You Always Know What Turns Me On

I can't wait to taste you...

I can’t wait to taste you…


By Angel and Leo

I can’t get it out of my head, the way you always know what turns me on.

Little did I know that one thing you told me would completely change my approach when it comes to asking for sex.

“I’m psychic!” You teased last time we were together eyes flashing at me with the promise of secrets kept.

You can fucking read my mind and when we are together, you blow me away.

Before we met, I went through the motions of life, never really knowing what I was missing. I have known my share of women and I enjoy sex just as much as the next guy but the truth is sex was pretty routine and I wouldn’t exactly call it fun. I secretly craved a sexually confident older woman.

Driven to find such a woman I drifted from partner to partner. I never gave up believing I could find an older woman who would accept me instead of trying to change me and would enjoy having sex with me. I want to feel so comfortable talking about sex with a woman that we hold nothing back from one another. I want it to be fun, funny and exciting…not just orgasmic. Been there done tons enough of that.

I wanted a woman who would tell me or show me what she needs to make sex fun for her. I want to find the true freedom that comes from being in tune with, knowing and trusting your partner. I want to stroke and pleasure a woman like no man before me. I want her climaxing while I hold her in my arms and press into her exact right pleasure points….

The sound of horn behind me,wakes me from my thoughts and I proceed through the green light, waving an apology to the driver behind me. I heaved a big sigh and gave my stiff self a squeeze as I accelerated.

Then you appear in my life…out of the blue. Life can turn on a dime and it did that weekend when I was doing time at the trade show. Even though you were dressed in company provided khaki pants and a black polo shirt with your company logo on it,I was doing the latest floor cleaning gizmo demos and you were the cable TV sales rep, I still couldn’t take my eyes off you. (For more great sex tips, check this free video)

Now, standing outside of the cafe, I watch you walking up, every bit of 5 foot 2 inches of spitfire in a black leather pencil skirt, a white wife beater with, do my eyes deceive me, red bra straps peeking out for fun. The smile on your face lets me know that you know just how exciting tonight is going to be. As you approach I notice you are wearing the thin, black, lace, collar I sent you. Holding back a grin, I reach for your hand. “You look great, baby.” I say in a low voice as I pull you close to me and kiss the tip of your nose.

You lean your head back, eyes closed, mouth open. I have never had a woman respond to me like this. “Oh baby.” I say again feeling stupid for having such a small vocabulary at the moment. Cherry red lips that I want to taste, your soft pink tongue waiting for my touch. The desires is almost too great to resist, a public display of affection is going to happen here and the thought of it sends a shock wave of electricity up my spine.

My mouth dry and the awkwardness of our current surroundings finally sinking in, I turn you away and arm over your shoulders, guide us into the little Tandoori place across the street. While we’re waiting to order, the heat is rising as our non-verbal conversation sizzles as we play the eyegasm game.

You changed our sexual future when you told me this. I clearly remember you saying. ‘You’re going to have a helluva easier time getting into my panties if you get into my mind first.” I almost choked on my Corona trying to pretend that all women talk to me like this.

Then you told me about eyegasms. Once you explained how hot it was for you to have eye contact while we are thinking sexy thoughts about one another when we are out socially, I never waste an opportunity to play with you that way. You were 100% right. There is something to this eyegasm thing.

It seemed like forever until we are finally seated in our booth. Our wine is chilling in the bucket and the waiter is standing directly behind me asking you about your entree when I scribble the following message on the cocktail napkin. “I can make you convulse in 3 minutes.” You are adorable trying to stay focused on ordering your steak. Gotta love a meat eating girl. I love teasing you like this.

The waiter finally leaves and I put my hand under the table and lift your leg, into my lap. I slip off the 4” stiletto and massage your foot. I know that when I press my thumbs into the center of the sole of your foot and gently stroke outward, first left and right and then up and down, you always get aroused.

Knowing what to expect and enjoying the fact that you are so turned on, I now meet your gaze as you squirm a little bit in your seat with a gasp and a shiver. I hold your calf firmly with one hand and continue to knead the bottom of your foot stroking in a figure 8 with my thumb.

I know exactly when you start to climax. We have an agreement that eyegasms are just that. Feasts of the eyes in the heart of passion and pleasure. Your breath picks up and you bite your lower lip. Every time. Then you stretch your leg toward me so your foot rests on my, by now, rock hard self and let yourself go.

You are a master of the Inner O, that Inner Orgasm that echoes outward in powerful and silent waves. I love being with you and watching you ride the wave in a public place. Your face is beautiful when you cum, eyes closed, lips barely parted and breathing hard, you slip into a pleasure orbit of your own. Once you start to shiver in for a landing, you open your eyes and stretch. Can’t wait to get my mouth on you in the car later, you whisper. “”Oh baby” I say with the two word vocabulary you reduce me to. You are a rock star.

“Your salads.” The waiter announced to which you lose it in a fit of giggles. I laugh too and then so does the waiter, though I am sure he is thoroughly confused. If he only knew.

Damn I’m glad you walked into my life, girl.

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How To Make Sure You Give Her An Orgasm: 3 Secrets From The Master

God you are good.....

God you are good…..

Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be… It’s EASY to give a woman an orgasm.

There’s a LOT more to being a great lover than just that… but the simple fact remains, most guys still struggle with giving women powerful orgasms, many guys aren’t sure if their woman is even having orgasms.

