Please Don’t Stop……

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God you are good.....

God you are good…..

Because he is on the road most of the year, I only see him in person every few weeks.

When he first suggested Cyber Sex for the between times, I wasn’t convinced.  Needless to say, he changed my mind.

Here is what happened last night…when we were thousands of miles apart.

Phone Chimes:  Incoming Text….

Me:  Hey baby…

He:  Hey you….

Me: I am so hungry for you.  I hate not being able to have you when I want…whenever I want you.

He:  I want you to miss me.

Me:  Why…

He: Tell me what you want.

Me: I want to kiss you.  I want to be kissed by you.  I love your mouth. I love how you bite me and nibble on me and I love how turned on I am when I am with you.  The second I finally see you, I melt.

If I were there right now, what would you want me to do.

I want you to come up from behind and kiss the back of my neck.   I want you to snuggle in from behind and breathe on my skin.  I want to feel you taste me and I want to feel your hands on my shoulders as my head drops  back in pure shivery pleasure.

What next?

Please kiss down the length of my spine….I want you so much my body swings in rhythm to the music. I ache to climax.

What do you want?

My thighs…please….my thighs. My breath catches in my throat….. I want you please…

Tell me.


I want to hear it…tell me what you want

I want you to kiss me and touch me … you know what I want.

Tell me….

You wicked man…I want you to lick me, kiss me here bringing your hand up my thigh.

Like this?

My breath is so fast please yes please more.  You are so good. Waves of pleasure roll over and through me. Climax like a body dance of ecstasy yes…yes…. yes….please don’t stop….. Yummy….thank you baby….

You don’t need to thank me, darlin.  It is my pleasure…let me just hold you, I know you are not done yet.

Shivering, panting cumming and cumming…I want to taste you. I slip my hands under your t shirt and find your pecs so hard under my hands. I kiss and taste and lick my way down your chest and belly…swirling, kissing, tasting…I love how you taste. Mmmmm…..

You are throbbing and your hand is in my hair, fingers wrapped and holding tight, you direct me to exactly where you need me to be.  I open my warm mouth and take you in…tongue wrapping you in waves of excitement. I run my teeth lightly down the length of you and use my lips to caress and stroke your stiffness.

My hands coast up the sides of your thighs and closer to your cock, pulsating with desire. My moist lips around and down my tongue savoring the ridges and skin folds.  I hear you moan with delight and that turns me on so much.

Angel you say, Angel, Angel…Oh my god Angel. Suck me hard you say suck me hard.

I slide up and down and suck with desire.  I love how you taste… how your feel.  Baby sweet baby…cum for me.  I taste it, that flavor that tells me you are almost there.  You move slowly, firmly and meet my rhythm.

Then I feel you release sweet release as I hold you and ride along.

Me:  You are so fun.

He:  You too.  Can I just hold you for awhile?

Me:  K.  Sexual energy still flowing, mmmmm.

He:  Really?

Me:  Yep.  Look what you do to me….

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