I Love Sexy Day Dreams – Love in the Tub

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Smoothing the fragrant oil on my skin, I shivered as goose bumps ran up my spine.  

Chilling shivers of excitement caught my breath as I thought about seeing him again.  As soon as he let me know when the tour stop was booked, I asked for that flight.

Luckily, I have seniority so it was on the books last Tuesday.  Time seemed to crawl this week.  I couldn’t keep my mind on my work.  I day dreamed about him and how great it was going to be to feel his hands and his mouth on my body again.

Knowing he has his choice of the world’s most beautiful women and wants to have sex with me makes me super confident.  He is just young enough to push my comfort zone and he knows exactly how to open me up.

The sexy texts leading up to the trip are fabulous. He is a real tease and can turn me on in way less than 140 characters.  I had to limit him…no sexting at work.  Luckily, his time zone is so far away, he catches me after 6.

Tomorrow I hop a flight to Honolulu to pick up the flight crew and then on to Bali .  As usual, he booked the whole first class sextion, I mean section and requested me as his personal flight attendant.  My friends know and they want details in exchange for covering for me.

My heart is about beating out of my chest thinking about what was ahead for me.

He loves my body.

He touches me with finger and tongue tips and teases me with tiny nips and kisses.  Cyber is mind bending and we share lots of intimate moments but there is nothing like skin.  Skin.  Skin sweeping against skin.

I will be drunk with desire.

Aching for him.

I run a jasmine scented bath and slip into the swirling water.  Sinking down til my chin hits the water I close my eyes and will myself into quiet.  It is only a few more hours.  I don’t want to flip out even though every nerve ending in my body is standing at attention.

Breathing deeply and imagining him at the other end of the bath tub, I felt the switch get flipped and waves of sensation hit me below the belt. Yes, yes, yes.  He picks up my foot, my imaginary lover, and begins to slowly massage it.

Strong and gentle hands he presses his thumbs into the sole of my foot and I whimper in response.  “I haven’t…” I stutter.  “Shhhh…” he whispers and puts my big toe into his mouth.

Short panting breaths and a small moan escapes my lips.

I laid my head back and placed my other foot between his legs, resting on him, feeling how hard he was, stroking him with my foot.  I loved hearing the sound he made when I touched him like this.  We are so good together.

Yes Please....

Yes Please….

He sucks and licks and bites my toes…one at a time he teased.  Orgasm comes and gratefully I relax into the waves of pleasure.  Just as if he was actually here, my body is flooded with joy and excitement.  Yes. Yes.  Yes.

“Yes,” he says softly, “Yes baby, go with it.” He squeezed my foot and I squealed with absolute delight.  More please.

He sat up and crawled forward covering my face with kisses.  I wrapped my thirsty arms around him and pulled him close.  We laid there in the hot steamy bath holding each other while my orgasm wound down.

Breathing deeply, I looked around and smiled to myself.  At home alone, in my bathroom with an open suitcase on the floor.  It won’t be long now.  Thank you baby.

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