When I was younger and single I was simply amazed by how many women I dated had never had an orgasm before me (the accepted number is 1 in 7). I was especially amazed because these women were sexually experienced (some had been married previously). And even more amazed because…


I’m not bragging here… I don’t have a huge cock, I didn’t bang them for hours like an olympic stallion, and I didn’t do some advanced tantric energy technique that I discovered in an ancient cave painting in India.

Three Simple Things You NEED TO Know

There are only 3 simple things that you need to know to give ANY woman an orgasm, and there is no reason that you can’t do all 3 very quickly and easily. I’ll explain all 3 of them in this article..

First of all…

You are with 1 of 3 types of women:

1) A “sexual bungee-jumper” who understands her own body and how to reach orgasm and can surrender to it any time, any where. All you have to do is show up. She knows how to shift her hips THERE, slow you down or speed you up a little like THAT, close her eyes and… BAM!

Instant orgasm.  (Angel Says Oh MY Yes!)

Women like this can curl one leg under their ass while sitting in a crowded room, rock back and forth a bit on their heel, and have a nice little orgasm in the middle of a lecture hall, movie theater, or restaurant.

She makes you feel like a CHAMPION because the sex is always so great… but also might make you a little insecure because you know that she’s going to be able to have great sex with plenty of other guys too.

2) A woman who struggles to orgasm… who can climax with some men, but not with others, or who can climax with a vibrator, but not with a man, or who just takes a long time to warm up, and a long, long time to “get there”.

A woman like this can make you feel like a hero or a zero, because if you can’t do the trick, she’s likely to get very frustrated with you. If she’s not planning on seeing you again, she’s going to fake it for sure because talking to you about it, in her experience, is NOT going to help.

3) A woman who has never had an orgasm and is worried that maybe she just can’t.

A woman like this tends to blame herself. She feels broken and unworthy of your love, and she most often will fake it so that she doesn’t have to deal with the conversation.

Now, of course, it’s not like 3 switches on a machine, there is a ton of gray between each of these types and extremes of each.

Here’s a question from a reader who’s with the 3rd type >>>

Hi Alex. I love your news letters and all of your articles …oh and your book. The ways you have helped me to understand my self both authentically and deeply go beyond words. I cannot thank you enough Alex :-).

I’m in a relationship with a noticeably younger woman who was a virgin. I’d like some advice from you for her climaxing. At this point we have had sex about 25 – 30 times all of which she says she gets close but cannot quite go over the edge. Some things to note is that she is allergic to latex, a vibrator doesn’t seem to peek her interest(we tried one briefly), we have tried multiple positions and another thing is she comes from a family that puts a lot of shame on sexuality and she says she has never had an orgasm or tried for one through masturbation.

I personally think most of it is psychological. I told her we should get drunk and have sex one time to see how that goes since being intoxicated tends to remove a persons filter. I have not fully read your book but have gone over most of it. I feel like your book helps those who understand their sexuality or at least have a little bit of an idea. [...] I guess for now I am looking for more general advice on virgins, anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you Alex

Thanks for writing in my friend.

This has very little to do with the fact that your woman is a virgin and a lot more to do with the fact that you haven’t “fully read the book.”

*head smack* …WHY are you writing to me before you fully read the book?!

Giving your girl an orgasm is EASY.

It may take some practice, but so did driving when you first started, and you can do that while checking your email, listening to the radio, and talking to your friend in the other seat. In other words: Driving is easy, right?

(Quick note: If she is allergic to latex, go ahead and get some polyurethane condoms. Trojan and Avanti both make them, and I actually much prefer them for sensation.)

**IMPORTANT: The NUMBER ONE (#1, numero uno, the big secret) that you must get is that you two have to stop TRYING to give her an orgasm, and just focus on having prolonged, enjoyable, playful, hot, sweet, entirely pleasurable sex.  (From Angel: Preach it brother!!)

Forget the orgasm. Orgasm takes care of itself when you are taking care of having fun, having connection, and having pleasure.

Here’s the reason why:

Men can’t get an erection if they feel pressured. Women can’t have an orgasm if they feel pressured.

Put a gun to a man’s head and tell him he’s got 5 minutes to get hard or you’ll blow his brains out and you’ve got a dead man. It simply can’t be done.

You want her to come, she wants to come, she feels like she’s not quite enough until she comes, she feels like she’s always a little bit of a disappointment to you until she comes… in other words: There’s pressure on her to come.

Here’s another example: Have you ever gone out to an expensive nightclub, paid a big wad of cash to get in (maybe more than you were comfortable spending), and then the drinks inside are seriously breaking the bank, and you start feeling like you have to have a LOT of fun to make it worth the money you just paid, and you end up having a dull night because of the pressure you put on yourself to have fun?

I have. The best nights are the ones with no expectations, just easy enjoyment.

Okay, I think you get the idea. You must change the FOCUS of your love making.

Now, with that out of the way, here are THE 3 ESSENTIALS TO GIVE ANY WOMAN AN ORGASM:

1) Arousal

No turn on, no orgasm. You can rub your penis all day long, but if you’re not aroused and you’re just rubbing the limp thing, you are not going to come, right?

Arousal happens in the brain. You see a pretty girl, you think about sex, you smell a girl’s perfume… something triggers sexual THOUGHTS, and you get turned on.

Same for her.

If she’s not turned on, you’re wasting your time.

And here’s the thing, just because you strip off your clothing and start kissing her doesn’t mean you are turning her on (though that certainly might work!). You’ve got to take the time and effort to actually make sure you’ve got her turned on FIRST.

2) Stimulation

Now it’s time to apply some simple stimulation to an erogenous part of her body to increase her arousal and begin to trigger the neural networks that lead towards orgasm.

