What is the sexiest punctuation mark?

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The ellipsis….

I always did love the ellipsis. So many sentences not ready to be finished….

Now the lovely ellipsis has found its way into my bedroom, here is how it all started….

I started researching erotica and cyber sex several months ago and it has been an eye popping experience.

A simple google chat for erotic text opened the world of sexual entertainment available for free. About 23,200,000 results in .38 seconds. It was such a search that brought me to Ashley Madison and to the four hot story tellers in my life at the moment.

Soap Operas are famous for the frequent romps in bed between characters.  Enrique Iglesias sings of one night stands and hot steamy sex in high energy dance songs.

But let’s be honest, Soap Operas, movies and popular books like the Twilight series as well as Fifty Shades of grey have only accomplished one thing.

Thousands of sexually hungry, wishfully thinking and ultimately unsatisfied women. Married or single, be honest…do you have regular orgasmic and thrilling sex?

You are out there reading, watching and singing along to all of the passive sexual entertainment that you can. Being a modern woman, you have a variety of sex toys that do their best to find the big O.

But truth? How long has it been since you have had a screaming orgasm?

I lived with a man with no sex drive…for nearly 10 years. I kept the pipes lubricated with erotica and toys but I didn’t know what I was missing.

Being in a private chat room with a man whose sole intention is to create a fantasy just for me has taken my orgasms into a whole new dimension. I feel so safe when I am alone.   I have discovered that when I am by myself, my body finally relaxes deeply enough for orgasm to have its way with me and does it ever. (Click here to see a real orgasm-this is not porn)

So how does the ellipsis come in to play?

In the chat room while your story teller is typing, all you see is a small picture and the ellipsis.

I watch that ellipsis with heart beating fast and bated breath waiting for the next ellipsis to disappear into text. It is mad fun to be teased with that blasted ellipsis.

Right now I have a story teller from Australia who tells a wicked tale. He is smart and a smart ass and he makes me laugh and shiver while he spins erotic fantasies just for me.  (Click here to see:  Cyber Sex Sample)

The mind is a very naughty place when inspired and the sex I am having at sixty something is the best of my life. As my Australian friend says, cyber sex is the safest sex. Safe from STDs of course, but more important for me, safe from the complication of a relationship.

Me? I am just divorced. 73 days today. The last thing I want is to be in a couple. How about you? Why aren’t you getting enough pleasure when it comes to sex?

Answer me this…do you need a man to have great sex? Could Solo Sex Orgasms with erotic text partners fill in until you are really ready to make it permanent with a real time guy?

What do you think?

I demand a recount!

I demand a recount!

One thought on “What is the sexiest punctuation mark?

  1. I like the ellipsis. It’s so useful in conversations (especially erotic ones) because it can imply so much about the tone, message, and individual. I definitely nominate the ellipsis as the sexiest punctuation.


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