, but the results from the women’s survey were equally unexpected and important.

Have you ever wondered if women lie to men about penis size? 

I’ve got the answer for you.

I actually shot a video for my own readers about the important things I learned about women and penis size issues, and if Gaby gives me permission, I’ll share those results with you too!

For more info on Unleash The Beast, click here.

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  1. Your research sounds interesting. I must agree, in life and in the bedroom, having confidence in yourself and what you’re doing is very, very important and makes a noticeable difference.


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