The clitoris is the easy button here, but a woman can orgasm from stimulation to her g-spot, her anterior fornix, her labia, her nipples, her neck, her toes, or just about any other part of her body, and in fact, you can even just stimulate her brain and give her an orgasm with just your words (ask any credible hypnotist).

3) Surrender

Once she’s aroused and you are applying the right stimulation, she’s got to be willing to let go and release into it.

This is a huge deal for most women (though about 15% of women are those “sexual bungee jumpers” and have zero issue with surrendering any time, any place).

Surrender requires that she feels safe and invited to let go, and that means trusting herself enough, trusting you enough, trusting the environment enough, or all three.

Now if you get good enough at creating the space and the erotic trust for a woman to surrender then you can give her “permission” to have an orgasm pretty much any place, any time, and with ease.


There is no step 4. These the only things required to make any woman have an orgasm.

Now in the case of this email, you said that your girlfriend comes from an environment of sexual shame, and no doubt, that is creating some difficulty for her to surrender. She doesn’t yet trust herself to go to this place.

When you suggest alcohol, you are onto to the correct idea, but because YOU suggested it it has created more pressure (she knows she’s not completely pleasing you until she manages to have an orgasm), AND you are suggesting to her that it’s her fault, inside her head, and that she’s got to get to surrender herself (more pressure).

And I’ll tell you, that’s not impossible. It might work, and some day she may ultimately have her first orgasm through her own journey into self trust (with or without alcohol or a little weed).

But the EASY button here is to show her how by creating so much erotic trust in you that she can just surrender it all to you without needing to do all of that pesky self-work.

So look,  I know that some guys just “get” this and can simply apply the 3 steps and go give women orgasms on command.

But I also know that MOST guys will have some serious questions or doubts about one of these steps, and I can already tell you that I’ll have a jammed in-box tomorrow morning with…

– How do get her “AROUSED”?

– What do I do to “STIMULATE” her?

– What are the steps to create “erotic trust” and get her to “SURRENDER” into orgasm? (For some men this might even be, “what the heck are you even talking about with this ‘surrender’ thing?”

I assure you, none of them are hard if you know what you’re doing.

If you already have Revolutionary Sex, then you probably already have everything you need right there. I go deep into EROTIC TRUST in that book.

But if you’re looking for direct, no-nonsense explanations, exercises, and examples of each of these 3 steps… if you are just looking for the simple “how to” on giving orgasms, quickly and easily, every time, then do yourself a GIGANTIC FAVOR and just go download your copy of:

“ORGASMS! Screaming, Sheet-Shredding, Multiple Orgasms!”

A little dramatic, I know, but it’s pretty much self explanatory as to what you get when you get the product.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s clear. Just like her orgasms should be.

After you go through it the first time, you’ll wonder why you were making things so hard for yourself.

For Passion,

Alex Allman

PS, Recommended in this article:

Revolutionary Sex – A complete course on having a brilliant sex life, erotic trust, and deep, intense sexual chemistry with a woman that goes way beyond orgasm, and deals with issues around your own body, her body, and how create passion together.

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I forgot I could feel like this….

Just what the doctor ordered....

Just what the doctor ordered….

Another magical tale by Angel and Eddie R

We needed this trip….badly. Between selling the house and work I could feel the tension in the both of us. The snapping and snarking was more frequent and I hated us this way.

Cruising the highway to the B&B, I decompressed and found myself day dreaming about the first time we stayed at the old Victorian home. My hand moved from the gear shift in the Mercedes rental to your thigh. Your hand moved onto mine. You smiled and closed your eyes. The sun was on your face and hair. I squeezed your hand. You squeezed back.

By the time we hit the driveway the rain was starting. Light but steady, cooling but not cold. I pulled to a stop and leaned over and watched you. I brushed your hair around your ear and kissed your neck. “We’re here sweetheart,” I whispered before I kissed your beautiful mouth.

You stretched like a cat and turned to hug me. “Mmmmm…Yay!” You smile back. God. I hadn’t seen this cute you for way too long. I love you like this. I pull you close and bury my face in your hair. “I’ll grab the luggage.” I said. “I’ll meet you in the parlor.”

The warm and inviting B&B is exactly the same as I remembered from the dated furniture in the front room to the squeak in the floorboard as I stepped up to the check in desk. The innkeepers wife pulled you into a giant embrace and said in her heavy italian accent, “I have your room all ready for you. The wine is cooling and there are some snacks ready for you.”

Even though we are enjoying the company of the homeowners we are both eager to get to our room and we are flirting as we talk. Eyegasms you call them…those soulful gazes that I can’t tear my eyes from that tell me exactly how much you want me to please you. You swear that you can cum just looking at me looking at you. Something about this place makes me realize what I, we, have been missing for awhile. Desire, passion, eyegasms.

I can see you glancing over at me. You know what my look is all about. You look back and instantly we lock eyes. You can feel me even from over here on the other side of the room. My mouth suddenly runs totally dry and my breath is in my throat.

You are visibly moved by my look and the feelings I am projecting toward you. A beautiful flush comes over your face as you keep your eye contact. Knowing that you are cumming over there, watching your chest rise and fall quickly and you biting your lower lip, I am about ready to carry you off right in front of them.

“I think they could feel it” I say to you, as the old italian couple finally left the room. “Feel what?” you answer coyly. I smile at your answer and pull you close. “I miss this part of us.” I whisper. “Me too.” You sigh back.

