Are You Somebody’s Sex Buddy?

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No Strings Attached?Do you have a sex buddy that lights you up and turns you on just thinking about him? Do you get to see him as often as you like?

I do and no, I don’t get to see him as often as I like. Staying present and true to the mutually agreed upon limits of this arrangement has been annoying. I want him when I want him and love waiting and anticipating the next time all at the same time.

The longer we are apart, the hotter it is. I hate that and I love that.

Because of my cyber play, (Thank you I have virtual sex with role-playing partners and the fantasies we create are deeply satisfying physically. Because I don’t know my cyber partner’s true identity, his role in my fantasy is just that…a role.

I am not attaching to the real person behind the role. It is very like writing a screen play in a private fantasy with a partner who has agreed to play a part. These stories are designed to bring me the orgasms that I have been thirsty for my whole life, and my partners are available when I want to play.

At 61, I realize that solo sex needs to be a regular part of my sexual activity plan, my body finds its way to ridiculous heights of climax especially when I am alone. It is so much easier to cum when I am fully relaxed and present with myself.

When with in person lovers, I am not that uninhibited…yet. Maybe I will get there.

So…I accept completely that my sex buddy keeps his distance. I accept the timing and intensity of this NSA (No Strings Attached) arrangement. I also accept that it is up to me to decide what I want when it comes to a sex buddy and be clear with the ground rules right from the beginning.

Do I still cheer lead for NSA (No Strings Attached) connections? You bet. The pleasure of a brand new climax with a high chemistry partner is worth it. I like things a certain way and because actual intercourse is not involved, I feel a safe distance from my partners. Why not go all the way? More on that later.

While I am a one partner girl IRT (In Real Time), old habits of monogamy run deep, that may change. I do have multiple cyber sex partners and because the distance is far greater (no voice, no pictures, no phone calls, no cams) the sexy cyber chat brings me to climax whoever is playing the role of my partner.

On one recent cyber fantasy date, my partner and I were in the jacuzzi on a cruise ship. He was fabulous with his side of the story and he timed the texts wickedly well. There is something super hot when you are reading a sexy story…directed right at you…waiting anxiously for each new text window to pop up.

Grab a sex toy, if you want and there you go. I let my partner know when I start to climax and he stays right with me giving me a private blow by blow, so to speak, description until I tell him I am shivering to the finish. Longest one so far…45 minutes. Wave upon delicious wave.

I love cyber sex because I missed years of orgasm living with uninterested men and not knowing I had a choice. Now I love the aliveness of having an active sex life. I am more creative, more confident and more determined. I also am behaving like a grownup when it comes to my IRT sex buddy.

Without my cyber fantasies, I would probably be stalking the poor guy, horny as hell, mistakenly thinking that it was HIM who made me feel that way. Now as an adult I see that it is ME and MY BODY that gets to climax whether there is a HE in the room or not.

Although, truth be told, there is nothing like his touch and I look forward to our next IRT sexcapade!

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