Baby, I Love How You Taste….Part 2

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By Angel and Danny G. (We love our men….leave Danny a review!)

I ran my hands down your sides feeling the silk of your blouse as it hugged your small waist pulling it gently from the waist band of your slim black skirt.

“If you keep that up, we won’t get to the bath….” you said opening your sea green eyes and looking at me with a naughty grin.

“I just want to help you get ready,” I laughed back…”I am in no hurry.”

You turned around and slipped out of your blouse and skirt revealing your white lacy bra and thong. I couldn’t help but gasp. “ You are more beautiful every time,” I manage to stutter out. “You are sweet as honey,” you reply turning away from me to slip off your lingerie. “Could you hit the light?” you ask as you light the candles around the tub.

Your body in the dim candlelight is so damn hot, I feel like I am going to lose complete control. (Learn what a man loves in bed.)

“Climb in and relax, baby, I will go get the wine.” I growled in a low voice.

I pointedly allow my eyes to wander up and down your entire body knowing that you can sense me staring at you. My gaze lingers on your breasts that are wonderfully shaped with nipples hardening in the cool air outside the tub. When my eyes return to yours you smile and proceed to stroke your breasts with the sea sponge, squeezing a stream of warm suds down the center of your chest.

Your eyes linger on my crotch and I feel myself naked under your gaze. You watch me as my manhood twitches to life and I cannot believe it but you slowly lick your lips. I feel my insides shudder a little. I reluctantly turned away to get the wine. Slow is good, I toned to myself, Slow is good.

I walked back into bathroom and you were lying back with your eyes closed a small smile perking up the dimples I loved to kiss. I walked quietly toward you and knelt at the tub. I stroked your hair away from your forehead and leaned in to kiss you.

“Hurry in,” you whispered to me as you lifted your face to meet my lips.

I slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the tub behind you. Finally my legs are around you and I am rock hard and pressing into the small of your back. I can feel your breath quicken. The water is warm and the bubbles are silky and oily making my body slide against yours.

I place my hands on the back of your neck and begin massaging gently and moving downwards, I feel you melt a little as I massage the knots from your back and you lean closer into me. God I love your body next to mine.  Your ass is rubbing a little more against me and I can feel you breathing hard and fast.

I move my hands around you and cup your magnificent breasts in my hands. I feel them and finding your nipples pinch and roll  them as they grow erect under my attention. Your legs open a little further and I feel your body slide back and press into me fully.

I leave one hand caring for your breasts and nipples and slide the other one down your tummy. I love the feel of your flesh against mine. My hand drifts ever closer to your lady bits and I feel you lift your hips to meet me. I feel myself growing harder as I find your sweetness and start to massage and press with my fingers. Small animal moans and giggles escape and I feel you convulse as the sensations rack your body. The combination of warm water and my hands has you breathing harder and I slowly bring my hands up the sides of your waist and under your breasts.

You reach your arms up over your head and wrap them around my neck. I pinch your nipples and knead them as your legs swing wide open begging for attention. Your breath catching in your throat between little cries of desire, I can’t deny you. I return one hand between your legs and quench your thirst. I explore you and stroke you as you orgasm on and on and on.

“Yes, yes, yes,” you pant as I stop my movement altogether and just rest the weight of my hand on your lower belly with my fingers wrapped down and around your mound. I press in as you raise your hips to meet me. “I love how you cum.” I say with a wink and a smile.

“You are so good.” You manage to say as you relax against me, warm water from the tub flowing around both our bodies. I wrap my arms around you and hold you close still stiff with excitement against the small of your back. (Click Here: Does your woman crave your skills?)

“You’re next baby…just let me catch my breath.”

“I am not worried,” I said giving your shoulders a good squeeze. “Let me just hold you for awhile.”

This story is by Danny G.  Isn’t he fabulous?  If you love his story telling skills, leave him a comment and tell him so!  We LOVE men who write erotica!

2 thoughts on “Baby, I Love How You Taste….Part 2

  1. I love reading your erotic stories. You have such a great grasp of the written word, emotive rhetoric, and provocative imagery. Please keep updating with more pieces.

  2. I love this story; it’s my favorite story in your library. You absolutely must follow up with these two characters. I see this is a “part 2,” is there a part 1 to go along with this story.


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