I fall back on the bed glad to be here and glad to be free from the me back home. “Baby, I’m going to take a shower,” you say. Laying there on the bed, I follow you into the shower in my mind. Soft water on your beautiful naked skin. Lather from the soap on my hands I slowly stroke your body before I turn you toward me and your soft lips….even though I sorely want you in my hands, arms and mouth, I’m going to let you have your time alone. I want you relaxed and I am in no hurry. Now it’s my turn to bite my lip.

Returning to the room, still wet from the shower, your skin sparkles in the candlelight. The thick white towel wrapped around you starts to slip off. You move toward me and put your hands on my shoulders. The candle light is dancing on your skin. I lean forward and kiss your shoulder, the drops of water taste like honey. I run my tongue on your skin and taste the sweet water. My lips move to your neck never leaving your skin.

I can feel you breathe in deeply as my hands move to your hips. The towel slips away as I move my hands on to your warm behind. I grasp firmly as I kiss behind your ear and you bury your head in my nook. I love that.

Our mouths meet and I feel you let yourself relax under my touch. I pick you up and carry you to the bed. I lay you on your back. “God you are beautiful” I gasp as I see your breasts in the candle light. They are natural and perfect to me. I stretch out next to you and I cup one and kiss the nipple. I can feel it get hard quickly as my tongue swirls and tastes.

“I want your skin.” you manage to squeak out. “I want you naked.” The last year is gone and the passion stored up is coming out all at once. You slide your hands to my belt and make short work of it. Across the room it goes. The pants and underwear both at the same time. My very apparent excitement shows and you giggle and gasp at the same time.

That delicious and naughty smile that I adore comes across your face and you take your fingers and gently run them the length of my excitement. Again and again. You finally grasp it with your hand and stroke it slowly but not letting me get to close.

My eyes close and my jaw clinches. I can hear the fire crackling and the rain on the roof as I try to control myself focusing on the moment. “Oh baby…I have missed this so much.” I whisper to you. I pull you to me and kiss you, tasting and nibbling on your lips and tongue. You respond like magic to my kisses. You arch your back and your hips rise up to meet my hand. I cant help it any longer and I slide my hand up your thigh reaching for your sweetness. Your legs swing open and a shiver of anticipation hits you.

It is so worth waiting for this moment. When you are ready, you always let me know. Finally I push my full length into you. Its easy as you are slippery and eager for me to be inside. You moan loudly as the entire length my desire fills you.

I hold your hips and push you up and down on me. “I need you, baby, I need you.” I gasp as the passion-the desire hits me all at once. You sit back a bit and your hands push on my chest. “Oh my god” I say loudly.

“I want you so bad, I need you so bad.” You pant….it comes out mostly in breath not so much in words.

You look into my eyes. And start to move your hips on me back and forth. Grinding me. Taking me. I….can…… barely….. hold…..on. I push down your hips harder. I lean forward and kiss your breast licking and nibbling. We move faster in perfect rhythm. I reach around and massage your gorgeous moving ass, my fingers exploring the most private parts of you as you ride me.

I can tell you are close. moaning, panting, scratching at me. Like an animal. I’m close too. The light on you is glorious and your breasts move up and down. I cant hold it anymore. At last orgasm overtakes you. Powerful and gripping. Your hands pound on my chest and grip my muscles as the waves hit you. I love watching you cum.

“Now baby, now. I love how hard you are.” That is my trigger and I push you down hard on me and go off like an explosion. It tingles through my spine, an orgasm like none before. I can’t stop thrusting as I feel you cum again this time staring into my eyes. “I love you.” you whisper. “I love you so much.”

You fall on me completely spent. Your weight on me feels spectacular. Warm and soft, I embrace you and hold you tight. Our bodies now relaxed and I stroke your hair as you fall asleep on my chest. “I love you too, baby.” I say back softly. I start to let my mind drift. Sleep comes easy.

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“How do you get your boyfriend to feel up your breast and nipples?”

I wish you would…..

Hi Angel,

I am going out with a new guy and he goes from kissing me to reaching for my crotch before I am ready. I know that when a man is sweet to my breasts and spends time there teasing and pleasing me, I get turned on enough to let him touch me down there. How do I tell him? I don’t want to hurt his feelings. My last boyfriend got pissed when I tried to tell him what to do. What did I do wrong?

Frustrated in Fresno

Hi Frustrated,

I hear you!!! One of the reasons I love teaching erotic story telling to men is to clue them in on what it takes to have a woman open her legs….on her own. There is no more powerful moment in love-making than a woman who swings her legs open out of hunger and desire. When men can do this for their lady, great sex is sure to follow! (More Orgasm Tips for Men: Click Here)

Don’t try to talk about it while making out. You know you have a problem here but at this point, he doesn’t. Go ahead and kiss and make out. When he moves toward your crotch, take his hand and stretch your arm down so his hand is near your knee. Hold his fingers lovingly. You are in charge here. If things go too fast for you and you are not turned on enough, tell him you have to go to the bathroom and interrupt the game.

Here are 3 sure fire tips for telling your guy what you need to feel super turned on….without making him feel clueless or insecure about his sex skills. (You know how they don’t like to read directions. LOL)

Tip #1: The OREO Method (How to Sugar Coat it): Go out for coffee or a glass of wine. Tell him it turns you on to flirt in public and ask for him to pick the place. The Oreo method is a way of sugar coating a request. You start off with something sweet and complimentary, you ask for the thing you want and then you finish with something sweet.

