“What’s a little harmless cuddling amongst consenting cuddlers?”

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Text: What is a little harmless cuddling between two consenting cuddlers.

ImageIt was those adorable words that started it all.

Something inside of me melted when I read it. A piece of resistance to letting myself be loved again fell away as I let myself want that cuddle so adorably offered.

Last night, just a few days after that little invitation I had the first of what I know is not the last one hour orgasm…like a physical echoing that held my body in ecstasy while I went about my business. It just didn’t want to stop.

I hadn’t touched myself, spoken to anyone or watched any porn…even the always fabulous erotica created by women for women. No, all this happened from a text conversation.

I found a website that offers hookups to people looking for virtual sexual partners but in a very classy way. No in your face sexuality at all. Discreet and inviting. Women are free and men purchase credits to connect with women members.

It is red hot texting with a lover. The crazy anticipatory turn-on knowing your person is with you in real time and all about your pleasure is ridiculous. Holy Crap.

I was contacted by men nearly immediately on the site and the very first one brought me this gift of an hour long orgasmic paradise. He was not the only one involved though…here is why I was on the site in the first place.

I am killer attracted to a man who is not available to me right now. I can barely resist him and while I know he is interested and seems to care about me beyond how good we could be physically, I am just not in a position to be having sex with someone right now. In person sex, that is.

So, here’s what happened. FunInOhio was texting me on line in a private chat room. He was detailing what he wanted to be doing to me, had a degree of fun and creativity and it was mildly hot. Mildly because he had me naked immediately and was acting as if I was already aroused and ready for that.

He, like many men sexters I meet, skipped right over the all important Setting The Stage Step and was out of sync with my desire.

But, when I imagined it was my unavailable guy who was typing what he wanted to do to me…. , the cuddler mentioned above, I melted in a way that let me orgasm in waves and waves. I was completely alone in the experience physically but his energy was all around and over me. I felt safe and relaxed like never before and I just coasted into a matchless body state.

There is something about being alone that let me relax in a profoundly deeper way than I do with a partner.

There was family in the next room. I just sat there on the couch and my body went to a place of crazy delicious and over the top feel good. FunInOhio didn’t want anything in return. He seemed genuinely wowed by my experience.

And my unavailable guy? I don’t think he realizes what his texts are doing to and for me. I can’t wait to explore this option. Maybe one day we will add that dimension but until I am ready to be with someone physically again, I plan on having some some great sexual fun and enjoy the anonymity of the internet in a way that works for me.

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