Hey Guys…5 Cyber Sex Tips To Make Your Lady Sizzle

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Do you know which words will tingle your lady inside out with delight? If the ladies you text with run from you even though you think you are being hot and sexy, read on:Inside your text partner is a sex kitten ready to play...

Here is the first message I got from someone on an erotic text site recently:

You stare out over the balcony viewing the ocean as the sound of waves crashing on the shore fill the silence in the hotel room. Your lover approaches you from behind and unties the bow wrapped around your neck as you gown drops effortlessly to the floor revealing your nakedness. You turn around facing your lover and grab his erect penis and lead him to the bed.

It starts out good but who is this about anyway? Guys, if you want to heat things up with a woman, playful texting is the perfect vehicle. It is foreplay at its best, especially when you know the right words.

Here’s the thing, would you seriously unzip and show off on the first date? I don’t know about all women, but this woman is totally turned off by this attempt at text seduction.

There are literally thousands of lonely and sexually interested women searching for good text sex out there. If you aren’t connecting to willing sext buddies, here’s how to start:

Here are five quick tips that will heat up your texts and get you a sext buddy of your own.

1. Follow her lead when it comes to timing. If she texts you right back, do your best to do the same. If she waits…you wait.  Get clear on her expectations when it comes to how often you like to text.  If she wants you to text more often…let her know how often you text and tell her that fewer is hotter.

2. Let her know that you are all about her pleasure. Be direct about it and tell her that you intend to find out what she likes and do a lot of it.  Most women have never had a man put them first.  Your sex buddy will open up as you show her that you care how good she feels.

3. Tease to please. Ask her where she likes to be touched when with a man for the first time. Then use that information to tease her.  Ask her if there are any words that turn her off and then promise never to use them.

4. Ask her questions along the way. Give her the opportunity to say yes to you. Give her the chance to anticipate what is coming later. Try, “When I get home would you mind if I…..?” You can make her melt with the right words.

5. Flirt with her and be fun. Playful is way sexier than porn. If you want to turn a woman on and have her hot for you, come play in her world and be a little naughty.

Once you have playful word play with a woman for a while, you will know if you have chemistry or not. You don’t need to be perfect and these tricks will not work for all women.

But if you want to have great cyber sex, I can promise you that once you take the time to build a playful rapport with your sext buddy, it will be well worth it.

Heck, she might even grasp your tight and throbbing wand and lead you right to heaven.

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