For example: “I love being with you, you are so sweet to me. Do you mind if I ask you something personal? “(Guys usually say yes so, go ahead) “Is it awkward for you to have a woman make suggestions about what’s on the sex menu when you are in a couple?” (Take note of his answer) Then if you can ask, “On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being awkward and 10 being comfortable, where do you stand with a lady telling you her preferences.” (Note Answer) Then you say, “Thanks so much for letting me know that. I like how open you are that way.” Take his hand and kiss it. Look up at him and let him feel connected to you.

He will probably have something to say at this point. Let him ask a question or comment. When you come across as wanting to know HIS viewpoint or perspective on the issue of sexual communication, it will tend to disarm him. Remember most everyone feels awkward talking about pleasure with a new partner.

Now what do you do with the information?

Tip #2 – The Hotness Scale (Make It Stupid Easy)

If he is pretty comfy talking about what you like, 8-10, that is great. With this guy you can be fairly direct. One approach that works is to compare your sexcapades to a road trip with or without GPS. Without GPS, you might get there and you might have fun along the way but it is bound to be frustrating as hell. WIth GPS, you plug in your destination and listen for cues.

Tell your guy that you want to play and have fun with sex. Tell him that keeping it fun for both of you is your biggest turn on. Then tell him all he needs to do is to check in with you to find out how turned on you are while you are messing around….that’s it. Just like heat in a Thai dinner entree, you are either hot or not and telling him simply, clearly and with the utmost respect will work like a charm.

Now let’s say he checks in and you say: “I am cruising at a 3.5 baby.”

Now there are times that 3.5 is terrific. For example, let’s say you two are at a restaurant and he is holding your hand under the table, massaging your palm with his hand on your thigh. Being turned on is delicious. It is what I call the O-Zone. Pre-orgasmic and completely irresistible. But….

If you guys are in the back of the car making out like kids and he thinks you are at a 12 and you are cruising at 3.5, it means a whole different thing. Once again, tell him again that you love having sex with him and that all you want is to make sure he knows what will keep you in the O-Zone. The easier you can make it for your guy to read where you are sexually, the better. No more faking it. If he is missing the mark, so to speak, let’s help him find it.

Sometimes the GPS says “Make a legal u turn at the next intersection.” Use that metaphor to tell your man, hey, go back up to those nipples for awhile.
Have fun with this man, he wants to please you and will adore your feedback.

Tip #3 – The SALT Method (Make Him Thirsty For More)

If he feels awkward talking about sex, score 4-7,  you have a little work cut out for you. A guy who feels more awkward than comfortable may be threatened by your confidence. You know that your breasts and nipples are being ignored and that is not good. You also know that he has some other very nice traits and sexually, there is chemistry. With this man, I suggest the SALT method. This is the sure fire cure and will also work with the OREO guys.

Tell your guy before you start making out…somewhere after the first few kisses (and if you whisper in his ear, he will follow you anywhere.) Say, “I have an idea that will make tonight really, really good.” Wait for his breath to settle down a little and then whisper: “I think you will really like it.” Wait now while he pleads with you to tell him. In fact, kiss him a bit and make him wait.

Then, take a deep breath and say, “Baby, I want to feel your hands on my breasts and your mouth on my nipples….it makes me tremble to think about it.”

If that doesn’t work, he is not the one.

If he is scores 3 and under he is very uninformed and may be pretty intimidated by a sexually confident woman. I would send him over to read up on Revolutionary Sex by Alex Allman. Alex is the master of helping men learn how to please women properly. I highly recommend him

I hope this helps, Frustrated. Be sure to write back and let me know!

Ladies, Here Is How A Man Feels When You Go Down On Him…..



Exquisitely written by Top Jock Eddie R. and Angel

The plane had been in the air for 30 minutes or so.  “Time for the mile high club,” you had whispered in my ear.  “I’m all yours,” I whispered back.  You had crawled under the blanket and were hunkered down between my legs.  “Fuck.”  I said as you continued to tease me mercilessly.

I try to maintain some control. I grip the arm rest and take my other hand and reach down and find the back of your neck and push your head down slightly. You push my hand back up gently to let me know you have full control of this. I hear you whisper. “Let me do everything”. Sweeter words have never been said to a man. I let you take control and I settle into the back of my seat. I push the button to recline.

“She is incredible” I think to myself again. I can barely see your head move but you are moving my cock in and out the full length. Your hands are on my thighs massaging me rubbing me. I have given into you completely. My mind wanders into thoughts I can not explain. Erotic and sensual, colour, sounds. I’m sure it hasn’t been long but it feels like it has been an hour. I’m not even sure if we took off yet. I actually don’t care. I whisper i’m going to cum slow down. Another giggle.”No”.

You stop just long enough for me to catch my breath. I can feel your lips pulling each ball into your warm mouth. Your hand continues stroke me, barely skimming the skin as you tease me into rock hardness.

I whisper, “I want to take you here, under this blanket” a moan was all I could hear from you then followed by a breathy and incredibly sensuous “Soon, baby, soon.” The palm of your hand strokes the length of my cock up and down. God I was close, so close. I must have expressed it a little louder than I thought. You stopped all of the sudden. More moaning came from between my legs “I’m touching myself under here. I want you to imagine my hand between my legs slowly circling fingers dipping inside.” “I’m thinking about your tongue licking me making me wet. Your mouth between my legs taking away my control.”

Your words had the same grip on me as your mouth did on my skin. My jaw clenched. You kissed my thigh I could tell you were doing what you said you were doing. Your soft hair head drifted on to my leg as you rested your head there and I could feel the motion of your hand as you pleasured yourself. You kissed and licked my thigh.

