Time to Break it Off With A Sex Buddy? Take The Quiz

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Ready to Move On

Ready to Move On

I am on vacation.

It has been way too long and being away from everyone and every thing is exactly what I need. A last minute cruise deal flew into my email and I jumped at it.

I have a good news bad news sort of scenario going on.  My current friend with benefits arrangement is coming to an end.  I adore him but after a few months of benefits, we are definitely losing the spark.

The reality is, any sex buddy, F**k Buddy, Friends with Benefits deal has a shelf life and going past the expiration date causes nothing but drama. 

We haven’t talked about it but I know he feels it too.  So good news? Because of my cybersex FWBs (Friends with Benefits) I am not going to be lacking for the attention of my writers or the orgasms that I have gotten used to.

The bad news?  The physical touch and kissing, especially the kissing, I will definitely miss that.  I will miss having a man to stroke and touch. But, I won’t settle for mediocre sex.  I have done plenty of that in my life and no more.

It is 6 am and I am on the top pool deck alone.  The sun is just coming up and a couple of sea gulls who are following the ship are my only company.  Having time to write and think, a cup of hot Kona coffee served by a hotter Peruvian pool boy, keyboard on my lap and a story to tell.

It feels delicious to be away from everyone.

I am working with talented erotic story tellers Jon, Jim, Eddie and of course Tyler. Tyler is mesmerizing. I love his writing.  That is it you know…something very hot happens when a man and woman collaborate on a piece of erotica.  Very fun to write.

My friend remains my friend even though the benefits are no longer on the table. Like I said, he’s adorable. More good news?  I know what I want. When the next real time man comes along, I want him panting after me.

There is nothing like the feeling that comes over me when a man wants me.  I lived without that feeling for a very long time.  I love it.  When a man feels chemistry for you, and you let yourself be open to it…holy crap.  Even in cybersex.

This delicious sensation…the connection between you and him, grows strongest right before you actually have sex for the first time, cyber or real time. When that initial attraction fades, the smoke clears and you can see exactly where you are.  Consider these five factors before you decide to move on.

On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being false and 10 being gut level true for you right now, rank these statements:

1.  The sex is not as sizzling hot as it was.

2.  Besides great sex, we have nothing in common.

3.  He doesn’t text as often.

4.  You feel like you are missing something.

5.  You want sex more often than he does.

If your answers are in the 7 – 10 range, it is time to reclaim your buddy status and let the sex fade away.  Keep your wits about you and there are no regrets here.  When a sex buddy has been part of your life, there was a damn good reason for it.

Chances are you needed a real jump start and a romp was the only way to kick your ass into gear.  That was true for me.  The surge of life that came with my FWB fling tossed me into a new galaxy of orgasmic bliss.

A new job, a divorce settlement and starting my erotica blog…all coming during my time with him. Now, because of the erotica, I am very satisfied and if there were any clinginess or regret at losing his adorable company in bed, a buddy is just a click away on my computer.

Again, not to be boringly repetitive but…if you are a single girl out of necessity or choice, you deserve great sex. Orgasm flips a switch inside inspiring action, confidence and productivity. All I have to do is remind myself of this and make the choice to let life continue to unfold. Deep breath and sigh.

Yes I will miss him…or rather the fun that we had but I don’t regret a thing.  I look forward to my new real time partner and I wonder where he will come into my orbit.  I don’t care when, in fact I want to go on record with that.  Meanwhile, my orgasms are my responsibility and I am down for the challenge…LOL!  Cyber is safer on many levels…when done the right way.

“Miss?” The young man’s voice brought me out of my writing.

He had a fresh cup of coffee for me and a croissant with butter and raspberry jam.  It was what I had yesterday morning and he remembered.

“I thought you would enjoy a breakfast snack,” he said with a sexy smile.

This boy was hot, he knew it and he knew I knew it.

This was going to be a fun cruise.

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