“Girl, You Gotta Get Laid!”

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Yes, Yes, Yes!

Yes, Yes, Yes!

I laughed as my assistant gave me her advice for the weekend.

Working too hard, not playing enough and I was spent.  My friend with benefits had been out of town for a few weeks and I was being a royal bitch.  I could hear myself at work and I was appalled.

As much as I used to hate hearing that kind of talk years ago, I get it now.  Sometimes you DO have to get laid.

When you get great sex, you get straightened out right quick…as they say in the south.  I swear orgasm is a fountain of youth.  I feel like a new woman every time and a friend with benefits is exactly right for me at this time.

We are great sex partners and can pleasure each other like nobody’s business.  Then we go live our lives til next time.  No strings.  No drama.  No one sharing my space.  And great, sex. (See What Men Secretly Want)

So last night we met in San Clemente for dinner.  We ate out on the pier and touched each other under the table cloth.  I love to turn on in public trying to act as if nothing is happening when everything is happening.

After dinner we walked back to the ocean front hotel and snuggled on the couch watching the world cup highlights. He let his arm rest on my leg so that his hand was resting on my thigh, my turn on simmering close to the edge.

“Remember our first night together?”

I shivered and gasped feeling his breath right next to my ear.

“Remember how I stroked and cuddled you?”

“Remember how I touched you here” and laid his fingertips against the crotch of my silk pajama bottoms. I was sitting right next to him on the couch, Indian style with a leg laying on his lap. I shivered and a small sound escaped my lips.

Moving his fingers so slowly…so deliciously over the now moistening silk I shivered at his touch, my legs falling open ready for more.  It had been a long time this time.  Longer than ever before and I was so hungry to feel like this.

eroticmassage3Fantasy is great and I love it but there is nothing like skin to skin or skin to silk to unlock the full force and flow of my turn on.  He pulled my leg closer to his chest and used his other hand to massage the bottom of my foot.  I held on to his arm and ran my teeth over his bicep. In response to my squirm he flexed into my grip.

On and on gentle stroking, probing so soft and slow.  Fuck, kill me now. Breathing hard and stretching toward his hand I whimpered like a kitten.  Yes, please, please yes….

Breathless and powerless to reciprocate no matter how much I wanted to, my head fell back as he slipped his fingers under the waistband and moved slowly down my belly.  My legs swung open willingly and widely as my body quivered in anticipation.

Once he was touching me I was wet and so ready for him.  “Just like the first time” he whispered.  “Oh baby…..”

He turned toward me and began to kiss my hair and then my cheek.  I wanted to kiss him so badly…I love how he tastes and how he teases with his teeth and tongue.  My head tipped back and I opened my lips and there he is matching me breath for breath.

He plays me like an instrument and holds me at peaks of pleasure. “ Wait” I say, “let me catch my breath.

His hand on my lower belly made the turn on echo on and on.

Finally, I collapsed against his back arms wrapped around him.  “Baby baby you know what I need,” I whispered panting.

He wrapped his arms around me. Holding me tight and kissing the side of my head, I felt my body slowly relax and finish off with shivers of pure pleasure.

“Mmmmm, yummy…you are so fun. I love sharing my turn on with you” I whispered against his chest.

“So are you, darlin’, so are you,” he said glancing at the black bag hanging on the door….

“You ain’t seen nothing yet….” He thought to himself letting her recover in his arms…..

You will find this is a great story starter for a fantasy date. This provides your lady with a gentle turn on and hopefully the desire to be in this story herself…..

Want more story ideas for your lady? Write and let me know: angelsfantasyland@gmail.com



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