You slid up on to the seat next to me. I heard your breathe the word “Now” in my ear staying under the blanket. You looked into my eyes and I could see I needed to finish what you started for both of us.  (Give your woman mind numbing orgasms, click here)

You turned your back to me and I could see your skirt was up high and your panties were still on. Your goddess like ass was towards me and I pulled the blankets up over both of us to make sure nothing was revealed. You pushed your perfect ass against me wanting me to spoon you. I could feel you move your legs slightly apart inviting me into you.

“Take me how you want.” More perfect words. My cock was painfully hard but what magnificent pain. It was easy to enter you, so wet and ready for me. I pulled your hips to me, from afar it just looked like we were just snuggling but if you were within five feet it would have been obvious. I didn’t care anymore. The urgency of my lust was not going to let me stop. I thrust in you so hard I could feel you grip my leg. Your nails sunk into my skin you drew a quick deep breath. I loved it. I grabbed your hips on both sides and pushed in and out like a primitive dance.

Your mouth opened and little words came out I couldn’t understand but I could tell you just started to cum. You gripped me tighter. “That’s it baby, more please” was what I heard. I did as you asked I wrapped my arm around your waist and held you tighter. My first thought was I was afraid to hurt you but it faded and I surrendered to your pleasure, the lust.. the overwhelming desire you gave me fueled me. I gripped my teeth. “goddamn it” I whispered in her ear.

“I want more..uhhh…more” Your body started to shudder. I could tell you were cumming hard now.

It triggered me too. I came hard inside you and pushed into you deeper still. My hands moved up your body finding your breasts covered in perspiration still covered by your red lingerie. My mouth found your ear and a bit it lightly trying not to hurt. We both shuddered further for another minute. You craned your head towards me and kissed me deep and long. I didn’t want to pull out. I kept slowly thrusting myself in you working our climax down.

We stayed like that for another couple of minutes and we finally “spruced” ourselves up. No one noticed eyes were closed asleep but what had just happened should have woke the plane.

You smiled and said to me “I hope I put your tray into an upright position.”

“So adorable,” I said as you snuggled under my arm and kissed the side of my neck. “And naughty….”

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Erotic Poetry: Eyes Closed

Yes Please....

Yes Please….

Eyes Closed

by Top Jock Eddie R. and Angel


Eyes closed

Soft darkness surrounds you

Quiet breath on your skin

Warm and cool excitement


“Keep them closed” I lean in and whisper

The moment is ours

Waiting for the next touch

Only sound wraps around you


Electric touch glides on your body

Cool fingers explore your warm skin

Eyes closed

You arch your back longing with desire


The fingers become a hand

slowly, slowly

Not a sound from your lover

Lips on your neck savoring your taste


A master never touching too hard, too soft.

Please, please

everything building in you

So little gives you so much


Imagination building the fantasy

Hands and fingers painting the picture

Mouth open and seeking

Eyes closed


Lips to lips

Tongue to tongue

Breathing in the smell and taste of each other

Arms entangling, hearts beat rapidly


The lovers echo on and on

Eyes open.

To see their thirst being quenched

Diving deep into each others eyes.

I met Eddie at Ashley Madison

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Announcing New TOP JOCK…Congrats, Eddie!

My pleasure is pleasing you....

My pleasure is pleasing you….

What makes a Hot Top Jock?

Top Jocks are the men who can bring a woman to levels of pleasure that she only dreamed of in real life, crafting fantasies that quench a deep thirst to be teased and pleased.

Top Jocks are experts at the fine art of captivating the minds and bodies of women lonely and craving attention from men.  I am thrilled to introduce you to Eddie R.

Eddie R. is Angel’s first Top Jock. Known for his descriptive genius, Eddie can take a woman to the heights of ecstasy with fun and exotic stories.  What makes him a Top Jock is his passion for pleasuring a woman and his class and style and his popularity among my readers.

Congratulations Eddie, we love you!

A Word From Eddie:

Everything comes into play in good erotica.  The sounds, the smells, the way the light plays on the skin, the way the breeze runs through her hair…all these things are erotic, sensual and romantic. The moment is what makes these things work together. Most men miss this and just look for the sex.  (I told you that you would love Eddie)

I’ve been writing since I was a kid and prefer romantic poetry but the erotic stories are very fun to write too. I love teasing with words and painting a picture in the mind of the reader. The brain for women is the largest sex organ after all.

I am a west coast boy, raised as an only child by my mom. My dad was a musician on the road constantly, a lost and hungry soul who eventually succumbed to lung cancer. I always thought he was too young.

I suppose because of being raised by a woman alone, I have a soft spot in my heart for women in trouble. If there is a beautiful woman broken and on the mend, like a White Knight I would swoop to her aid and get hurt and used by women who had also been hurt and used.

Rethinking life as a White Knight, I have been single for awhile and began writing erotica to learn what makes women tick.  I found that writing deep romantic and sexually charged stories in exotic settings not only excited lady readers, it also turned me on…nice fringe benefit.

I am lucky enough to be well traveled, highly educated and successful in business endeavors.  I love to include my many experiences in my erotica.  I hope you enjoy. Check out this hot little number:  Sex in the Hot Tub…..Yes. Yes. Yes…..

I met Eddie at Ashley Madison.

