Cougar Erotica – “Maybe I Should Change My Flight….”

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Sexy Stranger At The Airport by Angel and Danny G.

For as long as I can remember, I have fantasized about having a no strings attached rendezvous with an older and sexually savvy woman.

Stuck in an airport and sipping my dry martini, I found myself glancing around the bar.  There were a couple of hot younger girls with short skirts and deeply low cut blouses that showed off very tempting and luscious breasts.

Been there and done plenty of that.

No, this time, I want a lady.  An older and wiser woman who loves sex as much as I do.  Once again, erotic scenes flew into my mind and a new daydream drew my attention away from the hustling airport crowd around me.

“Excuse me” the bartender’s voice pulled me back to the present.

“Another?” he asked. I checked my watch.  “Sure,” I said.  “Thanks.”

Surveying the bar crowd,  I noticed you playing with your olive with a disinterested air. I could see that your mind was elsewhere. I had caught your eye a couple times earlier but I was sure you were looking right through me. I was surprised this time when a smile crossed your face.

“Would you like another martini?” I asked.  I suddenly felt clumsy and awkward as a teenager.  I could not help but notice the warmth of your eyes and that hot red dress hugging your toned curves.

“Why thank you, how sweet of you.” As the bartender shook our drinks, I moved a stool closer to you and tried my best at small talk. The chemistry was tying my tongue in knots and I was relieved when you started telling me the story of how you happened to be in the San Antonio airport when your destination was NYC. We laughed and shared a few air travel dramas. The martinis were working their magic and I could see that you were relaxing and enjoying my company.

I reached to take a drink and brushed your bare arm. An electric shock passing through my body. I looked into your beautiful green eyes and saw that you had felt the spark too. “You are awfully young,” you said with a twinkle in your smile and a wink. I slowly reached out my foot and caressed the side of your foot with mine. “I hope you won’t hold that against me,” I laughed.

As we sipped our drinks, I kiddingly said, “Maybe I should change my flight and catch a connecting flight from LaGuardia instead of Dulles.” My hand reached for your back and I gently massaged your shoulder. I felt you stiffen just for a moment and with disbelief I felt you lean into my touch. Irresistibly drawn, I kissed your temple as my fingers swept into the hair at the nape of your neck. I felt you shiver.

“See if you can change your flight.” You whispered to me as you slid your hand ever so enticingly up my thigh. You turned toward me, closed your eyes and kissed me slow and soft. Lips tender and responsive. I felt a rush below that pretty much paralyzed me.

I reached for my Ipad and began looking for options. Your flight left at 10. I was a man with a mission. This time your hand was on my neck, skillfully squeezing the tightness and gently running your fingernails into my hairline. Fuck. I had to change that flight. I didn’t even know your name.

Privilege has its perks and it didn’t take long to navigate myself into the first class seat right next to yours.  You excuse yourself and leave me to order another martini.  I watched you walk away and licked my lips.  That ass pressed with the red fabric tugging tightly at the curves was taking my breath away.

Breathe, I said to myself. Breathe.  I suddenly felt the pressure and excitement all at the same time.  I hadn’t felt like this for a very long time.  The younger girls are impossible to please.  I love being with a woman who is sexually confident.  I know how to play a woman like the priceless instrument she is and carry that orgasmic tune for as long as she likes it.

Madame X, damn I wish I had asked your name, you are in for the night of your life.

I came to at the sense of you sliding back on to the stool next to mine.  “There is a booth over there,” you said slipping your hand into mine.  We grabbed our drinks and claimed the booth.

“How quiet can you be?”  I whispered as we slid close together.

“Try me,” you giggled in a throaty laugh that spread warmth out from the centre of my body and I could feel all control slipping from me.

Behind the tablecloth, I reach for your thigh.  Fingertips barely skimming figure 8 I work my way in slow motion until I feel your legs begin to relax.  I feel the resistance and I get it.  Public sex is the hottest and I know to trust my Lady’s timing.

You start to move your hips back and forth matching my motions You reach and grab my arm pressing your breast against my bicep and look me right in the eye. Your eyes sparkled back to me and I could see the pleasure on your face.

I reached my free hand across the table and you met mine with yours.  I rested my hand on your thigh as we both leaned forward and our lips met and the hunger aches as I can feel your body press into mine.

With barely controlled passion I pull away from you as we play the fuck in public game.  I allow my hand to run up your back and into your hair. Your hands start to wander down my thigh.  I know you felt me tremble at your touch and I had to choke back a moan.

Glancing down I see your nipples erect and straining against the fabric of your dress.  I reach across you to grab a menu just so I can cup your beautiful breast in my hand hidden from sight. This time I couldn’t stifle the moan and neither could you.  Your head leaned back and you closed your eyes.

Orgasm hit you and you grabbed my hand.  Holding it on your lower belly with fingers just curving under to hold you, my other arm around you you lean into me and I see you cumming with quick pants and whispered moans.

“Someone will hear.” you gasp. You are so good.  Now and then you bite your lower lip and hold your breath for a second, then a quiet little laugh when you shiver through another wave.  Your hand on my hand squeezes to let me know how when you are peaking.

“Hey baby?” you gasp again.

“Yeah darlin…”

“Your turn on the flight…promise.”

I pulled you close and kissed the top of your head.

“Please don’t stop….” you whispered to me.

I laughed and held you tight.  I don’t know where you came from.  Maybe you’re an Angel.

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  1. Whew, had to compose myself a few times before posting a comment, haha. Just wanted to tell you guys this is a great story; I love the amount of detail used and the genre.


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