The real reason she doesn’t want sex with you tonight

Unhappy couple not talking after an argument in bed at homeGuest Post by Alex Allman

Sometimes you can trigger all of a woman’s sexual feelings and emotions…

And other times all you seem to trigger are her “let’s just be friends” defensive systems…


Single guys are usually painfully aware of this balance between “there’s going to be sex” and “let’s just be friends”, but this same balance exists in every relationship and in every marriage…

You arrive home with your wife (or live-in girlfriend) from a night at a movie, and you’re in the mood for a little fun in bed… and sometimes you can FEEL her connect with your sexual chemistry, and she shivers with pleasure when you touch her and you can’t get each other’s clothing off fast enought–

But then other times the circuit just doesn’t connect and she just wants to go to sleep, and you’re left frustrated.

It would be easy to say, “well, she was tired, she had a long day.”

Sure, that happens. If she really got no sleep last night and there’s all sorts of stress in her life– there’s plenty of things that can take a woman out of “the mood.”

But MOST of the time, you’d be amazed at how much control YOU have over whether or not she’s feeling in the mood.

It has to do with what we sometimes call “sexual chemistry,” and when you can make her feel that connection, any woman will very happily give up a few hours of sleep, or just about anything else to get you on top of her.

So here’s a question, single guy:

You are out with a woman you met online, and clearly you have some intellectual chemistry– she’s laughing at your jokes, she thinks you’re interesting, and you feel yourself getting really powerfully physically attracted to her– YOU definitely want to take things to the next level.

But does she?

What is the secret to making her take the jump from, “this guy is an interesting person,” to “I want this man to fuck my brains out right now!”?

And for you, married guy:

You can have a great evening with your wife, you can be having a great conversation, but if you are in the mood for love-making, you know that there is still a bridge to cross between her feeling that: “my husband is my best friend” feeling, to that “my husband is so sexy I need his cock inside of me RIGHT NOW” feeling.

In BOTH cases, the difference is whether you are interacting to her as a person, or as a MAN.

Her sexual feelings are driven by the differences in your genders, and man-behavior, or masculine sexuality is the driver for her wanting to get sexual with you.

There are an infinite number of ways to be sexually masculine, (And I get deeply into this topic in my ORGASMS program… though I’ll probably be creating a program specifically on “how to do masculine for your woman” in the near future)… but for this post I’ll focus on the “easy-button” of sexual masculinity: Leading and dominance.

Note that “dominance” or “leading” are not the only way to give your woman a sexy hit of your masculinity, but they are commonly talked about, because they are a) obvious, and b) easy to do.

I’m going to tell you exactly HOW you do that in a way that makes her FEEL powerful sexual chemistry, but first, let me quickly explain the “why.”

Humans have evolved across millions of years to very carefully select who they will have children with.

For a man, this decision is not a big deal because, theoretically, a man could easily impregnate 7 women in 7 days. He can afford some “trial and error” in his choice of a mate.

But for a woman this calculation is very different. She can only get pregnant once every couple of years and each time she does, especially in the natural world, she risks death.

She only has so many opportunities to get it right. So women must be much more sexually selective than men.

That’s why men are often accused of being willing to jump into bed with just about anything, and women are the selectors who often say, “no.”

CONSCIOUSLY, a woman is not thinking about whether or not you are good genetic stock for mating when she is deciding whether or not she’s “in the mood”. She’s generally not CONSCIOUSLY thinking about babies at all, except maybe to make sure that somebody is using birth control to prevent having one.

But UNCONSCIOUSLY, her animal brain is absolutely absorbed in that calculation, like a computer program running in the background. And it is making decisions that cause her to be either aroused or not aroused based exactly on these calculations.

Not only that, but because women are more likely to get pregnant when they experience powerful orgasms, they are wired to have more of these powerful orgasms when these “arousal calculations” go well.

There is no evolutionary advantage to a woman experiencing powerful orgasms with a man who has a large penis or who knows a special way to use his tongue… which is why those things are NOT what make the most incredible sex happen (which you already know if you’ve read Revolutionary Sex).

Instead women have their most powerful orgasms when they feel sexual chemistry, trust, and intimacy. Because she has all sorts of built in instincts for feeling sexual chemistry for the RIGHT man.

This, by the way, is a darn good argument for checking out my video, so I think I’ll just put a link right here for the guy that wants to give his woman the most powerful orgasms of her life right now: Download Revolutionary Sex

Okay, moving on…Here is what to do: (more…)

Just what are you going to do with that stubble?

Passionate sensual attractive young couple in love, man caressesPart 1 Click Here

by Angel and Steven R. (We love our men….leave Steven a review!)

After our day battling the corporate mucky mucks and their lists, charts and initiatives, I couldn’t wait to hold you, taste you…..delight you.

I turn you to face me, your mouth beckons me and I slowly kiss your forehead, temples, eyes and finally meet your luscious lips.  And even though I am  like a hungry animal yearning to be satiated, I pull back and skim your lips with mine, then sweep over them with the stubble of my beard.  “I have been waiting all day for this baby.” I whisper in between kisses.

You gasp and your breathing starts to speed up.  I kiss you fully feeling your soft lips yielding to my gentle insistence.  At last I feel your tongue reach toward me and I thirstily meet you sucking you into my mouth. Tongues reaching, exploring, tasting, thrilling each other with passion.

I trace your hairline with my hand and sweep down the side of your cheek. I go farther slowly and barely touching you I stroke down your neck and then under the white shirt sweeping over your breast and the nipple hardening under my touch.   You arch your back and reach for more, breathing harder and biting my tongue and lips with abandon.  Your beautiful breasts beg to be suckled and I can not deny them.

I know you want to keep kissing me but you allow me to leave your lips and begin kissing down your neck and chest rubbing my stubble on the soft skin of your breasts.  You squeal and wrap your arms around my head.

I know you want me to kiss your nipples and suck and bite on them but I purposely circle my kisses around and lick right up to the edge and then away.  I love to tease you and I know by the panting that you are heading toward orgasm but not yet baby, not yet.

I place my tongue in your cleavage and begin licking, kissing and biting my way down your stomach as I reach down to stroke your inner thigh. You squeal with delight as you lift your hips, body begging for my touch.  (Free Video: How To Orgasm Your Woman)

My tongue finally reaches your sweetness and you gasp raising your hips and reaching to hold my head as I pleasure you with my tongue.  Your creamy thighs on my face feel amazing as I take you into my mouth slowly, deeply, fully. I feel your fingers in my hair fingernails scratching my scalp as you  contort and convulse in ecstasy .

I pull away and put my hand between your legs holding you gently heightening your orgasm.  The view I have is magnificent as I see your beautiful breasts rise and fall and you raise your head I can see the glassy eyed look of a woman in rapture.  Unable to wait a moment longer, finally I must have you.  I pick you up and you wrap your legs around me as I slowly slide you down on my shaft.

I have never felt so alive as I thrust into you and watch your body move with me. We fall on the bed wrapped in one another’s arms you on top sitting up in front of me, still dressed in my dress shirt, breasts just visible, sheer ecstasy on your face as I continue like a man possessed. You and I are the only beings in the world

As my passion builds, you tell me “cum inside me make me yours.” “Yes baby, yes baby,” I say as I finally unleash inside you. You collapse to my chest and I feel you shiver as I hold you tight and kiss your temple.   I hold you close watching the ceiling fan revolve above us, stroking your sweat dampened hair back behind your ear.

“Mmmmmm” you sigh.  “Mmmmmm” I echo treasuring the feeling of your body resting on mine.  My Angel.

Hot or Not?  Please leave a review in the comments below and let us know!

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White Lines – an erotic flash fiction

couple-kissing-in-the-rain-3Guest Post by: Lord Strahd

The whites lines pass us by on the left side so fast it’s almost one solid line. The rain beating down on the windshield furiously enough that the wipers can’t keep up.

A single lane highway stretched out before us as we knife through the darkness, headlights cutting through dully as the rain cascades down and makes visibility difficult.

One hand on the wheel of my red mustang while the other is entwined with my lover’s next to me. Her fingers caressing mine constantly. Her perfume intoxicates my nostrils in the cramped space as my mind wanders to memories of her smiling face, reminding me how lucky I am to have such a woman in my life.

The radio is blaring “She Sell’s Sanctuary” by The Cult as the pulsating rhythms have my foot tapping. Not a car in sight for miles on the highway, I can feel her staring at me while I drive. I glance over at her thinking I have got to do something special for her. The way she looks at me makes my blood burn with lust for her.

The radio changes songs as the sweet melody of Journey’s “Faithfully” sings out of the speakers. I pull over to the side of the road, get out of the car leaving the door open, walk around the back and open her door. I take her hand as she looks at me with wonderment. “What are you doing?” she asks. “You’ll see….” I reply.

She follows me to the front of the car, her hand in mine; doors open so the song can fill the night air. I stop in front of the headlights, wrap my arms around her waist and start to slow dance with her as the rain soaks us completely.

Our mouths meet and we kiss slowly, passionately as we move in time with the rhythm. Her hips sway beneath my hands, rain runs in rivulets down our face. My hair is soaked and pasted down the length of my face as she pushed the strands behind my ears. Her fingers slowly stroke the outline of my face as our tongues dance together.

My hands trace her arms, caressing gently the backs of them as my mouth travels to her neck. Looking down, I can see her white blouse plaster against her heaving breasts. Her nipples hard, protruding her bra and blouse heightens my desire for her.

My teeth bite lightly into her neck, “ungh” she moans as my tongue kisses her skin. I can feel the heat from her mixed with the coolness of the rain. Her skin so sweet on my lips, I nibble up her neck to just behind the ear and bite again. “Oh” she squirms in my hands, her head to the side inviting more kisses.

I raise my left hand to the side of her face as she leans into it, my kisses become deeper on her neck as my right hand slides behind her head and grabs the hair and the back of her neck and tightens hard. “Uh” she utters. I pull her head back and kiss the front of her neck then around to the other side. Her breathing is getting heavy, her nipples hard as rocks as the rain mattes our clothes like a second skin to us.

Her hands caress my sides and I can feel her nails dig in my ribs a little bit through my shirt. She wants to do more to me but she is at my mercy with her head captured by my hand. I kiss down the middle of her chest to inside of her breasts as she coos in anticipation. Still slowly rotating to the song, I kiss her nipples through her wet shirt. She moans with pleasure and arches her back trying to reach her nipple to my mouth.

I spin her around so I am behind her, my hand still in her hair, controlling her. Her head pulled back I kiss the back of her neck, nibbling gently and then harder. “Oh baby” she utters. By now there isn’t a dry inch anywhere on our bodies. My right hand moves down her side to her hips where I can feel the outline of her lacy thong beneath the drenched purple skirt.

The feeling excites me even more. I squeeze her hips over and over again as I kiss her neck, biting, licking and sucking her favorite spot. I move my hand up gently to her breast and cup it; softly squeezing while whispering in her ear “I love you.” Feeling her chest heave as I caress her breast, feeling the hard nipple between my fingers, her hands move to my thighs, squeezing and searching for my hardness that she can feel pressed against her tight ass…

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